The doctor tells you, do you want to open your eyes?

&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.Whether to open the corners of the eyes is a question for many beauty seekers who have higher requirements for eye aesthetics. In fact, whether to open the corners of the eyes depends on the condition of each person’s eyes, and it is also divided into opening the inner corners of the eyes and opening the outer corners of the eyes. Who is suitable for opening the corners of the eyes? &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.First of all, let’s talk about the people who are suitable for the inner corner of the eye&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.1, here is the concept of the inner canthal epictum. It refers to a vertical skin fold in front of the inner canthal angle. It conceals the inner canthal angle and makes the angle of the inner canthal angle smaller than those without epicanthus. It also blocks part of the field of vision, so that people with double faces can only Form a “half double”, and affect the beauty of the eye. Girls can carefully observe whether they have, whether it is obvious, or if there is more obvious epicanthus, it is recommended to open the inner corner of the eye. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.2, the eyes are small, you can open the inner corner of the eye if you want to increase the contour of the eye. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.3. It is also recommended to open the inner corner of the eye for those with a wide eye distance. According to the three courts and five eyes, if your eye distance is greater than the length of one eye, you may need to open the corner of the eye. Beauty too. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Let’s talk about people who are suitable for the outer corner of the eye&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.1, those who want to improve the upward situation of the outer corner of the eye. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.2, those who want to increase the eye contour. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.3. Beauty seekers who want to correct short eye banners. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.Because Oriental people have a certain degree of epicanthus, so opening the inner corner of the eye has become a craze. Eye opening is also a minor operation that can significantly improve the contour of the eye, but it is not suitable for anyone. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.1, if the eyes themselves are relatively slender, opening the corners of the eyes may not look good. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.2, those with severe scars are not suitable for eye opening. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.3. The inner canthus epidermis is not obvious and there is no need to open the corner of the eye. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.The open canthus is also divided into Korean open canthus and ordinary open canthus. Korean open canthus has smaller wounds and finer surgery, which allows faster recovery. There is no obvious difference between the two. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Cannot open the corner of the eye, opening the inner corner or the outer corner of the eye mainly depends on the individual situation of the person seeking beauty. It is important to choose a doctor with high technical level and high aesthetics and experience. A good doctor According to the different eye conditions of each beauty seeker, a surgical plan suitable for you will be formulated. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.For more information about “open your eyes”, you can ask me questions.

Will the outer corner of the eye shrink?

In order to make the eyes more beautiful, some girls will open the corners of their eyes after doing double eyelids. 1. What is the outer corner of the eye? &nbsp.Exterior canthoplasty is the common name of inner and outer canthroplasty, which is to correct and enlarge the inner and outer corners of the eye separately to extend the horizontal length of the eye cleft and make the eyes look larger and more energetic. &nbsp. Generally speaking, Asians have different degrees of epicanthus. Opening the corner of the eye can extend the double eyelid line and increase its width. After a large double eyelid, the eyes will look much larger. However, the inner corner of the eye tends to leave scars after surgery, especially within half a year. The longer the time, the better the recovery. &nbsp.In principle, opening the outer canthus is suitable for severe internal canthal epidermis, with short and narrow eyelid fissures, and opening the outer canthus to enlarge the outer canthus is an operation to enlarge the eye. &nbsp.External canthus surgery is a surgical method for correcting symptoms such as short eye width, which cannot be fully improved even if double eyelid surgery is performed, or the eye tail is too upturned to give a fierce impression. &nbsp. Adapt to the crowd: those with prominent eyeballs, sleepy eyes, those with fierce eyes, and those who want to add to the double eyelids. &nbsp. The width of the outer corner of the eye should not be too long. If the length of the incision is not controlled well, a scar will be left. Not only will the postoperative effect be poor, but the eye will lose harmony. &nbsp.Second, be cautious when opening the outer corner of the eye&nbsp. In the short term, opening the eye canthus surgery may cause edema and scar hyperplasia. There may be local tension, and there will be some retraction after recovery, which is normal. Therefore, in order to avoid rebound retraction, the opening of the corners of the eyes is generally larger than expected. After three months, the scars will soften and the skin will be loose. &nbsp.In the past clinically, external canthus surgery was mostly used for congenital microphthalmia, or short eye clefts caused by scar contracture after trauma or burn. &nbsp. But in recent years, with the changes in aesthetics, some beauty seekers are no longer satisfied with opening the inner corner of the eye in order to make their eyes bigger, and have begun to make a fuss on the outer corner of the eye, which is what we commonly call the lower eyelid. Surgery on the outer corner of the eye can enlarge the eye fissure, and can play an auxiliary role in the sagging of the corner of the eye. &nbsp.Different from opening the inner corner of the eye that we often see, it is easy to leave a more obvious scar after opening the outer corner of the eye. This part is not as concealed as other surgical parts, and the eye area is easy to stare at when we communicate, so we must have a better expectation for the residual scar. &nbsp.&nbsp. 3. How to avoid scar hyperplasia after operation? &nbsp.1. It is recommended to use the scar removal cream after the stitches are removed. It will have a certain effect on inhibiting scars, but it must be combined with other postoperative care to exert a greater effect. &nbsp.2, do not rub with your hands when you shed tears, avoid injury to avoid bacterial infection, adequate rest to reduce the chance of redness, and avoid excessive eye fatigue and swelling of the wound. &nbsp.3. Pay attention to diet and avoid seafood, spicy, fried and drinking. Makeup is only three months after drinking. The chemicals and pigments in cosmetics may cause wound infection, increase scar color, and even leave scars. &nbsp.4. Before the stitches are removed, the wound should not be exposed to water; the water contains a lot of bacteria, which is likely to cause infection of the open eye wound. 5. Do not wear contact lenses. After the double eyelid cut operation, the eyelids are still in a state of edema, and the inner corner of the eye has not fully recovered. At this time, the inner corner of the eye is very easy to be infected, so you should not wear contact lenses. &nbsp.6. Get enough rest. After the canthus-opening surgery, it is best to pay more attention to rest and stare less at the phone, because long-term use of the eyes makes the eyes not rested, which will extend the recovery time after opening the canthus. The doctor suggested that beauty lovers should have a quiet and comfortable environment to recuperate after plastic surgery. The indoor air should be fresh and circulated, and maintain a certain temperature, because such an environment is more beneficial to the recovery after opening the corner of the eye.

[Original] How to choose not to open the inner corner of the eye

With the advancement of cosmetic surgery technology, the public’s aesthetic has become increasingly refined, and the facial beauty integration, harmony, and systematic system have been gradually improved, and advanced scientific concepts such as “nasal synthesis, eye synthesis, and facial integrated beauty” have been proposed. Take our common upper eyelid beauty, it is not only as simple as opening a double eyelid, but the comprehensive treatment of the eye should be analyzed from an overall perspective, including double eyelid width, curvature, shape, thickness, skin And the treatment of fat, open eyes, outer corners, especially the treatment of inner corners, these are closely related to the final degree of beautification of the upper eyelid. The inner corner of the eye, as the name implies, is where the upper and lower eyelids meet on the nasal side. (Figure 1) The normal inner corner should be the upper and lower eyelid skin meeting at the innermost point, such a red tear (commonly speaking, the inside of the white eyeball, inner A mass of red meat in the deep corner of the eye) should be clearly exposed. The corner of the eye presents a beautiful arc shape. The inside of the folds of the double eyelid gradually gathers toward the inner corner of the eye, and it is very refreshing to stop slightly above the inner corner of the eye or fall to the corner of the eye. At this point, it seems that the double eyelids are very long, and at the same time the eyes are also very long, and the eyes have a charm. The abnormal inner corner of the eye is what we call “inner canthus skin” in medicine, that is, the skin on the inner half of the upper eyelid is not stopped at the inner corner of the eye, but continues to go down to the inner side and falls below the corner of the eye, thus forming a The eaves-shaped skin folds, like a tent covering the tears, also hide the inner corners of the eyes, forming an abnormally running double eyelid. At this time, the double eyelid form began to form from the inner third A double eyelid wrinkle, even from the center to the outside, has double pressure skin, the wrinkle is naturally very short, and the curvature is very cramped. Since the inner corner of the eye in Asians belongs to this kind of abnormal inner canthus, many people need to open the inner corner of the eye and operate with both eyes at the same time. The two are coordinated and adjusted to achieve the best results. In the past, due to beauty technology It is relatively superficial. I just made double eyelids and ignored the inner corner of the eye, so the effect is not ideal (Figure 2). Under the guidance of the overall concept, the effect has been different than before. (Picture 2) Does double eyelid without inner canthus need inner surgery? What method is used? It is better to have an experienced doctor to determine. This article is copyrighted by Dr. Liu Tianyi, please do not reprint without authorization

The inner corner of the eye is too large, excessive wrapping, how to repair the scars of the brackets

Due to the traditional incision method, the doctor’s technique is not in place, and aesthetic reasons, it is prone to scars, internal canthus skin, excessive exposure of the corner and tears, sunken scars of the eye corners, tissue defects, etc. The surgical traces are obvious, sometimes It will also affect the normal function of the eyes, and these situations need to be repaired. Common types of inner eye corner repair: 1. The inner eye corner is too large, the tears are too exposed, the inner eye corner is too large, and the red eye is wrong. The eye ratio is wrong, it is fierce, and it looks strange. When repairing, you need to consider the inner eye corner aesthetics Follow the principle of neighboring location, try to use the surrounding tissue to repair such tissue defects, and use the method of the inner canthus flap to repair. If the tissue defect is serious, it needs to be analyzed in accordance with personal circumstances. 2. The inner corner repair kit is too big. Just like this customer today, the inner corner repair kit was done once, but the corner pack is a bit too big, it seems that the eyes are smaller than before. In this case, we need to reopen it. However, due to the low elasticity and poor toughness of the previous scar tissue, when loose adhesions are required, the doctor must deal with the tissue in one step, and can not do more pauses and do not slow the knife, reduce intraoperative injury, and readjust the internal canthus. The shape of the skin. 3. Inner corner brace scars. The inner corners of the eyes are not opened, but there are obvious brace scars, and the surgical traces are obvious. In such cases, we need to loosen the muscle tissue that has been loosely adhered to lift the scar layer by layer to restore the corner of the eye. Three-dimensional structure, re-adjust the inner eye arc. Therefore, the method of repairing the inner corner of the eye cannot be generalized and needs to be analyzed in detail. What is the problem with your eyes now?