How to reduce the side effects of using hormones for patients with renal syndrome!

Nephrotic syndrome is a clinical syndrome characterized by massive proteinuria, hypoalbuminemia, hyperlipidemia and edema. Most of these patients are children. Therefore, adrenal cortex hormone has become the first choice medicine recognized at home and abroad, and the basic medicine is prednisone. However, due to the large amount of hormones needed to treat kidney disease and the long time, it is prone to more side effects and complications. Therefore, during the entire hormone treatment period, care for patients should be strengthened. Numerous clinical experiences have confirmed that actively doing the following three aspects can significantly reduce side effects and complications, and can ensure that hormone therapy is not interrupted, so as to improve the cure rate and reduce the recurrence rate. To prevent respiratory infections, upper respiratory tract infection is a common disease, and it is also the main cause of forcing the interruption of hormone therapy and the recurrence of kidney disease. Therefore, the prevention of upper respiratory tract infection should be placed on an important position. The focus of strengthening the prevention link is to increase or decrease clothing in time as the weather changes, bring or not take patients to crowded places as little as possible, prevent heatstroke, cold and cross infection, keep indoor air fresh and circulate, and maintain appropriate temperature and humidity. Prevent skin and oral infections. Because the use of hormones can reduce the body’s resistance and immunity, patients are prone to infections when the skin is damaged or the mouth is dirty. In this regard, one should pay attention to allowing patients to bathe, wash hands and feet frequently to keep their skin clean. The second is that patients should not use too much force when taking a bath to prevent scratching the skin, and to prevent the skin from being damaged by sharp instruments such as knives and scissors. The third is to pay attention to oral hygiene, do frequent gargle, including gargle with warm water after meals and after taking medicine, and brush your teeth 2 to 3 times a day. The fourth is to check the oral cavity frequently. Once you find oral inflammation or ulcers, you should rinse your mouth with boric acid or compound borax solution in time, and apply smecta and Yunnan Baiyao to the oral ulcers to promote the healing of the ulcers as soon as possible. If you or your family members lack experience, or do not have the above-mentioned drugs, you should go to the hospital’s dental department for treatment. To prevent excessive fatigue, patients with stable kidney disease should be encouraged to go out more, because this will help prevent the side effects of hormone hypercoagulation and osteoporosis complications. However, it should be noted that activities must not be excessive, so as not to induce aggravation of kidney disease due to fatigue. Many experts advocate that patients must be guaranteed sleep at night. Children should stay at least 8 hours a day for 8 to 10 hours, and have a nap during the day for no less than 0.5 to 1 hour. If the patient feels tired or overworked after activity, he should stay in bed in time to relieve fatigue. In addition, the daily diet should be low in salt, appropriate amount of protein and calories, and patients should be encouraged to eat more fruits and vegetables, drink more vegetable soup and lean meat soup, and strengthen the patient’s physical strength and energy through a reasonable diet, which can effectively reduce fatigue and Symptoms of fatigue. Nephrotic syndrome is a chronic disease. Although drug treatment is an indispensable and important means, good care is also an essential and important task. With proper care, it can not only reduce the side effects and complications caused by long-term and large-scale medication, but also effectively improve the cure rate of the disease. Patients with kidney disease and their families must not ignore this.

Why do children become the main force of leukemia? Catch the early signal, may save lives

 According to statistics, in China, there are about 40,000 new leukemia patients every year, of which 40% are children, and the majority are children between 2 and 7 years old. Leukemia, commonly known as “blood cancer”, is a malignant tumor of the hematopoietic system. Malignant hematological tumors caused by the abnormal proliferation of hematopoietic stem cells in the bone marrow are one of the serious diseases that seriously threaten the lives and health of children. In fact, the occurrence of leukemia is closely related to our lives. Grasping the early signal may save lives! 1. Fatigue or pale skin 2. High fever or low fever 3. Prone to bleeding from abnormal parts 4. Infection (respiratory tract infection, oral infection),    5. Extreme fatigue or weakness, shortness of breath, cough 6. Hepatosplenomegaly, lymphadenopathy If you have bone and joint pain, don’t ignore these symptoms, delay the condition, find and treat early!   So, as parents, you need to pay attention to these few things!  First, stay away from those chemical environments or objects  Many parents will live in houses that have not been renovated for a long time. In fact, under such a chemical environment, it is harmful to their children. You should move in at least three months after the house is renovated. There are also hair dyes or cosmetics that parents often dye their hair, so they should be less touched by children.  Second, radiation exposure  In life, we cannot distinguish with the naked eye, such as radiation emitted by Y-rays, X-rays and other radioactive materials. The improvement of the quality of life has caused children to come into contact with electronic products such as mobile phones and computers prematurely. Although there is no specific evidence that electronic products can induce leukemia, take precautions against them. Moreover, even if electronic products are not disease-causing, they are harmful to children. The harm is also great. Third, the children are not paying attention to the hygiene of the diet. Children like to eat snacks, especially when parents pick up their children, they will buy junk food such as spicy strips and potato chips for the children. These snacks can be eaten occasionally, but if they are eaten daily or for a long time , Will have a great impact on the child’s body. Cases of acute leukemia caused by unhealthy diet are everywhere. In addition, children’s self-control is very low and cannot resist the temptation of these foods. Therefore, as a responsible adult, we must control the number of children’s exposure to these foods. At the same time, Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and drink plenty of water.

Keloid recurrence/pruritus/infection, it turned out to be making trouble

In an operation this morning, I used surgical nucleotomy to remove the lesion tissue in the front chest keloid for a patient. From the excised keloid tissue, there are a lot of skin attachments such as sebaceous glands and hair follicles, and a little squeezing can see that there are sebaceous gland secretions like tofu. Many people may not know that if these skin appendages are infected, they are one of the main reasons for the recurrence of keloid scars. &nbsp. We know that acne (acne) is the main cause of keloid scars. Acne is usually caused by excessive secretion of sebaceous glands, sebaceous gland ducts are easily keratinized and blocked, and sebaceous glands can’t be secreted out. After a long time, bacterial invasion will cause them. Infection of hair follicles and sebaceous glands can cause acne. &nbsp.Usually, acne will gradually disappear and the skin will return to normal if handled properly. On the contrary, repeated inflammation and damage to the skin attachment will stimulate the skin tissue to initiate the repair mechanism. If the repair is too active, fibroblasts proliferate more, collagen is overproduced, and the balance of skin lesion repair is disturbed, and keloids will appear. The most common areas for keloid scars are also located in areas rich in sebaceous glands, such as the jaw, chest, shoulders, back, and pubic caruncle. After a keloid is formed, its deep tissue contains a large number of skin attachments such as sebaceous glands and hair follicles, which makes it difficult to remove these attachments during the scar softening needle or laser treatment. After a period of time, the sebaceous glands secrete sebum, and the inability to discharge it in time will cause sebaceous cysts. Inflammatory stimulation will make the keloids proliferate again, which is also one of the important reasons for the recurrence of keloids. In addition, when these skin appendages in the keloid are in a state of severe inflammation, it will also cause the keloid tingling, itching, infection and ulceration, causing extreme pain to the patient. This view has also been recognized by the international medical community, and similar discussions can be seen in foreign medical journals. &nbsp. For keloids with repeated sebaceous gland infections, if the internal infected skin accessory structure is not removed, they will continue to make waves inside, causing recurrence, infection ulceration, itching and tingling. Therefore, my experience is: It is best to clean the skin structure that is often repeatedly infected in keloids through surgery, and then cooperate with shallow radiotherapy to effectively reduce the recurrence rate and achieve the purpose of treating both symptoms and root causes.

Climbing, crawling, crawling, crawling, accidentally bugs crawling to your body…

After the night after the heavy rain, Xiao Mi finally chased the South Korean zombie film “Kingdom” (formerly known as “Lee Shi Chosun”). “Kingdom”, people who don’t know must still think it is a historical blockbuster, but this drama is indeed comparable to “The Walking Dead”. “Kingdom” tells the story of a strange plague sweeping through ancient Korea. Everyone turned into unconscious zombies. They could only turn more humans into “puppets” like them by biting. &nbsp.The reason why they become zombies is mainly a plant called “life and death grass”-which contains a kind of insect eggs, which will develop into mature insects after entering the human body, attack the brain, and then become a Zombies with no emotions. &nbsp. TV dramas are only TV dramas after all, but there are not a few examples of worm eggs entering the body “wriggling”! For example, in 2002, a 12-year-old male doll went to the doctor with sudden hematuria. According to the doctor at the time, the baby had elephantiasis in the scrotum when he came. The B-ultrasound showed a dark liquid area and there was tenderness in the right testicle. After a series of inspections, it was diagnosed as filariasis. Another example is Ms. Tang who came to our hospital not long ago. Because of itching in her private parts, yellow vaginal discharge and peculiar smell, she felt embarrassed and chose to buy medicines for treatment by herself. After using nursing lotion and anti-inflammatories for a period of time, my condition gradually improved and I thought it was better. But when she stopped the medication, the above situation reappeared. In the end, she ran to our hospital for a checkup if she had no choice. After diagnosis and treatment, he was diagnosed with trichomonas vaginitis. &nbsp. Although it is not common for patients like the above two patients to get parasitic diseases, in recent years, parasitic diseases have continued to increase every year. The human body is a completely independent individual. As the saying goes, “One mountain cannot tolerate two tigers”. Of course, one body cannot tolerate the existence of two different “species” of life. Parasitic diseases refer to diseases caused by parasites invading the human body. Because of the different types of worms and parasitic parts, the pathological changes and clinical manifestations of caocheng are also different. Parasitic diseases are widely distributed, but they are more common in poor and backward areas and poor sanitary conditions, especially in tropical and subtropical areas. What are the common urinary tract parasitic diseases? Malaria Malaria is a vector-borne disease caused by the infection of malaria parasites after being bitten by a mosquito or transfused into the blood of a person carrying malaria parasites. &nbsp. After being infected with malaria, there will be periodic regular attacks, chills, fever, and sweating all over the body, and anemia and splenomegaly will also occur after long-term attacks. Filariasis Filariasis refers to a parasitic disease caused by filaria parasitic in the lymphatic tissue, subcutaneous tissue or serous cavity of the human body. In our country, there are only two types of insects: Bancroft (Ban’s) and Brufilaria malayi (filaria malayi). Filariasis is spread by blood-sucking insects. The signs and symptoms of filariasis are different due to different parts of the parasite. In the early stage, it mainly manifests as lymphangitis and lymphadenitis; in the late stage, a series of symptoms and signs caused by lymphatic obstruction, such as chyluria, chylohematuria, scrotal elephantiasis, and hydrocele will appear. Trichomoniasis can cause urogenital infections in men and women, such as trichomoniasis urethritis. Male patients will experience itching and burning sensation in the urethra during and after urination, followed by a small amount of white discharge, which can become thick urine when complicated by infection; female patients mainly manifest as frequent urination, burning sensation and difficulty urinating , Trichomonas cystitis and Trichomonas urethritis coexist. Schistosomiasis is caused by the parasitism of Schistosomiasis in the bladder vein and pelvic vein. This schistosomiasis lays eggs in the small veins of the bladder venous plexus. It mainly invades the bladder mucosa, causing congestion and ulcers in the bladder. Sometimes it can be worms. Masses formed by eggs as the core or bladder stones may also become cancerous, and sometimes worm eggs can be seen in the hematuria at the end of the examination. &nbsp. Kidney hydatid cysts Kidney hydatid cysts are generally accompanied by hydatid cysts in other organs in the body. When the renal hydatid cysts penetrate into the renal pelvis or secondary infections, symptoms of urinary tract infection may appear, such as : Frequent urination, urgency, dysuria, etc. The main feature of this disease is palpable swollen kidneys and cystic cysts can be found in the urine. Amoeba protozoa can be infected through blood, rupture of liver or colon amoebic abscess, and spread directly around the kidney to cause perineal abscess. It can also cause infection within the urinary system. &nbsp.say

The “root cause” of allergic purpura has been uncovered, and prevent it soon

 In life, people are paying more and more attention to health preservation, and they also have regular physical examinations, but they were found to have thyroid nodules. Although most thyroid nodules are benign, regular review is enough, so don’t worry too much.   However, if you don’t pay attention to maintenance in normal times, it will also cause aggravation of the disease and endanger your personal health.   Allergic purpura, as an allergic blood disease, harms the human body and can cause complications such as kidney failure.  The “root cause” of allergic purpura has been uncovered   1, bacterial and viral infections  This is the most common cause of allergic purpura, and the above respiratory infections are the most common. Upper respiratory tract infection can also make the condition worse or cause recurrence.  2, parasitic infection    mainly caused by allergies to substances such as foreign proteins released by parasites, parasite infection is a common cause of the disease. Among them, roundworms are the most common.  3, food factors  Many people are allergic to milk, eggs, and seafood. Because of the special physique of this group of people, it is very easy to have allergic reactions to certain animal proteins, so patients with allergic purpura should pay special attention to their diet.  4, drug factors, such as penicillin, streptomycin, chloramphenicol, and synthetic estrogen, testosterone propionate, etc., it can be said that there are many drugs that can cause allergic purpura.  5. Other predisposing factors   Cold stimulation can induce allergic purpura, as well as pollen inhalation, trauma, bites by mosquitoes, vaccination, mental factors, etc. Therefore, prevention is more important than treatment, usually avoid contact with allergens; avoid pets to reduce the chance of contact with animal skins; ensure balanced nutrition, match coarse and fine grains, eat more fruits and vegetables, eat more foods with more vitamin C, and avoid spicy food Other irritating foods; strengthen physical exercises, strengthen physical fitness, and improve the body’s immunity; increase or decrease clothes with the weather to avoid catching colds; avoid using suspicious allergic drugs. Avoid bumps and injuries.

If monocytes are elevated, what problems will the body have?

Xiebielu Studio WeChat add369456 article source: Reposted from WeChat public account [Xiebielu Studio] Monocytes are a type of white blood cell count in the blood and are a key component of the mononuclear macrophage system. Monocytes can evolve into macrophages, have the ability to deform, and can swallow and eliminate some human pathogens and foreign bodies, or somatic cell debris. In routine blood tests, if monocytes rise, it is generally reminded that there may be a virus infection. For example, infectious mononucleosis or viral infections such as measles and rubella will cause the increase of monocytes.   Blood diseases such as monocytic leukemia, there will be an increase in monocytes. There are also some other diseases, such as hyperthyroidism, active tuberculosis, and acute bacterial infection with endocarditis, all of which may have increased monocytes. The increase in monocytes may be caused by physiological factors. For example, some women experience an increase in monocytes during a certain part of the menstrual cycle.  Monocytes stay in the blood for a very short time, only 1-3 days, then the monocytes overflow blood vessels and enter the tissues and kidney tubes to change into macrophages. Higher monocytes indicate that the body has some infections. For example, in the case of dengue fever or tuberculosis, monocytes will be higher. In addition, some blood system diseases, such as monocytic leukemia, will also have higher monocytes, and lymphoma and myelodysplastic syndromes will also have higher monocytes.   The classification and counting of white blood cells is a key content of routine blood examination and detection. The key to classification of white blood cells includes five categories, namely monocytes, reticulocytes, monocytes, eosinophils, and basophils. The high proportion of monocytes is common in the following types of conditions:   1. Subacute infection. Monocytes are caused by the mononuclear macrophage system. In the case of infection, the general body will be emergency irritant. A mononuclear macrophage system is active, it will release a lot of monocytes, that is, monocytes increase, and with the increase of monocytes, it is a characteristic of general subacute infection;   2, mainly It is common in the recovery period of acute infectious diseases. For example, in the recovery period of surgery during the treatment period of some infectious diseases, monocytes are relatively high. At this moment, it is confirmed that it is a major manifestation of good prognosis;   3. It is more critical and common in blood diseases. For example, there is a category of leukemia called subacute monocytic leukemia, which is mainly caused by the abnormal reproduction of monocytes. Many somatic cells in the blood and bone marrow of patients are basically all single Nuclear cells, the initial monocytes, and others such as chronic myeloid monocytic leukemia and chronic myeloid leukemia will be accompanied by elevated monocytes.

Diabetes encounters insect bite dermatitis

Infected in summer and autumn, all kinds of mosquitoes are very active. Recently, patients in dermatology clinics have various reactions after mosquito bites. Don’t think it’s okay to just be bitten by a mosquito, check out the following report. Why did Mr. Wang in the report have lower limb abscesses? First of all, the patient has a history of scratching, that is, after being bitten by an insect, he has scratched it with his hands, and is prone to infection in summer. Probably many people would say that after we were bitten by insects, we often scratched with our hands and we never had such a situation! The next important point is that the patient has a history of diabetes and the patient’s blood sugar is not well controlled. It turns out that this is the basic reason. Diabetes complications, this picture is derived from the network. For patients with diabetes, immune regulatory dysfunction can occur. Hyperglycemia and ketoacidosis can reduce leukocyte tropism, phagocytosis and sterilization. The simple understanding is that the resistance of white blood cells is poor, and bacterial infections are prone to occur. The cellulitis of Mr. Wang in the above report is a coccal infection, in addition to fungal infections and viral infections. However, skin infections in well-controlled diabetic patients did not increase. Diabetes can induce systemic vascular disease, and arteries, capillaries and veins can be affected regardless of the size of blood vessels. The common ones are microangiopathy and atherosclerosis. Just because of the superposition of many reasons, a small insect bite dermatitis can induce such a severe situation. The blisters turned into pustules. SUMMER ulceration, erosion, redness, and swelling. Of course, such serious cases as reported in the report are rare in clinical practice. We encounter more often because of repeated scratching after insect bite dermatitis, eczema-like changes, or limited skin infections, which generally cause red pustular papules around the skin lesions, as well as limited small-scale abscesses under the skin, and local erosions. It is not easy to heal the scab. When encountering the above situation, everyone should not be careless and go to the hospital as soon as possible. One prevents the disease from going deeper and more troublesome, and the other is that the skin lesions will not look good there. Repeated itching and scratching are also uncomfortable! END Wang Yin is an attending TCM physician in Jiashan First Hospital of Zhejiang Province. He graduated from Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He started to work in the Department of Dermatology and Venereology in 2009. He has rich clinical experience in diagnosis and treatment of various common skin diseases, based on conventional Chinese and Western medicines. He is good at treating difficult cases such as acupuncture and thread embedding, especially for eczema, acne, obesity, etc. He has self-insights and treatment methods, and often achieves good clinical effects. Zhu Mingang, Chief Physician of Dermatology Department, Attending Physician of Zhejiang Medical Beauty, 2016 Excellent Dermatologist of Zhejiang Province. He has been engaged in skin and venereal diseases for more than 20 years, and has accumulated rich clinical experience and theoretical knowledge. In addition to proficiency in the diagnosis and treatment of common diseases in dermatology, in recent years, allergic skin diseases and facial skin diseases that affect beauty have been focused and explored. Expert outpatient time: Jiashan No. 1 Hospital Tuesday morning (allergic skin disease), Thursday afternoon (cosmetic dermatology) Thank you for your trust in me, I will try my best to help you with my professional knowledge. Scientific skin care and rational use of drugs, let us use patience and trust to promote health and care for beauty! Hobbies: travel, casual photography and all beautiful things! More skin care science popularization in Xitang summer, welcome to pay attention to “Skin care in Xitang”

Will wearing a sleeve infect genital warts? Causes of genital warts

&nbsp.Condyloma acuminata is a common sexually transmitted disease. It is mainly infected through direct sexual contact. Whether condoms can prevent condyloma acuminata, and the efficacy and role of condoms, still have great characteristics as a sexually transmitted disease. relationship. Under normal circumstances, the way of wearing a sleeve can reduce the chance of condyloma acuminata being infected, but it cannot prevent condyloma acuminata from being infected. &nbsp.Will wearing a condom infect genital warts?&nbsp.The role of condoms. Condoms are no longer unfamiliar to many friends. As a common method of contraception in daily life, condoms have a positive role in contraception, and condoms are reducing Sexually transmitted diseases also have a certain effect on the probability of infection. However, as there is no 100% prevention of sexually transmitted diseases so far, it is possible to infect condyloma acuminata or even get pregnant with a sleeve. &nbsp.Does wearing a condom infect genital warts?&nbsp. Analysis of the cause Although condoms can effectively prevent sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS, condyloma acuminatum, or syphilis, the role of condoms cannot be mythological. If condoms break or fall off during sex Circumstances, then the probability of suffering from sexually transmitted diseases of genital warts is particularly high, especially those people with weakened body immunity are more likely to suffer from sexually transmitted diseases of genital warts.

What is the difference between acne and folliculitis?

What is the difference between acne and folliculitis? Acne is a chronic inflammatory skin disease involving skin hair follicles and sebaceous glands. Folliculitis is a purulent inflammation caused by bacterial infection of hair follicles. The surface symptoms of the two look similar, but they are actually two completely different diseases, which can be distinguished from the following aspects: 1. Causes: The occurrence of acne is related to clogged pores, heredity, hormone levels in the body, and Corynebacterium acnes infection; folliculitis It is a bacterial infectious disease. Folliculitis is inflammation around the mouth of purulent hair follicles. The main causes include improper head cleaning, head rash infection, low immunity, local bacterial and fungal infections. The pathogens include Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus, Staphylococcus epidermidis, Escherichia coli and so on. Avoid eating high-energy foods, such as fried, fried sweets, spicy foods. Since this type of food will increase oil secretion after eating, it is easy to cause folliculitis. During illness, pay attention to cleaning and avoid scratching. 2. Prone areas: Acne is more common in young adults on the face, chest, back, etc.; folliculitis is more common in hairy and susceptible areas, such as scalp, nape, chest and back. 3. Clinical manifestations: Acne skin lesions are mainly whiteheads, blackheads, papules, pustules, abscesses, nodules, cysts, etc.; folliculitis initially appears as red-filled papules consistent with the hair follicle opening or starts from follicular impetigo Afterwards, it develops rapidly into papular pustules, runs through the hair, blushes and inflammations all around, and then becomes dry and scabs. The scabs are healed after about 1 week, but there are also recurring attacks that do not heal for many years, and some may develop deep In the present infection, furuncle, carbuncle, etc. are formed, and scars are generally not left. There are many skin rashes, isolated and scattered, and consciously mild pain. It mainly occurs in hairy parts in adults, and it is more likely to occur on the head in children. The rashes may sometimes merge with each other, and small patches of baldness may remain after healing.

Shi Shurong Consultation Appointment: Why is the platelet lower and lower for baby virus infection?

Vascular endothelial cells are involved in many important functions such as vasoconstriction, hemostasis, coagulation, inflammation, angiogenesis and cell apoptosis. During the circulation process, platelets continuously communicate with vascular endothelial cells for “information”. If there is an abnormality in this aspect, it may cause the value to fluctuate! Shi Shurong/Xie Bielu Director WeChat consultation platform zkxk9999 baby virus infection, why is the platelet lower and lower? Ms. Liu’s child was 6 years old this year. He was suddenly found to have low blood platelets and was judged to be caused by a respiratory infection. How to explain this? Platelets can release or transmit substances that affect the function of endothelial cells; endothelial cells also express or release surface receptors or soluble mediators that can inhibit platelet function or promote platelet activation. When affected by external factors, such as infection, the information exchange between platelets and vascular endothelial cells changes. Both of these cells are activated, and the interaction between the two causes the platelet life to shorten and damage increases. After infection, monocytes-macrophages and neutrophils also initiate a response to pathogenic microorganisms, amplify the inflammatory response and involve more cytokines. In this way, vascular endothelial cells are further activated, and the function of phagocytes is enhanced, which eventually leads to platelet adhesion, aggregation on vascular endothelial cells, or phagocytic cells. In addition, the increase in the number of phagocytes in the bone marrow after infection and the long-term and large-scale application of haptenic antibiotics can also cause further destruction of platelets and reduce the number. For more patient communication help, please follow the WeChat public account [Thrombocytopenia Patients Association] xxbjs75

How to stop the spread of AIDS

How to stop the spread of AIDS? AIDS is a disease of immune system deficiency, which is contagious, harmful and has a high fatality rate. It should be prevented as soon as possible. AIDS is essentially a sexually transmitted disease. Like other sexually transmitted diseases, this disease can be transmitted through blood or from an infected mother to her unborn or new-born baby. Therefore, to prevent the spread of AIDS, unclean sex should be controlled, and the birth of AIDS patients should also be closely monitored. Measures to prevent the transmission of AIDS through sexual behavior must consist of the following three components: 1) popularize common sense of AIDS prevention for all men and women, and conduct disease prevention education; 2) provide health and social services, especially for testing and Medical institutions that treat other sexually transmitted diseases; 3) Have protective social norms and advocate the use of condoms during sexual intercourse.  &Nbsp.How can sex workers stop the spread of AIDS?   Sex workers are the main AIDS group, because they often come into contact with different sexes and have sex with them. Before sexual intercourse, they will not understand their experience, let alone their health. They pay enough money to sex workers, and the sex workers will satisfy their sexual desire needs. In the process of sexual intercourse, men will make unreasonable demands. If sex workers do not refuse, it is easy to contract HIV due to unclean sex, such as the request not to use condoms. Some men even put forward anal sex too much, and anal sex is easy to bleed, and the chance of bleeding infection is higher. For the sake of their own health, sex workers should clean themselves and love themselves, and do not engage in occupations that are harmful to their health and may be infected with AIDS. In addition, if you contract a disease, you should stop working immediately and receive treatment. Irrationally having relationships with men and spreading the virus on a large scale, AIDS will endanger the health of many people.  How do drug users organize the spread of AIDS?  During the process of injecting drugs, drug users are also susceptible to infection. To prevent diseases, drug users should use sterilized syringes, reduce the use of neurological drugs, and reduce the use of contaminated syringes. In fact, detoxification is the most effective way to prevent and treat diseases. Drug use is not only harmful to physical and mental health, but also costs huge amounts of money. For their own health, drug users should love themselves, go to a professional drug rehabilitation center for treatment, and get rid of their drug abuse habits. 

Why are keloids susceptible to infection and rupture in summer? You have to do this to prevent infection

Not long ago, a patient consulted on the Internet, “My chest keloids have been around for 15 years. Recently, I have a little ulceration and discharge. It is very painful. I don’t know what to do?” Summer is the season when keloid patients are very uncomfortable. In the weather, keloids become more painful, itchy, hyperplasia, inflammation, and infection become more and more serious. Why are keloids prone to inflammation and infection in summer? How to care? Why are keloids easy to rupture? In a high temperature environment, sweat glands and sebaceous glands secrete relatively vigorously. These secretions are carried and wrapped inside the scar and cannot be discharged in time, causing sebaceous cysts or folliculitis, aggravating itching and pain, and even breakage and erosion after repeated scratching, forming scar infection ulcers . Picture source network, how to care for keloids in summer? 1. Pay attention to hygiene and prevent infection. In summer, the keloid area must be clean and hygienic. Partial areas should be cleaned frequently with water. Use a cotton swab or a small soft brush to clean the crevices of the scars every time you clean, so that no dirt remains in the crevices. 2. Dress appropriately to relieve itching. Due to the high temperature in summer, local sweat immersion and high temperature, the expansion of blood vessels in the local skin of keloids tends to aggravate the itchiness of keloids. Therefore, we should avoid dampness and high temperature environment in our life, and the clothes should have good air permeability and sweat absorption, so that the keloids should always be in a fresh and warm environment. When high temperature causes local pain and itching symptoms aggravate, appropriate cold compresses can relieve it to a certain extent. 3. Avoid irritation to prevent the scars from getting bigger. When the weather is hot, the clothes are thinner and the protection against injury is poor. The keloids often protrude on the surface of the body and are more likely to be injured. Once the scar is damaged, it is easy to stimulate the keloid and become more serious. Therefore, prevention of traumatic injury is also an important part of keloid care. In addition, pay attention to light diet and avoid spicy foods; pay attention to clean environment in daily life to avoid mosquito bites; I also need to mention that now is the dog days, many keloids are caused by folliculitis infection, so pay attention to folliculitis daily Or acne treatment to avoid secondary keloids. &nbsp. Care for ulcerated keloids is not enough. If they are not actively treated, they will generally prolong and recur, and long-term repeated infections may cause malignant changes. Therefore, it is recommended that patients with keloids must be treated as soon as possible to avoid repeated infections.

7 reasons can cause nephrotic syndrome

1. Bacterial infections are found in post-streptococcal nephritis, bacterial endocarditis, shunt nephritis, leprosy, syphilis, tuberculosis, chronic pyelonephritis with reflux nephropathy, etc.; viral infections are seen in hepatitis B, cytomegalovirus, infection Mononucleosis, human immunodeficiency virus; parasitic infections are seen in Plasmodium, toxoplasmosis, helminths, schistosomiasis, and filariasis. 2. Drugs or poisoning allergy to organic or inorganic mercury, organic gold and silver, penicillamine, diacemorphine, probenecid, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, trimethyldione and other drugs; bee stings, snake venom; pollen, vaccines, Anti-toxin and other allergies. 3. Tumors such as lung, stomach, colon, breast, ovary, thyroid, leukemia and lymphoma, Willm tumor, etc. 4. Systemic diseases Systemic lupus erythematosus, mixed connective tissue disease, dermatomyositis, Sjogren’s syndrome, allergic purpura, amyloidosis, etc. 5. Metabolic disease diabetes, thyroid disease. 6. Genetic diseases: Congenital nephrotic syndrome, Alport syndrome, Fabry disease, sickle cell anemia, nail-patella syndrome, lipodystrophy, familial renal syndrome, etc. 7. Chronic rejection of other eclampsia transplants, malignant nephrosclerosis, renal artery stenosis, etc.

How much does it cost to treat genital warts

There is no clear standard for the specific cost of treating genital warts. Clinical treatment of condyloma acuminatum depends on factors such as the degree of infection of the patient, the site of infection and the time of infection, and different doses and courses of treatment are used, so the cost of treatment cannot be generalized. The treatment cost can be divided into two parts:    (1) Examination and diagnosis fee: it cannot be treated blindly before treatment, and it should be scientifically accurate according to the type, activity, degree of invasion, drug sensitivity, cross-infection of pathogenic bacteria, etc. After the quantitative qualitative detection and analysis, then specific treatment. The inspection and diagnosis fees are all formulated according to the relevant regulations of the State Price Bureau, and strictly enforce the unified charging standards set by the Ministry of Health to prevent arbitrary charging. (2) Specific treatment costs: Many patients spend a lot of money on treatment, mainly because the treatment is not accurate, and traditional therapies and drug therapies used by many informal medical institutions are likely to cause the recurrence of condyloma acuminatum, thus spending a lot of money But there is no good effect.

Pediatrician talks about common diseases in children in summer-herpes angina

&nbsp. As summer comes, under the hot temperature, a type of infectious diseases of enteroviruses that gradually spread gradually appear, and pediatric outpatient departments are receiving more cases of children with herpes angina due to the above viruses. Today, I will spread it to everyone What is the knowledge about herpes angina? &nbsp. Herpes angina is an acute upper respiratory tract infectious disease caused by enterovirus infection in children, and children are widely susceptible to infection in summer. &nbsp.&nbsp. The common age of children: most cases of herpes angina occur in infants and children, especially those under 6 years old, Chinese Journal of Pediatrics has reported that the average age of illness is 1.75 years old , Of which 9352 cases (91.6%) were under 5 years old, the proportion of children aged 0~1 years old, >gt.1~3 years old, >gt.3~5 years old, &gt.5~9 years old and >gt.9 years old 23.2%, 46.6%, 21.8%, 6.7% and 1.7%. &nbsp.&nbsp. Mode of disease transmission: Herpes angina occurs at most in summer, and it is obviously related to the transmission of enteroviruses among people in summer. It is often transmitted from person to person through the fecal mouth route. But some viruses can also spread through contact with oral and respiratory secretions. The fecal-oral route is: after ordinary children ingest the virus by mouth (that is, ordinary children are ingested through the infection of feces and oral saliva of patients), these viruses pass through the gastrointestinal tract and upper respiratory tract of the infected children themselves Discharge again, and then infect other children. &nbsp.&nbsp. Pathogenic viruses: Among the enteroviruses that cause disease, there are 22 enterovirus serotypes that can cause herpes angina, the most common being the Coxsackie virus A serotype. The main causes of herpes angina are coxsackieviruses A1-6, 8, 10, and 22. There are also rare enterovirus type 71 (ie, EV-A71, which also often causes severe hand, foot, and mouth). The infectivity of the virus discharged from the oropharynx of children is generally within 4 weeks (so many herpes pharyngeal infections) For children with Xia Yan or Hand-Foot-Mouth Disease, the doctor requested that it be best to isolate for 2 weeks) However, if you consider the fecal infection, the virus in the feces of the child can last for 6 weeks (sometimes several months), so again the importance of requiring personal hand hygiene, and be sure to wash your hands properly before and after meals. &nbsp. Clinical manifestations of herpes angina. The disease usually begins abruptly. Sudden onset usually involves high fever to the pediatrics. Sometimes it can reach more than 40 ℃, which can cause convulsions. Indeed, pediatric clinics are also more common in cases of febrile convulsions caused by this disease. &nbsp.&nbsp.Some young children can also see anorexia, vomiting and irritability (easy to cry); especially drooling, oral mucosa pain is more common in those who cannot eat, and it is also a common symptom of pediatrics. Older children may also complain of mouth discomfort, headache, sore throat, difficulty swallowing, and abdominal pain. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Very few children have severe symptoms, which are common in children under 3 years of age. They show persistent high fever and are not easy to retreat (the effect of the antipyretic drug is not good), shock, limb shaking, breathing, heart rate, etc. are similar The clinical manifestations of severe hand-foot-mouth disease, parents should pay great attention at this time, must consult a specialist, may need to be hospitalized for further judgment. Due to extremely severe children (mostly EV-A71, which is caused by enterovirus 71 infection), complications such as encephalitis, meningitis, acute delayed paralysis, pulmonary edema and/or pulmonary hemorrhage, and myocarditis may even occur. Cause death, so parents need to pay attention! &nbsp.&nbsp. Examination shows local signs: the doctor’s examination shows that the mouth shows hyperemia and yellow/off-white papular mucosal damage (herpes). It can be located in the palate-tongue arch (more common, also corresponding to pharyngitis, inflammation of the pharyngeal isthmus!), soft palate, tonsils and uvula. Some rare herpes can also be located on the hard palate, tongue or buccal mucosa. Generally the number of herpes varies, but usually less than 10. &nbsp.&nbsp. Most of herpes are 1-2mm in diameter and have erythema halo around them. After about 1-2 days, the blisters rupture, leaving a light yellow/light gray ulcer with a diameter of 3-4 mm, and the edges are still red. At this time, the child will have obvious pain, showing irritability, crying and difficulty in eating, drooling

Convulsions in infants with fever are not necessarily epilepsy

The first is hyperthermia convulsions, which refers to the occurrence of children in the early stages of respiratory tract infections or other infectious diseases when the body temperature rises to 39°C or above, and excludes intracranial infections and other organic or metabolic diseases that cause convulsions. It is common from 6 months to 3 years old, and even infants and young children between 4 and 5 years old can be seen during the acute respiratory infection. After the convulsion ceases, the consciousness returns to normal and will not cause brain damage.  Secondly, convulsions caused by central nervous system infections are second only to hyperthermia convulsions. In addition to the sudden increase in body temperature, most of them have lethargy, drowsiness, delirium or coma before and after the onset of convulsions. Common diseases include various encephalitis, meningitis, toxic dysentery, and sepsis. At the same time, abnormal functions of the central nervous system, such as carbon monoxide poisoning, pesticide or insecticide poisoning, plant or food poisoning, etc. can also show convulsions.   Convulsions caused by non-central nervous system disorders can occur at all ages, and the body temperature is often low before and after the seizure, but it is often accompanied by intellectual lag. In addition, the morbidity caused by certain nutritional deficiencies in infants and young children are often similar to convulsive symptoms, such as vitamin D deficiency and hypocalcemia.   There are many causes of convulsions in children. When a child becomes sick, he must seek medical treatment in a timely manner. Based on the child’s medical history, convulsive seizures, and other accompanying symptoms, combined with various examinations and comprehensive analysis, make a diagnosis of the cause

Shi Shurong: Proper use of immunosuppressive agents for overdose and prone to infection, adjustments need to follow the doctor

Shi Shurong’s studio WeChat xyk261 myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) is a group of malignant clonal diseases of hematopoietic stem cells, mainly manifested as abnormal hematopoietic function accompanied by a decrease in the number of peripheral blood cells. And it has a high risk of becoming acute non-lymphocytic leukemia. The exact pathogenesis of MDS is unclear, and abnormal immune regulation may be one of the important reasons. Immunosuppressants are a kind of drugs. Immunosuppressive drugs can inhibit the proliferation of cells related to the immune response in people’s bodies, and after eating immunosuppressants, antibodies in people’s bodies can reduce the immune response. This drug also has an inhibitory effect on the function of T cells. So what kind of infections will the excessive use of immunosuppressants cause?   1. This is the biggest killer after transplantation. Immunosuppressive therapy will reduce the immune resistance, prone to and increase infection.   2. Surgical incision infection manifests as incision pain, redness and exudation.   3. Upper respiratory tract and lung infections manifested as cough, sputum, chest tightness and wheezing.   4. Urinary tract infections can manifest as frequent urination, urgency and urethral burning.   5. Various infections are generally accompanied by fever, with or without chills.   There are many kinds of free inhibitors, and cyclophosphamide is more commonly used in clinic. If cyclophosphamide is used in large doses, it can lead to amenorrhea, reduction of granulocytes, damage to liver function, and it is easy to merge with hemorrhagic cystitis. Cyclosporine A is also an immune system, which can cause hyperuricemia, and some patients will cause chronic kidney damage if taken for a long time. Therefore, in the adjustment, you need to follow the doctor’s advice. The diagnosis and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine emphasizes on adapting to people, time, and local conditions, and is reflected in “differentiation and treatment”. While taking traditional Chinese medicine, it can alleviate the side effects of Western medicine on the human body, regulate from the inside, and achieve the effect of reducing toxicity and increasing efficiency.

What are the early pictures of genital warts?

Early symptoms of genital warts There are many pictures on the Internet, and patients can find them on Baidu. The early symptoms of genital warts can be found in the following ways! In the initial stage of condyloma acuminatum, the patient’s diseased site is more moist, and in some patients, local secretions will increase, and the chance of infection such as bacteria will also increase. If a bacterial infection occurs, local red spots, erythema, papules will appear , Pimples, redness, pain and other symptoms. In the mid-term, the symptoms of genital warts, light red papules, gradually increased and increased. Most patients with genital warts showed papillary or cauliflower-like protrusions, red or gray stains, and the patient’s roots were often pedicled. Erosive effusion ulcers are prone to occur, and bleeding is easy. Condyloma acuminatum is a disease that is mainly transmitted through sexual contact. Patients are often regarded as unchecked by others. However, in addition to sexual contact, public baths, toilets used by patients, and bath towels may cause you to contract genital warts. So some patients are under a lot of psychological pressure, and obviously they haven’t been messed up, but they got a less glorious disease. If the symptoms of the disease appear in your health, don’t delay the diagnosis, you should go to the regular hospital in time to achieve early detection, early diagnosis, and early treatment, so as not to delay the illness and cause serious consequences. Can be combined through the traditional Chinese medicine “internal administration + bubble washing”, the bubble washing process can act on the affected area and the surrounding skin. However, different ingredients of traditional Chinese medicine will directly affect the therapeutic effect. Take the national patent of 2011101665723 as the typical representative of the Chinese medicine group. Not only does the treatment process have no pain, but also the warts and viruses can be completely removed to achieve the purpose of curing without recurrence.

Laser treatment of condyloma acuminata recurrence, how much does it cost

Condyloma acuminatum has long been a patient with unspeakable pain. Its treatment process is not easy and the cost is not low. The key is that it is very easy to relapse. Some people even spend hundreds of thousands of them or continue to repeat it. The first concern for many patients is how much does it cost to treat genital warts, and how can it be cured completely? How much does genital warts cost? The patient’s own condition is different, and the treatment cost is different. Each person’s degree of infection, body sensitivity, bacterial virulence, infection site, length of infection, and whether there are complications, are also related to the patient’s physical health and the different treatment techniques and methods used, which directly affects To each person’s specific treatment costs. Nanjing Youjia Viral Wart Medical Research Institute has been focusing on the research of HPV virus warts for many years. In 2004, it obtained a national invention patent, patent number: 2004100146033. Radical treatment of condyloma acuminatum and genital warts by traditional Chinese medicine. No surgery, no laser, no infusion . Sign up for treatment, it is not easy to refund. It has aroused the strong attention of medical workers and aroused the enthusiasm and confidence of the Chinese people in the traditional Chinese medicine of the motherland. For patients from other places, as long as the condition permits, the patient can be treated remotely, the drug is mailed, and the medication is guided until recovery. Patients with cervical, vaginal, anal, and oral genital warts must come to the hospital for treatment.

This kind of skin problem, which can only spread and grow exponentially, should be treated as soon as possible!

“Professor, when do you talk about flat warts? Deeply disturbed by it, I feel that the more I think about my face, the more my mind will explode every time I look in the mirror!” How can I be so unfavorable when I am so fond of powder! Immediately arrange ~ the acne-like thing with protruding knuckles in the above picture is a wart. Today’s flat wart is flat and shorter. A picture will be placed below. High energy warning! People with intensive phobias need to be careful! Flat warts are a type of warts, which have the following characteristics: 1) 1-2mm convex on the skin surface 2) round (or oval) 3) diameter 2-3mm (generally not more than 9mm) 4) color: skin color Or light brown 1. What diseases need to be identified with flat warts? Flat warts sometimes need to be distinguished from syringoma and miliary papules. (1) Syringoma: more common in women, it is more common in the eyelid and forehead skin, especially the lower eyelid. The lesions are symmetrically distributed. A small number of patients have eruptive syringoma, in addition to the face, but also in the chest, abdomen, extremities and other places, it is necessary to confirm the diagnosis by biopsy. The disease is benign and does not affect health. For cosmetic needs, it can be treated with electrocoagulation or laser. & nbsp. (2) Miliary papules: The lesions are milky white or yellow, solid pimples with needles to large rice grains. Divided into primary and secondary, it can naturally fall off after several years. After-class practice: With the three pictures below, can you tell which one is flat wart, which one is syringoma, and which one is pimple? The answer will be revealed later. Picture one is: syringoma; picture two is: millet papules; picture three is: flat warts, you guessed it right? We know that some people will have flat warts, while others will not, so why do they have flat warts? & nbsp.2. What is the cause of flat warts? & nbsp. The cause of flat warts is very clear, that is, human papillomavirus infection. The virus is only parasitic on humans. The host cells are skin and mucosal epithelial cells. The maturation of the virus is related to the degree of keratinization of the cells. The complete virus is only found in incompletely keratinized epithelial cells. Human papillomavirus can cause hyperplasia and hyperkeratosis of epithelial cells, resulting in the accumulation of cells, thereby forming flat bumps on the skin surface. Under normal circumstances, if you come into contact with other people’s skin ulcers in your life, you will be infected if you are not careful. Of course, people with low immunity are more likely to develop flat warts. When their resistance is low, it can create good conditions for the growth of flat warts. & nbsp. A major feature of flat warts is-infection. The warts of flat warts will continue to release new viruses. This virus will be passed on to others through direct contact between people or indirect pollution. It should be mentioned here that swimming pools and bathrooms are common areas where warts spread. However, you can be assured that flat warts are only contagious and not inherited. & nbsp. Some people will find that there are more and more flat warts on their body, knowing that it is contagious, but aren’t they generally infect others? Will you infect yourself? Yes, that’s right! Flat warts can not only infect others, but also themselves. One of the manifestations is that the longer the same part is, the more the other part of the body will grow flat wart. There are also abdomen. 3. How to remove flat warts? Local topical medicine / laser treatment can be mainly targeted at three aspects: antivirus, immune regulation, and destruction of warts. Suggestion: Intramuscular injection of sikang, once every other day, 2 sticks each time, 3 months for 1 course of treatment. If it is inconvenient to take an injection, you can take Pidimod 2 times a day, 1 per time, before meals. Do not try to catch corrosive drugs such as imiquimod, icor, 5-FU, and podophyllotoxin. If the flat warts last for a long time, are scattered, and there is no obvious new hair, you can also try to use laser to remove the warts. If during the onset (from time to time there are new flat warts), it is best to reduce external pricking stimuli and trauma to prevent inspiring more new births. & nbsp.3. How to prevent flat warts in daily life? & nbsp.1. Keep the skin clean and avoid scratching to avoid the spread of skin damage due to self-inoculation; & nbsp.2. Avoid staying up late and take sufficient rest to prevent excessive fatigue; & nbsp. 3. Immediately absorb after contacting the skin damage to prevent Infection; & nbsp.4. The diet should be light and easy to digest, avoid spicy and irritating food, seafood products, tobacco and alcohol; & nbsp.5.Do not use shaving when the male patient ’s face, especially the beard, has skin lesions