Is it normal for a man to feel mild soreness in the same room for the first time after a male penis is injected with hyaluronic acid?

Is it normal for a man to feel slightly sore for the first time in the same room after the penis has been enlarged by injection of HA? Due to the initial attempt to inject hyaluronic acid for some men, some excitement and anxiety are unavoidable. Especially after the first postoperative experience, if you notice a slight pain in the penis body, you are nervous, but it is not necessary. Hyaluronic acid is a matrix component that is infinitely close to the body itself, and the injection safety is extremely high, but after all, a large amount of exogenous filler is injected at one time. The body needs to gradually adapt to this change. After several adaptations, this subtle The discomfort will disappear. To make an inappropriate analogy, when people eat too much occasionally, it is inevitable that there will be a slight bloating in the stomach, so there is no need to be too nervous. If the body is more sensitive, it is recommended to use a small number of injections to make the recovery period more comfortable.

What does genital warts look like? What are the typical symptoms of genital warts?

What does genital warts look like? What are the typical symptoms of genital warts? It is a small, light red papule at the beginning, and gradually increases and merges with each other. The surface is uneven, moist and soft, papilloma-like, cockscomb-like or cauliflower-like protrusions, red or gray, and the root is often pediculated. In severe cases, erosive exudate occurs individually, and it is easy to bleed. There are often purulent secretions between the cracks of the skin lesions, which have a foul smell, itchiness, and secondary infections caused by scratching. When warts with suspected genital warts are found in the early stage, it is important to do an acetate white test or go to the hospital for confirmation as soon as possible. ※ Health column & nbsp. My national academic journal “Chinese Sex Science” published a research paper: to explore a new method of patented Chinese medicine prescription for treatment of huge perianal condyloma acuminatum