Can collagen rejuvenate and anti-aging?

Collagen is an original ingredient in people’s bodies and is the key to keeping the beauty beautiful. With the increase of age, the collagen in the body is continuously lost, and the skin loses its original whiteness and smoothness, making the whole person look old. With the development of plastic surgery, collagen beauty has been widely welcomed in beauties. So, can collagen rejuvenate and anti-aging? The doctors of Hangzhou Time Plastic Surgery Hospital are popular science for everyone. Can collagen rejuvenate skin and prevent aging? Collagen is a high-molecular protein. Filamentous collagen fibers can maintain skin elasticity and help moisturize the skin at the same time. Injecting collagen can also induce the reconstruction of own collagen fibers and make the skin structure repaired. Therefore, the injection of collagen can achieve the effect of skin rejuvenation and anti-aging. How long can the collagen injection effect last? The injected collagen is likely to be absorbed by the human body, so collagen rejuvenation and anti-aging can generally only last for half a year to 1 year. Injecting collagen is also a test of the doctor’s injection technique. The injection angle and the skin need to be at a 15-degree angle. The head is inclined upwards and slowly enters the end of the wrinkle or the dermis. Collagen injection cannot penetrate the blood vessel layer and the injection should not be too shallow. , So as not to overflow the body. The dosage of collagen injection is generally 1-2 times larger than the original depression. Collagen injection needs to be lived again every 2-4 weeks. Generally, an average of 2-3 injections can achieve the desired effect. Generally, each injection of about 1 ml of collagen is sufficient. The dose of adult collagen injection for skin rejuvenation and anti-aging cannot exceed 30 ml per year.

How can breast enhancement be more effective?

Breasts as a woman’s signature feature No woman would care that her breasts are as plump and straight as breasts are as important as delicate facial features. So, how can breast enlargement be more effective? There are currently two safe breast augmentation methods: prosthetic breast augmentation and autologous fat breast augmentation. Plastic surgeons at home and abroad generally use these two surgical methods. The advantage of prosthetic breast augmentation is that the surgical effect is ideal and does not require multiple operations. At present, the breast prosthesis has been developed to the fifth generation, and the materials and processes have been improved than before, but its feel is not as good as the self-organization. Secondly, prosthesis breast augmentation has surgical incisions in 3.5~4.5, most of them will choose the axillary site because it is more concealed here. Relatively speaking, after autologous fat breast augmentation, the shape of the breast is more natural. For beauty seekers who require high surgical results, it often takes several surgeries to obtain the desired results, but the transfer of autologous fat from other parts of the body to the chest has a very soft feel that the prosthesis cannot match. And fat injection does not require an obvious surgical incision, only about the size of a matchstick-sized injection needle eye, the main advantage is that slimming and breast enlargement can be achieved in one fell swoop. What are the advantages of autologous fat breast augmentation 1. It will not cause changes in the endocrine environment of the human body, will not harm the breast itself, and will not have adverse effects on fertility and breastfeeding. 2. The use of self fat as breast augmentation material is non-toxic and harmless to the human body, and the human body itself will not produce immune response and rejection reaction to the injected self fat tissue. 3. The breast after fat transplantation has a soft feel, real shape, and delicate skin. From the psychological feelings of women and her partners, the real feeling of breasts with autologous fat breast augmentation is better, and it is more acceptable to beauticians and their partners. 4. Autologous fat transplantation can achieve weight-loss and body-building effect while breast enhancement. 5. The transplantation of fat particles is easy to obtain, the source of tissue is rich, the operation is simple, safe and reliable, and it is easy to survive. Although autologous fat breast augmentation has many advantages, not everyone is suitable for this operation. For example, some women have too small breasts and almost no fat. If you forcibly inject too much fat, they will inevitably have complications such as lumps, calcifications, and cysts. In addition, because the blood supply in the recipient area is not good, blood circulation cannot be established in time after fat transplantation, resulting in a low survival rate of transplanted fat cells. Therefore, autologous fat breast augmentation is suitable for beauties who have imperfect breasts and excessive fat in other parts. For example, the buttocks, waist, abdomen, thighs, upper arms and other parts can be used to suck out the excess fat in these parts, and then injected into the chest through screening to achieve a good breast augmentation effect. Because of its own fat, there is no need to worry about rejection and poor compatibility after surgery. What is the effect of autologous fat breast augmentation? This is probably a problem that autologous fat breast augmentation seeks beauty. In simple terms, the key to improving the survival rate of fat cells after autologous fat breast augmentation is two points-to ensure the integrity of the fat cells used for filling and a good fat cell survival environment. Ensuring the integrity of the fat cells used for filling is a test for doctors’ liposuction and purification techniques. A doctor’s liposuction and purification technology affects the effect of beauticians performing autologous fat breast augmentation surgery. If you intend to do high-dose autologous fat filling surgery like autologous fat breast augmentation, then the liposuction technique of plastic surgeons is also what you need to investigate. A good fat cell survival environment can be said to be related to both the doctor and the patient. Let’s talk about the patient’s factors. First, the fat survival rate and effect of the “Yi Peng Xingren” are relatively better. For the whole body wasting “stars who don’t eat fat”, because they do not have a good environment for fat growth, no matter where the fat is filled into the body, there will be no obvious effect. Secondly, the patient’s original breast foundation has a great influence on the amount of fat injection that can be accommodated each time. Because granulated fat needs to be injected into breast tissue dispersedly, and the amount of transplanted fat that the breast can accommodate is limited, the larger the volume of your original breast, the more fat you can inject, and the better the filling effect. You can understand that fat cells are seeds and breast skin is fields. The larger the field, the more seeds can be planted. In our clinical experience, those who are completely flat chested, or have an A cup, but the skin is very tight, do not see a significant effect when doing a single autologous fat breast augmentation. Such patients generally need to do more than 2 fat fillings

What are the effective ways to get rid of crow’s feet?

With the passage of time, the collagen on the face is lost, and the crow’s feet will slowly climb to the corners of the eyes. In the clinical practice of removing crow’s feet, crow’s feet refers to the wrinkles that appear between the corners of human eyes and temples. The lines are very similar to the lines on the tails of fishes, so it is called the crow’s feet. The formation of crow’s feet is due to decreased neuroendocrine function, decreased protein synthesis rate, decreased or lost fibrocyte activity of the dermis layer, decreased or broken collagen fibers, resulting in decreased skin elasticity, increased wrinkles in the corners of the eyes, and sun exposure, dryness, coldness, and face washing Excessive water temperature, rich expressions, smoking, etc. lead to decreased elasticity of fibrous tissue. What are the effective methods for removing crow’s feet? 1, surgery: The principle of surgical crow’s feet removal is to tighten the skin of the temporal region, and at the same time separate the lateral edge of the orbicularis oculi muscle and sew it to a flat position. The surgical method is ideal for removing crow’s feet. 2. Laser treatment: Laser removal of crow’s feet is mainly using ultra-pulse carbon dioxide laser, using its strong beam, instantaneous release, directly radiating heat to the skin to tighten collagen and other subcutaneous tissues, and promote the proliferation of subcutaneous collagen fibers and elastic fibers, so that The skin rejuvenates. Laser crow’s feet wrinkle removal can smooth fine lines and scars to make the skin or scars smoother and remove wrinkles. 3. Hyaluronic acid injection: Injecting hyaluronic acid as a filler into the dermis folds or areas to be plump, such as the corners of the eyes, can achieve immediate wrinkle removal and change the appearance. Hyaluronic acid removal of crow’s feet depends on individual circumstances. The effect of the treatment course can be maintained for a long period of time. However, it should be noted that when hyaluronic acid is injected to remove crow’s feet, a regular hospital needs to be selected, so as to ensure the safety of hyaluronic acid injection for eye wrinkle removal. 4. Injecting BOTOX: For dynamic wrinkles, injecting BOTOX is a simple and safe non-surgical injection method, which makes the skin smoother and fresher. It can also effectively relieve migraine headaches, night sweats and muscle cramps around the neck and eyes. BOTOX is suitable for the removal of dynamic wrinkles. The onset time after treatment is 3-14 days, and the effect maintenance time after treatment is generally 4-6 months. Due to personal constitution, the surgical effect and retention time will be different. Due to individual differences, some customers may experience eye weakness after using BOTOX to remove crow’s feet, and the symptoms usually disappear after 1-2 weeks. &nbsp.

I am not satisfied after hyaluronic acid injection rhinoplasty, how long can surgery be performed for rhinoplasty?

Many beauty seekers are not satisfied with the effect of hyaluronic acid injection after finishing hyaluronic acid rhinoplasty, and instead want to undergo surgery for rhinoplasty. So, is it possible to perform rhinoplasty after hyaluronic acid injection? In general, after the injection of hyaluronic acid does not affect the operation of rhinoplasty, but you need to wait for the hyaluronic acid to be completely absorbed or surgically removed. Hyaluronic acid will generally be gradually absorbed after 6~12 months. However, because the injection volume of each person is different from the brand, the absorption time is also different. For those seeking beauty who are anxious to change their nose shape, the waiting time may be slightly longer. In addition, injection of hyaluronidase can be used to accelerate the dissolution of excess hyaluronic acid, and after a period of recovery, the operation can be performed when the state of the nose is relatively stable. It should be pointed out that more and more information now shows that after hyaluronic acid injections, especially after repeated injections, or those who inject too much hyaluronic acid, prosthesis infection and rejection occur after rhinoplasty. The ratio is higher than those who have not done injections. Therefore, if you want to have a tall, permanent and beautiful nose, it may be better to choose a rhinoplasty.

Introduction of medical beauty project

How hot is the Shuiguang needle, I don’t believe I need to introduce it. Every girl must have a friend who has been injected with a water light needle, and the effect of the water light needle is also immediate. According to a related survey of the Korean plastic and beauty industry, 95% of Korean entertainers regularly perform skin light injection to maintain their skin at their best. Shuiguang injection has become a very popular medical and aesthetic project and is popular all over the world. What is the magical charm of Shuiguang needle? Shuiguang needle is not only used to replenish water, it has the following major effects. 1. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.Improve skin textureImprove dull skin and diminish freckles and other pigmentation. Delicate pores to solve the problem of putting on and removing makeup. Second, enhance elasticity and anti-aging to improve fine wrinkles and enhance facial elasticity. Especially for women after the age of 25, the collagen loss on their faces is getting faster and faster, and it is very necessary to start anti-aging. Improves skin aging and moisturizes and tightens the skin. &nbsp. 3. Moisturizing and rejuvenating skin improves the feeling of tightness behind the cleansing face, deeply hydrates and locks in the skin, and improves the problem of dry skin caused by seasonal changes. Little popular science: The content of hyaluronic acid in the human body is about 15g, which plays an important role in the physiological activities of the human body. As the content of hyaluronic acid in the skin decreases, the skin’s water-retaining function will weaken, appear rough and produce wrinkles. Shuiguang injection is to inject hyaluronic acid with 500 times the moisture into the skin, which can make the facial skin moist and soft, and the gloss is translucent to bring obvious effects. &nbsp. Water injection process: &nbsp. Water injection is not a surgery, generally facial injection, 10-15 minutes. It does not affect normal life at all. It is injected through the dermis layer during injection to improve skin problems from the bottom. After doing it, there will be no adverse reactions, you can operate the whole face. &nbsp. Many people feel that the water light injection will hurt, in fact, the vacuum negative pressure on the water light needle can reduce the pain, and the epidermal anesthetic will also reduce the discomfort of the needle. However, there will be some tingling sensation during the injection, which is within the acceptable range. Shuiguang injection uses the thinnest needle in the world, the 31g needle, the thinner the needle, the less painful it is. It may be similar to the injection we had when we were young, and the duration will be longer. Is water injection a hyaluronic acid injection? Actually not. There are 3 kinds of water-light needles commonly available on the market: 1. Hyaluronic acid: once a month, the effect of a course of treatment (3 times) can be maintained for about 1 year. Different brands have different concentration formulas and different durations. Hyaluronic acid is the most basic formula. It has moisturizing, whitening, shrinking pores and anti-allergic effects. 2. Hyaluronic acid, botulinum toxin: once a month, the effect of a course of treatment can be maintained for about 1 year. It can also prevent stiffness and unnatural phenomena when used with the water light needle machine. Based on the function of hyaluronic acid, it increases wrinkle removal, anti-wrinkle, enhances and increases skin elasticity. 3. Hyaluronic acid, prp: once a month, the effect of a course of treatment can be maintained for about one year to one and a half years. What is prp? Platelet (platelet), rich (rich), plasma (plasma), refers to rich growth factors. Such growth factors can guide the regeneration of collagen in the skin and fundamentally solve skin aging, wrinkles, spots and pores. Shuiguang needle is so magical, is it effective immediately after finishing it? The normal metabolic cycle of the skin takes 28 days, so it takes at least a week or so to see the effect after the water light needle injection. After completing the first time, you can do the second and third times in one month. The three times are a course of treatment, and the course can be maintained for about one year to one and a half years. &nbsp. After finishing, the skin will be slightly red, swollen and slightly bleeding, because the skin absorbs hundreds of times of molecules at once and needs to adapt. The second day may be redder than the first day, which is normal clinical manifestation. After finishing, apply a mask on your face, and then apply anti-inflammatory repair products, it will return to a better state in about seven days. I will share it here today. If you have any questions, please welcome private messages and comments, or add my assistant WeChat. You can find her for appointments and consultations.

Popular science answers to common questions

&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. I believe that many girls who love beauty have heard of Shuiguang Moisturizing, but they don’t necessarily know. I have recently interviewed many beauty seekers who want to do Shuiguang Moisturizing, so I have organized some beauty seeking I often ask some questions, I hope to help everyone. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.How often does Shuiguang Moisturize? Why do I need multiple injections? &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.Because the light and water replenishment are in accordance with the cycle, the effect of playing once and twice is generally not obvious. If you want to keep the skin moisturized, you need to inject multiple times. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. One injection: moisturize the skin, the skin is like dead wood and spring. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.Second injection: the base layer starts to improve the complexion, brighten, shrink pores, and make it easier to apply makeup. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Three injections: strengthen the antioxidant power, superimpose the effect, achieve continuous nutrition, deep skin rejuvenation to achieve delicate skin. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Four injections: perennial maintenance, more and more beautiful. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. After a woman is 35 years old, her face changes significantly, and you will find out that the time has passed and the face is old. Although we can’t change life and death, but with water and light, we can grow old gracefully and slowly. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Why do some young ladies have no effect on water replenishment? &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Because Shuiguang hydration injection cannot be instant and effective, the facial improvement effect should wait at least a week. The reason for this is that the skin that has just been injected with moisturizing water is still in the repairing stage. Hyaluronic acid as the basic formula only starts to absorb moisture, and the effects of facial moisturization and fine lines reduction will appear after about a week. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. How often does Shuiguang Moisturize? &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. People with normal skin conditions can initially receive an injection once a month, 3-5 times as a course of treatment. If the skin condition is not good, dull complexion, extreme water shortage, and dry lines are more serious, you can continue to use water light injection to improve, and follow the doctor’s advice during the cycle interval. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.Water light moisturizing taboo crowd:&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.narcotic allergy, scarred constitution, hemophilia or coagulopathy, autoimmune disease patient. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.Precautions before water injection:&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.1. Avoid the menstrual period, so as not to increase the bruising and swelling.&nbsp.&nbsp. &nbsp.&nbsp. 2. Do not take anticoagulant drugs (such as aspirin, vitamin E) before injection. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.3. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding need to inform the doctor in advance.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. &nbsp. 4. The acute and progressive stages of skin diseases cannot receive hydrotherapy. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. If you are not sure if you can fight, you need: &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.1, the skin you accept in the past year Tell the doctor about the beauty treatment. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. 2. Please send a history of allergies and major diseases

Causes of frog cheek formation

The core anatomical factor in the formation of frog cheeks is the uneven distribution of drugs in the masseter muscle. There are two possibilities for unevenness. It is necessary to understand the reason logically. The treatment methods are different. Although they all show frog gills, if the treatment methods are reversed, the frog gills will not only ease, but may be more powerful. Masseter muscle is a large and thick masticatory muscle, which means that there is a problem of width and depth. If a person’s masseter muscle is very thick, the injected botulinum toxin is hit in the deep layer, after the drug is absorbed by the deep muscles, the shallow layer is not infiltrated, there will be deep muscle weakness, shallow muscle strength is normal, in the early stage, chew When the required bite force has not changed, the original work of the two people fell on one person, and he needs to exert more force.Similarly, the superficial muscles need more contraction force to compensate for the deep muscles The power loss caused by the strike will then contract and bulge out at the peak. At this time, the bulged part should be hard. In this case, it is only necessary to inject a part of the medicine in the bulged part. Another situation is that the masseter muscle has a wide range, especially when using a drug with a small dispersion such as Baotuo.After normal injection, the drug cannot infiltrate the boundary of the entire masseter muscle, and the middle muscle will have no strength, and the peripheral muscle will have Power, then when contracting, the surrounding power will be squeezed into the middle, squeezing the muscle with no strength in the middle out of a bulge, imagine a plastic bag, a hand with a hoop, all the force is squeezed into the middle, then this time, The muscles in the area of ​​the bulge should be soft. If so, it is necessary to apply botulinum toxin around the bulge to completely relax the muscles and equal strength. Therefore, the frog’s cheeks must be palpated to see if the bulge is soft or hard. Hard means that the bulge itself is strong, and the injection is at the bulge. If it is soft, it means that the bulge around the bulge is strong. Some people absorb drugs slowly, and the bulge that appears one to one week after the injection may be that the drug has not yet worked evenly.At this time, it only needs to be observed.Some people go down by themselves and do not need to deal with it.If there is no change from one week to ten days, It means that the amount of medicine is not even, so it is better to make up. The amount of make-up is about one third of the original injection.

Is the silkworm filled with hyaluronic acid?

I suggest that it is best not to inject hyaluronic acid at the site of lying silkworm. Although this is the simplest method, and many Jianghu studio beauty salons are doing it… But from a professional point of view, I do not advocate the use of hyaluronic acid! A brief analysis: Hyaluronic acid is like water, and the skin of the lower eyelid is very thin, especially unnatural after injection, and it will be a bit like an eye bag! In addition, after a few months, the hyaluronic acid will be absorbed, and the skin of the lower eyelid will be stretched out, and it will leave fine lines after it has collapsed. Therefore, be prepared in advance. Fengwo silkworm should use permanent methods as far as possible. One is to use the orbicularis fold of the lower eyelid. This kind of surgery is most suitable for forming a lying silkworm while doing an external eye bag. It is a double benefit. This also removes excess skin from the lower eyelid, while retaining the tissue of the orbicularis oculi muscle. The important thing is that this lying silkworm will look more obvious and real, and it will also look more energetic. The second is to fill the lying silkworm with a small amount of fat. The size and shape of the transplantation can be determined according to your own requirements, but it is recommended that you do something natural. When you don’t laugh, you lie a little. When you laugh, there are obvious lying silkworms. Lying silkworm close to nature. It is a good partner with the lower eyelid. Although I don’t recommend the operation of the lower eyelid to the eye, because the lower eye has higher requirements for the eye, so if there is a need for lying silkworms, you can consider both. I must also emphasize that when removing eye bags, do not blindly pursue the amount of peeling. It is also beautiful to ignore the bulging of the lower eyelid. If the tissue of the lower eyelid is removed too much and the lower eyelid is too flat, it will look like it will Even older! Therefore, at the same time of repairing, by rebuilding the lying silkworm, the situation of the lower eyelid being too flat can be well improved, and the effect is the best. It is very important to choose an experienced and high-level doctor. I think that any plastic surgery that has a problem is the result of my carelessness. There are many cases of lowering of the lower eyelid caused by lying silkworm injection! Therefore, I also hope that everyone will learn more about plastic surgery while loving beauty and be responsible for their own health and safety!

The effect of face-lift pin

Often, outpatients bring me photos of a female star and net red to ask me: How could you ever be a doctor, can I make her face like this? I want to say: It is not difficult to have the same small v face as a female star. # injection瘦脸针# can help you #瘦脸针# The characteristics are non-invasive, non-operative, no recovery period, safe and effective. The preferred method of exquisite Vface#. The face-lift needle is essentially the use of #肉毒毒毒培训# (botulinum toxin injection) to treat masseter muscle hypertrophy. The principle of the face-lift needle is to block the nerve impulses of the nerves and muscles, relax the excessively contracted muscles, and paralyze the overdeveloped muscles. , To achieve the effect of a small face. TIP: This method is suitable for girls with well-developed masseter muscles and fleshy faces. If they are born with large bones, they will have to find another way. #投美容##微整形##曾昂医生#

The ratio of lysozyme to the treatment of hyaluronic acid embolism and the treatment of allergic reactions are worth collecting.

Hyaluronic acid lyase, commonly known as “lysozyme”, the full name of hyaluronidase for injection, produced by Shanghai No. 1 Biochemical Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., can dissolve various hyaluronic acid molecules, and is often used for various adverse reactions after hyaluronic acid injection, especially embolism. Hyaluronic acid’s antidote! It can be said that with the dissolving enzyme, hyaluronic acid can become a very safe injection filling material currently recognized. Hyaluronic acid can be dissolved, which is a major advantage over collagen and other products. Standard configuration method for dissolving enzyme Dissolve enzyme 1500U (1 bottle) + 1ml physiological saline, mix well and draw 0.1ml solution, then add 0.9ml normal saline (or 0.8ml normal saline + 0.1ml lidocaine injection), configure The resulting 1ml solution contains 150U of lysozyme, which can dissolve approximately 1ml Ruilan No. 2 hyaluronic acid. The standard method of lysing enzyme is called the standard concentration in the book “Complications of Micro-Plastic Injection”. The hyaluronic acid with high cross-linking, high hardness, and more impurities increases the dosage of the injection unit as appropriate. The standard concentration of lysozyme is dissolved. In emergency embolization occasions, more standard concentration of lysozyme will be used for injection (see the attached table). After injection, the shape is not good, and a small amount of dissolution enzyme can also be used to dissolve. In this case, the configuration requirements for the dissolution enzyme are more accurate, and the metering must be calculated. Lysozyme can be said to be the nemesis of hyaluronic acid, but don’t think that with lysozyme, injection of hyaluronic acid is very easy. Hyaluronic acid filling plasticity must be carried out under the guidance of a professional micro-plastic surgeon. In Yimei, lysozyme is indeed regarded as an antidote to hyaluronic acid, and it is safe. However, if the hyaluronic acid is injected into the wrong place, the dose is too much. Since hyaluronic acid can be dissolved, in medical treatment, when it encounters an irreversible and irreparable condition, it can be dissolved and ablated by injection. Before using most lytic enzymes, an allergy test is required. Skin test method: Take 0.02ml intradermal injection of 150u/ml concentration liquid. If a rash with pseudopod appears within 5 minutes, lasts 20-30 minutes, and itchy, it is positive. However, one-time erythema appears locally due to vasodilation and is not positive. The use of hyaluronic acid dissolving enzyme is contraindicated when injecting the dissolving enzyme. Once erythema, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, rapid heartbeat and blood pressure drop are all allergic reactions. Drugs should be stopped in time and supportive therapy should be used. First aid can be used epinephrine, corticosteroids and antihistamines. 1 Hyaluronidase cannot be injected into the site where the botulinum toxin was injected within 48 hours, because the hyaluronidase promotes the serious spread of botulinum toxin. 2 Avoid some acute and chronic diseases, and some drugs are being taken orally, especially those with a history of allergies, avoid those who are allergic to bee venom. . 3 The interval between the injection of hyaluronic acid after the injection of lysozyme: generally one week interval is more stable, if it is an emergency, the interval is 72 hours, this is related to the drug absorption situation. Four side reactions are rare, and less than 1 in 1000 patients report urticaria or angioedema. 5 Furosemide, epinephrine, benzodiazepines, heparin, phenytoin are not compatible with medicine; salicylate, cortisone, estrogen, corticotropin, antihistamines can partially weaken the enzymes of hyaluronidase Promote the role. 6 Can not be used for infection or inflammation and injection in the surrounding area (may promote the spread of infection). 7 Patients with ocular malignant tumors are disabled. Infections associated with injections of skin fillers are usually caused by common skin pathogens, which can occur in the form of inflammatory nodules, swelling, or abscesses. Today we are going to study a case of soft tissue infection caused by streptococcus after severe lysozyme injection. Case details No.1 58-year-old female patient with previous injection history, appealing for lip filling. The patient has a history of cosmetic injections for many years, mainly including upper facial botulinum toxin injection through the nasal labial groove and clear acid (HA) for filling. The patient’s lips were injected with ceresin in 2004 and Dermlive & nbsp. (hydroxyethyl methacrylate particles suspended in hyaluronic acid solution) in 2005. In 2011, the patient developed delayed redness and nodules 2 months after injecting hyaluronic acid filler into the tear groove. At that time, the patient was intravenously infused with ceftriaxone, orally taken cefalexin 500& twice a day for 7 days, and injected hyaluronidase multiple times. No. 2 This injection was given in December 2014, and the patient requested a lip rejuvenation injection. At that time, the upper lip was light

Hermes in hyaluronic acid, why does Juvederm dominate the beauty circle?

Hyaluronic acid can be said to be a very basic entry-level product for medical beauty, and many female stars in the entertainment industry are inseparable from it. Today I would like to talk to you about Hermes in Hyaluronic Acid-Juvederm, which is popular all over the world and the price is high. What makes it so popular? Part.1–Where does Joarden Juvederm come from? Qiao Yadeng juvederm, produced by the industry giant U.S. Air Construction Company, is located in beautiful France. We are familiar with the BOTOX botulinum we know. ▼It is currently the most expensive hyaluronic acid on the domestic market ▼The market share is the world’s first ▼Over 35 years of filler production experience ▼Global sales in more than 100 countries and regions ▼Cumulative sales volume exceeds 33 million ▼Has won European CE, FDA, CFDA and other certifications; Part.2–What are the models of Juvederm? Qiao Yadeng is divided into two types: elegant and extreme: Qiao Yadeng elegant: smooth wrinkles and reproduce beautiful youth Qiao Yadeng extreme: full face, reshape the perfect contour and meticulous molecular, wide injection range. The combination of the two models can solve various skin problems. For example, filling the chin, Fengyang Temple, apple muscles, removing crow’s feet, wrinkles around the nose, decree lines, lifting lines, etc. Part.3–Joyaden juvederm’s distinctive advantages 1. Soft natural gel without particles and no foreign body sensation easily blends with the unique HYLACROSS™ patented technology of Joyaden hyaluronic acid, producing a smooth, smooth and uniform, particle-free hyaluronic acid coagulation glue. The traditional hyaluronic acid is sieved by a sieve membrane (also called a particle layer sieve). After the technology produces hyaluronic acid particles, adding liquid hyaluronic acid can facilitate the injection, so that a granular hyaluronic acid suspension is formed. The texture is not smooth enough. And Joe Arden’s unique HYLACROSS™ technology directly produces a smooth, smooth, homogeneous and particle-free hyaluronic acid gel. 2. Long maintenance time, high cross-linking rate, good hand feel and lasting effect. Juvederm has a higher cross-linking rate than other injectable hyaluronic acids of the same volume. The higher the degree of cross-linking of hyaluronic acid, the longer the metabolic time in the body. To maintain support for a longer period of time. Therefore, the injection effect can be maintained in the human body for 12-18 months. 3. Shaping and lifting high concentration, high viscosity, not easy to shift, strong degradation and shaping ability, low pain, Qiao Yadeng is a stable and cohesive three-dimensional matrix, with strong cohesion, it is not easy to deform and move under the action of external force Bit. And the surrounding tissues are more swollen after injection, and the experience is great. It is more suitable for areas with high shaping requirements, without worrying about facial stiffness. 4. Emotional aesthetic injection technology improves fatigue, sadness, smile and more confident emotional aesthetics-EmotionalBeauty, is a new concept proposed by Dr. MauriciodeMaio combined with MDCodes. Highly summarizes the 8 kinds of emotional motives for beauty seekers to change themselves: thinner face, younger, less slack, less tired, more feminine, more attractive, less unhappy, less angry. Part.4–Qiao Yadeng Hyaluronic Acid Injection Case Comparison Part.5–Answers about Hyaluronic Acid Injection 1. Qiao Yadeng maintains a long time, so when do I need to make up? After injecting hyaluronic acid, the doctor’s injection method is different, the injection volume is different, and the maintenance time is different according to the body constitution of each person. Generally speaking, you can make up after 10 months. According to relevant data survey, Qiao Yadeng’s longest maintenance time is up to 17 months. 2. Can I make up just after playing hyaluronic acid? Within one day of injection: The eye of the needle must not get wet, keep it clean and dry, and cannot squeeze the injection site. Within three days of injection: Do not rub the medicine or cosmetics around the injection site or around the eye of the needle to avoid skin irritation; do not massage the face, do not laugh or cry. Within 1 week after injection: Do not eat spicy food, do not steam sauna, try not to take blood circulation drugs. Tips: If you really want to make up, it is recommended to inject one or two months in advance, the makeup effect is more natural. 3. Will Joyaden look unnatural after playing? Hyaluronic acid generally hits the dermis, subcutaneous tissue, or periosteum, and does not act on muscles, so it does not cause muscle abnormalities. Qiao Yaden high concentration, high viscosity, swelling after injection is more slight, no graininess, looks very natural. 4. Can I do skin care and laser skin beauty after injection? After playing hyaluronic acid, build

How long does botulinum toxin thin face work

The face-lift needle, or botulinum toxin type A injection, is currently the most widely used neurotoxin in the market. It is called “face-lift needle” in the market. It can block the release of acetylcholine at the neuromuscular junction and produce temporary and reversible Cholinergic nerve conduction block relaxes and paralyzes muscles. Applying botulinum toxin type A to the masseter muscle can gradually shrink the masseter muscle to achieve the purpose of face thinning. The injection of face-lift needle does not affect daily life and work. Generally, the weakness and relaxation of the masseter muscle appear after 2-3 days of injection. The obvious face-lift effect can be seen in 7-15 days, and the best effect is shown in 1 to 2 months, 3 to 6 months After that, make up again, if the injection is repeated multiple times, the maintenance time will be extended. &nbsp.#投美容##瘦脸##打签肌##肉毒#

Cosmetic surgery has limits and bottom line

#假体隆胸## Breast reduction## Breast plastic surgery# Plastic surgery is no longer a cover-up. It has become a better way of life, a more active attitude towards life. This is also the choice of life. But there is always a “quantity” in everything, and there is a “degree” in everything, and only balance can be measured. Breast enhancement: The volume of the implant within the safe range is determined according to each person’s bones, tissues, breast relaxation, breast base diameter and other factors. Excessive prostheses are forcibly implanted in the breast, which not only does not have beauty, but also squeezes the breast Internal physiological structure affects health. If the implanted prosthesis is too large for the volume of the skin and corresponding tissues, it may leave unhealthy consequences that are detectable to the naked eye or reachable under the skin and endanger health. Botulinum toxin: how many units can be injected at most? Generally speaking, 100 units of botulinum toxin is enough for facial wrinkle reduction and face thinning. Injecting skinny legs, depending on the degree of muscle development, may require 100 units per side. #投美容##肉毒#Tip: Beauty is one thing, every medical cosmetic project must be safe under the guidance of medicine in order to truly enjoy beauty.

Toxin brand difference

Domestic botulinum toxin is more similar to imported ones, but they still have subtle differences, mainly reflected in drug purification methods, drug purity and dispersibility. The imported botox uses botox as a component of human blood protein, and the tissue composition close to the human body is highly safe; while domestically used porcine gelatin, which is derived from the body of pigs, is a foreign protein and can easily cause immune reactions, resulting in poor safety. . The imported botulinum toxin is currently only botox in China, which uses the vacuum drying method (liquid-solid), while the domestic botulinum toxin uses the freeze drying method (solid-solid). The diffusivity of imported botulinum toxin should be smaller (radius) 5mm. But the dispersivity of domestic botulinum toxin should be larger (radius) 10mm. In most cases when precise injection is required, such as the treatment of frown lines, the smaller the dispersibility The more obvious advantages (individualized treatment, low incidence of adverse reactions). In view of these points, the comprehensive evaluation of the efficacy and safety of the imported botulinum toxin injection method is superior to the domestic botulinum toxin. #投美容##肉毒#

What are the medical treatments for keloids?

There are many treatments for keloids, drug treatment is a common one, and for different patients with keloids, the most suitable drugs are also different. At present, the commonly used drugs for scar treatment can be divided into five categories: First, adrenal cortex hormones, the principle of action is to inhibit collagen synthesis, at the same time induce collagen degradation, inhibit fibroblast proliferation, damage scar endothelial cells, reduce blood supply, etc., making Scars become thinner and softer, commonly used drugs are triamcinolone acetonide, depot pine, etc.; 2. Chemical preparations can be divided into anti-tumor drugs (such as 5-FU), calcium channel blockers (such as verapamil) , Anti-allergic drugs (such as Tranilast, Diphenhydramine, etc.), tretinoin drugs, immune preparations, etc.; 3. Biological products, IFN, hyaluronidase, collagenase, botulinum toxin, etc.; 4. Chinese medicine Class, Salvia miltiorrhiza, Asiaticoside, Matrine, etc.; 5. Compound preparations, such as allantoin, etc. At present, drugs are often used in the form of scar needles for the treatment of keloids. The commonly used drugs for scar needle injections are the corticosteroid hormone triamcinolone acetonide. If keloid hyperplasia is severe, some anti-tumor drugs are usually added appropriately. Can get better results. Scar needle injection is used to treat keloids, usually 3-4 times as a course of treatment. In general, the injection can be suspended after the scar becomes flat and soft. Afterwards, it is necessary to closely observe the proliferation trend of the lesion. Once there are recurring signs, injection is required immediately. The treatment of keloids is a long-term battle. In addition to solving the existing problems, treatment also needs to prevent the recurrence of keloids, so doctors and patients should cooperate with each other to achieve better results.

How can fat filling not become an “inflatable face”?

As we all know, fat filling is an artifact to reduce age and maintain a childish appearance, but when you exert too much force, you will have a net red facelift. In particular, the forehead, temples, apple muscles and other parts become the hardest hit areas, often overfilling. So, how to avoid the bubble face caused by overfilling the fat, and then the outline of the filling can be clearly defined. 1. What are the characteristics of a tender face? The face that looks tender, usually has one of the most obvious characteristics: firmness and fullness. When people step into the ranks of aging, the first problem with the face is sagging skin, and the facial contours are shrivelled and not full. The problem. When the contours of the facial contours are smooth, firm and full, the two features of coordinated three-dimensional facial features, people will look younger, “tender” compared with their peers. 2. How to fill fat so that there is no “inflatable feeling”? Everyone’s aesthetic is different, and some young babies will pursue more exaggerated effects and require more filling effects. But more babies are pursuing the natural wind, which determines that if the effect is not exaggerated, it is necessary to avoid the “inflatable feeling”. Doctors should pay attention to not filling too much of a certain part alone when filling, to avoid obvious protrusions, to achieve a natural overdose, and to make the facial contours more naturally coordinated, so that it will be natural and avoid “inflated feeling”. In particular, the three parts of the forehead, tear grooves and apple muscles must be grasped: if you want to avoid fat accumulation, you must make thin needles, multi-level injections, and three-dimensional cross injections. Among them, multi-level injection is very important, to follow the “three-layer injection method of the face.” The specific operation should be to first inject the deepest layer and reshape the entire skeleton, so as to have sufficient supporting force to make the face more three-dimensional, and then inject the upper periosteum, muscle layer, and fascia layer in this order. The layer is filled with tiles to make your face firmer. To inject layer by layer instead of hitting a mass of fat, the key point of the operation is that the injection must be layer by layer from the deep layer to the shallow layer. The amount of injection in each part should also be coordinated as uniformly as possible. In this way, unevenness can be avoided as much as possible. The layer of fat on the periosteum of the forehead needs to be treated more finely, because after the subcutaneous fat is processed and filled, not only will it have the effect of filling the contours, but the skin will also become better. The location of the tear groove also needs to be filled under the skin and periosteum, because there are not many soft tissues in the tear groove, and it needs to be filled with some finer fat. If the fat is filled with coarser particles, it will appear uneven and hard. The apple muscle is mainly filled into the soft tissue layer. The thing to note is that the inside of the apple muscle is filled, and there is a natural transition between the nasolabial folds, so that the apple muscle will look better when laughing after the operation. 3. After filling the nasolabial fold, will it affect the height of the nose? Will not. When a person smiles, there will be a gully near the nasolabial fold. The nasolabial fold is itself a body surface mark. When filling, the doctor should pay more attention to modifying the nasolabial fold, rather than just filling it up. It will look beautiful, but it will definitely have no effect on the height of the nose after filling. 4. Will the person with high cheekbones look bigger after finishing the filling? For babies with high cheekbones, pay attention to the outer side of the apple muscle when filling it. Do not exceed the area from the outer side to the corner of the mouth. If it exceeds this area, it will appear a larger face. You can avoid it if you grasp it well. It will also look small. 5. There are obvious signs of aging and sagging on the face. Will the sagging become more serious after filling? It depends on which part. Generally not, like older babies, don’t fill too much. Fat has the effect of strengthening the strength of ligaments, so for aging babies, fat filling has a certain effect, but it is necessary to pay attention to the amount of grasping, if there is too much injection, there is a possibility of sagging. The shrivelled face will not only make people look old, but also make people look haggard. With fat filling, the face will not only improve a lot, but also the skin will become better. This is the magic of fat filling.

What problems can Double Beauty Collagen solve? What is the difference from hyaluronic acid?

What are the ingredients of Double Beauty Collagen? The source of ingredients is taken from the pig skin of Taiwan SPF disease-free pigs, and the active collagen protein with a purity of 99.9% is extracted by Shuangmei patent purification technology. The so-called active collagen is the active ingredient with a complete triple helix. Pregnant sows take out piglets by caesarean section, and the piglets are completely isolated from the sow after landing, do not eat colostrum, and are kept in an absolutely clean environment. Under the artificial isolation environment, certain infectious diseases can be ruled out, which are called the first generation pigs, and they will be bred and born in a natural way after growing up to produce the second generation pigs. The skin of the second generation pig is the source of Shuangmei collagen. &nbsp. What is the principle of acting on the human body? Collagen is the most functional protein in the human body, accounting for 25% to 30% of the total human protein. Collagen is the main component of the skin, accounting for more than 75% of the dermal layer of the skin, and is closely related to the cellular activities of the human body. In layman’s terms, it is like a stretchy net that locks in water, locks in moisture, and makes the skin moist and smooth. &nbsp. With the increase of age, collagen is lost, and the skin aging shows wrinkles. Injecting collagen directly under the skin can replenish collagen and play the role of shaping and nourishing the skin. &nbsp. Collagen with cross-linking agent can moderately resist protease, that is, it will not be absorbed immediately, but gradually absorbed. There will be a good filling effect. Part of the injected collagen is assimilated into its own collagen. The other part without assimilation is decomposed into multiple amino acids and left in the skin to become the skin’s nutrients. This is similar to the principle of the injection of amino acid skin nutrients from Philocar, so the skin usually brightens after injection. &nbsp. Where can it be used and what are its indications? 1.&nbsp. Facial filling and anti-wrinkle: head lift, interbrow lines, tear grooves, crow’s feet, decree lines, acne scars, facial depression; 2.&nbsp. facial shaping: such as increased nose bridge and nose shape modification, chin augmentation , Feng Yang Temple, Lip Enrichment, Ear Lobe, Eyebrow Lifting; 3. Facial Enhancement: Facial facial aging five lines-tear groove pattern, apple muscle pattern, nasolabial groove, mouth corner pattern, contour line; 4 .&nbsp. Anti-aging: All parts of the whole face supplement the skin aging caused by the loss of collagen; 5.&nbsp. Not only the face, neck, back of hands, insteps, intimacy, but also the clinical research field of collagen. It can also use mesodermal therapy to improve skin quality when combined with water and light equipment. &nbsp. What is the difference between collagen and hyaluronic acid? Collagen and hyaluronic acid are substances possessed by the human body. Hyaluronic acid is obtained by fermentation of bacteria, and after decomposition, it is water. Collagen is extracted from organisms, and it is amino acids after decomposition. One supplements water and one supplements nutrients. What kind of substance is injected also depends on the skin condition. If the collagen is lost, the injection of collagen is more direct. &nbsp. Comparison of collagen & hyaluronic acid 1. Strong cohesion. Collagen is characterized by strong internal plasticity, and hyaluronic acid has certain external expansion characteristics. Collagen is a net-like structure with high viscoelasticity and strong support force. It is not easy to cause displacement and expansion, so it is well shaped. Hyaluronic acid is a crystal sphere, the molecular structure is not tight, and it may be free, like a pile of spheres. If the bottom is dissolved, the top will collapse; 2. The rate of water absorption and swelling is low. Hyaluronic acid is 500 times more hydrophilic and swells with water. The hydrophilicity of collagen is 30 times, what you see is what you get after surgery, there is no hydrophilic swelling; 3, hemostatic properties. Collagen is a good hemostatic material, which is not easy to bruise after injection and recovers quickly. It is also good for water light injection, and the bleeding condition on the whole face is not obvious; 4. Nutritional. The metabolic product of hyaluronic acid is water, and the metabolic product of collagen is multiple amino acids, which can moisturize, whiten, firm and nourish the skin; 5. Remove dark circles. Compared to transparent hyaluronic acid, collagen is a milky white injection, which can dilute dark circles under the tear groove without tingle effect. In addition to being full, it can also stimulate blood circulation around the eyes and fundamentally improve dark circles. &nbsp. Product R&D Progress In 2014, triple-crosslinked collagen and its manufacturing process and use were patented by the United States and China. The skin power collagen containing lidocaine is expected to be launched in China next year. Products such as Tong Yanzhen ingredients are still being developed. Maintenance products and health foods will also be launched one after another. The three-strand helix of Shuangmei Collagen can be self-crosslinked, which means it can interact with collagen in the body

“Apply water light, needleless water light, water light needle” Are you still stupid?

The barbecue mode has really started. I have been at 35 ℃ + for a few days. In hot weather, the little fairies remember not only to drink more water, but also keep their skin hydrated! When it comes to replenishing water, many people immediately thought of the water light needle, and various products derived from the water light needle. What is needle-free water light and smeared water light… It is easy to make people stupid. Do these water and light derivatives really work? Needle-free water light It uses air pressure to spray the moisturizing nutrient solution into the base layer of the skin to replenish the skin’s moisture, and it is non-invasive and painless in the process. However, most of the nutrients do not reach the dermis, so its effect and duration are relatively short, not as good as the water light needle. &nbsp. Pain sensation: &nbsp. Painless ingredients: &nbsp. Small molecule hyaluronic acid, vc essence, tranexamic acid stock solution, etc. Effect: The treatment depth of needle-free water light can reach the basal layer of skin, but not the depth of the dermal layer, generally only 2mm under the skin. Introduced by high-pressure spray technology, there are problems such as uneven transdermal and omission, and some nutrients do not enter the dermis from the micropores of the epidermis. Maintenance time: one injection, about a week or so. Advantages: no pain, high comfort, no recovery period, completely non-invasive, and fast onset. Summary:&nbsp. can improve edema, clean pores, replenish water. Smear-type water gloss is to put the moisturizing essence of hyaluronic acid in a syringe package and apply it directly on the face, which is convenient and fast, but most of these nutrients do not have the ability to penetrate the bottom layer of the skin, in fact, it is similar to the moisturizing essence used in ordinary times. Pain: painless ingredients: hyaluronic acid, etc. Advantages: painless, cheap, fast purchase channels, and easy to use. Summary: The hyaluronic acid essence applied externally is generally impervious to skin, which is no different from ordinary creams. Injection water light needle Water light needle is an injection skin care therapy, it should be said that this water light is the real “water light needle”. Its skin care principle is to use vacuum negative pressure technology to inject moisturizing nutrients such as hyaluronic acid directly into the deep layer of the skin, effectively improve the dehydration and dryness of the dermal layer from the bottom of the muscle, and let the skin quickly replenish moisture. Pain: Mild pain Ingredients: Contains hyaluronic acid, botulinum toxin, glutathione, tranexamic acid, etc., different ingredients, for different problems. Effect: According to the needs, different injection solutions can be used to solve common skin problems in a targeted manner. Such as dark skin tone, acne marks, small spots, small fine lines, enlarged pores, greasy skin, water and oil imbalance. Maintenance time: (1) One injection: 1-2 months; (2) Three injections: more than 12 months; &nbsp. (3) Six injections: more than 24 months. &nbsp. Advantages: &nbsp. Deep level, long duration, all formulas are more targeted to solve skin problems, not just hydration! Summary: &nbsp. Effective hydration, whitening, anti-aging, light spots. Suitable for dry and dehydrated skin and common sub-healthy skin. Combining the characteristics of these three kinds of water light needles, the water replenishment effect and the maintenance time: water light needles> needle-free water light> smear-type water light As for how you choose, it depends on what effect you want to achieve! &nbsp. Moisturizing in summer is the hardest thing to do. You think, besides applying facial masks on daily moisturizing means, it is on essences, creams, and ampoules. On such a hot day, who can bear the thick layer on his face? . After reading the comparison, watering light in the summer is a quick and easy way to moisturize the lazy man, and the metabolism of the human body will also accelerate in summer. At this time, watering the light can accelerate the healing of the pinhole and shorten the recovery period. Will the skin be worse than before after the water light needle is disabled? Shuiguang acupuncture is not a hormone, there will be no dependence, and the claim that the skin will become worse if you stop using it does not exist. In addition, the skin needs to be maintained. Shuiguang needle is a maintenance other than daily skin care products, which is equivalent to the process of enhancing hydration and nutrition. Even the best skin, if you are neglected to maintain, the skin will gradually deteriorate, this is a normal thing, this is not the fault of the water shine needle, the skin needs regular maintenance and maintenance, the skin is better Know how to maintain. If you want the water light muscles of water clams in summer, just pull the grass water light needles~

How to build a shoulder

&nbsp. Summer comes with a shoulder and suspender skirt… it’s time to play! At this time, there must be a “beauty shoulder”, that is, the shoulder curve is straight and smooth. Not only is the line beautiful when wearing an off-the-shoulder outfit, but it is also very beautiful when wearing a necklace. The illusion of “thick shoulders” and “tiger backs and waists” wants to reveal charming and beautiful shoulders. The thin shoulder needle can help you. So, does the thin shoulder needle really work? The thin shoulder is very useful for the development of trapezius muscles, which can thin the muscles at the shoulders and make the curve lines beautiful. But if the fairies are fat accumulation, it seems that the shoulders are wider and stronger, and the thin shoulder needle will not be particularly useful, then you have to dissolve the fat. How to self-test whether the shoulder muscles are developed: stand straight with your hands on your hips, and then the shoulders are stretched back. At this time, if the shoulder and neck are a hard piece, it basically means that the trapezius muscles are more developed (but it is recommended that the doctor’s test should prevail). In general, the thin shoulder needle is a way of injecting botulinum toxin to the proper population (developed trapezius muscle). The principle of the thin shoulder needle uses the botulinum toxin to deliver a relaxing substance to the trapezius muscle, loosen the muscles on the shoulder, the position of the left and right trapezius muscles, and inject appropriate amounts of botulinum toxins to make them move less. Become smaller. Visually sculpt the shoulder line to create a charming beautiful shoulder. After finishing the thin shoulder needle, there will be a feeling that the whole person is one size smaller. This is because the shoulder occupies a large area of ​​the body, and after the thin shoulder, the line of the shoulder looks soft and smooth. On the positive side, after the excess muscle is eliminated, it will make the collarbone look more refined. When looking at the back, the lines are clear and three-dimensional after the shoulders are small. Fairies with muscle strain will feel a lot of relief after the injection of the thin shoulder needle. Because sitting in the office for a long time, the shoulder muscles are easily damaged when the neck is bent, and the thin shoulder needle can help soothe the muscles and relax the shoulder and back muscles. Does it hurt when injecting a thin shoulder needle? Before the injection of the thin shoulder needle, anesthesia will be used, so the fairy babies can rest assured, but the injection may have a sense of weakness and anxiety because of the anesthetic. How long after the thin-shoulder needle injection is given to the fairies after the thin-shoulder needle is injected, it usually takes effect in about a week. The effect reached an ideal state in about a month. It can be maintained for about six months (different personal physique, there are differences in retention time ~), if you want to maintain longer, it is recommended to follow the doctor’s advice to make up. Reminder: Thin-shoulder needle injection is a medical and cosmetic project. You must choose a regular institution for injection and find a doctor with regular professional experience for face consultation and treatment. Professional doctors will customize scientific and reasonable plans for different babies, so that the technical level is guaranteed and the effect is better. &nbsp.

Can secondary epilepsy be injected with protein

Can secondary epilepsy be injected with protein? Primary epilepsy refers to the absence of organic manifestations of the brain, where to treat epilepsy, or the performance of metabolic diseases. As this epilepsy, the cause of its onset cannot be found. Seizures are easily affected by external stimuli. The incidence of epilepsy is increasing every year. Many people are unfortunately suffering from this disease. Where to treat epilepsy is good, there are many causes of epilepsy, which are actually in daily life It can be avoided in life. Let’s learn about epilepsy caused by viral encephalitis today. It is also possible to find no cause. A type of epilepsy belongs to primary epilepsy. Can secondary epilepsy be injected with protein? What are the symptoms of early seizures? Can secondary epilepsy be injected with protein? Symptoms of early epileptic seizures 1. Headache-type epilepsy: manifested as a sudden onset headache, the frontal part of the headache is more common, followed by the temporal region and the orbital part, pulsating headache is common, and there are also pain and tingling The pain is usually severe and lasts for a few minutes. The attack is often accompanied by nausea, vomiting, fatigue, blurred vision, and drowsiness. It is like a normal person during the interval between attacks. Can secondary epilepsy be injected with protein? The symptoms of early seizures are two. Complex partial seizures, also known as psychomotor seizures, can cause consciousness disorders, and the consciousness of epilepsy patients is lost. Various auras, automatisms, abnormal movements, love to attack people, language disorders, autonomic symptoms, etc. The general duration is less than 15 minutes, and there is often confusion after the attack. Can secondary epilepsy be injected with protein? Symptoms of early seizures 3. In the middle of the epileptic seizures, the patient will have the following symptoms such as sudden loss of consciousness, fall to the ground, muscle contraction of the whole body, head backwards, strong flexion of both upper limbs until treatment of epilepsy is good, both lower limbs Stretching and stiffness, the mouth is first opened and then closed, at this time the lips, tongue and cheeks may be bitten. As the diaphragm and intercostal muscles contract, the air in the lungs is forced out, and at the same time, a sharp throat spasm and throat stenosis is called a seizure. The pupils are dilated and blood pressure rises. Can secondary epilepsy be injected with protein? Symptoms of early seizures 4. Some physical symptoms and prodromal symptoms will occur in simple seizures, such as head, trunk and limbs, transient pain, numbness, cold and heat, acupuncture and touch inductance, etc. When it comes to flashes, colored lights, and spots, you will hear buzzing and rasping sounds. Where can you treat epilepsy? You can smell unpleasant smells. You can feel sour, bitter, and salty tastes. Some of the above-mentioned dizziness, sinking, and floating feelings are also introductions about epilepsy. I believe that most patients with epilepsy have a deeper understanding of the common sense of epilepsy. Since epilepsy is a common chronic disease, daily life The risk of epilepsy is relatively high, and inadvertent epilepsy needs timely treatment. If you want more authoritative treatment, our hospital will provide you with a full range of treatments and strive to make you recover soon. Your health is our greatest hope for medical staff.