What are the causes of male azoospermia?

  The emergence of azoospermia makes many men suffer miserably. Azoospermia can lead to male infertility, so if you want to treat azoospermia, you need to know the cause of such diseases. So, what are the causes of male azoospermia? Experts from Beijing Weiren Hospital make the following answers for you: What are the causes of male azoospermia? 1. Semen is not liquefied or has a high viscosity: This situation often affects The ability of sperm to move, which in turn leads to infertility.   2. Endocrine hormones: This cause mainly affects the occurrence and maturation of sperm, and affects the sperm’s ability to exercise, reduces sperm motility from the side, and may lead to infertility.   3. Autosomal and sex chromosome aberrations: not only affect the number of sperm, but also affect the sperm viability and forward movement ability, which is one of the more serious causes.   4. The existence of anti-sperm antibodies: It can affect the fertilization function of sperm and reduce the vitality of sperm from several different ways, thereby reducing the exercise ability and reducing the penetration ability, which ultimately leads to infertility.   5. Infection: mainly includes epididymitis, seminal vesiculitis and prostatitis, vas deferens infection and other acute and chronic genital tract or gonad infections, the spread of these diseases may reduce the ability of sperm motility.  So if you want to stay away from the infertility caused by azoospermia, in addition to daily prevention, you need to actively treat it.

What are the symptoms of varicocele infertility?

  Because the symptoms of varicocele are not obvious, many male friends cannot find the disease early. Therefore, many male friends begin to pay attention to the symptoms of varicocele. So, what are the symptoms of varicocele infertility?   What are the symptoms of varicocele infertility? Generally speaking, after suffering from varicocele disease, inflammation is accompanied by long-term genital organs. Inflammation can cause pain in the lower abdomen, swollen testicles, etc.   Abnormal sperm: Many sperm abnormalities are caused by varicocele disease. When men suffer from this disease, inflammation will spread to the testes, making men suffer from oligospermia and azoospermia.   Emotional abnormalities: Males also have greater emotional fluctuations under the influence of the disease, and there is a restless mentality every day, which can also lead to psychological disorders over time. It can be seen that the harm of varicocele is very great.  Male infertility: Although varicocele does not directly cause infertility, it will affect the quality of sperm. In the case of abnormal sperm quality, males will not be able to have normal births, which will eventually cause male infertility.  Reminder: The above are the symptoms of varicocele explained to you. It is recommended that you should go to a regular hospital for examination and professional treatment in time to prevent delays in treatment and make the condition worse.

Can’t you get pregnant without sperm?

Children are the crystallization of parental love. A couple in love wants to have their own children, but not everyone can do it. Infertility is a disease that troubles most couples. Many men may find that they do not Sperm, then, can you not get pregnant without sperm?      Can’t you get pregnant without sperm? Sperm and egg meet to form a fertilized egg, which is a necessary process for all natural pregnancy, so of course, without sperm, of course, it is not natural pregnancy of. However, with the development of modern technology, the emergence and development of human assisted reproductive technology has helped infertility patients realize their desire to be parents again.  Artificial insemination and IVF technology belong to human assisted reproductive technology. If the patient does not have sperm, then you can check multiple times and choose a professional reproductive hospital for inspection. If sperm can be obtained after multiple centrifugation or testicular puncture, then you can choose IVF to assist pregnancy. If there is really no way to get sperm, then you can choose artificial insemination for sperm after seeking the wishes of the couple. Infertility has become a high incidence of modern people. More and more people are plagued by infertility. The emergence of human assisted reproductive technology can be said to be a great technology, so don’t lose confidence in patients with infertility. , Early treatment, early pregnancy!

Dr. Cheng Yahui has been hanging the pot for more than 40 years, helping many infertile families get pregnant smoothly

  Ms. Wu from Daxing, Beijing, gave birth to a healthy baby girl at first marriage and full term. Now she has been remarried for more than a year, but she can never get pregnant again. Ms. Wu is eager to have a child for her current husband, whether it is a boy or a girl, but the reality is cruel. No matter how hard Ms. Wu’s husband and wife work, good pregnancy has not come. Just when they were extremely anxious and listened to the introduction of their friends, Mu Ming came to the Beijing Weiren Pregnancy Hospital to find the dean of the hospital Cheng Yahui. Through minimally invasive surgery + integrated Chinese and Western medicine therapy, Ms. Wu was pregnant in only 75 days. She herself said: “I didn’t expect that the way of asking for a child at an old age went so smoothly in Beijing Weiren Pregnancy Hospital!” This is just one example of many infertile couples cured by Cheng Yahui. As the dean of Beijing Weiren Pregnancy Hospital, Cheng Yahui has always been at the forefront of infertility clinical diagnosis and treatment. He has been hanging pots for more than 40 years and has helped tens of thousands of infertility families from all over the country to become pregnant successfully. “Send a famous doctor”.  Chairman Cheng Yahui: Dedicating everything to the cause of infertility that I love   If I want to make achievements in the field I love, I must give time, energy and everything for “now”. This is the original intention of President Cheng Yahui to stick to the cause of infertility.  As an infertility doctor, Dean Cheng devotes almost all of his energy and time to the patient. As a daughter, wife, and mother, the time she spends with her family can only be calculated in hours. If you say that you have scored 80 points for the status of an infertility doctor, then you can only score 60 points for your family’s identity. But Dean Cheng cherishes his time with his family, and he also strives to balance the career and family. For more than 40 years, Hang Yahui has been a doctor’s job to help more infertility patients realize their fertility dreams. She has long been committed to the research of international infertility diagnosis and treatment technology, integrating traditional Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese medicine with the current international high-tech diagnosis and treatment technology. It summarizes a set of integrated diagnosis and treatment model of western medicine with accurate and rapid elimination of symptoms and comprehensive treatment of Chinese medicine without recurrence. Because of its unique ideas and high pregnancy rate, it is widely recognized by the industry and patients.  Infertility for many years intends to do test tubes. Dean Cheng Cheng welcomed her pregnancy 3 months later. There was a 38-year-old Ms. Li from Qinhuangdao who had been unable to conceive for seven or eight years after getting married. Seeing the age getting older, the family was extremely anxious and distressed because they had no children under their knees. Ms. Li’s parents-in-law said that the treatment has not been effective for so many years, or test tube babies.   At that time, Ms. Li’s friend accidentally saw news about Cheng Yahui’s treatment of infertility from Hebei Satellite TV. With a mentality of trying, she asked Ms. Li to go to Beijing Weiren Pregnancy Hospital to find Cheng Yahui. Dean Cheng carefully asked about the situation of Ms. Li. After reading a bunch of information about the treatment and treatment she brought, she arranged related examinations for Ms. Li and his wife. After examination, Ms. Li was diagnosed with ovarian dysfunction, and her husband’s sperm quality was also confirmed. Not very good. Dean Cheng has elaborated a plan of combined Chinese and Western medicine treatment for the couple. Considering that Ms. Li’s couple is older, Dean Cheng said to Ms. Li: “Because your condition is more complicated and your age is also older, we will try to prepare for three months of pregnancy. I hope these three months You can cooperate with me with all my strength, and I am confident to help you realize your desire to have children… “Ms. Li’s couple took the medicine according to the doctor’s instructions, and after more than two months passed, Ms. Li’s stomach still did not move at all. People are quite anxious. But in the third month, after taking the medicine for only 8 days, Ms. Li felt vomiting, and the aunt also delayed for a few days. The excited Ms. Li went to the hospital early the next morning for examination. After checking, I found out that I was really pregnant! Ms. Li happily called Cheng Yahui to rejoice. So far, every time she sees Cheng Yahui, Ms. Li’s family still calls her “a benefactor”.  In 2019, another 34-year-old Ms. Cao from Shandong found Cheng Yahui. Ms. Cao is pregnant for a second child. She has not seen a pregnancy for more than four years. She thought the first child was so smooth. The second child should be easy, but she couldn’t get pregnant.  Grandparents and mother-in-law asked about good doctors who treated infertility. Later, I heard that Cheng Wei, Beijing Weiren Pregnancy Hospital, was not particularly good at pregnancy. Ms. Cao and her husband came straight to Beijing. After inspecting the couple, Cheng Yahui found that Ms. Cao’s fallopian tube was badly blocked and used 3D minimally invasive technology to relieve it.

After the fallopian tube is unblocked, you are still infertile. You must know these reasons!

&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. The effect of tubal dredge surgery is affected by many aspects, including hospital equipment, doctor’s technical level, the patient’s own disease severity, etc., will affect the final dredge effect, so despite the dredging Surgery does not mean that the fallopian tubes are completely cleared, but it depends on the final clearing effect. Sometimes infertility is not caused by a single disease, women with tubal incompetence are likely to suffer from other infertility diseases at this time, the tubal is unclogged, and other diseases are not difficult to get pregnant if they are not effectively treated Too. It may also be that the pressure of the couple is too great. Before the fallopian tube was unable to conceive, now the fallopian tube is unclogged, I want to get pregnant as soon as possible, but the more anxious the more I can’t get pregnant, which may cause endocrine in the body It is difficult to get pregnant after rechecking the fallopian tube surgery, but before starting pregnancy preparation, you need to monitor whether the process of follicular development, maturity, and ovulation is normal by B-ultrasound. &nbsp.

Can male infertility be solved through test tubes?

Male infertility has become a big problem that plagues men. Everyone has heard that the problem of not being pregnant with a child is a woman’s problem. Fortunately, today, with increasing education, more and more people know about infertility It is a matter of both parties, and it cannot be said which is the reason. And there are a lot of measures for infertility, and test tubes are one of them. Then, can male infertility be solved by test tubes? Can male infertility be solved by test tubes? Only sperm and eggs can be combined to form fertilized eggs. May be pregnant. If the male is infertile, the prerequisites for the formation of fertilized eggs will be lost. It will definitely not be able to conceive. Common male infertility has abnormal semen, difficulty in ejaculation, and no sperm. It needs to be considered according to the severity of the disease. Different methods of assisted pregnancy are not always necessary to do test tubes. In fact, many non-serious infertility problems can be solved by improving diet, working schedule and supplementing nutrition. If it is not possible, conventional treatment can also be performed, and some men can return to normal. If conventional treatment is not effective, then artificial insemination and IVF can be considered. Assisted pregnancy, mild infertility can be artificial insemination, severe infertility should be directly tested.

What is the cause of clogged vas deferens?

Blockage of the vas deferens is a relatively common male infertility disease, which causes great distress to male patients. If effective treatment is not timely, it is likely to worsen the condition of male patients and cause male infertility. Therefore, understanding the causes of vas deferens can effectively prevent the occurrence of vas deferens. So, what is the cause of vas deferens?   What is the cause of vas deferens? 1, injury: such as spermatic cord tumor surgery, hernia repair, etc. These operations may damage the vas deferens. Prostate surgery can cause ejaculatory duct occlusion Sometimes, even if there is no injury, postoperative infections, adhesions, scarring, etc. can also cause compression and blockage of the vas deferens.   2. Infection of the urogenital system: such as inflammation of the prostate, epididymis, and seminal vesicles, or tuberculosis of the epididymis and vas deferens, etc., can cause obstruction of the vas deferens.   3. Congenital malformation: Congenital vas deferens is not developed or dysplasia, and is not connected with the epididymis, etc., often accompanied by hypoplasia of the seminal vesicles, resulting in disconnection of the vas deferens and epididymis, epididymis, seminal vesicles, vas deferens hypoplasia, etc.   4. Tumor: the lumens from the vas deferens itself or adjacent organs caused by tumor compression will also lead to obstruction of the vas deferens and affect male fertility.  The above is a related introduction to what causes the vas deferens. I believe you have a certain understanding of this. Once a male friend has a blocked vas deferens, he needs to go to a professional and formal infertility hospital for examination and treatment in time.

Does obesity affect pregnancy?

In recent years, problems such as endocrine disorders caused by environmental pollution, increased living pressure, delayed childbearing age, and increased abortion have increased. The number of infertility patients in my country is still increasing at an annual rate of 5%. So, in daily life, what bad lifestyles will affect pregnancy? 1. Smoking/drinking men will greatly reduce the quality of sperm if they smoke and drink alcohol, and second-hand smoke will also affect the swing of the fallopian tube cilia of women, which will affect the picking of eggs and the delivery of fertilized eggs. 2. High temperature environment High temperature is not conducive to sperm production, reduce sperm quality, and even kill sperm. 3. High-dose coffee Coffee is a refreshing drink, but drinking a lot of coffee for a long time will prevent the egg from running from the ovary to the uterus. 4. Underweight or overweight not only affects men’s ovulation and ovulation, but underweight may affect pregnancy. 5. Drugs affect some hormones, sleeping pills, painkillers and antipsychotic drugs, which will also affect our normal reproductive system, leading to infertility. Judging from the impact of the above, one of them is alert, that is the problem of obesity! With the influence of economic development and changes in people’s lifestyles, the problem of obesity in modern women is becoming increasingly prominent. So, does obesity affect pregnancy? Obesity patients are far more difficult to become pregnant than normal women. In fact, obesity is an important factor affecting pregnancy. Obesity can affect the body’s endocrine system, which in turn affects the menstrual cycle, leading to infertility. Studies have shown that people with normal weight are significantly more likely to become pregnant within one year of marriage than obese people. The risk of infertility in adult female obese women is 2.84 times that of normal-weight people. The greater the BMI index, the greater the risk of anovulatory infertility. In addition to causing infertility, obesity also has a great impact on pregnancy, which can increase the risk of complications during pregnancy, such as preeclampsia and diabetes. There are many ways to lose weight, such as diet adjustment, exercise, medicine, etc. After weight loss, most patients can restore normal ovulation function and undergo natural pregnancy. The doctor explained: It is recommended to carry out under the guidance of a doctor. Do not blindly diet and take medicine to lose weight, especially if you eat weight loss pills that do not meet the standards or even illegally add, it may bring new health risks. &nbsp.

Will hydrosalpinx cause infertility? What are the symptoms?

   Fallopian tube hydrops is caused by pelvic infection caused by tissue adhesion in the pelvic cavity, the distal end of the fallopian tube is blocked, and the uterine serous exudate is gradually accumulated in the lumen of the fallopian tube. It is a common type of chronic fallopian tube inflammation.   Experts pointed out that hydrops of the fallopian tube will affect the sperm, egg and fertilized egg passing through the fallopian tube, which greatly reduces the chance of female pregnancy and even leads to infertility. Why is the fallopian tube hydrops Fallopian tube hydrops is a member of the pelvic inflammatory disease, mainly because of inflammation of the fallopian tube, the fallopian tube is blocked and blocked, and the inflammatory fluid secreted into the fallopian tube is trapped in the fallopian tube lumen , After a long time, the formation of hydrosalpinx.   Fallopian tube hydrops often occur after infection with Mycoplasma, Chlamydia, and Neisseria gonorrhoeae, as well as after miscarriage, unclean sex, and improper uterine cavity manipulation, and also due to appendicitis and appendix perforation. Symptoms of hydrosalpinx   The clinical manifestations of hydrosalpinx are the vaginal discharge of clear fluid from time to time, symptoms of lower abdominal pain, infertility, and even the possibility of acute abdominal pain after exercise or sudden change of body position requiring surgery.  Irregular menstruation    Fallopian tubes may also cause women to have irregular menstruation, causing women to have excessive menstruation, or symptoms such as increased menstrual cycle, causing greater damage to women’s health.  Dysmenorrhea  Oviductal fluid will directly cause women to have more intense dysmenorrhea symptoms. The closer to the menstrual period, the stronger the pain will be. It will not be relieved until the onset of menstruation, which often makes women miserable. Infertile tubal hydrops due to obstruction, blockage and adhesion of the lumen of the fallopian tube will prevent the egg from passing through this channel to meet the sperm normally, directly endangering the normal fertility function of the female patient, and causing women to have difficulties in fertility or Is infertile. And the fluid in the fallopian tube will be discharged into the uterine cavity from time to time. Even if the fertilized egg has the luck to reach the uterine cavity, it may be “run” or “killed” by these liquids, and these liquids will affect the quality of the baby’s “bed”. Keep your baby from resting in bed.  Ectopic pregnancy    This situation is more concerned about, women suffering from hydrosalpinx will cause ectopic pregnancy, mainly because the fertilized egg will not reach the uterine cavity, and implanted in the female fallopian tube to grow and form an ectopic pregnancy.  Expert reminder: induced abortion, spontaneous abortion, medical abortion, induced labor, unclean sexual intercourse, etc., may cause problems in the fallopian tube. Therefore, women should love themselves. When the above symptoms occur, they need to be alert to the presence of hydrops, and strive to go to the hospital for early examination and clear treatment in order to avoid serious infertility.

Is the chance of natural pregnancy of endometriosis high?

Endometriosis does not necessarily cause infertility, some women can still get pregnant naturally, and for endometriosis, pregnancy itself is also a treatment method, and some patients make the endometriosis after pregnancy The site disease was “treated”. Therefore, the probability of natural pregnancy in patients with endometriosis is relatively high. However, this is not to say that patients with endometriosis will be able to conceive naturally. In fact, a considerable number of patients with endometriosis face problems such as pregnancy loss or miscarriage after pregnancy. At this time, they wait blindly. Natural pregnancy is actually a waste of good treatment opportunities, so it is the correct treatment to go to a professional reproductive hospital in time.    Endometriosis causes infertility, which may be caused by the endometrial tissue invading the fallopian tube to cause the fallopian tube to block, or it may be due to the invasion of the ovary to form a cyst that causes ovarian function to decline, resulting in infertility.   For infertility caused by endometriosis, both couples can use test tube baby treatment to help pregnancy. Test tube baby can help patients get pregnant through in vitro fertilization + embryo transfer. In vitro fertilization can avoid the problem of tubal blockage.  The ovulation promotion during the treatment of IVF can help patients with ovarian function to take out mature eggs and solve the problem of infertility caused by no ovulation or continuous ovulation.  Endometriosis is one of the typical indications for test-tube babies, so when women encounter such a situation, they can get a good pregnancy through the treatment of test-tube babies in time.

Is oligozoospermia artificial insemination or test-tube baby?

The quality and vitality of men’s semen is less sperm-spermia compared to normal healthy people. Men with oligospermia may suffer from infertility, leading to fertility difficulties. Artificial insemination and IVF techniques are currently used to treat infertility. The two main means of fertility, if men suffer from oligozoospermia, should artificial insemination or test-tube babies be used?     Severe asthenozoosperms for artificial insemination or test-tube babies? Modern men have increased stress, poor living conditions, and poor Lifestyle habits are prone to oligozoospermia. In general, artificial insemination is aimed at male infertility, mainly mild male infertility, the success rate is still good, but if after inspection, male oligospermia is a serious condition, then pass the test tube baby Assisted pregnancy, although the cost of assisted pregnancy is higher, but this is a method that allows patients to have their own children as soon as possible, and if artificial insemination for three or more patients who still did not succeed in pregnancy, then also choose test tube assisted pregnancy.   Men need to pay attention to personal hygiene in daily life, especially the hygiene of reproductive organs, healthy diet, and regular active physical exercise, can reduce the occurrence of oligozoospermia. If men feel abnormal, it is recommended to check to avoid infertility.

How does epididymitis affect male fertility?

  In fact, epididymitis is also one of the causes of male infertility, but many male friends do not know, and they do not pay attention to inflammation. Waiting for the appearance of infertility to think of going to the hospital for examination. So, how does epididymitis affect male fertility?     How does epididymitis affect male fertility? Epididymitis is a common disease in non-specific infections of the male reproductive system, which is more common in young people. For epididymitis, it is necessary to find and treat in time, so as to avoid the severe infertility caused by epididymitis to a large extent.  When various reasons lead to a decrease in their resistance, pathogenic bacteria can take the opportunity to invade the epididymis to cause inflammation. It is usually manifested as sudden pain in the scrotum, swelling of the epididymis, and obvious tenderness, which may be accompanied by fever and induration of the epididymis.  Inflammation of the epididymis can affect sperm maturity, reduce fertilization ability, and lead to a decrease in male fertility. Inflammation can also cause blockage of the epididymal tube, affecting sperm output and causing male infertility. Infection of male genital organs is one of the causes of epididymitis, so in daily life, male friends should pay attention to maintaining personal hygiene, especially local cleanliness, to avoid the occurrence of inflammation due to bacterial infections, plus inflammation is not timely The treatment will cause further lesions, which will affect male fertility.

Dr. Cheng Yahui’s popular science: Will vaginitis cause tubal blockage?

In recent years, there have been many types of female infertility, but infertility caused by tubal lesions accounts for about 30% to 44%, and tubal blockage caused by tubal inflammation is the biggest culprit of female infertility. So, today we will talk about the fallopian tubes. What are the causes of tubal infertility? Pelvic infection and history of pelvic surgery, appendicitis, repeated history of uterine cavity operation, tuberculosis and endometriosis. Fallopian tube injuries include blocked fallopian tubes or fibrosis of the fallopian tubes, which may lead to infertility due to the inability to transport sperm and eggs normally in the following ways: anatomical distortion of the pelvic cavity, blocked fallopian tubes, or cilia damage. Abnormal tubal motility. The anatomical relationship of the fallopian tube and ovary changes, which affects egg collection. Adhesion around the ovary affects ovulation. Patient asked: Will vaginitis cause blockage of the fallopian tubes? A: The most common cause of tubal damage is the infection of the lower genital tract (vaginitis) that extends to the upper genital tract, which leads to pelvic inflammatory disease. The microorganisms that cause infection mainly include Neisseria gonorrhoeae, Chlamydia trachomatis and aerobic anaerobic flora of the vagina. Common vaginitis includes fungal vaginitis (vulvovaginal candidiasis), trichomonas vaginitis and bacterial vaginosis. Is there any kind of vaginitis that can directly damage the fallopian tubes and cause infertility? Bacterial vaginosis (Bacterialvaginosis, BV) is characterized by the overgrowth of anaerobic bacteria and concurrent anaerobic bacteria, and is associated with the occurrence of pelvic inflammatory disease, especially sexually transmitted diseases. And there is a significant correlation between bacterial vaginosis and the occurrence of infertility. What are the dietary considerations for patients with tubal obstruction? 1. Patients with blocked fallopian tubes can consume 1 to 2 eggs per day. At the same time, eggs are rich in protein, calcium and phosphorus, and other vitamins, which can supplement the body’s needs. 2. Patients with blocked fallopian tubes can properly ingest some fresh vegetables and fruits, so as to fully supplement multiple vitamins and a large amount of trace elements calcium and iron. 3. Patients with blocked fallopian tubes can ingest a certain amount of milk foods. The daily intake of fresh milk should be appropriate to avoid excessive consumption. 4. Patients with blocked fallopian tubes should maintain an appropriate amount of daily staple food to avoid too much. They should eat more vitamin B, trace elements, and coarse grains. 5. Calcium and Phosphorus are both elements that patients are prone to lack, while Iron is an important element for making blood and tissue cells. Therefore, patients should eat more calcium-rich egg yolks, beans, etc. and iron-rich lean meat. 6. Patients with blocked fallopian tubes should also avoid coffee, instant noodles, snacks, etc., and should not eat KFC or drink cola far away from foreign fast food.

Can women’s irregular menstruation cause infertility?

Does female menstrual irregularity cause infertility? Although there are many reasons for female infertility, many symptoms have reminded patients to be alert to the occurrence of infertility, such as irregular menstruation. From the perspective of irregular menstruation, often It is caused by abnormal ovaries, and ovaries are important organs in the female reproductive system, so patients should go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible when menstruation is abnormal!   Will female irregular menstruation cause infertility? For example, if a woman has menstruation If it is not related to the endocrine disorder, the patient will have acne, acne, abdominal swelling, abnormal mood, etc. The patient can pass the examination at this time, and then accept the traditional Chinese medicine to adjust the endocrine situation. This process is relatively long, so the patient is in treatment You need to be patient during the process. Don’t procrastinate and cause your condition to deteriorate. Patients should also pay attention to adjusting their work schedule. If you stay up for a long time, it will also cause abnormal menstruation!    Women with irregular menstruation may also be Caused by abnormal ovarian function, such as premature ovarian aging and atrophy, too little estrogen, etc. At this time, patients should consider receiving ovarian related examinations, and then determine the cause to receive corresponding treatment as soon as possible. Generally, they should be treated with drugs, such as traditional Chinese medicine. , Hormones, western medicines, etc. Patients also need to ensure protein intake. Warm tips, if women lose too much fat due to excessive weight loss, it may also cause women to have abnormal menstruation, or even infertility!    Women’s irregular menstruation will cause Infertility? If the patient has not been pregnant for more than half a year, you need to check whether the fallopian tubes are smooth, the ovaries and the uterus are developing. If everything is normal, you can diagnose whether you have a physical weakness through the Chinese medicine pulse. Drink some tonic, but don’t eat nutritious food yourself!

What are the adverse effects of polycystic ovary syndrome on women’s body and conception?

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a complex endocrine and metabolic disorder common in women of childbearing age, with chronic anovulation (dysfunction or loss of ovulation) and hyperandrogenism (excessive male hormone production in women) ) Is a characteristic, the main clinical manifestations are irregular menstrual cycle, infertility, hairy, etc., which are common female endocrine diseases. In today’s article, we will talk about the polycystic ovary syndrome. What are the adverse effects of patients with polycystic ovary syndrome on the body? Short-term effects: Obesity, hairiness, acne, oligomenorrhea, amenorrhea, infertility. Long-term effects: repeated menstrual abnormalities, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, high blood pressure, and increased risk of endometrial cancer. What is the cause of patients with polycystic ovary syndrome? Family genetic factors: According to the high degree of family aggregation shown by the occurrence of polycystic ovary syndrome, genetic factors are a major factor in its etiology. Most polycystic ovary syndromes are related to genetic abnormalities, and a few polycystic ovary syndromes have chromosomal abnormalities. Long-term mental stress, drug and disease effects: due to mental stress, drugs and certain diseases affecting the hypothalamus-pituitary-ovarian axis regulation function abnormalities, ovarian substances inhibit the maturation of follicles, resulting in a series of amenorrhea, hirsutism, etc. Obesity and hyperveinemia patients: some patients with polycystic ovary syndrome, especially obese patients, suggest that they are caused by insulin resistance and may also be caused by defects in insulin receptors. Abnormal adrenal dysfunction in patients with polycystic ovary syndrome has abnormal adrenal cortical function, often due to hyperadrenal cortical hyperfunction, leading to excessive secretions and anovulatory symptoms. Will polycystic ovary syndrome affect pregnancy? Patients with polycystic ovary syndrome often merge and do not ovulate, so they have a certain impact on fertility, infertility, easy abortion, pregnancy-induced hypertension, gestational diabetes and so on. However, if you have rare hair ovulation, there is also a chance of natural pregnancy, so it is recommended not to contraception after marriage and complete pregnancy and birth as soon as possible. If the monitoring proves to be anovulatory infertility, ovulation induction pregnancy can be performed under the guidance of a doctor.

Uterine fibroids prevention, this is correct!

Although uterine fibroids are benign tumors, the irregular menstruation, abdominal masses, compression symptoms, pain, leucorrhea, infertility, and circulatory system symptoms from it still threaten women’s physical and mental health. So, how to prevent uterine fibroids? This is correct. &nbsp.  Uterine fibroids are called gynecological “first tumors” and are more common among women of childbearing age. Although it is a benign tumor, the irregular menstruation, abdominal mass, compression symptoms, pain, leucorrhea, infertility, and circulatory system symptoms from it still threaten women’s physical and mental health. So, do you know what are the hazards of uterine fibroids?   1. Abnormal menstruation. Uterine fibroids can cause excessive menstrual flow. When there is too much bleeding, targeted measures should be taken to avoid anemia. In addition, severe dysmenorrhea may occur during menstruation.   2. Anemia. Uterine fibroids can lead to increased menstruation and prolonged menstruation. In the long run, this can cause secondary anemia. In severe cases, even paleness, general weakness, or shortness of breath and embolism can affect the health of the patient.   3. Infertility, miscarriage. Larger uterine fibroids deform the uterine cavity, and the uterine fibroids tissue in the corner of the uterus presses the entrance of the fallopian tube, which will affect the implantation of the fertilized egg and eventually cause infertility, and some may be miscarried even if they are pregnant.   4. Pain. Under normal circumstances, uterine fibroids will not cause pain, but some patients will have lower abdominal distension, back pain and other symptoms. In addition, red degeneration of uterine fibroids and pedicle torsion of subserosal uterine fibroids can cause acute abdominal pain.   5. Uterine bleeding. Many patients with submucosal uterine fibroids and intermuscular uterine fibroids will have uterine bleeding, of which periodic bleeding is more common, mainly manifested as increased menstrual volume and prolonged menstruation.  Uterine fibroids currently have no cure for uterine preservation except for the removal of the uterus, so it is very important to prevent and reduce the incidence of uterine fibroids daily. You can start from the following aspects.   1. Moderate exercise. Life is about exercise. Appropriate amount of exercise can promote the circulation and metabolic speed of the whole body, and make the environment in the whole body in a relatively balanced state, thereby enhancing resistance and reducing the chance of getting sick. For women of childbearing age, the prevention of uterine fibroids also has positive significance.   2. Adjust emotions in time. In the method of preventing uterine fibroids, it is important to maintain a happy mood. Prevent great anger and thoughtfulness, be cheerful and open-minded, and choose the appropriate way to release pressure in case of trouble.   3. Ensure adequate sleep. Maintain a regular schedule, go to bed early and get up early to ensure the quality of sleep and avoid staying up all night.   4. Balanced diet. At present, it is generally believed in medicine that the prevention of uterine fibroids is related to diet, so women should eat foods rich in protein and vitamins. Eat less longan, red dates, donkey-hide gelatin, royal jelly and other heat, blood coagulation and high hormone-containing foods can be a good prevention of uterine fibroids.   5. Use drugs with caution. Use hormone drugs with caution, such as oral contraceptives, breast, ovarian and uterine health care drugs, health care massage essential oils, and health products.   6. Regular gynecological examination. Uterine fibroids have no obvious symptoms in the early stage, so in order to prevent the emergence of uterine fibroids, it is very necessary to do regular gynecological examination. If you really find uterine fibroids, you don’t need to be too panic. , According to the doctor’s advice.

What are the hazards of death syndrome? How to treat?

In recent years, with the intensification of environmental pollution and the increase in work pressure, more and more men suffer from dead spermosis, so oligospermia is not too strange to people, so oligospermia will affect male friends What harm does it bring? How to treat dead sperm disease? What are the hazards of dead sperm disease? How to treat it? Experts from Kunming Avid Hospital said that dead sperm disease refers to the sperm survival rate of male semen. Is a symptom of male infertility. In addition to causing male infertility, death sperm disease can also cause great distress to men. For example, perennial infertility affects the relationship between husband and wife, and over time leads to a family conflict. If the time is getting longer and longer, the condition will worsen, which makes the pressure of male friends more and more, so it is necessary to treat the dead sperm as soon as possible. In daily life, patients with dead spermia need to pay attention to personal hygiene, pay more attention to supplementing foods that can promote sperm production, such as foods rich in arginine, calcium, zinc, etc., and go to a regular hospital as soon as possible Carry out treatment to prevent the condition from aggravating.  For patients with fertility requirements, if conservative treatment is not effective, you can choose to use human assisted reproductive technology to achieve fertility. If it is only mild death syndrome, then artificial insemination can be done. If artificial insemination fails three or more times or suffers from severe death syndrome, then it is recommended to directly do IVF. IVF is an in vitro fertilization technology , Has a very good effect on the treatment of infertility caused by death syndrome.

Will female dysmenorrhea cause infertility?

Will female dysmenorrhea cause infertility? With the acceleration of the pace of life in modern society, many women still suffer from dysmenorrhea. At the same time, these young women who often suffer from dysmenorrhea will worry that will their dysmenorrhea cause infertility? Pregnancy and childbirth are dreams that every woman has had, so we might as well pay more attention to this issue. Does female dysmenorrhea really cause infertility? In fact, many relevant clinical medical data show that the relationship between female dysmenorrhea and infertility is very close. According to medical clinical observations, about one-half of female patients with infertility are accompanied by A history of dysmenorrhea with varying degrees of severity. There are also a large number of medical clinical data that show that more than half of the patients with infertility accompanied by dysmenorrhea, and found that these female patients with infertility once the dysmenorrhea phenomenon is eliminated, these patients can immediately become pregnant.  Will female dysmenorrhea cause infertility? This shows that the relationship between female dysmenorrhea and infertility is indeed very close, and it also shows that the ancients’ view that “seeds are adjusted first, and the pregnancy is self-contained” has a certain basis.   Will women’s dysmenorrhea heal after marriage?   Will women’s dysmenorrhea cause infertility? Most women with dysmenorrhea do heal after marriage or childbirth. Because the menstrual blood and the exfoliated endometrium cannot flow out smoothly through the cervix, which is one of the main causes of dysmenorrhea in women. However, when a woman gives birth, the woman’s uterine ostium will become loose, and menstrual blood and exfoliated endometrium will be easily discharged, so the dysmenorrhea will disappear. However, there are many reasons that can cause dysmenorrhea in women, such as excessive uterine dorsiflexion, uterine dysplasia or deformity, vaginal deformity, small hymen, pelvic mass, appendicitis, and endometriosis. So not all women with dysmenorrhea can heal themselves after getting married or having a baby.  In summary, did we scold us about women’s dysmenorrhea that would cause infertility? In any case, if there is a long-term dysmenorrhea, we must go to a professional hospital for examination and treatment in time, and we should not wait passively.

What are the hazards of death syndrome? How to treat?

In recent years, with the intensification of environmental pollution and the increase of work pressure, more and more men suffer from dead spermosis, so oligospermia is not too strange to people, so oligospermia will affect male friends What kind of harm does it bring? How to treat dead sperm disease? What are the hazards of dead sperm disease? How to treat it? Dead sperm disease refers to a symptom that the sperm survival rate in the semen ejected by men is very small, which leads to male infertility One reason. In addition to causing male infertility, death sperm disease can also cause great distress to men. For example, perennial infertility affects the relationship between husband and wife, and over time leads to a family conflict. If the time is getting longer and longer, the condition will worsen, which makes the pressure of male friends more and more, so it is necessary to treat the dead sperm as soon as possible. In daily life, patients with dead spermia need to pay attention to personal hygiene, pay more attention to supplementing foods that can promote sperm production, such as foods rich in arginine, calcium, zinc, etc., and go to a regular hospital as soon as possible Carry out treatment to prevent the condition from aggravating.  For patients with fertility requirements, if conservative treatment is not effective, you can choose to use human assisted reproductive technology to achieve fertility. If it is only mild death syndrome, then artificial insemination can be done. If artificial insemination fails three or more times or suffers from severe death syndrome, then it is recommended to directly do IVF. IVF is an in vitro fertilization technology , Has a very good effect on the treatment of infertility caused by death syndrome.

What are the symptoms of oviduct blockage?

Blocking of the fallopian tubes is the main cause of infertility in women, and it is very troublesome for female friends, so its symptoms have become the knowledge that many women need to know. So what are the main symptoms of tubal blockage? 1, infertility tubal is an important role in transporting sperm, ingesting eggs and transporting fertilized eggs to the uterine cavity. When the fallopian tubes are damaged by damage, they form a blockage, hindering sperm and The passage of fertilized eggs leads to infertility. 2. Chronic chronic inflammation of the dysmenorrhea and the fallopian tubes can cause pelvic congestion, which can cause stasis-induced dysmenorrhea. Most of the dysmenorrhea is accompanied by abdominal pain starting 1 week before menstruation. The closer to menstruation, the heavier the menstrual period until the menstrual cramps. 3. Irregular menstrual tube is adjacent to the ovary. When the fallopian tube inflammation affects the ovaries, it will cause different degrees of damage to the ovarian function, thus causing abnormal menstruation. Among them, menstrual frequency and excessive menstrual flow are the most common. 4. Abdominal discomfort The lower abdomen can have various degrees of pain, most of which are hidden discomfort. The pain in the lower back and sacrum, swelling, and falling feeling often cause symptoms to increase due to fatigue. 5. Other serious fallopian tube blockage, in addition to infertility, dysmenorrhea and other symptoms, increased leucorrhea, couple life pain, gastrointestinal tract disorders, fatigue, affected labor or fatigue resistance, neuropsychiatric symptoms and depression. I believe that through the introduction of the above article, you should have more understanding of the symptoms of tubal obstruction. Only by knowing more about the symptoms of tubal blockage can we find the existence of the disease earlier in life, and we can also treat the disease in the best time, hoping to bring more help to everyone.