The patients who entered the country outside Heilongjiang went on a hunger strike, and the whole floor was thrown with lunches. What do you think?

Recently, something happened in Heilongjiang that made Chinese people angry. Heilongjiang imported patients who went on a hunger strike collectively, threw the boxed lunch down the whole floor, and pointed at the nurse’s nose in front of the face to scold: Is this a meal for people? This group of people even said: We are patients, now we need nutrition, we have to do whatever we want, noodles, noodles, and dumplings. Eat ten yuan lunch all day, nutrition can’t keep up! Some people say, what do you think of this matter? Some words, if you do n’t vomit, the author will talk about these angry things. Unreasonable requirements should not be satisfied. First of all, for the unreasonable people who make trouble and justify the words, the most important thing I want to say is: no matter whether these people are Chinese or foreign nationality, wherever they come, they will be sent back. Originally, these imported patients have caused great trouble to the prevention and control of China’s epidemic situation. Heilongjiang has changed from the initial low risk to the current medium risk, and the medical staff have become more busy. Besides, these overseas patients should know clearly that they are now in isolation, not on vacation, and the staff is not obliged to keep everyone’s care intact. It has already caused such great troubles to the country itself, why should these unreasonable demands be mentioned? Reasonable requirements, the country can meet as much as possible. However, unreasonable demands should not be fulfilled, and this kind of evil spirits cannot be promoted. Because our epidemic prevention staff must treat all people equally, and we cannot give these special treatments because these people are imported patients abroad. This is unreasonable and unacceptable. These people need to be grateful. As a person, we should first be grateful. These imported patients all entered the Suifenhe port of Heilongjiang, and after nucleic acid detection, new coronavirus was detected and isolated for treatment. Suifenhe’s epidemic prevention pressure is huge, so that some patients are transferred to Mudanjiang City, this is to ensure that these diagnosed patients can recover soon. These people did not know that because of their arrival, the resumption of work, resumption of production and resumption of school in Heilongjiang were seriously affected. However, these people will not consider these, they only have themselves in mind, the only consideration is: “I am an aristocrat who came back from a foreign country, I want to eat whatever I want”, treating medical staff as hotel service staff. What the author wants to say is that no matter whether these people are Chinese or not, they should have something to do with China, either Chinese or Chinese, or working abroad or studying abroad. In this special period, China still accepts you and you should know Be grateful, understand and support more, rather than throwing away the wild. Conclusion Our country is big, and there are so many isolation points for epidemic prevention. In the past few months, I haven’t heard much about the fact that Chinese people think that food is unpalatable. However, one thing that is very confusing is that as long as it is outside the country, things become complicated. For example, overseas students who must drink mineral water during quarantine, Australian women who must run during quarantine, foreigners who line up and provoke Chinese, foreigners who beat market epidemic prevention staff, foreigners who are dog-biting nurses in hospitals, etc. Recently, there are imported patients outside Heilongjiang who do not eat lunch, and all kinds of eye-popping goods are emerging in endlessly! I hope that these people are self-respecting, if they are “unacceptable” in China, they can go back and forth, so they can leave. (Some of the pictures in the article are from the source network. The copyright belongs to the original author. Thank you for the picture author. If you find any violation of your copyright, please contact me and I will delete it.)

Both imported cases in Heilongjiang have surged, will there be a second outbreak? This article tells the truth

If we only look at the data in recent days, the number of new coronavirus infections in Heilongjiang has indeed increased a lot, both imported cases and clustered outbreaks of local cases. The situation seems to be more critical. Some friends are worried: Won’t it be the second Wuhan? In fact, as long as you analyze carefully, you can know that this possibility does not exist. To put it simply, the recent epidemic situation in Heilongjiang, first of all, is the pressure of overseas imports. Due to its border with Russia, the relevant land customs clearance ports have recently imported many infected people, which has caused great epidemic pressure on the relevant areas. There have been 377 imported cases; in addition to imported cases abroad, Harbin has also recently experienced local infections. The specific complicated relationship will not be mentioned. In short, this multi-infection incident involves family aggregation infections and dinner infections. At present, the number of people involved in hospitals caused by centralized infections has reached more than forty. Although these situations will not cause the overall outbreak prevention and control to get out of control, it is indeed worthy of our attention. Why is it that the clustered outbreaks of imported cases and local cases will not cause the epidemic out of control? First of all, let ’s take a look at these situations and how we did it. According to related reports, the land entry port in Suifenhe City has been temporarily closed, and for the case of more imported cases in the local area, not only have shelters been established locally The hospital admitted patients, sent a medical team and an expert team to the place, and established a mobile P3 level nucleic acid testing laboratory with a daily detection capacity of more than 1,000 people. It not only actively screened patients with new coronary pneumonia, but also for asymptomatic patients Infected persons and close contacts have all been actively investigated. From today’s data, the increase in overseas imports in Heilongjiang has been zero. The local cases in Harbin are indeed alarming, but after such an incident, the relevant departments have sorted out the virus transmission chain. Personally, although the source of the virus transmission has yet to be further confirmed, for those who are close to the population The speed of rapid investigation and medical testing is commendable. If the isolation, detection and medical diagnosis of close contact with the population can be well done, the confirmed persons will be isolated and treated, and the chain of transmission of the epidemic will be completely cut off. There has been a situation in which the epidemic has further expanded on a large scale. The experience we have accumulated in the prevention and control of this epidemic is invaluable and effective. Under the current circumstances, the epidemic in all regions of our country has been effectively controlled, medical resources are sufficient, and some small When the virus spreads in a wide range, we take a comprehensive investigation of close contacts, actively carry out medical isolation observation and nucleic acid detection, regardless of mild and severe patients are actively treated, confirm the safety before releasing the isolation and other measures, can effectively cut off the transmission chain, the virus Propagation is controlled within a small area. Until the epidemic situation in foreign countries is completely controlled, as long as such prevention and control measures continue to be maintained, the epidemic situation will break out again when medical resources are sufficient and complete, and the prevention and control measures are effective. The possibility of such an unexpected and widespread outbreak in Wuhan , May be said to be minimal. In the subsequent epidemic prevention and control process, such a small-scale spread and the pressure of overseas imports are not only in Heilongjiang Province, but also in other regions and other provinces. Heilongjiang is the first to have these problems. However, such a problem reminds us that the first is that the string of epidemic prevention and control cannot be loosened. This kind of “tightness” is relative, not absolute. It cannot be a snake, because some small-scale emergencies have caused the resumption of work. The production and recovery of the economy are again greatly affected; secondly, for each of us, continue to do good protection, maintain good hygiene habits such as hand washing, window opening and ventilation, try not to do unnecessary gathering, and the hospital system also It is necessary to further study how to prevent and control the epidemic situation and minimize the risk of outbreaks in the hospital. These aspects are also worthy of our deep consideration for our subsequent epidemic prevention and control, and to minimize the pressure of virus transmission and prevention and control.

Thunderstorms in Suifenhe, Heilongjiang, mean how serious is the epidemic in Russia?

Among the imported cases of foreign epidemics in the past two days, the cases imported from Russia were the main ones, covering almost all citizens of all provinces except Tibet. The surge in confirmed cases imported from abroad has caused the Chinese embassy in Russia to close three pairs of Chinese-Russian highway passenger transport ports. Russia is our nearest neighbor, and there is a land entry port in Suifenhe City, Heilongjiang Province. There have been hundreds of new coronary pneumonia diagnosed patients and asymptomatic infections found in the past two days. The port has been closed. So many Russian entry personnel have been diagnosed recently. Russia Is the epidemic really serious? Why are there so many cases imported from Russia? Why do Chinese people in Russia want to return home? The reason is simple and clear, because the epidemic in Russia is serious! The local medical conditions in Russia are not very good, causing many people carrying the new coronavirus to be diagnosed. Ordinary people will not spend their own money to detect. After all, the economy is not particularly good. And the Russians do n’t wear masks, one reason is the European and American views: what masks do you wear without illness? This is what most people think. The second is not to buy a mask. Sort out nearly 5 days of imported cases across the country, and most of the confirmed cases imported from Russia were imported from the Suifenhe Highway Port on the Sino-Russian border. Due to geographical and economic factors, the border trade between the two countries is frequent, the population flows are large, and the epidemic is transmitted and controlled. It’s more complicated. According to expert predictions, Russia has more than a thousand new cases in a single day. The next 10 to 14 days may usher in the peak of the epidemic. The Russian epidemic is currently in a critical period. Experts remind Chinese citizens and students in Russia to be vigilant and protect themselves. Wear masks, isolate at home, and actively cooperate with the Russian government and people to overcome difficulties. How serious is the Russian epidemic? Russia has a population of 150 million, and the number of confirmed cases has just exceeded 10,000. The epidemic is not serious globally, but from the imported cases diagnosed in recent days, the Russian epidemic is not as easy as we have seen on the surface. It is most likely due to data lag caused by insufficient detection resources. When the epidemic just started, the number of people diagnosed with the infection was determined by the strength of the state ’s detection of the new coronavirus. At present, most of the confirmed patients in Russia are concentrated in the Moscow region. Whether to go to other areas or other areas has limited detection capacity, and cases have not been reported, these possibilities are worthy of attention. Among the imported cases diagnosed in China, 25 were diagnosed on one of the aircraft, all imported from Russia, which shows that the Russian epidemic is still very serious, but the data updates have not been kept up in time. The Russian government attaches great importance to the prevention and control of the new crown epidemic and ordered medical supplies such as kits and masks from China. China has also carried out humanitarian aid to Russia, and medical personnel have also arrived in Suifenhe area for medical treatment. Conclusion Although the epidemic situation in Russia is ushering in a peak period, the prevention and control work is becoming increasingly tense, but I hope that the Russian government can actively do the prevention and control work of the epidemic, do not consider the negative attitudes and experiences of other countries, and actively do home isolation and testing Tracking, treatment, prevention and control work to prevent further outbreaks. Many Chinese returned to the country from the Suifenhe port. They bumped all the way and waited, and it took tens of hours to enter. Moreover, everyone returned from here, which also caused a sharp increase in the pressure of this small town. After all, the reception capacity of a small town with a population of only 100,000 is limited. As a result, some Chinese are stranded at the border and in the hotel lobby. This is the only way for the Chinese to return from Russia. Therefore, the focus of the current Heilongjiang epidemic prevention and control is also in this area. I hope that the local area can control the epidemic as soon as possible and achieve a zero diagnosis as soon as possible. (Some of the pictures in the article are from the source network. The copyright belongs to the original author. Thank you for the picture author. If you find any violation of your copyright, please contact me and I will delete it.)