Nail damage

Nail injuries are divided into simple tears, radiation tears, severe crush injuries and avulsion injuries. 50% of nail injuries may involve fractures of the distal phalanx. Therefore, x-ray is essential to confirm or rule out fractures. For acute injuries with severe pain or large amounts of subungual hemorrhage, surgery is usually required. The surgery requires lifting the nail plate, exposing the nail bed and methyl, and repairing the damage. Deck drill reduction or a deck substitute to cover the nail bed after surgery. When the nail is torn from the nail bag, it is necessary to rule out whether the methyl is attached to the nail plate. If methyl is exposed, it needs to be reset and sutured. If left untreated, deformities such as double nails, split nails, and nail notches may occur.

Women’s influence on pelvic floor muscles and rehabilitation during pregnancy

The effect of women on the pelvic floor muscles during pregnancy and childbirth 1. As the uterus increases during pregnancy, the effect of gravity causes varying degrees of soft tissue damage to the chronic pelvic floor; changes in hormone levels during pregnancy change the connective tissue of the pelvic floor The collagen metabolism leads to weakening of the pelvic floor support structure, which increases the risk of pelvic organ prolapse. 2. During childbirth, the pelvic floor is squeezed by the fetal head, the pelvic floor is stretched and elongated, and the muscles are highly expanded, so that the pelvic floor has denervation changes, and the connection between connective tissues is separated. Difficult delivery, device-assisted delivery, etc. can easily cause the pelvic floor and urethra Damage to surrounding tissues, changes in the position and mobility of the bladder neck, and decreased urethral closure pressure, leading to stress urinary incontinence. The levator ani muscle and pudendal nerve mechanical injury during pregnancy and childbirth play an important role in the occurrence of pelvic floor dysfunction diseases in women.  Can self-check pelvic floor function damage at home?   Self-test can be performed through the following four symptoms.   1. Urine leakage occurs when sneezing, coughing, etc.  2, I feel that the quality of sexual life has deteriorated after childbirth, and the vagina is loose.  3. There is a feeling of falling on the back. Most patients with mild pelvic floor dysfunction have no symptoms, and patients often have varying degrees of lumbosacral pain or falling sensation.   4. There is a meaty thing falling out of the vaginal opening, that is, pelvic organ prolapse.   If you have any of the above situations, please go to the hospital for medical examination in time, or go to a professional postpartum rehabilitation center for examination.  How to perform pelvic floor muscle rehabilitation exercises?  Pelvic floor muscle exercise is also known as Kegel exercise: it is by far the simplest, easy, safe and effective pelvic floor rehabilitation method. It is to guide the patient to repeatedly contract the anus and vagina independently, and relax after each contraction for 3 seconds. The correct exercise method can strengthen the weak pelvic floor muscle tissue strength, enhance the support of the pelvic floor, and improve and prevent further early prolapse development of. Pelvic floor exercises can also be supplemented with pelvic floor exercises such as biofeedback therapy or electrical stimulation to enhance the effect of pelvic floor exercises. Preparation before training:    1. Find the pelvic floor muscles that make up the pelvic floor correctly. 2. Make sure that the bladder is empty. 3. Concentrate and tighten the pelvic floor muscles. 4. Maintain a comfortable position. Contract and relax for 5-10 seconds, at least 5 times a day. 5-10 minutes

The four signs of the body indicate that it is allergic purpura!

   Generally, if you have an “allergy”, the hospital will prescribe several medicines to help you relieve your symptoms, and may do an allergen test to help you avoid it. Anaphylactoid purpura mostly develops in children. This is due to the allergic reaction of autoantibodies to certain allergens, increased capillary fragility and permeability, and extravasation of blood components, leading to skin purpura, mucous membranes and bleeding in certain organs. So do you know that the presence of these 4 signs in the body means that you have allergic purpura?  At the onset of illness, within 2 to 3 weeks, fever, headache, muscle and joint pain will occur. A rash will appear on the skin, which looks similar to measles or papules, and can also be fused into pieces to form purple bruises that will not fade when pressed. It mainly occurs on the hips, legs, and mostly on both sides of the body. Most patients experience joint pain and swelling, mainly affecting the knees and ankles. Joint swelling and pain can sometimes appear earlier than purpura, but it only lasts for a few days. When the symptoms subsided, it will not cause any permanent joint damage. Inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract can cause abdominal pain or cramps, as well as loss of appetite, vomiting, diarrhea, and occasionally blood in the stool, but no gastrointestinal bleeding. Most patients have mild injuries and usually do not cause any discomfort. Only when the urine is tested can the urine contain protein or blood components. Under normal circumstances, as the condition subsides, the kidney damage can get better on its own without causing any long-term harm. However, doctors still closely monitor the trend of kidney disease and require patients to follow up regularly, because a small number of patients have kidney damage that can exist for a long time or even continue to develop.  And glucocorticoids can be used as second-line drugs for severe allergic diseases. Oral or intravenous corticosteroids may reduce the risk of delayed reactions. However, this medicine has a slow onset of action, and the effect is not very obvious. If you eat too much, you will have a variety of side effects. Therefore, if you want to reduce side effects, it is recommended to use traditional Chinese medicine to reduce the side effects of hormones on the body, which is beneficial to the recovery of the disease.

What should I do if my creatinine is too high? These three pathological conditions need to be taken seriously, beware of regrets

For more patient communication and help, please pay attention to the WeChat public account [Nephropathy Association] The level of creatinine reflects the degree of the development of kidney disease from the side. The initial symptoms of kidney disease are usually expressed in edema, and creatinine is excreted by glomerular filtration. It is a product of metabolism. 1. After the kidney is invaded by various causes, the damaged kidney cells undergo phenotypic transformation, which stimulates the fibroblasts in the kidney to transform into myofibroblasts, and at the same time invades and stimulates the inherent normal kidney tissue. The same pathological changes occur, thus forming the expansion and excitation process of the kidney from point to surface, from part to the whole, thus entering the period of organic damage. At this time, due to the continuous damage of the kidney, its function of excreting waste is somewhat The decrease causes the accumulation of toxins such as creatinine in the body, which leads to an increase in blood creatinine and urea nitrogen, a decrease in urine creatinine, and a decrease in the filtration rate of both kidneys. 2. The phenotypic transformation of the damaged kidney’s intrinsic cells stimulates the fibroblasts in the kidney to transform into myofibroblasts, and at the same time invades and stimulates the intrinsic normal kidney tissue, the same pathological changes occur, thus forming the kidney from point to point. From the local to the whole, it expands the provocative spreading process, thus entering the organic damage period (that is, the renal function damage period). At this time, due to the continuous damage of the kidney, its waste excretion function is reduced, which causes The accumulation of toxins such as creatinine in the body leads to an increase in blood creatinine and urea nitrogen, a decrease in urine creatinine, and a decrease in the filtration rate of both kidneys. 3. There are many reasons for low creatinine. Low creatinine may be related to anemia, creatinine dystrophy, muscular atrophy, leukemia, diabetes insipidus and other diseases. There is a test data value in the creatinine value called the urea nitrogen value. This urea nitrogen value is easily affected by many other factors, so it cannot simply reflect the kidney function.

“You can’t talk nonsense, and you can’t eat medicine.” Use medication with caution to avoid kidney damage

Lao Liu is 66 years old and always keeps exercising. Two days ago, I was “walking in the rain”, and it didn’t take long for me to experience coughing, brain pain, and runny nose. Old Liu thought it was a cold, so he took some cold medicine casually. I didn’t know that this “cold” was not only bad, but also There was loss of appetite, nausea, fatigue, and swelling of both legs. Ever since, Lao Liu came to Chuan Mi for further inspection. I don’t know if I don’t check it. Lao Liu found out that he had severe hyperkalemia—a disease that could cause cardiac arrest at any time. Fortunately, Lao Liu found out in time. After 3 weeks of treatment by our doctor Chuan Mi, the condition was effectively controlled. And this is what Xiao Mi Jiner wants to say-[Acute Kidney Injury]. &nbsp. Acute kidney injury is a clinical syndrome caused by the rapid decline of renal function caused by a variety of etiologies, which occurs “invisible”. It may occur in patients who do not have kidney disease, and patients who have chronic kidney disease themselves are also vulnerable. It is an acute and critical illness in kidney disease. Drug-induced kidney injury is the most common type of acute kidney injury. Drug-induced kidney injury as the saying goes: It is three points of poison. The kidney is the excretion organ of many drugs, which means that these drugs have to pass the kidney before the stomach is eaten, and they will go after the kidneys. However, our kidneys are unfamiliar with these “aliens”, and differences may arise when bragging, which affects the normal function of kidney cells. Just like Lao Liu mentioned at the beginning of the article, he thought he had a cold and just grabbed medicine, didn’t see the doctor at all, didn’t take medicine according to his condition, how could his body suffer? ! &nbsp.Drug-induced renal injury refers to the adverse reactions of the kidneys to therapeutic doses of drugs and the toxic reactions that occur due to overdose or unreasonable use of drugs, which are caused by different drugs including Chinese herbal medicine, and have different clinical special diagnoses and different pathological types A group of diseases. According to data, up to 20% of acute renal failure is caused by drugs, most commonly in the elderly. The main manifestations are hematuria, proteinuria and tubular urine with abnormal urine test. &nbsp. 2. The pathological structure of the kidney is abnormal. Renal tubular epithelial cell degeneration, edema, and necrosis. &nbsp. 3. Abnormal renal function, increased blood creatinine or decreased glomerular filtration rate. &nbsp.Main classification 1, the toxicity of the drug itself. 2. Allergic reactions caused by drugs as antigens. 3. Drugs affect blood flow and cause damage. &nbsp.Don’t worry, don’t worry! Focus on getting old! The first place is none other than antibiotics! Kidney damage caused by antibiotics is the most common. For example: &nbsp. The second place will be awarded to antipyretic and analgesic drugs, which are the antipyretics and painkillers we usually talk about. Such as aspirin, acetaminophen, aminopyrine and so on. &nbsp.The third place is anti-tumor drugs. The most common ones are platinum alkylating agents, cyclophosphamide, methotrexate, and mitomycin. &nbsp.The tail of the crane is traditional Chinese medicine. For example, Guan Mi Tong, cinnabar, etc. must be used with caution. &nbsp.The conclusion is to use medicine carefully and follow the doctor’s advice! Sichuan Urology Hospital The internal medicine department of Sichuan Urology Hospital is a comprehensive department built with multiple specialties and multiple diseases. It has a strong technical force and a professional technical team. It is responsible for the clinical diagnosis and treatment of frequently-occurring and common diseases in internal medicine. scientific research. With integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine as the diagnosis and treatment feature, it mainly covers nephropathy, respiratory, cardiovascular, digestion and other specialties, with 45 beds open. There are more than 20 medical staff, including 1 chief physician, 2 associate chief physicians, 4 attending physicians, 4 residents, including 3 master’s degree students, and 1 heir of the fifth batch of old traditional Chinese medicine experience in Sichuan Province. &nbsp.&nbsp. Mainly diagnose and treat diseases 1.&nbsp. Urinary system: urinary tract infection, nephritis, nephrotic syndrome, asymptomatic proteinuria, acute renal respiratory failure, chronic kidney disease, etc. 2. Respiratory system: chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), chronic pulmonary cardiopulmonary disease, respiratory failure, pulmonary infectious diseases, bronchiectasis, acute upper respiratory infection, acute and chronic tracheobronchitis, bronchial asthma , Emphysema, interstitial lung disease, pleural effusion, chronic cough, pulmonary nodular disease and lung tumors. 3.&nbsp. Cardiovascular diseases: hypertension, hypertensive heart disease

How to “suck cats” safely?

The clinical diagnosis and treatment of many animal injuries is a common problem at our grassroots. Therefore, the Chinese Medical Rescue Association issued the “Chinese Animal Injury Diagnosis and Treatment Standards” on the 12th. This is the first animal injury diagnosis and treatment standard in China. There are about 40 million people in China every year. If a person is bitten by a cat or dog, pet hair will enter the nasal cavity and eyes with the air. Cat hair allergy can cause itchy eyes, which is an allergic reaction. If it is clearly caused by cat hair allergy, try to avoid it. When contacting various pets such as cats and dogs, pay attention to household hygiene. It is okay to suck cats, but also pay attention to avoid excessive close contact with cats, dogs and other pets, especially do not let pets lick the mucous membranes such as human mouth and eyes. In the event of animal injury, seek medical attention immediately.

What should I do if I can’t open my mouth after tooth extraction?

After the tooth is removed, the mouth cannot be opened. Consider two possibilities: the first is that the temporomandibular joint is damaged; the second is that the local tissue damage is more serious, with edema and hematoma, spreading to the masticatory muscles. The masticatory muscle spasms caused by the inability to open the mouth. For the first type of temporomandibular joint injury, the mouth cannot be opened, and local physical therapy can be performed, such as applying heat to the temporomandibular joint, or baking electricity. For the second case, the mouth cannot be opened due to the influence of the masticatory muscles. You can consider applying cold compresses within 24 hours after surgery, and applying heat to local muscles after 48 hours, which can effectively promote edema and Healing of hematoma, relieve symptoms.

How to determine whether it is suitable for bone grinding and plastic surgery, and what are the complications?

&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.How to determine whether it is suitable for bone grinding and plastic surgery, and what are the complications? &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.First of all, we need to determine whether you have large bones. There is no specific method for the diagnosis of masseter hypertrophy. The main methods are the following aspects to determine whether there is muscle hypertrophy:&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. &nbsp.1. Masseter hypertrophy is accompanied by a wider lower part of the face, hypertrophy of the mandibular angle, and a square or trapezoidal face. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.2, the lower part of the static state is relatively plump, and the widest point of the face is at the front edge of the parotid area. When the mouth is closed, a muscular bulge is visible in front of the earlobe. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.3. Touch the masseter muscle part of the lower angle to make the masseter muscle contract when the subject is clenching teeth. You can obviously feel the masseter muscle range and thickness increase. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.Then judge the mandibular angle hypertrophy and whether it is necessary to perform mandibular angle surgery. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Go to the hospital for X-ray cephalometric examination:&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.If you have a normal mandibular angle, surgery is not recommended, and your other actions are also a waste of time. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. If you do have a mandibular angle hypertrophy, then you can consider surgery. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.About complications&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.1, accidental fracture;&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.2, accidental bleeding during operation and postoperative hematoma formation;&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. &nbsp.3, the correction effect is not satisfactory;&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.4, facial nerve and parotid duct injury;&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.5, mouth corner and surrounding soft tissue injury;&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.6 、Skewed mouth angle: The angle of mouth is skewed or the muscle strength of the lower lip is reduced, the incidence is very low, this is caused by the damage to the marginal mandibular branch of the facial nerve, and it can recover on its own under normal circumstances;&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.7, wound infection . &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.For more information about “maxillofacial plastic surgery”, you can ask me questions.

A 42-year-old man who has no hepatitis B, does not drink alcohol, and found cirrhosis of the liver. The doctor: just do one thing because of love

Zhang usually pays great attention to maintenance. He does not drink alcohol and tobacco. He is also healthy at ordinary times. He has no three highs and no chronic diseases such as hepatitis B. At the age of 40 two years ago, Zhang felt that his body was not as flexible as he was when he was young, and his gray hair began to increase. He also felt a little powerless at work. He suffered from insomnia and dreams when he could not sleep at night. I heard from a colleague from the unit that I spent money on some health care products and started to feel much better after eating. After eating it for two years, I felt that it didn’t work anymore. I bought more expensive health supplements and continued to eat. After eating for a month, I suddenly felt fatigued, my skin turned yellow, and my urine darkened. Zhang went to the hospital for an examination. The doctor diagnosed with liver cirrhosis and ascites. Although he saved his life after treatment, the cirrhosis is difficult to reverse! Zhang is very puzzled. He is usually in good health, he doesn’t have hepatitis B, and he doesn’t drink alcohol, so why he has cirrhosis. The doctor analyzed that it was related to the health care products he was taking. He remembered that many patients had liver damage, cirrhosis and even liver cancer due to taking health care products. The doctor couldn’t help sighing: Many people abuse health care products. This incident is too liver damage! Taking health care products indiscriminately can often hurt the liver! Too many people like to do this. Many people think that health care products, especially those that are advertised as pure Chinese medicine and pure natural health products, are harmless and will not have side effects. In fact, many Chinese medicines or “health products” contain ingredients that are not only bad for the body but also damage the liver and kidneys. For example, our common mugwort leaf contains volatile oil and wormwood. Oral administration will not only irritate the intestines, but also cause toxic hepatitis; the unprocessed Polygonum multiflorum contains more anthraquinone derivatives, which have an adrenocorticoid-like effect. It is toxic to the liver; the traditional Chinese medicine Tripterygium wilfordii contains terpenoids, which can damage the heart, liver, kidney and other organs, causing toxic hepatitis or chronic liver damage; there are also pomegranate peel, wild jujube root bark, knotweed, etc. containing water-soluble tanning It can cause severe liver lobular center necrosis; Xanthium xanthii contains toxic protein and can damage the heart, liver, kidney and other organs. Although some traditional Chinese medicines themselves have no liver damage, the intermediate metabolites after entering the body after enzymatic catalysis will Cause liver damage. For example, wild lily, Thunnus notoginseng, etc. contain hydroxy double thick pyrrolidine alkaloids, which can generate pyrrole derivatives in the body, which will damage the liver cells in the liver lobules, and even gradually involve the hepatic venules, causing chronic liver damage . A large-scale study completed by Chinese scholars showed that the liver damage caused by drugs among Chinese residents was significantly higher than that of residents in European and American countries. Among them, the liver damage caused by health care products and traditional Chinese medicine accounted for the largest proportion, about 26.8%. It is worth noting that many health products have Chinese medicines added, and people often think that Chinese medicines have no side effects, but they are not. As the saying goes, medicine is three-point poison. Since it is medicine, there may be side effects of one kind or another, and it should not be used indiscriminately. So I remind everyone again, for the sake of your liver and kidneys, don’t use any health care products at will, let alone believe in the false propaganda that is too wild! In addition, some of the so-called “health care” health products are not produced by regular manufacturers but approved by the State Drug Administration. Some may just be produced in small workshops and underground factories under the guise of “health products” for money and death. Conclusion No matter whether it is health care products or medicines, you should not eat them casually. Don’t think that natural ones are good. Otherwise, you may plant a thunder for your liver. Protect your liver. Start with a healthy life, regular work and rest. At the same time, when taking medicine, pay attention to avoid taking medicine. Take medicine and even health care products carefully. It is best to consult a professional People are safe. (Some of the pictures in the article originate from the network and the copyright belongs to the original author. I would like to express my gratitude to the picture author. If you find any infringement of your copyright, please contact me and I will delete it.)

What harm will vitiligo bring to patients when it grows on the face?

   Speaking of vitiligo, a common chronic skin disease, everyone should not be too unfamiliar. Our big impression and understanding of the disease is nothing more than the appearance of white spots on the skin of patients, and vitiligo is particularly common on exposed parts of the body, especially in patients with facial vitiligo. “Everyone has the love of beauty.” The white spots on the face hurt the patient’s appearance and cannot be ignored. So what harm will vitiligo bring to the patient when it grows on the face?   1, emotional disturbance. In the face of vitiligo patients, most of the character development after the appearance of vitiligo begins to be lonely, introverted, inferior, and emotionally vulnerable. This requires relaxation and proper exercise.  2, negative psychology. Investigation and research data show that 38.64% of patients with vitiligo have obvious mental stress or trauma before the onset of vitiligo, and when the onset of vitiligo is caused by the spirit and nerves, especially white spots appear in patients with facial parts, more than half of them have mental and nerve stress The trauma is more intense.   3. Social barriers. It is undeniable that there are still people in this society who still discriminate or exclude vitiligo. When a white spot appears on the patient’s face, anyone can see it at a glance, which directly affects the patient’s social life. However, it is recommended that patients not give up on themselves because of this, and believe that most people still agree. And a good social environment can also allow oneself not to focus too much on the disease.   The above is a related introduction to “What harm will vitiligo cause to patients when it grows on the face?” I hope it will be helpful to everyone. Warm reminder from the hospital: Although vitiligo is treated for a long time, it is by no means incurable. Facial patients must have a correct understanding of vitiligo, maintain a good attitude and insist on receiving systematic treatment, vitiligo can be effectively controlled!

A bad habit that hurts the kidneys, but one in four people in China is addicted to it

Often friends will come to ask, my kidney is not good, how should I eat it normally? What tonic should I take? In fact, if there are kidney problems, where can you get it back by eating, and getting rid of some bad habits can actually protect the kidneys. And some bad habits, many people repeat many times a day, the most common one is smoking. You must not have imagined that smoking not only hurts the lungs but also the kidneys. Why is this? In fact, there are more than 1,300 toxic and harmful substances in tobacco. When a person smokes, the smoke is inhaled in the body, and many nephrotoxic substances can damage and kill kidney cells. In addition, smoking At the same time, the free radicals in the kidneys will greatly increase, which can also damage the kidneys. Serum creatinine is an important indicator of kidney function. If the blood creatinine is too high, it means that your kidneys may have been damaged. Studies have shown that if a person smokes 5 cigarettes a day, the risk of increased serum creatinine within 3 years will increase by nearly 31% compared with non-smokers. If the cumulative amount of smoking exceeds 25 packs per year, the incidence of chronic kidney disease is Will greatly increase. It can be seen that smoking has a very large impact on the kidneys. Many people have to ask. I am a young man with a fast metabolism. It does not matter if I smoke a few cigarettes. It does not affect the kidney function, but in fact, it does not seem to have any effect on the surface, but the amount changes. Qualitative change, once damage is formed, it will be difficult to repair, and the longer the time, the greater the damage. If you already have hypertension, diabetes, chronic glomerulonephritis, etc., smoking patients are more likely to have kidney damage and enter a state of uremia faster. Smoking is a high-risk factor for hypertension, diabetes, and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. These diseases can cause renal arteriosclerosis and indirectly lead to renal ischemia and hypoxia, which accelerate the course of kidney disease. Patients need to start dialysis treatment earlier. In addition, the nicotine in tobacco, as well as heavy metal elements such as cadmium and lead, can cause serious damage to the kidneys. You should know that smoking more than 20 cigarettes a day for a long time will increase the cadmium content of the kidney cortex by 45.7%. Whether ordinary people or patients who already have kidney disease, smoking increases the risk of kidney disease and the progression of kidney disease. Think about it, our country is a big tobacco country. There are 350 million smokers over the age of 15 in the country. Isn’t it a bit scary? If you quit smoking early… Within 24 hours of quitting, blood pressure and heart rate can drop. After quitting smoking for 6 months, the value of the risk parameters of cardiovascular disease decreased and the arterial stiffness improved. One year after quitting smoking, the risk of coronary heart disease is reduced by 50%. The mortality of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease will drop by 32% to 84%. Especially for patients with kidney disease, smoking cessation can reduce urine protein content and delay the progression of renal function deterioration. The main reasons for the failure to quit smoking are: poor self-control, difficult to control addiction, other people making it difficult to smoke, lack of effective methods and smoking refreshing. In addition to drugs to combat addiction and improve the social environment, the most important thing to quit smoking is to improve self-control. It is necessary to regularly record the cessation situation and be encouraged repeatedly. Periodic physical examinations are required during smoking cessation to strengthen patients’ awareness of their own health. The most important point to protect the kidneys is regular physical examinations. In addition to physical examination, there are three points to protect the kidneys: 1. Drink more water and eat less salt. For those who have no kidney problems, drinking more water can effectively help the kidneys to better discharge toxins. For patients with hyperuricemia and kidney stones, drinking plenty of water can effectively alleviate the condition and prevent recurrence. 2. Reasonable exercise, weight control, work and rest combined with obesity have a serious impact on the kidneys. Strengthening exercise and weight control can prevent kidney damage. Moreover, the exercise must be scientific and reasonable, gradual. 3. Avoid contact with medicines or foods containing nephrotoxicity. There are some remedies and tonics in various places. Many people are superstitious about nourishing and health preservation. There are a lot of abuse of Chinese medicine and blind use of some remedies or supplements of unknown ingredients. Drug-induced kidney injury or toxic kidney injury caused by this is more common, and the most famous one is Chinese herbal nephropathy caused by aristolochic acid. All in all, it is far more than smoking that increases kidney damage. High-salt diets and drug abuse are also not small. For kidney health, take care of your mouth!

What are the similarities between potatoes and keloids?

In order to better study the responsiveness of keloids to cryotherapy, a document published in the Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology proposed a model. This model is potatoes. These processed potatoes have the same thermal conductivity as human skin, and their response to frozen needles is similar to skin. The researchers conducted three tests on the processed potatoes by freezing. The results did not find that the potatoes were completely frozen. The tissue damage only appeared in the area about 1 cm below the needle. The shape of the damage was biconcave and the frozen needle was caused by the distal exit. The temperature is lower than the proximal outlet, and the damage is greater. The results obtained through experiments with the model are consistent with the characteristics of cryotherapy on the epidermis and dermis of keloids. It shows that potatoes and keloids treated at 37°C have similar responses to cryotherapy. The significance of this model experiment is to better understand the reaction of keloids to cryo-needle, but the experiment is closer to idealization. The true clinical keloids are more diverse and require doctors to have rich experience in treatment of different sizes and Make the best plan for keloids of different depths.

Why should we treat vitiligo in the early stage?

Everyone knows that if you are sick, you must receive treatment in time. In fact, many diseases are treated in the early stage, and the effect is relatively good. For example, the common vitiligo is now. The early stage of vitiligo is relatively mild and the area of ​​white spots is relatively small. If treated in time in the early stage, there is basically nothing to the patient. Great damage, so what are the benefits of early treatment of vitiligo? First, reduce recurrence and improve the healing effect. Vitiligo is a stubborn disease, and it takes a long time to treat it, because the synthesis of melanin in the body takes a certain amount of time. If the patient’s mental state or diet structure is unhealthy during treatment, it will directly affect the treatment effect of vitiligo, which will make the patient’s heart suffer a big blow. However, the early vitiligo is mild and the melanin has not been completely lost. At this time, it will be easier to recover from treatment and the chance of recurrence will be much smaller. 2. Reduce psychological damage. If treated in time, the harm to the patient can be minimized. Vitiligo will appear on any part of the skin. If the treatment is delayed, it will seriously affect the patient’s mental health and even hit the patient’s confidence in treatment. The patient becomes inferior and will reject communication with strangers over time. Such a situation is not conducive to the treatment of the patient. Three, spend less. If vitiligo is treated in the early stage, it will cost less money, because the disease is easier to treat when the disease is first onset. The early leukoplakia is younger and the damage to the patient is relatively small, so the patient will have the confidence to treat and actively cooperate The doctor recovers as soon as possible after treatment. Reminder: The specific content of the article is basically over here. Patients with vitiligo must pay attention to treatment. The disease must be detected and treated early. It is recommended that patients choose a regular hospital to ensure their treatment is guaranteed. I hope patients can get rid of the trouble caused by the disease as soon as possible.

What are the causes of anal fissure

&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. An anal fissure is a prismatic crack or ulcer formed by the rupture of the skin of the anal canal below the tooth line. I believe everyone is no stranger to the term anal fissure, but few people can answer it. Anal fissure has always been a topic of concern to many friends, so what is the cause of anal fissure? So today I will give you a brief introduction on this topic. Anal fissure is a small ulcer of the skin of the anal canal below the dentate line. Its direction is parallel to the longitudinal axis of the anal canal. It is about 0.5-1.0cm in length. It is fusiform or elliptical. It is difficult to heal. A common cause of severe pain. The superficial laceration of the anal canal cannot be regarded as an anal fissure, because it can heal itself quickly and is often asymptomatic. Anal fissure usually occurs in the posterior middle of the anal canal. If there is anal fissure on the side of the anal canal, or there are multiple cracks, it should be thought that it may be an early manifestation of intestinal inflammatory disease.  What are the causes of anal fissure?   1. Trauma factor: This is also one of the causes of anal fissure. In patients with chronic constipation, due to dry and hard stools and excessive force during defecation, it is easy to damage the skin of the anal canal. Repeated injuries make the laceration deep into the full-thickness skin and form chronic infectious ulcers. It has been reported that anal fissure caused by constipation accounts for 14% to 24%, but constipation may also be the result of anal fissure, which is caused by the patient’s fear of defecation. 2. Infection factors: chronic inflammation near the dentate line, such as anal sinusitis in the posterior middle, spreads downwards and causes subcutaneous abscesses, which rupture and become chronic ulcers. The reason why the anal canal is difficult to heal after injury is still unknown. It is believed that it is mainly caused by injury and infection. Inflammatory cells can release procollagenase during infection to prevent the regeneration and extension of epithelial tissue.  3. Tension of internal sphincter: Patients with anal fissure have abnormal internal sphincter contraction. Reflex internal sphincter spasm is currently considered to be an important reason why anal fissures are not easy to heal. 4. Ischemic factors: It has recently been proposed that the posterior midline ischemia of the anal canal is the cause of anal fissure, because the distal end of the anal canal is supplied by the inferior rectal artery, which passes through the ischiorectal fossa and separates small branches through the anal sphincter to the mucosa , But most of the posterior joint lacks inferior rectal artery branch (accounting for 85%). The capillary morphology study also suggests that the capillaries inside the internal sphincter at the posterior midline are sparse.   The above is an introduction to the causes of anal fissures. I believe that everyone is already very clear through the introduction. I hope you will pay more attention to the above conditions in your life and don’t let yourself go into the abyss of disease.

Is the anal fissure serious?

 Anal fissure is a common anal canal and anal disease. The symptoms are ulcers in the anal canal that are not easy to heal, and severe pain in the anus during and after defecation. Young and middle-aged people, children and the elderly can also develop the disease, but the disease rarely occurs in the elderly. Incidence rates and areas of incidence are different, and the pathogenesis of men and women is equal. Anal fissures may have one or several fissures, but most anal fissures occur on the midline, directly before or after, that is, at 6 o’clock and 12 o’clock in the stone cutting position. Most of the anal fissures are caused by constipation and constipation due to heat and colonic dryness. Forced defecation will cause anal skin lacerations, followed by secondary infections, and gradually form chronic, fusiform ulcers. However, there are also infections caused by anal stenosis, anal eczema, hemorrhoid injury, etc. Pathogenesis. 1. Theory of trauma: dry and hard feces or foreign bodies can easily cause damage to the skin of the anal canal, which is the main factor causing anal fissure.    2. Anatomical factors: the back of the anus is heavily compressed by feces, and because of the back of the anal canal Insufficient blood circulation, poor elasticity, and more distribution of anal glands are all factors that cause anal fissures.    3. Internal sphincter spasm theory: The anal sphincter is in a spasm due to injury or inflammation in the anal canal, causing the anal canal Increased tension, easily damaged into anal fissure.    4. Infection theory: Mainly infection of anal crypts at the back of the anus. The inflammation spreads to the lower part of the anal canal, causing the subcutaneous abscess to rupture and form an anal fissure.    5. Anal narrow elementary school said: Anus The skin of the tube is slow in development, and the anal tube is narrow and easily damaged into anal fissure. The above is the cause of anal fissure. Anal fissure is one of the more painful anal diseases and can be accompanied by many anal discomforts. Therefore, prevention of anal fissures should be emphasized.  1. Keep the stool unobstructed, and develop the habit of defecation regularly every day. When you find that the stool is dry and congested, you should not try to defecate. Instead, use warm salt water enema or corkscrew to inject it into the anus to moisten the bowel.  2. Treat anal crypt inflammation in time to prevent the formation of ulcers and subcutaneous fistulas after infection.  3. When using an anal speculum for examination, do not use the speculum for rough operation and damage the anal canal.  4. Treat various diseases that cause anal fissure in time, such as ulcerative colitis, to prevent anal fissure from occurring.   5. Drink less alcohol, do not eat spicy foods, eat too finely, mix coarse and fine grains, and consume as much fiber-rich foods as vegetables as possible to keep stool normal.  6. ​​Those with perianal eczema, dermatitis, itching and other diseases should be actively treated to prevent the perianal skin from hardening, weakening of elasticity and tearing the skin of the anal canal.  7. Those who have skin damage to the anal canal should be actively treated to prevent ulcer formation due to infection.   8. Those suffering from anal cryptitis and anal papillitis should be cured as soon as possible to prevent anal fissure.   9. When doing anorectal digital examinations, avoid using rough force to avoid damage to the anal canal.

You may feel super comfortable doing this posture that hurts your waist every day…

   It only takes 21 days to develop a habit. In a lifetime, a person will develop countless habits.   Some of these habits may not be taught by anyone, but I have learned it myself.   Like being paralyzed.   I don’t know when, as long as the buttocks are on the chair,    we will feel a mysterious power that lures us into paralysis.   So many people are paralyzed wherever they sit. I am paralyzed, so I am here.  Why do people feel paralyzed and comfortable?  This is actually because the muscles that exert force are different from usual. When sitting upright, the muscles involved in exerting force are mainly the small muscles of the lumbar vertebrae located in the deep layer. When happy paralysis, the large muscle groups on the surface will participate in the exertion, and the large muscle groups are better at exerting strength, so you will feel more comfortable sitting paralyzed, but the large muscle groups consume more energy and are more prone to fatigue, which often leads to Ligament injury, intervertebral disc injury.   So, just when we were happy and paralyzed, we unknowingly hurt our waist.  Why does happy paralysis hurt the waist? First of all, when a person sits, the waist will take the initiative to bear the weight of the upper body. When sitting normally, the lumbar spine is slightly lordotic. At this time, the muscles, ligaments and bones of the lower back can work well together, and the lumbar spine is the most relaxed of.   But once we were paralyzed, the situation was completely different. Paralysis will change the normal physiological curvature of the human lumbar spine. The pressure on the intervertebral disc increases, and the tension on the ligaments and muscles to maintain lumbar spine stability will also increase.   The ligament tissue of the spine is very complex, including ligamentum flavum, supraspinous ligament, interspinous ligament, intertransverse ligament, anterior longitudinal ligament, posterior longitudinal ligament, etc. The ligament tissue contains a lot of elastin and collagen and has high elasticity. The high elasticity makes the ligaments not only have the function of maintaining the posture of the spine, but also ensure the active movement of the trunk and the passive recovery ability, such as bending forward, backward, turning, and lateral bending, but also protect the fragile nerve roots.   The elasticity of ligaments is closely related to the stress conditions. Under normal circumstances, the force is in the elastic deformation zone of the ligament; once the force exceeds this range, the ligament will be damaged. Common types of injuries include fatigue, degeneration, violence and pathogenicity, especially the first two are more common. Fatigue is usually caused by occupation or living habits, and degeneration is mainly caused by age. Pathogenicity is mainly seen in the erosion of connective tissues such as ligaments by autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid and ankylosing spondylitis, causing the ligaments to lose elasticity.   Therefore, when you become paralyzed and twisted, the intervertebral disc feels “large” and the ligament tissue is also “tested”.  How can I not hurt my waist?   If you don’t want to become a father-in-law waist at a young age, you must pay attention to your sitting posture. To maintain the normal curvature of the lumbar spine, you first need to sit upright with your back resting against the back of the chair; secondly, the line of sight is parallel to the computer screen, which not only makes your lumbar spine more comfortable, but also allows you to have a wider field of vision. I discovered the boss’s movements in a moment.

Does “Yin Blow” have anything to do with his size?

In couples’ lives, there is a situation that will make both men and women feel awkward and uninterested. That is “blow”. With the movement of the piston, gas is easily carried into the sound channel, and the sound channel is exclusive, which will bring foreign air. Driven out of the body, this will make a “pupupu” sound similar to farting. Why is there an overcast blowing? At present, the medical profession believes that the main reasons are these three reasons-1. Postpartum vaginal relaxation: a tight and elastic vagina, and “vagination” will not occur during normal intercourse. However, after a woman gives birth, the vagina will be significantly expanded and loosened. The muscle tissue and fascia of the pelvic floor are damaged, broken and lose elasticity. After the vagina is inelastic, the package is naturally not very tight. Then when the same room, there will be gas in and out, and ” “Puff puff puff” sound. 2. Vaginitis: Some women suffering from vaginitis will also have vaginal exhaust. This is because the microorganisms that infect the vagina produce a small amount of gas in the vagina during the reproduction process. When the position changes or the abdominal pressure increases, these gases will disappear from the vagina. Vaginal discharge. However, in this case, the airflow from the vagina is usually weak and not obvious. 3. Rectal injury: If a rectal-vaginal fistula is caused by a childbirth injury, it is easy to produce exhaust sounds during sexual intercourse, “vagina”, is there any relationship between the size of the male genitalia? At first glance, there seems to be some connection, because vaginal blow is the air entering the vagina. Therefore, male compatriots should not always complain that the other party’s “vaginal exhaust” is disappointing, but also look for their own reasons~~ or care about their partner’s body. Under normal circumstances, as long as the body is healthy, there will be no “yin blowing”. The occurrence of “yin blowing” mostly means that our vaginal health has some problems. Here, I hope you don’t be shy and go to the hospital for examination in time. The doctor evaluates your condition before taking appropriate treatment. ~~

Kidney failure may be caused by these 3 drinking habits! Give you the correct drinking tips!

Water is the source of life. The body water of an adult accounts for about 60%-70% of body weight. For most people, drinking water is like eating and sleeping, day after day. Few people know that our usual wrong drinking habits can cause kidney damage, and in severe cases, it can also lead to kidney failure. Strong tea is a representative of our Chinese etiquette. From the common people to the high-ranking officials and nobles, they all like to make a pot of tea, sip the tea, or drink it with a big mouthful. However, drinking tea incorrectly can also hurt the kidneys. The first one is strong tea! Harm 1: Strong tea has high caffeine content, which will raise blood pressure! Injury 2: Strong tea contains more tannic acid and oxalic acid, easy to get urinary system stones! Harm 3: Strong tea does not hangover, but aggravates the damage of alcohol to the kidneys! Injury 4: Strong tea has high potassium, and it may be life-threatening for kidney friends with end-stage renal disease to drink strong tea! Of course, weak tea can still be drunk. Tea contains antioxidants such as tea polyphenols, which are good for health. Drinking too little water When a large number of people are busy with work, games, or chatting, they often do not take the initiative to drink water. They will not drink water until they feel thirsty. Even sometimes in a state of excitement, people will temporarily ignore the feeling of thirst. &nbsp. This kind of behavior is actually harmful to the kidneys. Drinking too little water for a long time can cause urine to concentrate, toxins accumulate, bacteria grow, and even crystals (calculi) are produced, which ultimately damages kidney health. &nbsp. It is recommended that healthy people or those with early kidney disease should take the initiative to drink water. How much is 1500-1700ml water? Equivalent to 3 bottles of mineral water, or 6-8 cups of water. &nbsp. Under special circumstances, such as kidney stones, excessive sweating, diarrhea, urinary tract infections, etc., you need to increase drinking water. &nbsp. The correct way to drink water should be a small amount of water for many times, and never drink a large pot of water at a time. Give you a drinking schedule: Many people who love to drink beverages feel that drinking water is tasteless, so it is better to drink beverages. &nbsp. Carbonated beverages such as Coke, Sprite, Fanta, etc.; a certain brand of jasmine tea, iced tea, green tea; herbal tea that you should drink if you are afraid of getting angry; milk tea that originated from Taiwan and flourished in the mainland, etc., are all best sellers Among the top drinks. &nbsp. These drinks have a common feature: high sugar content! Studies have shown that 4 servings* of sugar-sweetened drinks a week increase the risk of kidney damage. Note: *1 serving is approximately equivalent to 355ml, which is the amount of 1 can. Drinks cannot be drunk, and plain water is bland and tasteless. How can I drink 6-8 glasses of water a day? &nbsp. You might as well try it, add 1-2 mint leaves or lemon slices, it tastes good too. Do you have the three bad drinking habits mentioned above? If you have people with these habits around you, hurry up and tell them!

Is it an IQ tax for physiotherapy, ultrasound, acupuncture, massage?

I believe everyone is familiar with physiotherapy. Under the premise of a clear diagnosis, through the joint adjuvant treatment of drugs and physiotherapy, the effect will usually come faster and more obvious. However, the wide variety of physiotherapy on the market is not necessarily suitable for your problems. The more expensive the better, and the more you do, the better. Choosing the right physiotherapy according to your condition can help shorten the recovery time to a certain extent. So today I will talk with the editor about how to choose physical therapy? 1. What are the common physical therapies? Physiotherapy refers to physical factor therapy, which is to promote the recovery of patients with the help of various forms of physical factors such as electricity, light, sound, water, magnetism, and heat. Common ones are: infrared radiation, ultrasound, ultrashort wave, intermediate frequency, microwave, etc. Of course, when it comes to physical therapy, we cannot ignore our traditional Chinese medicine methods: acupuncture, massage, cupping, moxibustion, etc. Regardless of the new or traditional form, the ultimate goal is to relieve and stimulate nerves and muscles, accelerate blood circulation and lymphatic flow, reduce swelling, analgesia, and reduce scars through electrical, thermal or vibration stimulation. 2. How to choose the right physiotherapy Although there are many types of physiotherapy, they cannot be chosen blindly. Many people are prone to discomfort in the neck, shoulder, back, and knees in their daily lives. Most people will directly choose to do physiotherapy and simply relieve the symptoms. Some problems can be relieved by simple physical therapy, but some parts or pain cannot be chosen rashly. 1 Postoperative joint swelling: Regarding postoperative swelling, the wound showed redness, swelling, heat, and pain due to inflammation in the early postoperative period. Thermal physiotherapy is contraindicated because physiotherapy will accelerate blood circulation. It will also accelerate the exudation, so the swelling will continue or even worsen. For postoperative swelling, ice compress, lymphatic drainage, ultrasound and other methods can be used to reduce swelling. 2 Cartilage wear and swelling caused by soft tissue damage: Take the knee joint as an example. The cartilage damage or other tissue structure damage in the knee joint causes joint swelling and fluid accumulation. Heat therapy is contraindicated in the acute phase. This situation must first be found to cause abrasion and damage, and through correct rehabilitation exercises and combined with ice, lymphatic reflux, ultrasound, air pressure waves, etc., it is fundamentally resolved to prevent inflammation and swelling from repeated. 3Muscle strain and myofasciitis: Chronic lumbar back pain is basically inseparable from lumbar muscle strain and low back myofasciitis, long-term poor posture, living habits, insomnia and excessive mental stress, muscles Being in a tight state for a long time will cause pain in the back and back. Relaxing massage is helpful, but it can also quench thirst by drinking poison and cannot solve the fundamental problem. In response to this situation, the physiotherapy that can be used includes microwave, intermediate frequency, shock wave, infrared radiation, and relaxation with techniques. The most important thing is to change the posture to strengthen the core training and solve the problem fundamentally. 4Muscle strain and ligament injury: Local swelling is obvious in the acute stage. When the muscles are tense, ice compress, lymphatic reflux to reduce swelling, relaxation of the technique, coupled with the intermediate frequency electric relaxation mode, it is more helpful to relieve pain. Wait until the swelling disappears after the acute period, and when the pain is not obvious, you can use a little heat and hot compress to relieve muscle tension and accelerate blood circulation. note! It can only be done when the swelling and pain are relieved. 3. Contraindications Although physical therapy is good, it is not suitable for everyone. Here is a summary of the contraindications: 1. People who have heart failure, acute eczema, installed a pacemaker or have local metal foreign bodies cannot use electrotherapy. 2. People with bleeding tendency, high fever, active tuberculosis, malignant tumors, etc. cannot use phototherapy. 3. Ultrasound cannot be used for malignant tumors, bleeding tendency, pregnant women, and active tuberculosis. Avoid using on the abdomen during menstruation. In general, although physical therapy has the auxiliary effect of icing on the cake, it cannot be the key to rehabilitation, and it is difficult to achieve immediate results through physical therapy. It can be used rationally, but it cannot be overly dependent, and physical therapy should be used correctly. If it doesn’t work right, it may just have no effect and delay the treatment opportunity, and if it is serious, it will aggravate the condition. Physiotherapy is not the only treatment method. Finding the root cause of the pain can solve the problem fundamentally and achieve the ideal rehabilitation effect by strengthening the strength and adjusting the force mode.

Dizziness and neck pain? Why do people get cervical spondylosis?

&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Cervical spondylosis, also known as “cervical syndrome”, is proliferative cervical spondylitis, cervical disc herniation, and degenerative changes in cervical intervertebral joints, ligaments and other tissues that stimulate and compress cervical nerve roots, spinal cord, vertebral artery and neck A series of syndromes caused by sympathetic nerves. &nbsp.&nbsp. Why do people get cervical spondylosis? &nbsp.&nbsp.1. Acute cervical spine trauma: 50% of cervical myelopathy is related to neck trauma. Neck trauma often induces cervical spine symptoms. &nbsp.&nbsp.2, Chronic cervical spine injury: It is more common in people who have been engaged in embroidery, sewing, painting, writing, laboratory testing and mental labor for a long time. &nbsp.&nbsp.3. Poor posture: Lying in bed, watching TV, reading a book, sleeping on a high pillow, and sleeping in the car are all incorrect postures, and neck injuries are prone to occur.