Is the routine of lotion deep? Teach you how to choose a lotion that suits you!

Each of you must have a bottle or bottles of lotion! Anyway, I don’t care if I use it or not, I feel that the entire skin care step has not been completed without the lotion around me! &nbsp.Recently, I often receive people’s questions about toners, softeners, essences, astringents and other water in the backstage. In order to answer these questions, I have done a lot of homework. Let’s talk about it systematically today! According to international practice, we must clarify the most basic “noun interpretation” before writing science. First of all, make it clear that the toners, rejuvenating toners, and astringents (firming toners) that everyone talks about belong to the big family of “tonics”. The functional distinction is only based on the difference in the added ingredients. The function of 1.XX water The main function of these waters on the market is to adjust the PH value of the skin, so that the skin can reach a healthy weak acid state; at the same time, it can dissolve and clean the skin oil and replenish moisture for the stratum corneum. Manufacturers give them different names to reflect different functional positioning: Moisturizing lotion: It is well understood that it is moisturizing and moisturizing, especially suitable for use in the dry season; firming lotion/rejuvenating lotion: may contain fruit acid one Skin-softening ingredients to help exfoliate and refine pores; Rejuvenating lotion: usually contains anti-aging ingredients, or some men’s oil control products are also called wake-up lotions; astringent: generally contains high concentrations of alcohol, although it can achieve astringency, It has a refreshing effect, but it is very irritating, and it is very unfriendly to sensitive skin and dry skin. Therefore, if you want to buy products that suit you, you must start with your skin type: 2. Choose keywords for different skin types 1. Choose keywords for oily skin: Use products that soften keratin or alcohol to better Cleans and refines pores, balances oil secretion. Note that once your skin has inflammation, such as redness, dander, small rash, etc., you should stop using it because it will irritate. 2. Choose keywords for medium/dry skin: choose moisturizing lotion, ingredients such as glycerin, hyaluronic acid, etc.; pay attention to avoid using alcohol, fruit acid and other softening ingredients, or water that claims to have “cleaning” effects product. 3. Choose Keywords for mixed skin: Adhere to the principle of zoned care. Most of the time, products with “moisturizing” function should be used; some oil-controlling and exfoliating aquatic products can be used regularly in the oily area. &nbsp.3.Q&amp.A (1) Is shaking and foaming a good lotion? It is too simple to judge whether a lotion is good or not according to the simple and crude method of not foaming. General skin care products will contain an ingredient, surfactant, and there are many types of surfactants, bubble cosmetics The surfactant contained in it is a foaming agent, of course there is also a defoaming agent, so simply looking at the lack of foaming is not an accurate judgment of whether the toner is good or bad. After all, everyone’s skin is different. It depends on whether you are suitable! (2) Do I have to use a cotton pad for my lotion? In fact, this issue has been debated in the skin care circle: some people say that water can be absorbed by hand, and it is easy to absorb; others say that using cotton pad + water can play a role in secondary cleaning, and the cotton sheet can also absorb water. Fragrance, preservatives…For this problem, I suggest you choose according to your skin type: Oily skin: If you can see small oil particles in the pores, use a cotton pad to help absorb excess oil; Dry/Normal skin: It is fine to pat and apply gently with your hands; Special attention to sensitive skin: As long as it is a qualified product, the addition ratio of fragrance and preservative must be within a safe range. If you are worried, choose a special model for sensitive skin. ; And using a cotton pad to rub the skin back and forth will easily damage the skin barrier. (3) Is it better to stack multiple types of water? There is no research to prove that multiple stacking effects will be better. The role of water is not only to replenish water and adjust the pH value, but also a transport carrier. Therefore, if you want whitening and anti-aging effects, it is better to use essence products after water. Well, today, I will share the skin care science stickers here~ If you have a product you like, remember to leave a message and share it with us!

Everyone wants to have pink lips, so are lip sunscreen products effective?

Herbalist in the world&nbsp. Many female friends of Yimei Taohuayuan College are pursuing excellence in skin care. How about sunscreen on face and body? Therefore, all kinds of lip sunscreen products, such as sunscreen (isolation/concealer) lipstick (oil, cream), lip balm, lip glaze, lipstick…etc.; simply put it in the original Sunscreen ingredients are added to lip cosmetics or skin care products. Although this approach can give products more sunscreen effects and functions, from the standpoint of dermatologists, consumers are generally rarely recommended to use such products. The main reason is that it doesn’t make much sense to most people, but the risk becomes higher. 01 It is difficult to confirm the amount used by consumers. The sun protection factor can only be used as a reference because the sun protection factor of the product is measured at a usage amount of 2 mg per square centimeter. Most lip sunscreen products do not indicate the usage amount and use it at will Under circumstances, it is difficult to achieve the declared sun protection factor, and consumers cannot know the actual usage of the product, so even if it has sun protection purposes, the final significance is not great. 02Most consumers actually don’t need to use lip sunscreen products because most people’s lips are not exposed to strong ultraviolet rays in their daily lives, so using lip sunscreen products is actually not very effective. And even if you really need to be exposed to the sun frequently, or you will be exposed to strong ultraviolet rays for a while, using a sunscreen mask with a high UPF value to cover it will be more effective and effective than using lip sunscreen products. Safety. 03Be careful of sunscreen ingredients that are accidentally eaten into your stomach. At present, most lip sunscreen products add chemical sunscreen ingredients. These ingredients must be washed off after being used on the skin, but they are not used in lip sunscreen products. It’s easy to eat it accidentally. The intestines really don’t need sun protection, and eating it just increases the unnecessary risk of the body. 04 Pay attention to the problem of irritation caused by sunscreen ingredients. In recent years, dermatologists have often found that chronic cheilitis that has not been treated repeatedly is related to the usual lipstick (lip balm), lip glaze or lip gloss. Chemical sunscreen ingredients used on lips with thin stratum corneum are more likely to cause irritation or allergies than on face and body skin. Therefore, from the standpoint of skin safety, these products are not People are at ease. &nbsp.What should I do, can I still protect my lips? If you really want to use lip sunscreen products, the safer choice is to use products with non-nano-type physical sunscreen ingredients, but this kind of products alone can easily whiten the lips and the makeup is not good. Then use lip gloss Lip glaze is more natural. Non-nano physical sunscreen ingredients are mainly titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. These are mineral powders. As long as the particles are not too small to be eaten, the risk will not be too great. &nbsp.Final conclusions and recommendations&nbsp.①The most common lip sunscreen products on the market that contain chemical sunscreen ingredients, considering its practical significance and possible risks, it is not recommended to use it. ②If you really need to be exposed to the sun for a long time, or if you will be exposed to a lot of strong ultraviolet rays in a short time, it is recommended to use a UPF50+ sunscreen mask to cover it. ③If you really want to use lip sunscreen products, it is recommended to look for products with non-nano physical sunscreen ingredients. Data collated from the network

How to buy skin care products correctly during 618? Buy wrong = waste!

Are you ready to buy something during 618? ? Mine has arrived in a batch! ! ! (Yes, you’re right, it’s approved! Hahahaha) Roar, every time I see so many skin care products, I’m super satisfied~ Reassure~ I must clarify! I! Not a loser! ! ! It’s crazy that 618 discounts are crazy! ! If I don’t buy it, I’ll lose! I’ve finished the wool. But I don’t recommend that everyone be so irrational to me (family criticism makes me temporarily sober). Of course, buying skin care products can not only look at the price, but also consider it from multiple angles. If you are bumped like a headless fly, sometimes you are accidentally stepped on by thunder, which is costly and small, and bad face is big. The “componentist theory” is not entirely correct. We will analyze how to choose skin care products correctly today. &nbsp. (1) Is it reliable to look at ingredients? A sentence appeared in the BBC documentary “The Truth of Beauty”: “You can ignore the price tag and go to the ingredient list instead.” When choosing skin care products, can you really just look at the ingredient list? Are expensive skin care products and cheap skin care products really almost the same, selling only packaging and brand premium? Here we can declare very clearly: the answer is no! Let me tell you, regarding the ingredient list of skin care products, the complete ordering rules are: ingredients with a content greater than 1% are sorted according to the added amount; ingredients with a content less than 1% can be arranged in random order, so sometimes it may make you “misjudge “. For example, a product’s ingredient list is stuffed with various “good” ingredients, but in fact, its added amount is extremely low (may be ranked at the end of the ingredient list), and even negligible, the effect is very limited. Or, if our old acne skin sees the presence of acne-causing ingredients in the ingredient list, we will dismiss them in minutes. In the end, many products will not work. But in actual use, some products that are declared as “acne-causing ingredients” seem to have no acne. It can be seen that the so-called “acne-causing” ingredients are not absolute. If so, does it make sense to see the ingredients? No matter, a good product, although the ingredients added are important, but the product formula, brand technology and other factors can not be ignored. The premise of wanting the ingredient list to be used by oneself is-don’t be “kidnapped” by it. When choosing products, you can choose some classic ingredients according to your skin care requirements, and then look for benchmark brand products containing these ingredients to try. In addition, we can also use the ingredient list “anti-routine”: when using certain products that make us feel “effective”, look at the ingredient list and take out the active ingredients. For a long time, it will help to quickly find out the “personalized” effective ingredients and better serve your skin care demands. This targeted attempt may achieve the desired effect faster. Similarly, when discomfort occurs in the skin, record the feedback and avoid this kind of “missing ingredient” next time, avoiding it in time. For example, some potmates are allergic to nicotinamide, even if the product is no longer suitable for themselves, they can only give up. (2) The higher the concentration of the efficacy ingredient, the better the effect? Now more and more brands are highlighting the concentration of ingredients, but in the end it is still necessary to implement the effect. After all, the vitamin tablets can’t be simulated any more than an apple. And the relationship between the ideal effect and the component concentration is generally speaking, it is true that the component concentration is proportional to the skin absorption rate, and the effect is relatively better. However, this is not the case for all ingredients. Sometimes, if the concentration of the ingredients is too high, the chance of discomfort such as tingling and itching in the skin increases. Once skin problems occur, the effect of the product will naturally be greatly reduced. Take a chestnut: The literature believes that the concentration of nicotinamide to play an anti-inflammatory effect is generally 2% (such as treatment of acne, atopic dermatitis), and melanin suppression is generally 4% (such as treatment of chloasma). 5% nicotinamide on the market is almost the same. And some ingredients do not necessarily have to pursue high concentration-the most typical anti-aging expert, the A family, even if the concentration is not so high, it also has a certain effect. At the same time, because of its greater irritation, this kind of fierce medicine ingredient, it is best to Start with a low concentration and gradually establish tolerance to avoid possible risks. Therefore, compared with the “concentration of ingredients”, it is necessary to take into account the skin quality and tolerance, as well as the design of the product formula itself. Only by comprehensive consideration can we find a suitable product and obtain a more ideal effect. The more effect products are superimposed, the better the effect? With the rise of various shopping festivals, breaking away is unlikely. Being planted frequently, Avalokitesvara is also chopped into Venus, plus the girl’s anxiety about appearance, look at herself

I heard that semen can be beauty? is this real…

For many men, semen is the essence of the whole body-“one drop of essence, ten drops of blood”. And this material that seems to gather the essence of the heavens and the earth, and gathers the aura of the sun and the moon, really has the magical effect in the rumors, can it be used as a treasure of facial skin care and greet your face? (Male health issues, click here for online consultation) It can only be said that from the professional perspective of doctors, semen is the same as sweat and saliva, which are the body fluids of the human body. The man is healthy and the semen contains no bacteria, regardless of Whether it is facial or oral … Nothing works. Yes, you read it right, and it is in a healthy and normal state. From the composition analysis, the semen is composed of seminal plasma and sperm, and more than 90% of the seminal plasma is water, and the other components are composed of fructose, enzymes, cholesterol, protein, phospholipid bodies, amines, and a small amount of free amino acids. From the aspect of composition, semen itself does not contain substances that can directly bring beauty effects, but only substances secreted by the accessory gonads (prostate, seminal vesicles, epididymis, testis) of the male reproductive system, so semen is not much for beauty Help so many people think that semen contains an ingredient that can resist oxidation, what is going on? (Male health problems, click here for online consultation) Indeed, spermine in semen has antioxidant properties, which can reduce wrinkles, smooth skin, and reduce acne, but the content of spermine in semen is too little. There are different ways to improve the skin, not to mention the difference. The main field of action of spermine is still in chemicals, such as cleansers, detergents and solvents. Since the external application of semen has no effect, can it be used for internal use? (Male health issues, click here for online consultation) Data shows that the components of protein and fat in milk and soy milk are higher than semen, not to mention that the amount of single semen is limited. If you leave the quantity, how to pursue quality? From the perspective of function, semen should be used to reproduce offspring rather than beauty and beauty. Moreover, due to different personal conditions, such as the man suffering from diseases such as gonorrhea, syphilis or AIDS, the semen may also contain certain viruses …

It turns out the skin is very good, how to get more and more oily after exfoliating

It means that your skin barrier function is not perfect. The skin barrier we are talking about now refers to the physical barrier of the skin. The physical barrier of the outermost layer of the skin mainly refers to the sebum film. This is a transparent film covering the skin surface, also known as hydrolipid film. It is mainly formed by sebum secreted by sebaceous glands, lipids produced by the disintegration of stratum corneum cells and sweat secreted by sweat glands. Lock in moisture and certain anti-inflammatory effects. When our skin is in perfect condition, these active ingredients are distributed and secreted in a normal ratio. Once this balance is broken, the secretion of the ceramide component in the skin, what we call the water-locking component, naturally decreases or even does not. However, in order to compensate for such a low water structure, the skin can only secrete a large amount of oily substances. So more and more oil appears on your skin, this is the case. Many people feel that they are very dry, but some people feel that they are very oily while doing it. So we need to learn how to replenish water when we replenish water. If it is dry and accompanied by some flushing on the face, it proves that it is mostly sensitive and has poor water lock function. We can artificially supplement the component of ceramide in skin care products to restore the water-locking function, which can greatly improve the state of liver oil balance. Of course, in the sensitive population, in addition to ceramide, we also need to have corresponding anti-inflammatory ingredients such as panthenol or purslane. On this basis, and then further supplement the corresponding cholesterol components, can increase the thickness of the skin, thickening the stratum corneum and water-locking function is more perfect.

Is the whitening needle recommended by Big S really so magical? Are there any side effects?

The principle of one white covering three ugliness seems to be unchanged from ancient times. Many women regard whitening as an endless homework for a lifetime. It is no wonder that after S revealed her white and flawless secret formula “whitening needle”, it attracted many people to try. “As long as you get an injection, you can turn white.” It sounds very powerful. Is the whitening needle so magical? Is it really simple and painless to fight? At the 28th day, Bai came back, but he had to “take 10 needles” and said: “Whitening needles” are not really injections, but vitamins C, B, glutathione, tranexamic acid, etc. Ingredients injected into the body are more directly absorbed by the body than smeared or taken by mouth, so the effect is also faster. And its role is not only whitening, many nutrients in the medicine, but also contains antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and other effects, and some will also add common beauty ingredients such as ginkgo, anti-aging, anti-acne, etc., high concentration of vitamins more Make the spirit better. These components will be excreted with the body’s metabolism. The doctor said: Injectable “whitening” injections have been in the medical industry for many years. For those who want to come back, the doctor recommends that they be given once every 3 days at the beginning, and the obvious effect will appear after about 3 to 4 times, and can be restored after 10 times. It turned out to be a fair complexion (such as the inner thigh or chest complexion), but if you are so-called “naturally dark complexion”, the whitening needle may not necessarily achieve the fairness you want to achieve. Vitamin C: the main ingredient of whitening needles: commonly used whitening ingredients can help melanin to reduce metabolism. Vitamin B3: has calming, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant effects, so it has a therapeutic effect on acne. Glutathione: It is a kind of amino acid that can promote collagen to maintain fairness. It still depends on sun protection, anti-oxidation and promotes metabolism. Tranexamic acid: It is one of the commonly used coagulants and can inhibit melanin synthesis. The whitening needle is not as good as you think! Experts say: Injectable “whitening” injections have been in the medical industry for many years, and the ingredients contain vitamin C, E, B, hyaluronic acid, tranexamic acid and other pharmaceutical ingredients, which are generally taken by professional doctors to treat some pigmented skin diseases. Treatment. The effect varies from person to person. These are the fairness of the patient’s treatment. Does not belong to the category of beauty maintenance. If these so-called whitening injections are simply injected for whitening, the effect is far less magical than the stars advertise, it will not be as obvious as the big S book said, and frequent and intensive injections as she described are harmful to the body. After high-dose vitamin C enters the body, it is metabolized to form calcium oxalate, which is very easy to cause urinary tract stones after crystal precipitation. Some experts believe that there is a certain risk of “whitening needle” injection. Its ingredients contain coagulant substances that can make the skin white. vascular sclerosis. The excessive use of vitamins is controversial internationally and may cause some adverse reactions.