What is the difference between “Qing” with deficiency of lung qi and “Qing” with deficiency of kidney qi?

What is the difference between “Qing” with deficiency of lung qi and “Qing” with deficiency of kidney qi? 1. Deficiency of lung qi, caused by wheezing: symptoms: shortness of breath, low timidity, snoring in the throat, weak coughing, thin sputum, spontaneous sweating, fear of wind, easy to catch colds, red tongue, pulse weak. Treatment method: nourishing the lung and replenishing qi. Recipe: Bufei Decoction and Yupingfeng Powder. In the prescription, ginseng, astragalus, and Atractylodes atractylodes nourishes lung qi; Fangfeng helps Astragalus to nourish qi and protect; Schisandra chinensis condenses the lung and relieves asthma; Rehmannia glutinosa nourishes essence to dissipate qi; Aster and mulberry bark phlegm to benefit lung qi. If cold phlegm is full, add stalactites, perilla, and coltsfoot flower to warm the lungs to relieve phlegm and relieve asthma. If there is less food and loose stools, qi in the abdomen, lung and spleen have the same disease, it can be treated with Buzhong Yiqi Decoction. If accompanied by cough, choking, sputum, low quality and stickiness, irritating heat, dry mouth, flushing complexion, red tongue, thin tongue, thin pulse, and deficiency of both qi and yin, you can use Shengmai San plus adenophora, polygonatum, lily, etc. to nourish qi and nourish yin. If phlegm is hard to come out, add Fritillaria, Trichosanthis to moisten lungs and resolve phlegm. 2. Asthma caused by kidney qi deficiency: Symptoms: prolonged wheezing, short breath, excessive exhalation and less inhalation, excessive wheezing when moving, no continuous breathing, frequent incontinence due to coughing in urine, or leaching after urination, thin and tired , Face and limbs are cold, or have tarsus, pale tongue, thin fur, fine or weak pulse. Treatment: Tonifying the kidney and qi. Recipe: Jinkui Shenqi Pills and Ginseng Clam Powder. The front warms and nourishes the kidney yang, and the rear receives qi to the kidney. You can also add curculio, fairy spleen, amethyst, agarwood, etc. to warm the kidney and soothe the breath and relieve asthma. If you see cough, dry mouth and pharynx, red zygomatic lips, red tongue, less fluid, and thin pulse, this is kidney yin deficiency. Qiweiduqi pill and Shengmai powder can be used to nourish yin and absorb qi. If it is both standard and solid, turbid phlegm and lungs, wheezing and coughing, too much sputum, shortness of breath, full of stuffiness, greasy moss, this is the symptom of “upper solidity and lower deficiency”. Tonga amethyst, agarwood, etc. Kidney deficiency and shortness of breath, often accompanied by blood stasis, such as face, lips, claw nails, tongue, dark and dark, sublingual green veins, etc., can be added peach kernel, safflower, chuanxiong, etc.