Precautions when first wearing a brace

Feelings of first wearing 1. First wearing braces will feel foreign body sensation in the mouth. It is difficult to close the upper and lower lips. It is normal for the tongue to be a bit unclear to speak. It will gradually adapt after a week. 2. The teeth will appear pain and discomfort three days before the initial wear and 3-4 days before the follow-up visit. 3. Go back and eat some soft foods, such as noodles, dumplings, wontons, porridge, etc. After eating, you can eat normally. Brush your teeth to maintain oral hygiene, brush your teeth and rinse your mouth after eating, 3-5 minutes each time, to avoid gingivitis, periodontitis, tooth demineralization, and caries. Food and Auxiliary Device 1. Avoid hard and sticky food during the treatment. Large pieces of food should be cut into small pieces and chewed slowly to prevent the appliance from falling off. If you accidentally fall off, contact the doctor in time. 2. When eating, bite evenly on the left and right sides to avoid biting on one side, otherwise the wire will slide to one side. 3. Extraoral bows need to be worn for more than 8 hours per day, the time can be accumulated. 4. Rubber bands should be worn for the rest of the day except brushing teeth. The rubber bands need to be replaced daily. Problem handling 1. Wire tie nozzle: (1) The wire tie slides around the nozzle, you can try to pull it by hand. If the treatment is not good, you need to make an appointment with the doctor to come to the hospital for treatment. (2) As the teeth move, the wire grows out of the mouth. If it does not affect the normal daily life of eating, it can be processed again when the doctor returns to the clinic. If the pain is unbearable and affects eating, make an appointment in time for treatment at the hospital. 2. Grinding mouth of orthodontic appliance: It is common to wear an orthodontic appliance for the first time. You can use orthodontic protective wax, tear off a small piece and knead it into a ball, and paste it on the orifice (braces) of the mouth. 3. The appliance falls off: (1) It falls off the teeth and hangs on the steel wire (don’t take it off), just make an appointment to the hospital and stick it again. (2) Shedding from the teeth and falling out of the oral cavity, find a bag or container to reserve the appointment time to come back to the hospital.