EMBRACERF upgraded technology debut and awarded the National Fat Medicine Clinical Demonstration Base

On July 16th, Professor Song Jianxing attended the launch of BodyTite’s new upgrade EMBRACERF in Shanghai, which was held in Shanghai Besley-and the awarding ceremony of Besley Medical “National Clinical Demonstration Base for Fat Medicine”, and published the clinical application of EMBRACERF upgrade technology. Speak. The convening of this meeting represents a revolutionary upgrade of my country’s fat sculpture technology. The brand-new EMBRACERF products at the awarding ceremony were developed by InMode Israel Yingmeite Medical Company, the world’s top well-known medical beauty company. The advent of the industry and beauty seekers has attracted enthusiastic attention as soon as it came out. Not only has it become an indispensable weapon for international cosmetic surgery experts, but it has also become a royal brand in Europe and the United States, and it has been favored by a large number of female friends. As the first agency of InMode Israel, Besley not only has a strong brand strength and standardized operation system, but also has excellent expert resources and reliable medical and aesthetic technology. The joint launch of the two parties is also a second strategic alliance with the brand. . At the same time, it is also the trust of the products, but also the two parties have the common pursuit of high-quality values ​​and higher standards for beauty. Technological innovation·Quality Dedicated BodyTite’s new upgraded version of EMBRACERF, known as “the new darling of strength and thinness.” From the aspect of fat transplantation, after decades of clinical research, it has achieved humanized fat reduction and shaping, which fully meets people’s needs. In the long history of the development of the medical beauty industry, China’s medical beauty market is developing like a crack. EMBRACERF, as a high-quality and efficient fat sculpture product, has injected new power into the Chinese medical beauty market. Hundred experts·Sino-foreign alliance event site, one hundred experts & amp. China-foreign alliance jointly opened the launch conference of the new product launch of InMode Israel! Industry colleagues witnessed this exciting grand moment together. Professor Song Jianxing from Besley Medical hosted the lighting ceremony. Professor Song Jianxing specially combined the research and development background of “EMBRACERF” product and the new fat-reducing and shaping concept to share in detail, and explained its application skills and principles, and demonstrated its clinical application. The outstanding strength in the industry, the participating industry doctors also have a more comprehensive feeling of the understanding and understanding of “EMBRACERF” products. Authorized institution·Strong force Professor Song Jianxing, on behalf of the Chinese Society of Plastic Surgery and Beauty Association, issued the honorary plaque of “National Clinical Demonstration Base of Fat Medicine” to Besley Medical. Dr. Bo Lili, Liu Lina, Liu Lei, and Ni Feng were awarded the clinical operation physicians by InMode. The new mission will be a new relay, and it is expected that both parties will work together to create a new fusion innovation pattern and open the way for the transformation of fat sculptures. Dean Shen Guoxiong received the honorary plaque of National Clinical Demonstration Base of Fat Medicine, Professor Song Jianxing expressed his hope and full confidence for this innovative product of EMBRACERF. I believe that both parties will work together in the future, with the awe of science Cutting-edge fat technology is being promoted to a wider range of applications. Jointly promote the development direction of the fat field, so that more beauty seekers can enjoy a more reliable and efficient product experience. Professor Song has a decisive position in the field of fat transplantation in China, and has made great achievements in the research of fat transplantation technology. Professor Song said that he was able to obtain this honor in exchange for the hardships created by Shanghai Besili, and confirmed the glory with his strength. Hope that in the future technological development, Bosley will not forget the original intention and, as always, help the beauticians to have super-high face value, at the same time have a proud body curve, and realize the near-sighted and impeccable beauty dream. In addition, Dean Shen Guoxiong of Besley Medical pointed out: Fat transplantation is an important branch of our hospital’s aesthetic surgery. At present, our fat medicine team has not only professors such as Professor Song in the academic and clinical status of the industry, but also a group of professionals with excellent professional qualities, good aesthetics and surgical skills, such as Dr. Liu Lina, Dr. Gu Jiancheng, and Dr. Ni Feng. The younger generation of powerful doctors have solid professional qualities and many years of practical experience. I believe that through the implementation of this “National Clinical Demonstration Base for Fat Medicine”, every doctor we present will gather wisdom, learn skills, share experience, and try more new methods and technologies at the cutting edge of different eras through this platform. Sili’s fat beauty technology is pushed to a new level, providing better and trustworthy services for beauty seekers. Hold the doctor