The front tooth is broken, how to repair it?

Children are usually naughty and active. It is inevitable that they will stumble and stumble. Sometimes it is not impossible that the front teeth will break due to falls. If you don’t take measures to remedy it in time, it may affect eating, and it will not be good for children’s image when they grow up. So how do we remedy the broken front teeth? &nbsp.1. The tooth is loose, displaced or broken. In such cases, you should go to the hospital for examination and filming as soon as possible. The doctor will restore the loose teeth to their original positions and fix them. If the broken part of the tooth is not found and the gap is small, it can be solved directly by filling the tooth with a high-strength material. The common material is resin. 2. The tooth is completely lost. During the period of going to the hospital, we should put the lost tooth under the tongue, or soak it in milk or saline. If the preservation method is appropriate, the lost teeth can be put back into the alveolar socket and replanted to survive. 3. If the deciduous tooth is broken, seek medical attention in time. Many parents think that the deciduous teeth should be replaced sooner or later. Do you still need to see a doctor for damage? The answer is definitely yes. Not only do deciduous teeth need treatment, but they also need treatment if they break. After filming at the hospital, if the permanent tooth germ has been or may be damaged, it is recommended to remove the damaged deciduous tooth as soon as possible

Self-Redemption in the Motorcycle Era

In the current society, the motorcycle fever has risen again. Looking back at the past, looking at the Jialing 70, Dayang 90, and Suzuki 125 of the father’s time, they are all based on the needs of transportation and dragging. Now this generation has passed the sixtieth year. The traffic police have refused to issue verification documents to these people. Nowadays, most of the riding forces appearing on the road have far more than this kind of transportation needs. Entertainment and motorcycle brigade should be said to account for a considerable part, even those who buy in the name of “traffic jam” etc. Locomotives, more or less have their own careful thinking, who knows. The spring breeze of reform is blowing all over the ground. With the development of the times, we are also infected with the bad habits of the capitalist society wearing “colored” glasses to view the world. From bicycles to motorcycles to cars, we take it for granted from an economic perspective. The price of bicycles is the cheapest, followed by motorcycles, and cars are the most expensive. Some people also have the natural superiority of “vehicle type”. It is true that this is the case in most cases, but everyone at the top of the economy drives cars. Car owners must always understand this truth: in a society with a fine division of labor, those professional things are often not “cheap” that we naturally think, just like don’t think that the low ones are Wu Dalang, because there is Napoleon; of course; , If you drive Farah, Rolls, Bugatti, you can think so, even so, life is still supreme! Please take care of your right foot and steering wheel. There are so many foreshadowing in the front to illustrate the concept of civilized driving in which cars go on the road and the horse goes on the road. If you still insist on the so-called “race” and “vehicle type” superiority, then you can go to the “Asian power” India and the “democratic and free” United States. As the saying goes, Goubuli, Sichuan Huiguorou, Wuhan Hot Dry Noodles, Xi’an Lamb Soup; cars, iron-clad meat, motorcycles, and meat-clad iron. If you just look at the title, some people will find it unlucky and vowed to say that they will not crash. Here, I also hope that some people are all of us, stay away from crashes, and realize their speed and passion on the motorcycle! This article should be regarded as a small post. Didn’t the ancient Xun say that if you have a lot of art, you don’t press your body, and the family has surplus food and you don’t panic! Regarding cycling equipment workers who want to do their best, they must first sharpen their tools. In this Spring and Autumn period, the ancients all understood the truth, but now the “time youth” sometimes don’t understand it, such as the wildfire boy, the horizon, and the naked army. If you really don’t understand, just make a gesture of whether it’s more expensive to replace parts for a motorcycle or an organ for yourself. If you want to understand, you will really understand. If you really don’t understand, I suggest iron-clad meat or a city card. Think, safe and worry-free, besides, you can also order some twice-cooked pork if you save the money. If you have more rice, the food and clothing problem will be solved, and socialism will not be dragged down. Why not? Regarding the car crash, I have considered this topic carefully for a period of time, and tentatively divided the crash into these types: completely out of control, partly out of control, catastrophic, and small. 1. Completely out of control type This type of crash is just like Xu Wei sings in a song: many things are too late to think about, and they happen naturally; yes, there is no time for you to think. This type of crash is usually Resignation, the reason is basically one word-“fast”, either you are fast or he is fast, or everyone is fast, no matter how good riding equipment is, it will not have the effect of “resurrection armor”; if God has mercy, feel you There are still unresolved incidents. The “Famous Knife” is accidentally activated. At this time, the ending of the crash mainly depends on the location of the crash, the effectiveness of the caller and the arrival of the ambulance, because at this time you no longer have The ability to resist, if you really do not have the ability to resist, then accept and enjoy it; here I quote the relevant knowledge of the glory of the king, just want to make my greasy “front wave” lurking into the “back wave”. 2. Part of the out-of-control type This type of crash gives you a short reaction time. Generally speaking, the reaction time of a normal person is 0.15-0.4 seconds. Here is a knowledge point—reflection, which is divided into conditioned reflex. The difference between unconditioned reflex and unconditioned reflex is that one needs training and one is born with it. Therefore, don’t ignore the importance of training. This is conditioned reflex. Repeated actions will definitely improve your driving skills.

How to give first aid to a broken child? These skills must be learned

Children are more active and active, and have poor self-protection awareness, so they are often injured accidentally and cause fractures. There is a higher incidence of limb fractures in children. When a child is injured, it is usually first discovered by his parents, so how to deal with the child’s parents is often crucial. Proper on-site treatment can sometimes be critical to the prognosis of the child’s fracture and later functional recovery. We do n’t need every parent to have the level of a professional doctor, but it is very important for children ’s parents to understand and master the emergency medical knowledge of fracture. As a child’s parent, when the child is injured, the mind must first remain calm, and it is necessary to first determine whether the child has a fracture or dislocation. Generally speaking, if the injured limb has severe pain, deformity, abnormal movement or limited movement, it can basically be determined that the child may have a fracture or dislocation. Of course, the exclusive signs of fracture are defined as deformity, abnormal activity, and bone fricatives and feelings. However, it is not recommended that the parents of the child check whether the injured limb of the child has bone fricatives and bone rubbing feelings, because the improper operation of this kind of inspection is likely to aggravate the fracture and cause secondary injury. When it is suspected that the child has a fracture, parents usually need to do the following: 1. Use the surrounding available objects such as wooden boards, wooden sticks, bamboo poles and other solid and straight objects to replace the medical splint to fix the fracture. The fixed range should include the upper and lower joints of the injured area. Only in this way can a more reliable fixation of the fracture be achieved. If there is no suitable fixture, the injured upper limb must be tied to the chest. The injured lower limb and the healthy lower limb can be tied together for temporary fixation, and then seek medical treatment in time. 2. When a child with cervical spine injury is suspected, first let him take a supine position, and temporarily put clothing and sandbags on both sides of the head to fix the neck to avoid neck movement. Care must be taken to avoid twisting the neck during handling. 3. When you suspect a child’s thoracolumbar vertebral fracture, do not take the method of carrying the child in one arm or lifting the head and foot. Because this will increase the curvature of the spine and increase the damage to the spinal cord. The correct method is to use a stretcher to transport. Of course, if there is no stretcher, it can also be transported with wooden boards or even door panels. At least 3 people are required to coordinate when carrying. The specific method is to straighten the lower limbs of the child and place the wooden board on the side of the child. The three people use the hands to hold the child at the same time. On a hardboard stretcher. 4. Although children’s pelvic fractures are rare, they are often in serious condition. Children’s pelvic fractures are mostly car accident injuries, which have high energy. They are often associated with hemorrhagic shock, urogenital tract and anorectal injuries, and pelvic floor nerve injuries, or other multiple site fractures and visceral injuries. When this happens, it is crucial to transport the child to the hospital in time. In summary, the main points of the family emergency for children with fractures are: 1. Calm mind and correctly assess the injury. 2. For the fracture, find suitable materials to fix it correctly to avoid secondary injury. 3. The spine and cervical spine injury should be handled by multiple people to avoid aggravating the curvature of the spine. 4. Children’s pelvic fractures are often very serious, and timely medical treatment is the key. Doctor Yao Jinghui, the Third Affiliated Hospital of Southern Medical University (Guangdong Orthopedics Hospital, Guangdong Orthopedics Research Institute), hopes to help everyone’s health!