What about hemorrhoids?

 Hemorrhoids are a very common disease. There is a folk saying that “ten people have nine hemorrhoids”, which shows the universality of hemorrhoids. Suffering from hemorrhoids can be very painful, so although hemorrhoids can not be regarded as a serious illness, they cannot be ignored. Hemorrhoids can be divided into three types: internal hemorrhoids, external hemorrhoids, and mixed hemorrhoids. It is a chronic disease of one or more soft venous clusters formed by varicose venous plexus at the bottom of the anus and rectum and anal mucosa. Generally speaking, hemorrhoids are caused by defecation. As a result, the internal pressure of the veins around the anus rises, resulting in large veins and thinning of the vein wall. So it is very easy to break when defecation, so it is very painful to suffer from hemorrhoids.   So what is hemorrhoids like? What are the symptoms of hemorrhoids? I hope it will be convenient for you to check yourself if you have hemorrhoids. 1. Bleeding during defecation. Generally speaking, the bleeding is bright red and the amount of bleeding is relatively small. However, some have a relatively large amount of bleeding. After the bowel movement, the bleeding will stop by itself, and the stool will be dry and hard, often drinking or eating irritation Symptoms of bleeding can occur during sex food.  2. Hemorrhoid lumps will protrude out of the anus. Generally speaking, this lumps will be small at first, and then will become bigger and bigger. At the beginning, they will recover on their own. Later, if it becomes serious, it needs to be pushed back into the anus with hands.   3. There will be pain in the anus. Pain will occur in the anus, as well as the feeling of incomplete defecation. When the hemorrhoids are prolapsed and incarcerated, edema or infection occurs, the local pain is severe.  4. The anus will feel itching, and the anus and around the anus will feel itching, and even skin eczema will occur, and the patient will experience increased itching pain. The above are the four basic characteristics of hemorrhoids summarized above. If you have the above symptoms, it means that you may have hemorrhoids. In fact, you don’t have to be afraid of hemorrhoids. You can go to the hospital for surgical treatment or conservatively. Treatment, hemorrhoids is not a serious disease, don’t be afraid!