As a fellow doctor, I used injections to save her most troubled law pattern problem

Among the aging problems, the most complicated and annoying one must be the nasolabial pattern, which ranks first all year round. In my outpatient clinic, the patients who also receive facial decree pattern treatment account for the most. There are countless detours that the law pattern has taken. Some people can not solve it by injecting hyaluronic acid in the outside hospital; some have done liposuction but have no effect; some have done thread carving but have no effect… The main reason for these situations is: the doctor’s diagnosis of the law pattern is not clear, there is no symptomatic treatment, and the natural effect is not Well, it’s like “involving medical care when sick” and “taking medicine indiscriminately” in our lives. In most cases, the mild ones have no effect, but the serious ones worsen the “illness”. So about the causes and solutions of the law pattern, I am here I won’t go into details in the article, I have made a detailed explanation in my microblog. Today I mainly want to say that some time ago I gave a doctor of mine who is also a local doctor in Beijing to treat the law pattern. Her difficulty is also extremely high. Let’s analyze… [Preoperative Diagnosis] Dynamic: Dynamic Excessive muscle movement; static state: the height of the wing ligaments of the nose, the rupture of the dermis, and the lowering of the zygomatic fat pad occupy the 4 causes of nasolabial folds. [Treatment plan] The best results can be achieved by combining the three methods of botulinum toxin injection, collagen injection, and thread carving. [Her personal appeal] But she does not currently have much recovery period, and she does not want to have thread embedding surgery. So this time I used collagen lifting injection + filling injection + botulinum toxin injection to treat her nasolabial folds and improve her tear groove. (Remember, there is also a special injection technique for the collagen injection of the nasolabial fold. It is not a good idea to inject it at will. There is also a secret…) [Effect] The final effect can be seen from the before and after pictures of the real makeup , Her nasolabial folds are almost relieved by nearly 80%, which has made her very satisfied. The nasolabial folds were removed, and immediately looked about 5 years younger. Recently, I also often share the joy with me on WeChat. I am happy to learn the statutes treatment as soon as possible. The essence of! Not two days ago, I was giving a lecture in Beijing, and I came here to attend the lecture. By the way, I took a beautiful picture, haha~ But I suggest that if there is time to recover later, it is better to do the line once. Seeing the patients here, if you are also troubled by the law pattern, then privately write my photo or directly make an appointment with An’an WeChat (13301122219), I will help you with a specific diagnosis, give you the most symptomatic treatment plan, and remove your law pattern!

What are the ways to make the nose bridge higher? Who is suitable for the nose to become taller?

The nose is part of our face, and if the nose bridge becomes taller, our entire face will look more beautiful. Therefore, many people want to make their nose bridge taller, but often can not find a feasible way Let’s take a look together. What are the ways to make the nose bridge higher? Currently the most effective way to increase the bridge of the nose is rhinoplasty. Who is suitable for the nose to become taller? What are the ways to make the nose bridge higher? Who is suitable for the nose to become taller? Rhinoplasty is divided into injection method to increase the nose bridge and prosthesis rhinoplasty to increase the nose bridge. The increase of the bridge of the nose by injection method requires high basic conditions of the nose, which is not suitable for everyone. Rhinoplasty prosthesis is suitable for a wider range of people, but compared with injection, the operation is more difficult, and the medical cost of increasing the nose bridge for prosthesis rhinoplasty is correspondingly higher. Who is suitable for the nose to become taller? 1. Nose root flat nose: Nose root flat, wide eye distance, short nose, seemingly out of proportion. 2. Low nose: refers to the entire nose bridge from the root to the tip of the nose. 3. Straight nose: the high point is not at the tip of the nose, the shape is straight, and it lacks the sense of cone. 4. Nostril recumbent nose: Due to the nasal dysplasia, the nostrils are not erected as “eight” and the nose wings are wide.