[Health Science] These nourishing health products that Chinese people love are not good for health?

If you love health preservation, you are no stranger to instant bird’s nest, donkey-hide gelatin paste… and other products known as health preservation. Modern people pay more and more attention to health, health care products are booming, and various health products are also popular. However, although some products have the reputation of bird’s nest and donkey-hide glue, they may not be healthy, and they have nothing to do with bird’s nest and donkey-hide glue! Next, Mr. Licorice, take you to uncover the true face of these health foods. Instant bird’s nest = bird’s nest flavored syrup bird’s nest is the highest-selling type of nourishing and health-care products, especially in recent years, the rise of instant bird’s nest, the feature of opening the lid makes the bird’s nest into the homes of ordinary people. But what you don’t know is that the production and operation threshold of instant bird’s nest is low. As a consumer, you must avoid these pits. Otherwise, you may not buy bird’s nest, but “sugar water” or “poisonous nest”. 1. The standard of instant bird’s nest is different. There are uniform and strict national standards for bird’s nest. Consumers can check the source code on each bird’s nest, which can generally guarantee safety. The instant bird’s nest adopts the food standard, according to the strict degree of inspection, medicine &gt. health products &gt. food. Licorice Jun takes a certain instant bird’s nest with the highest sales volume of a treasure as an example. The product category is convenience food-staple food. Only QS/SC certified instant bird’s nest materials are difficult to guarantee. It may be a problem of smuggling bird’s nest, or cheap bird’s nest, or it may contain various additives. The safety standards of ready-to-eat bird’s nest have been lowered, which greatly increases the risk for consumers. 2. The water in instant bird’s nest is very deep. Let’s take a well-known instant bird’s nest product as an example-the main ingredients are water and rock sugar; one bottle per day is recommended, but the shelf life is only 15 days, which means that if no one is sharing, 15 bottles are not edible It does not support 7-day refunds without reason, and the after-sales is worrying; compared with similar products, high prices do not mean good quality. Negative textbook (30-day package for 4390) Positive textbook (7-day package for 699) 3. Bird’s nest cannot be stewed with rock sugar. At present, many instant bird’s nests are stewed with rock sugar. Apart from being delicious, this has no advantages. Moreover, according to the “Compendium Supplements”, “If you fry with rock sugar, you will be happy. How can it help the lungs to clear down?”, decocting with rock sugar will lose the greatest effect of helping the lungs. At the same time, for the effect of bird’s nest, the publicity of the business is often greater than the actual. There are not many descriptions of bird’s nest in ancient medical works. The “Ben Cao Fen Jing” of the Qing Dynasty said “nourishing lung yin and appetizing Qi”, and there was no such thing as “beauty and beauty, nourishing holy product, anti-cancer and anti-cancer” in the promotion of health products. effect. At the same time, bird’s nest is cold, theoretically not suitable for pregnant women and the elderly. “Materia Medica” mentions the harmful effects of bird’s nest “the seafood is so cold, it is not suitable to use cold cough, and it may increase the disease if you eat it.” Obesity does not have much benefit. For more information about bird’s nest, please refer to Baidu Encyclopedia’s [Bird’s Nest (Traditional Chinese Medicine) entry, which is reviewed by the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine and is safe and credible. Ejiao Cake = Black Sesame Sugar Ejiao related products have enduring sales and popularity. In the circle of friends, there are indispensable sellers who have sold handmade donkey-hide gelatin cakes. Licorice Jun has eaten a lot of donkey-hide gelatin cakes. A black gelatin cake with a maltose scent is exuding a kidney-tonifying black luster. It has become the same name as bird’s nest Jiapin. Let’s take the e-jiao cake of a well-known brand with the largest sales volume as an example. The main ingredient is black sesame. The content of e-jiao is in the 5th place in the ingredient list (according to national standards, various ingredients should be added when manufacturing or processing food In descending order of quantity), the content of rock sugar is greater than that of donkey-hide gelatin, and the true value can be imagined. If you look at the 15-jin sesame cake, you will find that the two are very similar whether it is the physical product or the ingredient list. What’s more, as long as you add a little donkey-hide gelatin to the ingredients, the black sesame cake can be transformed into a 500 yuan per catty donkey-hide gelatin cake. Moreover, there are more types of sugar added to the donkey-hide gelatin cake, and the taste is sweeter and less healthy. Well-known brand of donkey-hide gelatin Even so, we don’t recommend that you buy the Sanwu products sold by Moments. Many Ejiao cakes sold by exposed black heart sellers not only do not contain Ejiao, but also have excessive lead content. Liquorice Jun casually found some homemade products in Moments. Ejiao cake, I was surprised to find that these copywritings and pictures are almost identical. What’s more alarming is that they used a certain brand of Ejiao, which is known as Guangyao Ejiao, which was exposed to quality problems. Of course, in the picture. This Ejiao cake does not contain Ejiao by visual inspection.

How to buy skin care products correctly during 618? Buy wrong = waste!

Are you ready to buy something during 618? ? Mine has arrived in a batch! ! ! (Yes, you’re right, it’s approved! Hahahaha) Roar, every time I see so many skin care products, I’m super satisfied~ Reassure~ I must clarify! I! Not a loser! ! ! It’s crazy that 618 discounts are crazy! ! If I don’t buy it, I’ll lose! I’ve finished the wool. But I don’t recommend that everyone be so irrational to me (family criticism makes me temporarily sober). Of course, buying skin care products can not only look at the price, but also consider it from multiple angles. If you are bumped like a headless fly, sometimes you are accidentally stepped on by thunder, which is costly and small, and bad face is big. The “componentist theory” is not entirely correct. We will analyze how to choose skin care products correctly today. &nbsp. (1) Is it reliable to look at ingredients? A sentence appeared in the BBC documentary “The Truth of Beauty”: “You can ignore the price tag and go to the ingredient list instead.” When choosing skin care products, can you really just look at the ingredient list? Are expensive skin care products and cheap skin care products really almost the same, selling only packaging and brand premium? Here we can declare very clearly: the answer is no! Let me tell you, regarding the ingredient list of skin care products, the complete ordering rules are: ingredients with a content greater than 1% are sorted according to the added amount; ingredients with a content less than 1% can be arranged in random order, so sometimes it may make you “misjudge “. For example, a product’s ingredient list is stuffed with various “good” ingredients, but in fact, its added amount is extremely low (may be ranked at the end of the ingredient list), and even negligible, the effect is very limited. Or, if our old acne skin sees the presence of acne-causing ingredients in the ingredient list, we will dismiss them in minutes. In the end, many products will not work. But in actual use, some products that are declared as “acne-causing ingredients” seem to have no acne. It can be seen that the so-called “acne-causing” ingredients are not absolute. If so, does it make sense to see the ingredients? No matter, a good product, although the ingredients added are important, but the product formula, brand technology and other factors can not be ignored. The premise of wanting the ingredient list to be used by oneself is-don’t be “kidnapped” by it. When choosing products, you can choose some classic ingredients according to your skin care requirements, and then look for benchmark brand products containing these ingredients to try. In addition, we can also use the ingredient list “anti-routine”: when using certain products that make us feel “effective”, look at the ingredient list and take out the active ingredients. For a long time, it will help to quickly find out the “personalized” effective ingredients and better serve your skin care demands. This targeted attempt may achieve the desired effect faster. Similarly, when discomfort occurs in the skin, record the feedback and avoid this kind of “missing ingredient” next time, avoiding it in time. For example, some potmates are allergic to nicotinamide, even if the product is no longer suitable for themselves, they can only give up. (2) The higher the concentration of the efficacy ingredient, the better the effect? Now more and more brands are highlighting the concentration of ingredients, but in the end it is still necessary to implement the effect. After all, the vitamin tablets can’t be simulated any more than an apple. And the relationship between the ideal effect and the component concentration is generally speaking, it is true that the component concentration is proportional to the skin absorption rate, and the effect is relatively better. However, this is not the case for all ingredients. Sometimes, if the concentration of the ingredients is too high, the chance of discomfort such as tingling and itching in the skin increases. Once skin problems occur, the effect of the product will naturally be greatly reduced. Take a chestnut: The literature believes that the concentration of nicotinamide to play an anti-inflammatory effect is generally 2% (such as treatment of acne, atopic dermatitis), and melanin suppression is generally 4% (such as treatment of chloasma). 5% nicotinamide on the market is almost the same. And some ingredients do not necessarily have to pursue high concentration-the most typical anti-aging expert, the A family, even if the concentration is not so high, it also has a certain effect. At the same time, because of its greater irritation, this kind of fierce medicine ingredient, it is best to Start with a low concentration and gradually establish tolerance to avoid possible risks. Therefore, compared with the “concentration of ingredients”, it is necessary to take into account the skin quality and tolerance, as well as the design of the product formula itself. Only by comprehensive consideration can we find a suitable product and obtain a more ideal effect. The more effect products are superimposed, the better the effect? With the rise of various shopping festivals, breaking away is unlikely. Being planted frequently, Avalokitesvara is also chopped into Venus, plus the girl’s anxiety about appearance, look at herself

Why the more your hair is preserved, the more you lose it?

Hello, friends, today’s strong wind is about to blow me away. I am like this when walking on the street. The heart that is facing the wind is singing “Blow, blow, my pride and indulgence ~ Blow, blow, and my hair is flowing ~” Here, I want to remind everyone that in the windy days of the special period, everyone should still wear a mask to protect them. If your hair is dry and loves static electricity, you should do a good job in moisturizing and wear a hat when you go out. (Note, do n’t be blown away by the wind) I saw a friend ’s question in the background in the past two days: My own hair was still normal before. In the past two years, I have always done styling frequently because of work. My hair was hurt, I did everything from hair tonics, conditioners and nutritional baked oil recommended by the barber shop. As a result, my scalp started to become very sensitive, with a lot of dandruff, oily, and sometimes itchy, long oily particles, small pustules. This friend was very distressed, and he didn’t understand why he had done a good job of curing hair, not only did it not work, but also became more and more serious? Friends, do you have such doubts and have done similar operations? Come, let Maizi tell everyone what is wrong. First, let’s take a look at the causes of sensitive scalp. 1. The genetic factor is that the natural scalp is sensitive, and the quantity and quality of hair follicles are also average, so the hair is thin and soft, and the hair color is not shiny. 2. Chemical stimulation frequently dyes perm hair, dyes yellow today, dyes red tomorrow, dyes grandma grey this month, and fleece curls next month. Although hair dyeing and perming does not directly cause hair loss and hair loss, the scalp irritation caused by various hair dyes is not small. Frequent use of medicine to stimulate hair follicles on the scalp, still thinking about healthy hair without hair loss? Do n’t be too naive. 3. Long-term use of inappropriate care products Although silicone and strong surface activity do not necessarily cause scalp sensitivity, sometimes combined with physical and mental reasons can indeed produce some chemical reactions. If you are born with a “big oil head”, choose silicone-free shampoo products if possible. If your hair is dry and knotted, then clean your hair reasonably and use a conditioner. In general, everyone should pay attention to the care of hair, use the right method, and don’t fool around. Hair care products are the same as skin care products. Hair care also has the phenomenon that the composition list does not match the actual effect. At this time, some friends would like to ask, which ingredients and effects are good, which one is really good? The ingredient list does not represent everything. A good product should be ingredients and processes that promote each other and complement each other. Aside from the process, we only talk about the ingredients and aside the ingredients, we only talk about the process. If you want to find a hair care product that suits you, you need to know a lot. You can’t just look at the ingredients list, and you can’t just take Teacher Tony for granted.