Psychology: The journey of intimacy is the process of constantly meeting yourself

Author: Liu Yingya [man career small achievements. The man said to the woman, I have a stronger personality. If there is a quarrel, will you bow your head to me? 】The man is strong, or really strong, maybe it’s manipulating the relationship. Why is the temperament strong? Is this manipulation relationship supported by brain circuits? 1. Inner trauma If this man is really strong temperament, perhaps he has trauma in his heart. This staunch is the clamor of this trauma. But why does he show this sturdiness in an intimate relationship? Perhaps this close relationship is safer; he is looking to be seen, responded to, and comforted. But for a man with a small career, it is not because of his strong temperament that he has a small career. You don’t depend on a strong temperament to make a small career. I believe that he can manage emotions in the workplace. But why does he have a strong character in close relationships? Is it because of being too soft in the workplace? Is it too depressing? Then release in intimacy and treat intimacy as an emotional trash can? Or is he being himself in an intimate relationship? To show his dripping strength? This tough guy is not so much dealing with the person in the relationship as it is dealing with something in his heart. 2. Manipulating relationships are in addition to being tough due to psychological trauma. There is another situation where you want to manipulate the relationship. If you just want to control the relationship, the hard-hearted style is quite unwise. This kind of manipulation is to overwhelm the opponent and suppress the opponent through a high-pressure situation. So what can I get by doing this? Forcing your partner to submit, obey, and cooperate, what will you get? From the outside, you will get a submissive, obedient, and cooperative partner, but this obedience is based on suppressing the partner herself. This suppression will make her low energy, depressed, internally split or accumulate anger. She does not have a healthy and beautiful self, how can she establish and manage high-quality and energetic intimacy with you. So, after all, it affects yourself. This kind of manipulation will eventually lose the love of the lover and lose the relationship. In an intimate relationship, a strong style cannot achieve a true intimate relationship. Hardy, neither wanted to meet the other person’s heart, but also let the other person close the heart that wanted to meet you. The staunch style in an intimate relationship does not really want an intimate relationship, but also struggles with inner insecurity and lack of presence. Still struggling with inner illusions. Therefore, the journey of intimacy is a process of constantly meeting oneself. Intimacy is a magic mirror, no matter what, it can let you see more of yourself that you haven’t seen and meet yourself. I am Liu Yingya, a psychological consultant. I use psychology to analyze love, marriage, family life and make intimate relationships a classroom for self-growth. Welcome to follow. Liu Yingya: Master of Psychology, National Level 2 Psychological Counselor. A researcher on the emotional family of both sexes in marriage and love, and a researcher on the growth of personal, physical and mental. More than ten years of psychology work, focusing on family relationships and personal growth. &nbsp.

Causes of vitiligo in children

   Because the appearance of vitiligo is more and more frequent, and it is more and more inclined to children and adolescents, so now more people are paying attention to the disease. As a parent, you will definitely be very worried about your child getting the disease. Next, let’s first understand the causes of vitiligo in children, and hope that parents can prevent them in normal times.  First of all, pay attention to children’s hygiene habits  Children themselves are more mischievous, and it is precisely because of their low safety awareness that they are more likely to come into contact with some bacteria-rich and unsanitary things. In addition, some children are ignorant and like to give everything they get. In this way, the health of the child will be greatly affected, and the resistance will be reduced in the long term, and it will be easy to develop vitiligo. Therefore, it is recommended that parents must supervise their children, guide them to pay attention to hygiene and health, and develop the good habit of washing hands and bathing frequently, so as to reduce the occurrence of vitiligo.  Secondly, pay attention to children’s dietary problems.  Many parents tend to spoil their children. Children can buy what they want to eat. For a long time, this will easily lead their children to develop bad habits of picky eaters and partial eclipses. It is important to know that if children do not eat staple foods for a long time, but always eat snacks, fried foods, stimulating foods and other foods, then the child’s body will have nutritional imbalance, which is very detrimental to the child’s physical development, and this is also the case It can cause vitiligo, so I hope that parents must adjust their children’s eating habits so that they can eat nourishment and health so that they will not get vitiligo.   In addition, pay attention to the emotional state of the child.    Many parents think that only adults can feel pressure and worries. In fact, it is not. Parents also need to pay more attention to the inner condition of their children. Children are very simple and happy in their hearts, but sometimes they also have their own worries. If these worries are not resolved, the children will feel pressure and pain in their hearts for a long time, and this will also cause vitiligo. Therefore, parents should pay attention to the inner teachings of their children, so that the children will not get vitiligo.   The article is introduced here. In fact, the factors that can induce children’s vitiligo are more than the above three points. I hope that parents can learn more about the disease-related knowledge in order to better help the children to prevent it. But if the child is unfortunately ill, the parents may take the child to a regular vitiligo hospital for treatment as soon as possible, so as not to let the leukoplakia harm the physical and mental health of the child.