【Notes on Discharge and Admission】Oncology Hospital of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences

1. When a patient needs to be hospitalized due to illness, he must first go to the outpatient clinic for treatment. After the doctor issues a hospitalization certificate and submits the hospitalization certificate to the inpatient registration department, he returns home and waits for a telephone notification. 2. When you need to know about the Beijing Medical Insurance related matters when going through the hospitalization procedures, please refer to the “Beijing Medical Insurance Manual” 3. If the hospitalization expenses are transferred to the hospital finance department through the bank, you can fill in the following items: Hospital account number: 807419838808091001 remittance address : No. 17 Panjiayuan South Li, Chaoyang District, Beijing, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Postcode: 100021 Bank: Bank of China Beijing Dongcheng Sub-branch Business Department 4. Inpatient deposit standard: 8,000 yuan for Beijing medical insurance patients 10,000-15,000 yuan for rural cooperative medical patients Public patient 10000-20000 yuan Self-paying patient 10000-20000 yuan Other insurance personnel 15000 yuan VIP patient 35000 yuan 5. If the patient or family needs to understand the hospital status, you can log on the hospital website to view the information, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Cancer Hospital website: www.cicams .ac,cn. 6. When the patient is informed of admission but fails to go through the hospitalization procedures on time, the bed will not be reserved. 7. When the patient is hospitalized, please bring your daily necessities (tableware, toiletries, etc.). There is heating in the ward in winter. You can wear sweaters or fleece without cotton coats. There is air conditioning in the ward in summer. You can bring long-sleeved clothes for spare. 8. Please keep your money and belongings during hospitalization to prevent loss and theft.