In Harbin, there were 10 cases of infection, and the experts in the field of control proposed the most practical preventive measures.

“Anti-kin, anti-friend, anti-neighborhood, and anti-contact” are the current key cases in Harbin. Local cases have appeared in the past few days, and it is 1 pass 10 (including asymptomatic persons). Although the patient does not cooperate with the epidemiological investigation, after the public security organ The intervention finally cleared the veins. In response to this situation, a sensory control expert who supported Wuhan for 65 days and guaranteed 137 people with zero infection gave the current prevention and control recommendations: “Protection against friends, friends, neighbors, and contact.” He said that this principle was summed up during his stay in Wuhan, and it is also very applicable to our current form of epidemic prevention in Heilongjiang. Finally, I was able to sleep peacefully. The sensory control expert named Qi Yong was the first batch of team members of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University to support Hubei. He supported 65 days in Wuhan. From the first day, he finally returned to his hometown of Harbin. I haven’t slept for a day, and sleep after 12 o’clock every day. His pressure is too great, because he is a professional influencing personnel. The purpose of this trip is to support the epidemic prevention in Hubei, and an important task is to ensure that 137 people on this trip are not infected and go home safely. It is said to be zero infection, how to prove it? The best proof is the test. After returning home, 137 people were all negative after many tests. Qi Yong, who heard the news, finally fell asleep. At the beginning, the pressure was high. All the personnel who supported Wuhan started to be under pressure. With the control and improvement of the epidemic, the pressure was getting smaller and lower, but Qi Yong did not. The pressure was at the beginning, and the pressure was greater when it was about to end. When he first arrived in Wuhan, due to the unclear epidemic situation, he quickly entered the battle. Qi Yong is the team leader. After arranging the training, he and Jiao Jundong inspected the Concord West Hospital, renovated the ward, and implemented the ward strictly in accordance with the “three areas and two channels” of the infected ward. Design and management. Because the initial situation is unknown, there are various types of anti-epidemic materials, and every day must be strictly inspected, and irregular N95 masks are found and replaced in time. If medical staff used these unqualified masks at that time, the consequences would be disastrous. As the work went smoothly, colleagues felt more and more comfortable, but Qi Yong was more and more worried. Because he saw that everyone put the emphasis on protection in the process of work. Where do you know that it is the daily residence that is more prone to problems? There are more risks in the living area than in the work area. When colleagues walk out of the ward, everyone thinks that they can relax, but they do n’t know that their thoughts are lax, they are the most susceptible to infection. People are on duty in the hospital, but Qi Yong put the sense control group Divided into two parts, the working area of ​​the hospital and the living area of ​​the hotel are on duty. The work area strictly implements the rules and regulations of sensory control, strict inspection before entering the ward, and the steps of taking off protective clothing after leaving the ward are not insignificant. Strictly wearing masks and hand disinfection in the hall and the bus, etc., one can not be less. In the living area, kill each room once a day; open windows and ventilate twice; disinfect the public area at least 3 times a day according to the flow of people, such as handrails, elevator buttons, object surfaces and floors; each person is in the hotel where he lives It also strictly implements three-zone management: contaminated areas, semi-contaminated areas, and clean areas; strict hand disinfection; and monitoring hotel service staff, measuring their body temperature twice a day for them, and training in knowledge of sensory control. Since the time for doctors and nurses to commute is not a single point, doctors work in four shifts, nurses work in six shifts, and only 6 people are in charge. They are still on duty in hospitals and hotels. They do not divide time for work, because each day is There will be medical care at work at all times. However, there are cases where volunteers donate items, outside people, or people go out. This is Qi Yong’s concern. It is strictly forbidden to order takeaways and visits by relatives and students. Outsiders are absolutely prohibited from entering the station, etc., pay attention to safe social distance , No direct contact, disinfection of items should also be in place. Seeing that everyone is under great stress, Qi Yong tells jokes to everyone, organizes everyone’s online activities, and exercises, but they must be strictly monitored, such as shooting games, basketball disinfection, distance protection, etc. Before the end, the pressure is more and more and more patients are discharged from the hospital. The number of patients in the wards is decreasing day by day. The 3 wards in charge of the medical team have become 2 wards and 1 ward, and everyone has started. Relax, because victory is in sight. However, Qi Yong did not relax a bit. Instead, he was under increasing pressure and stricter management and monitoring. He could even describe it as harsh. Because when he went, he said “137-1