MPD Patient Association: Learn about a new medicine for treating myelofibrosis!

The FDA has approved Inrebic for the treatment of primary/secondary myelofibrosis-according to a III clinical trial called JAKARTA, it can reduce the size of the spleen by at least 35% in 37% of patients. Although it has a certain therapeutic effect, drugs also have pros and cons. What can’t be ignored is the negative impact of new drugs! Incyte’s JAK inhibitor ruxolitinib/Jakafi is the only drug approved for myelofibrosis in the world. Inrebic, a new clinical drug for myelofibrosis-pay attention to this warning! Inrebic may cause encephalopathy caused by severe vitamin B1 deficiency, and even one person died in clinical trials. Especially for severe and fatal brain diseases. Other warnings include gastrointestinal toxicity (66% diarrhea rate) and liver toxicity. In this regard, although the side-effect label does not limit the specific treatment of Inrebic, its popular clinical application cannot be ignored. We look forward to the application of more complete preventive measures, so that the patients with myelofibrosis who are suitable for treatment can have good medication results. Learn more about “disease knowledge” or “blood patient group communication” and other WeChat search public number: xejb120