Questions about Ruilan Weiyuan Water Light: How many treatments are needed? Is it safe to inject for a long time

Answers to several questions about Ruilan Weiyuan Water Light How many times does Ruilan Weiyuan need treatment? The treatment cycle of Ruilan Weixuan is 3 times, with an interval of 1 month each time, and the effect can be as long as 15 months. 2. Compared with traditional water light, why does Ruilan Weixuan last longer? The main component of traditional water light is uncross-linked hyaluronic acid, while Ruilan Weixuan uses cross-linked micro-particle sodium hyaluronate, which degrades in the body 7-14 times longer than that of non-cross-linked. It lasts longer. 3. Is Ruilan Weixuan safe to inject for a long time? Up to now, Ruilan series products have covered more than 100 countries around the world. Ruilan Weixun has also been listed in Europe and the United States as early as 2004. As of now, it has more than 16 years of clinical application experience. It is a safe and sustainable Injection products. 4. Ruilan Weixun, what should I pay attention to after injection? Do not squeeze the face, avoid smoking and alcohol, and ensure postoperative cleanliness.