The best treatment for bedsore in the elderly, home care strategy!

Three-point treatment of bedsores and seven points of prevention. For the treatment of wounds, external bedsore creams can be used to help the wounds rot and grow flesh and speed up tissue repair. The daily care must be combined with prevention and treatment to create recovery opportunities for the wound while preventing other parts Bed sores also appeared. Tips for topical bedsore cream: 1. For bony processes, or where erythema is caused by long-term pressure, use Shangdi bedsore cream on the affected area to protect the bony processes and repair the potentially crushed skin tissue to avoid further deterioration Ruptured. 2. For ulcer wounds and deep wounds, first carry out debridement treatment, remove bad decay and make the wound clean and free of decay, and then apply medicine for care. You can directly apply Shangdi bedsore ointment or stain gauze strips to fill, and finally gauze bandage treatment , Creating a sealed, low-oxygen, humid, and sterile environment, so that the granulation growth rate is fast. 3. Use anti-decubitus inflatable mattresses for nursing care. The cause of bedsores lies in long-term lying or sitting. Therefore, for patients who have been lying in bed for a long time, anti-decubitus inflatable mattresses can be used to help improve the pressure. To avoid long-term pressure on the local skin; people who sit in a wheelchair for a long time can use bedsore cushions to improve. Of course, these are only auxiliary improvements, not a substitute for turning over manually, and turning over every 2-3 hours. 4. Maintain a balanced nutritional diet, especially protein and vitamins. If the patient’s absorption is poor, it is recommended to increase oral protein powder and vitamins to boost physical fitness and enhance skin tolerance and resistance. The usual preventive work is also very important. Eliminate the hidden dangers from the source in order to truly stay away from bedsores and avoid bedsores in other parts. 1. Turn over frequently to avoid prolonged sitting and long-term pressure on the local skin. At the same time, an anti-decubitus air mattress can be used to assist in improvement. 2. The bed should be moderately soft and hard, and the bony prominence should be protected or vacated with soft cushions to avoid long-term compression and ulceration of the bony prominence. 3. Maintain a balanced diet and proper exercise to boost physical fitness and mental state. 4. If there is urinary incontinence, it can be treated with a stool bag and cleaned regularly to keep the skin clean to prevent feces from irritating the skin. 5. Use the finger pressure test to determine whether you have an initial bed sore. Press the skin with your finger for about ten seconds. If the color turns white, the color will return to normal after a while, indicating good blood circulation. If the erythema does not turn white after pressing, or the color is white, and cannot return to normal after a period of time, it means that the blood vessels are crushed and there are signs of bedsores.