Will genital warts recur after three years of treatment?

  In the outpatient work, some infected people will also be encountered. After correct treatment, they have recovered, and the observation period has been over one year, and they have reached the cure standard. But after a few months or even a few years, he consulted with a doctor again, saying that he had contracted the disease outside and needed medication. This situation is more common in certain groups of people, such as sex workers, people with many or irregular sex partners. So, what should I do if a secondary infection occurs after condyloma acuminatum is cured?   Like some patients who have been treated for several years, the disease reoccurs because of secondary infection. Most of them are infected with HPV virus by unclean contact again, causing genital warts. After this happens, it is recommended that the infected person can choose a hospital that can eventually be cured according to the previous treatment experience and the attending physician. Although the secondary infection is not what we want to see, it should be treated actively if it has been diagnosed. Compared with some first-time onset, you can take less detours and the recovery period will be shorter.   In summary, patients who have been cured must learn from the lessons of the last time, clean themselves and avoid contact with the HPV virus again, and can fundamentally stay away from sexually transmitted diseases such as condyloma acuminatum. At the same time, if someone around you suffers from genital warts, you must pay attention to the details of your life to avoid indirect infection. Reprint please indicate: Nanjing Institute of gifted Ka medical wart virus Lixing Chun, otherwise declined to reprint.

AIDS prevention knowledge question and answer

1. What is AIDS?    AIDS, or Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, is a syndrome in which humans are infected with Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and cause immunodeficiency and a series of opportunistic infections and tumors. In severe cases, it can lead to death. At present, AIDS has become a public health problem that seriously threatens the health of people in the world.   2. What are the sources of infection of AIDS?   HIV infected persons and AIDS patients are the only source of infection of this disease.  3. How are healthy people infected with HIV?    AIDS is mainly transmitted through sexual contact, blood, and mother-to-child transmission. Handshakes, hugs, courtesy kisses, eating and drinking together, sharing toilets and bathrooms, sharing offices, public transportation, recreational facilities and other daily contacts will not spread HIV.  4. What is the difference between an infected person and an AIDS patient?    It takes a certain time for HIV to reproduce after entering the human body. In the initial stage, the immune function of the infected person has not been severely damaged, so there are no obvious symptoms. We call such people as HIV-infected. When the immune function of the infected person is destroyed to a certain extent, other germs will take advantage of the deficiency, and then the infected person becomes an AIDS patient. The development from HIV-infected person to AIDS patient can take several months to several years, usually 8-10 years, and up to 19 years.  5. Can AIDS be treated?    Although AIDS cannot be cured, it is still treatable. If you have AIDS, you should treat the symptoms promptly and actively. If you have pneumonia, you must cure the pneumonia in time; if you have a cold, you must quickly cure the cold. Moreover, there are anti-retroviral treatments. Although they cannot completely eliminate HIV in the body, they can effectively inhibit its reproduction, which can greatly extend the life span of HIV-infected patients.  6. ​​Will people living with HIV die immediately?   Infecting HIV will not die immediately. The longer the incubation period, the longer the lives of people living with HIV. Therefore, people who are infected with HIV must not give up on themselves, but must find ways to delay the onset. As long as they do not enter the onset period, HIV carriers can live and work like normal people.  7. How to prevent the transmission of HIV through sexual behavior?   To prevent the transmission of HIV through sexual behavior, safe sex should be adopted. One is that there is only one sexual partner who is loyal to each other and is not infected with AIDS; the other is that condoms are used correctly in every sex life.   8. How do drug users get HIV?    Drug users often share needles and needles. If one of them is infected with HIV, the syringe will be contaminated, and HIV will be transmitted to other drug users through the needle. In addition, drugs reduce the physical fitness of drug users and increase the possibility of HIV infection and disease.  9. How to prevent the spread of HIV through blood transfusion or blood products?    Advocate for free blood donation to regular blood donation points; try to avoid unnecessary blood transfusion; do not blindly use blood products for the so-called “increasing resistance”.

How to treat the local epidemic development in Xinjiang and Liaoning? Expert: The two epidemics have a common feature

The recent new crown epidemic situation in Xinjiang and Liaoning is particularly worrying. According to the Xinjiang epidemic prevention and control press conference, the number of confirmed cases has continued to rise during this period. Among the recent new cases, asymptomatic infections have turned from asymptomatic infections to confirmed cases. The proportion is relatively large, reaching dozens of cases. And Liaoning is not optimistic. Recently, there have been continuous new confirmed cases of local new crowns. All the asymptomatic infections reported in Dalian have turned into confirmed cases, and new local asymptomatic infections have been added. There are still dozens of cases. Asymptomatic infections are treated in isolation in designated hospitals. The causes of local outbreaks in Xinjiang and Dalian may be related to asymptomatic infections. Judging from the information reports of the two places, asymptomatic infections have once again attracted high attention, which should also be an important reason for the outbreaks in Xinjiang and Liaoning. Since the summer of our country, the temperature has gradually risen, and with our country’s remarkable achievements in fighting the new crown pneumonia in the early stage, most parts of the country have been cleared, so recently everyone has relaxed their vigilance, and many people have even removed their masks. So in this case, as long as there is an asymptomatic infected person, it is easy to become a new source of infection and cause the virus to spread again. As early as March this year, my country issued the “New Coronavirus Pneumonia Diagnosis and Treatment Plan” (seventh edition) that it was clearly stated that asymptomatic infections may also become the source of infection. On April 8th, the State Council issued the “Regulations for the Management of Asymptomatic Patients with New Coronavirus,” reiterating that asymptomatic infections are contagious and there is a risk of transmission. Moreover, Professor Zhang Wenhong once pointed out that asymptomatic infections will never exist in isolation, and all asymptomatic patients must coexist with symptomatic patients. Just like the current situation in Xinjiang and Liaoning, consider the situation in the United States. Although the loss of control in the United States has a lot to do with the ineffective prevention and control measures of the US government, the existence of asymptomatic infections is believed to be one of the important reasons. Therefore, the current focus of Xinjiang and Liaoning is to strengthen nucleic acid testing, on the one hand, actively treat confirmed patients, on the other hand, actively check for asymptomatic infections to avoid further spread of the virus. At present, it is not clear how large the population of asymptomatic infections in my country is, so the situation of epidemic prevention and control remains severe. Although it is the hot summer season, everyone still recommends wearing a mask when in contact with others, because you don’t know whether the person you are talking to is asymptomatic or not. In addition, we will enter the autumn and winter season again in a few months, when the new crown virus may be active again, so we still need to remind everyone that the new crown virus may still be around us, and the awareness of prevention and control cannot be relaxed for a moment. In short, in the current epidemic prevention and control, we should neither relax our vigilance due to the decrease in the number of newly confirmed cases in a single day, nor should we over-exaggerate the tension when we see the numbers rebound. It’s too late. We must pay attention to it tactically. We must pay attention to it but don’t panic. We must maintain a normal mentality, do a good job of personal protection, and normalize prevention and control. I believe we will be able to defeat the new crown epidemic. (Some of the pictures in the article originate from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. I would like to express my gratitude to the author of the picture. If you find any infringement of your copyright, please contact me and I will delete it.)

Why did the Dalian epidemic spread to many provinces? See what the experts say

Since a confirmed case was reported in Dalian City, Liaoning Province in a few days, about 5 days so far, there are currently 38 confirmed cases in Dalian, with a total of 56 confirmed cases. From the data point of view, compared with the local epidemic situation in Beijing at that time, it does not seem to be much serious. However, after recent multilateral epidemiological investigations, it was found that the epidemic in Dalian has spread rapidly in 4 provinces and 7 cities, making Dalian quickly enter a wartime state of epidemic prevention and control. Why did the Dalian epidemic spread to many provinces? Why has the epidemic spread to many provinces in Dalian? The rapid and rapid spread of the epidemic in Dalian should be closely related to the following factors: 1) The susceptibility and invisibility of the virus. After more than a month, the epidemic in Beijing was under control. Before everyone was relieved, there was a partial occurrence in Dalian. The epidemic counterattacked, and the new coronavirus once again gave us a blow. We are already deeply impressed by its complexity and cunning. The new crown virus is generally susceptible to the population and there are asymptomatic infections, which puts a good disguise for its spread. It can spread latently in asymptomatic infected patients. Many confirmed cases from Dalian to other provinces and cities are asymptomatic infections. 2) Most of the confirmed persons from other provinces are close contacts of the confirmed cases in Dalian. After investigation, those who have been infected from Dalian to other provinces are all persons who have close contact with the local cases in Dalian. The 4 patients notified by Jilin Province were all returned to Kyrgyzstan from Dalian, including 3 in Siping City, 1 in Changchun City, 1 in Siping and Changchun, all of whom were employees of Dalian Kaiyang World Seafood Co., Ltd. Symptoms infected. The company currently has 10 confirmed cases in Dalian, and 46 of the 54 cases of asymptomatic infection in Dalian are employees of the company and their relatives. In all cases of positive nucleic acid tests, employees of the company and their close family members accounted for 80%. At present, Dalian City has carried out a comprehensive retrospective investigation and testing of the inflow of the company’s goods, and promptly took measures such as removing the shelves, sealing up, and destroying them. In addition, Anshan in Liaoning, Hegang and Hailun in Heilongjiang, and Fujian Province have reported that asymptomatic infections are imported cases from Liaoning Province, and most of them are close contacts of confirmed cases in Dalian. Although further investigations and investigations are still underway, we have to be more vigilant. The virus may still cause a local epidemic again. Conclusion From the transmission chain of Dalian, we can see that the anti-epidemic situation of “anti-import from outside, anti-rebound inside” is still severe, especially due to the existence of asymptomatic infections, we still have to tighten the string of prevention and take personal protection. , Protect the health of yourself and your family. At the same time, we need to pay attention to the fact that the global epidemic is still deteriorating. In this context, China retains a cautious attitude. Based on the continued consolidation of epidemic prevention work and the continuous strengthening of the public health system, it will focus on epidemic prevention and control on the one hand and economic recovery on the other. , Will be the normalization work for a long time in the future. (Some of the pictures in the article originate from the network and the copyright belongs to the original author. I would like to express my gratitude to the author of the picture. If you find any infringement of your copyright, please contact me and I will delete it.)

50% of people have Helicobacter pylori infection! What food to prevent? The doctor said: prevent this

Half of the world’s people have been infected with H. pylori. H. pylori infection is related to population density, economic level, and hygiene level. The incidence rate is 50% in my country, about 50-80% in developing countries, and 25% in developed countries. In the face of many diseases, most people think about what food they can eat to cure the disease! Food has no side effects, and it can fill your stomach and cure the disease. But eating food can cure the disease, which is basically a fantasy. It is a story in a fairy tale. Food is food and medicine is medicine; eating healthy food scientifically can prevent diseases and reduce the incidence of diseases. But most of the well-defined diseases still depend on regular treatment. We think about a problem. If you are puzzled, the law of counter-evidence is the best way. If a certain kind of food can treat a disease, then the disease does not need to invent medicine, everyone only needs to eat food, why do hospitals, examinations, doctors, take medicine, even injection surgery and so on. If you eat garlic, onion, honey, etc. If you can prevent H. pylori infection, then people who eat these foods will not have H. pylori infection, but this is not the case. The current research has not found what food to eat. Can directly prevent Helicobacter pylori infection. So what food can prevent H. pylori infection? 1. Helicobacter pylori infection Bacterial infections related to the onset of gastrointestinal diseases. Helicobacter pylori is often parasitic in gastric mucosa tissues. After infection, it can cause chronic gastritis and peptic ulcer. It is closely related to gastric cancer and gastric-related lymphoma, and has been designated as a class of carcinogens by the World Health Organization. 2. People who are infected with Helicobacter pylori infectious diseases through the fecal and oral routes. Infected persons contain bacterial feces. Under certain circumstances, food contaminated by bacteria will infect the eaters; infected people’s saliva, contaminated food or tableware, may infect others; in theory, there are iatrogenic infections, That is, after the endoscopy is done for the infected person, the disinfection is not complete, and the endoscopy is done for another patient again, and you will be infected. The most common infections, such as long-term close living with infected people, living together, are easily infected; eating and drinking without washing hands, easy to be infected; eating unclean food and unclean water are easily infected; sharing tableware with infected people, etc. Etc. are easily infected. 3. What is the performance of Helicobacter pylori infection? Most people do not have any performance in the early stage. Some people in the early stage may have abdominal distension, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, and poor appetite. Typical symptoms: abdominal pain, discomfort, belching, bloating, acid reflux and other chronic gastritis manifestations; if these symptoms worsen, accompanied by abdominal pain and weight loss, the condition may be progressing: chronic superficial gastritis — atrophic gastritis — intestine Epithelial metaplasia-gastric cancer. Four, fourteen days of regular “quadruple therapy” The current regular treatment plan for Helicobacter pylori infection is bismuth + PPI + two antibiotics, eat for 14 consecutive days to eradicate Helicobacter pylori infection. 1. Bismuth agent: colloidal pectin bismuth, gastric bismuth magnesium; 2, PPI: omeprazole, pantoprazole, lasoprazole, esomeprazole, etc.; 3. antibiotic program: amoxicillin + carat Amycin; amoxicillin + furazolidone; amoxicillin + metronidazole; amoxicillin + tetracycline; tetracycline + metronidazole; tetracycline + furazolidone. It can be eradicated after regular treatment, but if you do not pay attention to personal hygiene, you can easily relapse. After eradication of Helicobacter pylori infection, the risk of chronic gastritis is reduced by 73%; the risk of ulcer recurrence is reduced by 5%; the risk of gastric cancer is reduced by 39%. Fifth, how to prevent because there are too many people infected, so everyone needs to prevent. What we can do is pay attention to personal hygiene, wash hands frequently, eat clean food, and drink clean water. The tableware is separated, the public chopsticks are used, and the tableware is sterilized. People with ulcers eat less stimulating food and quit smoking and alcohol. If similar symptoms occur, seek regular medical attention. In short, dietary health is important, but there is no definitive research that confirms that certain foods can certainly prevent Helicobacter pylori infection.

Tintin has the knowledge to “clean”, is it right to wash normally?

The temperature has soared recently, and Tintin will naturally react, especially now that the upper body of the 30-degree heat is sweating, and it will dry after a while. The lower body sweats, from the morning to the morning, it will be stuffy and sick, don’t believe it? When I came out to see if it was a yellowish piece of wet, sticky, unidentified object, I heard a sour smell of salted fish, so washing tintin should also start to pay attention. How to properly clean your tintin? You will definitely say that it is not easy, just rub it and wash it. Wouldn’t it be a bath? Do it not equal to doing it right, the more daily it is, the easier it is to ignore the details! First of all! Ding Ding has to wash your exercise every day, do exercise with others, or interact with yourself, the waist below becomes wet, then you should clean it. The groin near the groin is prone to bacteria, which can easily produce a disgusting smell like the armpits. Therefore, wash your tintin, eggs and groin with warm water every day. Then, do not directly wash Tintin’s skin with soap. It is very sensitive. Excessive force may cause allergies. This is particularly prominent for boys who have not been circumcised, and their tintin is more sensitive. For most people, washing with soap every few days should be enough. So, is it possible to use other lotions? Most shower gels are irritating because they contain many detergents and chemicals. In contrast, using simple soap is much better. Wash before and after sex. Cleaning before sex is important because it is basic courtesy. As for cleaning afterwards, it can help you avoid infections. After sex, the basic masculinity includes helping the girl clean the tissue with a tissue, holding her forehead to kiss, and taking a break. You only need to wash it within 15-20 minutes. It is also good to meet and wash white afterwards. Don’t forget to wash after masturbation! In this case, the body fluid will be less, but you still need to clean it. Those who have not cut the foreskin should pay attention. People who haven’t cut the foreskin need to pull the foreskin to the bottom until you can see your whole tintin. Uncircumcised tintin is more susceptible to allergies and inflammation. Therefore, you should pay more attention to cutting off the long foreskin in time to prevent reproductive infections. Pay attention to observe your own tintin: inflammation, spots, discoloration, etc. This may be that you have washed too much, or that you have reacted to certain cleaning agents, or you have symptoms of infection. In summary: hot weather in summer is easy to sweat, Tintin is also susceptible to bacteria, which may cause balanitis, and then form urethritis. So cleaning Tintin is very important. Health is no small matter. If a male friend encounters reproductive inflammation such as itching, inflammation, redness, and infection of the glans, he must pay attention to it early and go to a regular hospital as soon as possible.

Will pregnant women with genital warts get worse?

  According to the introduction, the symptoms of condyloma acuminatum are not obvious at the initial stage, and it is not easy to be found by people. Therefore, the clinical symptoms of patients with condyloma acuminatum are usually more serious and difficult to treat. Condyloma acuminatum is very harmful to pregnant women, which not only affects the pregnant woman’s body, but also has certain harm to the baby.  During pregnancy, women are affected by estrogen and progesterone in the body, resulting in a local environment that is more conducive to the growth and reproduction of genital warts virus, so the disease develops faster and the probability of recurrence is also higher. During this period, the genital warts virus will also directly cause the fetus to be infected through the placenta. The fetus will cause its own infection by swallowing the amniotic fluid contaminated by the virus. The fetus passing through the mother’s vagina during childbirth will also be infected and harmed. Very serious.

Wuhan 6.5 million nucleic acid test results have been exposed, the results are reassuring

Earlier, we reported that Wuhan was preparing to conduct carpet screening for ten days, to perform nucleic acid tests on Wuhan citizens, and to see how many people with asymptomatic infections in the city. Because the discovery of asymptomatic infected persons is very important for the control of the next epidemic situation, and has a decisive role in completely eliminating hidden dangers in the country. They originally planned to conduct a total test in ten days. The results from May 14 to 23 in May, they tested a total of more than 6.5 million people, and the results surprised us. Among so many people, only found 189 cases of asymptomatic infections. In other words, these people were originally asymptomatic and did not know they were infected with the virus, but the nucleic acid test result was positive. So this result is very significant and very encouraging, why? It is because there are only more than 180 people in such a large population who are infected with the new coronavirus, and there are no symptoms, so it means that the epidemic is now very well controlled, and our hidden dangers in the next step are very few. The second shows that the asymptomatic infected person is very infectious or very weak, even if there is no, because if he is highly infectious, there will not be more than 6 million people, only more than 180 people have nucleic acid detection Positive. So from the current situation, our country’s epidemic situation is very well controlled. Now the most important step is to prevent overseas imports and prevent rebound.

Wuhan comprehensive test results revealed that there are about 281 asymptomatic infections, can it be safe to start school

On May 14, Wuhan launched the concentrated nucleic acid detection of the new coronavirus. As of May 23, the city’s sampling has been completed by more than 90%. According to the Hubei Provincial Health and Health Commission, Wuhan added 28 asymptomatic infections on May 20, and turned to 0 diagnosed, 21 cases were released from quarantine. 281 cases of asymptomatic infections observed in medicine. Does this indicate that China’s new crown epidemic is getting worse? For schools, the upper grades have already started, but under the current circumstances, can other grades still start? The situation is getting better and better. It is known to all that Wuhan was the most severely affected area in the country ’s new crown epidemic. Since the start of centralized testing on May 11, Wuhan has completed nearly 4 million cases of nucleic acid in the ten days to May 21. A total of 281 cases of asymptomatic infections were found, accounting for 0.7 per 10,000. From the data point of view, asymptomatic infected people are still very few. Through large-scale detection, we can find the “enemy” hidden in the people-the new crown virus, and take quarantine measures for asymptomatic infected people in time to avoid the virus In fact, it is a good phenomenon because it spreads widely, as Professor Zhang Wenhong said before: “We are not afraid of finding asymptomatic infected people, we are afraid of not finding it.” China has now formed an effective tracking mechanism, once found no symptoms Infected people can also find and test nucleic acids to detect the possibility of being infected as much as possible, so we only need to continue to take preventive and control measures, strictly implement the health code management system, and scan codes when entering and leaving public places , You don’t have to worry about finding asymptomatic people. We can also think about it from another angle. After all, asymptomatic infections are very few, and the more we are found, the less chance we have of being infected. Can other grades begin? As far as the author has learned, at present, most other regions of the country except Hubei Province have fully resumed school, including the first grade of elementary school and kindergarten. On May 20th, the third day of junior school in Wuhan has been successfully started. From the past few days, no signs of rebound have been found. One of the functions of the current large-scale nucleic acid testing is to prepare for the start of other grades and reduce asymptomatic infections as much as possible, so that the lower the chance of our country ’s future infection, it will also allow them to return as soon as possible. Go on campus. In short, although the school start time of other grades in Wuhan has not yet been determined, it is definitely a matter of time. As long as the arrangements of the Wuhan Municipal Government are strictly followed, I believe that other grades can start school soon after the completion of nucleic acid testing, but this period can only be For the time being, go online at home for the time being. (Part of the picture source network in the article, the copyright belongs to the original author, thank you for the picture author, if you find any violation of your copyright, please contact me, I will delete it.)

Will the new crown epidemic outbreak in China? Professional analysis: Do n’t be afraid to do these 4 points well

The number of confirmed cases of new crowns in the world has exceeded 3 million, and the epidemic data of the United States is also on the verge of 1 million. Although the domestic epidemic situation has been basically controlled, many friends are worried that the epidemic will rebound this winter. Will it rebound? Before things happen, no one can determine the percentage, but if we analyze it rationally, we will know that this possibility is actually not very big. Putting aside all kinds of speculation about the source of the epidemic, from the epidemic situation in China alone, the outbreak occurred in winter. Under the conditions of wet and cold winter, the human immunity is relatively low, and the low temperature environment is more suitable for the new crown. The virus survives, so it is often in the cold season, which is the season of high incidence of infectious diseases, and Chinese medicine experts in our country also point out that this new crown epidemic is a “cold and damp disease”. Therefore, due to the strong spread of the new crown virus Sex, if the virus exists, it is indeed more likely to cause an epidemic in the cold season. Last week, because of something, I went to a big shopping mall nearby, because the high-rise buildings of the mall were all office buildings, and it was noon time. It was found that there were not many people in the mall. There are quite a lot of people eating at the store. Although everyone except the one who is eating is wearing a mask, it suddenly feels like there is not much difference from before the epidemic. To tell you such a small matter of daily life, I want to say that with our active prevention and control of the epidemic, under the current situation, especially when it has basically become a low-risk area, we have fully resumed production. Under the circumstances, if after a period of verification, for example, by the end of May, there has not been repeated epidemics in China due to resumption of work and school, then it means that our epidemic is really under control, and there are hidden infected people, causing the epidemic. The possibility of an outbreak is very small. Although the virus is easy to survive and spread in winter, the premise of the second outbreak is that this virus must exist in large numbers before it can cause further outbreaks. If there are no virus carriers around us, this situation cannot happen. Therefore, if the epidemic is fully controlled and there is no source of virus transmission, even in winter, it is not easy to have the peak of the second wave of the epidemic. If this year’s autumn and winter seasons have any adverse impact on our epidemic control, the following four aspects deserve our attention-1. Every winter is a season of high incidence of influenza, and high fever will also occur after influenza virus infection , Cough, respiratory symptoms, which makes it more difficult to identify influenza and new coronavirus infections, and it is also easy to cause panic in the crowd. How to actively identify influenza and new coronavirus infections through detection methods, can we develop a kit that can At the same time, rapid testing of influenza virus and new coronavirus is worthy of our consideration. 2. Sporadic sporadic cases and the control of asymptomatic infections, screening and identification of asymptomatic infections are still in progress in many places, and so far, there have been sporadic sporadic cases in China. For such cases, Recognizing whether an asymptomatic infected person is a previous infected person or an infectious person who is still infectious, whether there is a nucleic acid to detect an infected person in Changyang, etc. are all worthy of attention. For sporadic infections, it is also very important to trace the source, actively conduct epidemiological investigations of close contacts, and minimize the spread of the virus. 3. The hospital is a place to treat patients, and it is also a high-risk area where the new corona virus may form a spread. The epidemic transmission chain that appeared in Harbin in the past shows that if the vigilance is relaxed, the hospital will become a gathering place for outbreaks. How to do a good job in identifying and testing patients with new crowns, if it is guaranteed that inpatients will not cause the spread of new crown virus, and if it is done to prevent and control outbreaks in hospitals, is also one of the topics worthy of research and detailed measures. 4. Finally, we must emphasize the importance of import prevention. Although the domestic epidemic situation has been fully controlled, there are still large variables in the overseas epidemic situation. How to continue to do a good job of prevention and control and strictly prevent the import of overseas epidemic situations, It is also related to whether the epidemic in our country will rebound, especially in the autumn and winter seasons. All in all, do n’t worry too much, and do n’t relax your vigilance. In autumn and winter, you should pay more attention to personal protection and safe distance maintenance, minimize aggregation, and maintain good hygiene habits.

There are new problems in the prevention and control of the new crown epidemic in China, and it is difficult to track the asymptomatic patients.

Recently, the World Health Organization released the 76th new coronary pneumonia epidemic report. The report said that China has been struggling hard for more than 2 months. The current epidemic has entered the “suspension phase” from the “containment phase”. One of our first tasks in the retired phase is asymptomatic infected people, how to identify asymptomatic people? For asymptomatic people who are difficult to track, what measures should we take? The discussion here is as follows: Why do we pay close attention to asymptomatic infected persons during the suspended period? The period of remission means that the epidemic in China is currently in the period of suspension, but it is not the end of the epidemic, which means that the new corona virus has not completely disappeared from China, but the transmission route has been curbed, the number of infected people is fewer and fewer, and the number of patients diagnosed is gradually Reduction, but we cannot take it lightly, because at this stage in our country there are still asymptomatic infected persons and imported cases abroad. Starting from April 1, the Chinese government requires that the reports, outcomes, and management of asymptomatic infected persons will be published in the daily outbreak notification. This shows that the prevention and treatment of asymptomatic infected persons has been emphasized at the national level. As of 15:03 on April 13th, there were 1064 asymptomatic infections, 61 more cases than yesterday. Therefore, in the suspended phase, our primary task is not to be paralyzed, but we should be more vigilant and take a closed loop on the floating population. In operation, local governments and customs cooperate closely to implement nucleic acid sampling and testing for inbound and suspicious personnel, and various departments adopt joint information sharing and joint prevention and control. Continue to maintain good hygiene habits before the end of the epidemic, wear masks, wash hands frequently, avoid gathering, maintain social distance, and maintain these behaviors for a long time until the end of the epidemic. This will be a protracted battle. In the rapid development of foreign epidemics, China The government and people must guard the country, the family, and our health. What measures should we take against people with asymptomatic infection? Regarding the management of asymptomatic infections, the country is constantly updating its management strategy with the development of the new crown epidemic situation and experience. According to the new coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control plan recently released by the National Health and Health Commission: asymptomatic infections refer to asymptomatic symptoms , Such as fever, cough, sore throat and other self-perceived or clinically recognizable symptoms and signs, but those with respiratory tract specimens such as new coronavirus etiology or serum specific IgM antibody test positive. Specifically, it is divided into two types according to whether the patient will develop into a confirmed case after the incubation period. The most feared thing is that these people who have not developed disease after the incubation period but are carrying the virus themselves have not developed the disease, and do not even know whether they are sick. These people may inadvertently spread the virus to anyone who has had contact with them. . Academician Zhong Nanshan said that asymptomatic infections are highly contagious. Even where isolation policies are implemented, a person may infect 3 to 3.5 people. The Chinese government has now increased screening for asymptomatic infections. Medical institutions at all levels If you find an asymptomatic infected person, you should report directly to the Internet within 2 hours. For our general group of people, in addition to good health protection and improvement of their own immunity, no gatherings, no dinners, no places with many people, and no contact with strangers too often, is to avoid infection by asymptomatic people The best way to go. Conclusion Although we cannot find asymptomatic infected persons based on clinical symptoms in a timely manner, we still need to prevent and control asymptomatic infected persons from all aspects, improve prevention and control programs, increase screening and monitoring, strengthen management and treatment, and strengthen group prevention and control , Do personal protection. (Some of the pictures in the article are from the source network. The copyright belongs to the original author. Thank you for the picture author. If you find any violation of your copyright, please contact me and I will delete it.)

How can we stay away from asymptomatic people? See what medical experts say

With the gradual improvement of the new coronavirus epidemic in China, provinces and cities have gradually resumed production and resumed production, and people have gradually returned to normal work and life rhythm. At present, there are two factors that people may worry about, which may lead to the resurgence of the new coronavirus. One is imported cases, and the other is asymptomatic infection. For imported cases abroad, the country has taken multiple measures to prevent, but for asymptomatic infected people, because it is difficult to find, like a hidden bomb, people are worried, so how can we stay away from asymptomatic infected people? What is an asymptomatic infected person? According to the latest version of the new coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control program: New asymptomatic virus asymptomatic infections generally refer to asymptomatic clinical symptoms, such as fever, cough, sore throat, and other clinical symptoms that can be found by themselves, but the etiological test of specimens such as respiratory tract People. People with asymptomatic infection may also become a source of infection. Combined with cases from all over the country, it also proves that asymptomatic people are contagious. Generally, asymptomatic infections can be divided into two types: (1) positive nucleic acid test, after 14 days of isolation and observation, people who still have no clinical symptoms or signs; (2) positive nucleic acid test, no symptoms and signs when sampling, and then appear Symptoms and signs indicate that the “asymptomatic” state was in the incubation period. How to prevent people with asymptomatic infection? As the asymptomatic infected person is more concealed, the infected person and the people around him may not pay attention, and the vigilance is relatively low, which can easily cause infection between relatives, friends or colleagues. For preventive measures, on the one hand, the government and the community will strengthen the detection of close contacts, key areas and key populations of detected cases and asymptomatic infections, increase screening efforts, and carry out epidemiological screening in order to Early detection of asymptomatic infections. On the other hand, as citizens, we cannot neglect self-protection because of the improvement of the epidemic situation. We still need to maintain personal hygiene protection, develop hands-washing, wear masks, regularly open windows to ventilate, clean and disinfect, and avoid going to places where people gather. lifestyle. If you find that your viral nucleic acid test is positive, you do n’t have to panic too much, take the initiative to cooperate with the doctor to do monitoring and isolation, report your symptoms in time, and cooperate with treatment. Conclusion Even for asymptomatic infected persons, the mode of transmission is only respiratory transmission and contact transmission, and there are no other special methods. So there is no need to panic too much, according to the current prevention and control measures can prevent infection. As long as we do good personal hygiene, reduce contact with other people, protect ourselves and protect others, we can avoid infection. (Some of the pictures in the article are from the source network. The copyright belongs to the original author. Thank you for the picture author. If you find any violation of your copyright, please contact me and I will delete it.)

Will an asymptomatic infected person cause a second outbreak? See what medical experts say

The epidemic of New Coronavirus continues to progress abroad. Although the epidemic in China has now achieved a staged victory, the closure of Hubei, especially Wuhan, has ended, but due to the presence of imported cases and asymptomatic infections, the fight against the epidemic has entered the second half, leaving the epidemic truly It will take some time to end. Among the asymptomatic infected persons, because they have no clinical symptoms, the etiological test is positive and may be infectious, which brings great challenges to the prevention and control of the epidemic. Why is the asymptomatic infected person the focus group? Scientists have reached a conclusion that asymptomatic patients can also spread the virus through clinical reports of people infected with the new coronavirus. The so-called asymptomatic infection is that after being infected with the new coronavirus, there is no obvious infection symptoms, which is no different from the healthy people, but the new coronavirus exists in the body and can infect other people, and the survival time may exceed three weeks, if these people If they are not detected and isolated in time, they may cause transmission and pose challenges to epidemic prevention and control. Moreover, asymptomatic infections are difficult to be completely discovered and diagnosed because there are no symptoms of new coronary pneumonia and clinical detection marks. On March 27, Professor Zhang Wenhong said at the seminar that people with asymptomatic infections will be an important type of surveillance target for China to enter the “second half” of epidemic prevention and control. At present, the government has attached great importance to the prevention and control of asymptomatic infected people. Premier Li Keqiang emphasized on March 26: “We must attach great importance to the prevention and treatment of asymptomatic infected people.” Whether an asymptomatic infected person will cause a second outbreak will mainly depend on the implementation of the next stage of epidemic prevention and control. If we relax our vigilance and neglect prevention and control because of the improvement of the epidemic situation, even a small number of asymptomatic infected persons may cause a disease outbreak; if we do a good job in personal prevention and control, report it in time and cooperate with detection, even if there is Asymptomatic infected persons, as long as the prevention and control measures are effectively implemented, will not cause outbreaks. Academician Zhong Nanshan said in a reporter’s question about asymptomatic infected persons on April 1st: At this stage in China, there should not be a large number of asymptomatic infected persons in China. Judging from the current situation, it is estimated that there will not be a big outbreak like the first wave, because our monitoring system can play a powerful role. Once an asymptomatic infected person is found, our community and the government will carry out isolation observation and detailed epidemiological investigation in a timely manner, and at the same time purposefully strengthen control and monitoring of some key places, key populations, and key areas, and will be cut off in the first time. Spreading the chain will not cause an outbreak. Conclusion Although the experts currently conclude that the second outbreak of the domestic epidemic will not occur, we still cannot relax our vigilance. The premise of controlling the epidemic without repeating it is to actively prevent and control and maintain vigilance. Even if the domestic epidemic situation is gradually improving, we still need to pay attention to personal protection and maintain personal hygiene. (Some of the pictures in the article are from the source network. The copyright belongs to the original author. Thank you for the picture author. If you find any violation of your copyright, please contact me and I will delete it.)

Will asymptomatic infections cause a second outbreak? The doctor explains the truth for you

Many friends are very concerned about the problem of asymptomatic infected people. Indeed, asymptomatic infected people are more concealed and often have a certain degree of infectivity in the early stages of infection. However, from the perspective of the national epidemic control situation, all regions of the country, including In Wuhan, where the epidemic is most severe, there is no secondary outbreak of the epidemic due to the problem of asymptomatic infected persons. What is the reason for this? Let’s discuss and analyze it together. Regarding asymptomatic infected persons, the country has been actively paying attention to it, and it will be displayed in the daily outbreak notification data. Let ’s take a look at the statistics of asymptomatic infected persons in Wuhan: As of April 13, Wuhan City There were 17 new asymptomatic infections, 42 people were released from segregation on the same day, and 597 were under medical observation. In Wuhan area, asymptomatic infections are currently under active investigation. According to the Wuhan Health and Health Commission, the current investigation of asymptomatic infections in Wuhan is mainly in close contact with asymptomatic infections and resumption of labor In the inspection of personnel, as of April 10th, 1,291 close contacts of those who have found asymptomatic infections have been investigated. At present, there are no recurrent cases of asymptomatic infections or cases. More than 143,000 people have been tested for resumption of labor. The positive detection rate is eight in 10,000. These data all indicate that Wuhan City is conducting comprehensive investigations for asymptomatic infections, and for those asymptomatic infections that have been found that have not been cured, they will also take active medical isolation measures. If they can continue to maintain such a cautious attitude To actively continue the investigation and epidemiological investigation of asymptomatic infected persons, the possibility of asymptomatic infected persons causing a second outbreak in Wuhan is still very small. Whether an asymptomatic infected person is still infectious, we have to divide it into two cases to see. Some asymptomatic infected persons have been asymptomatic, but the body has gradually produced antibodies, and the virus in the body has been eliminated. The symptomatically infected person is equivalent to the cured person, and there is no possibility of transmitting the virus; the other asymptomatic infected person is more worthy of vigilance. It is not known whether there is such a possibility that the asymptomatic infected person always carries The virus has not produced antibodies, and the virus has not been effectively cleared. The subsequent symptoms may be diagnosed as a new coronary pneumonia patient, or it may continue to remain asymptomatic and become a “healthy person with a virus.” How to check the infected person, how to isolate it, how to help it suppress and expel the virus from the body is the focus of medical research for asymptomatic infected persons, but judging from the current research data, such cases are rare and should belong to Very special case. There will not be a second outbreak in the Wuhan area. Professor Zhang Wenhong also gave another possibility, that is, the Wuhan area may have produced a group immune effect. The so-called group immunization refers to that because most people in the population have antibodies (more than 70%), it is impossible for the population to spread and outbreak of infectious diseases again. Of course, this is just a speculation by experts. Whether or not mass immunization has occurred in the Wuhan area still needs more rheological data to support it. All in all, if the Wuhan area can actively screen for asymptomatic infections and conduct comprehensive nucleic acid detection screening for re-examination personnel, the possibility of a second outbreak is unlikely. I believe we have the ability to When the time passed, and we achieved full success in the fight against the epidemic, we also have the ability to ensure our anti-epidemic achievements, and there will not be a second outbreak of the epidemic.

Will China’s epidemic rebound in June? Analyze the possibility for you in detail from 3 aspects

Will China rebound in June? Judging from the current situation, although there is no sign of containment in the international epidemic situation, it is unlikely that there will be a rebound in June if domestic prevention and control can be done well. Let ’s first look at the current epidemic situation. Basically, there are dozens of new cases every day in our country. Most of the cases are imported from abroad. The local cases are generally sporadic and can be traced back to epidemiological investigations. At the source of this epidemic situation, if the epidemic suddenly rebounded in June, perhaps these three reasons may lead to such a situation-1. The epidemic situation in foreign countries continues to erupt and there are a large number of Of imported cases flooded into our country, resulting in the loss of control of our “anti-import” system. 2. The new coronavirus still exists and continues to spread to humans through mosquito and fly transmission in the summer, causing a secondary spread of the virus and an outbreak. 3. There are many latent asymptomatic infected persons, and these infected persons are infected with viruses, which are infectious. These infected persons cause the virus to spread, and the outbreak occurs a second outbreak. Let’s analyze the possibility of these three situations separately. The possibility of continuous outbreaks of foreign epidemics is very high, but we have accumulated a wealth of relevant experience in the preliminary input prevention work, and have also formulated a series of prevention and control Measures to prevent the spread of imported cases to spread the epidemic, and if the foreign epidemic is still out of control at that time, the country can still continue to tighten or close the relevant entry routes, and at the same time strengthen the prevention of the epidemic, and believe that the possibility of domestic outbreaks caused by overseas imports , Actually not big. Does the new coronavirus still exist? Of course it exists. Will the new coronavirus spread to humans through insect vectors such as mosquitoes and flies? So far, no such cases have occurred. Many friends are worried about such problems, but in fact, in the hot Hainan area of ​​our country, in Southeast Asia, in Australia in the southern hemisphere, during the outbreak stage, in the hot weather, there are In the environment where mosquitoes breed, no cases of virus transmission through mosquitoes and flies have been found. Therefore, this possibility basically does not exist. Academician Zhong Nanshan said in an interview with the media that the virus also passed through mosquitoes and flies The possibility of transmission by insect vectors is extremely small. The third situation deserves our special attention. How to increase the intensity of asymptomatic infected persons and how to grasp the data of asymptomatic infected persons as soon as possible is very important. Asymptomatic infections can be divided into two cases. One is an asymptomatic infection that has produced antibodies and cleared the virus through the positive response of the body’s immune system. The other is that it is poisonous by itself, but there is no Antibodies are produced, the virus in the body has always been present, and no related symptoms have been produced. Such a situation is more dangerous and more hidden. It can also be the main possible way to cause the secondary transmission of the virus. It really belongs to the “invisible bomb” “Case. Under the current national epidemic prevention situation, such a situation may not be easy to show, and it is not easy to spread others, but with the improvement of the situation controlled by the epidemic situation, people ’s various epidemic prevention measures are gradually relaxed. Under such circumstances, the possibility of causing the virus to spread again will become greater. Therefore, how to comprehensively investigate this virus-free asymptomatic infected person, try to identify this situation, and minimize the spread and spread of the virus caused by this situation It is one of the key research and key tasks in our epidemic prevention work. Therefore, whether it is June or other times, whether the epidemic in our country will be repeated or not, will depend on the strength of our foreign defense input, on the other hand, it also depends on our continued prevalence Medical investigation, continue to investigate the work of healthy people, and our in-depth study of the new coronavirus. The good news is that our new coronavirus vaccine has entered the second phase of clinical practice, and the scale of the subject has expanded to 500 people. We hope that our vaccine research can proceed smoothly and be completed as soon as possible. After approval, it can be produced in large quantities. Through vaccination, It can further improve our ability to prevent and control the new coronavirus, and we can truly have food in our hands and not panic.

A case of asymptomatic infection, some people said that they were infected when they took delivery, but the doctor said so

A special case from 0:00 to 24:00 on April 3, 2020, 1 newly confirmed case was confirmed in Wuhan, and the confirmed case was transferred to asymptomatic patients. Some people suspect that he was infected during the delivery process, is it? Let’s take a look at the official trajectory of the patient’s diagnosis from January 23 to April 1. The patient lives in Jinyuhuating Community, Jianguo Community, Ronghua Street, Qiaokou District. The patient has been living at home since January 23. Since February 20, he has been to the entrance of the community for group purchases of food and express delivery. No other disinfection treatment was carried out afterwards. No gloves were worn when taking out shopping products, and hands were not washed several times. From January 23 to March 29, the patient had no discomfort and no history of outpatient visits. On March 30, the patient drove alone to the City Six Hospital for medical examination. On April 1, the nucleic acid test was positive and the community arranged to send it to the hotel for isolation. On the afternoon of April 2, he was sent to the City Pulmonary Hospital for treatment. On April 3, after consultation with experts, combined with the patient’s clinical manifestations, chest CT and pathogenic test results, the case was revised as a confirmed case of new coronary pneumonia, and the clinical classification was ordinary. This patient had a confirmed case in the same unit in the same building, so community infection is not ruled out. What processes might he have infected? Why is the patient diagnosed on April 1 and the life track should be traced to January 23? Isn’t it generally said that the incubation period is 0 to 14 days, and the longest report has been 24 days? But this patient is an asymptomatic infected person. From his lung CT, it should have been infected for some time, but no one knows when he was infected, and he himself does not know. Then according to the progress of the disease, it is inferred forward that it has been tracked to January 23, and the time is nearly 70 days. Then from the perspective of the new coronary disease course and incubation period, it is basically enough to be infected during this period of time, so track this period of time Is very meaningful. Some people think that patients are very likely to be infected by express delivery, because from the medical history, I think this possibility is very small, because there is no report that the diagnosed patients are infected by express delivery. Studies have shown that coronaviruses generally do not survive for more than 24 hours on the surface of objects. Only a small part of the metal surface can exceed 24 hours. The packaging of current couriers is basically plastic or paper shells, which exceeds the new coronavirus on the surface of such materials. It is rare for more than 10 hours. No matter how fast the courier is, it is usually packed and transported in more than 10 hours. Besides, the person who sends the courier may be very insignificant, because the infected people are basically treated or isolated. Then there is another process, that is, the brother who sends the courier is an asymptomatic infected person, and the virus is left on the courier. At present, from the public reports, I saw an example of the report that the courier brother was infected. So this may be very small, even if it is, it has to catch up with the patients without gloves, a bit like winning a big prize. Therefore, I tend to infect the patients with the confirmed cases in the same unit. During the epidemic, how can we take express delivery during the outbreak? Express delivery is the main shopping source of our lives, and everyone is basically used to this method. Although we know that the probability of spreading the virus by express delivery is very low, there are still some asymptomatic infected people in the current epidemic situation. In order to ensure foolproof, you can do online shopping with confidence by doing the following points. 1. Before sending and receiving express mail, be sure to wear a mask, gloves, or paper towels, alcohol, or hand disinfectant. 2. Try to avoid face-to-face with the courier, you can use the courier temporary storage cabinet or other places agreed with the courier, such as outside the door to temporarily place the express package. 3. If someone picks up the courier cabinet, try to keep a long distance to wait. When there is no one in front of the courier cabinet, go to pick up the front door, scan the code to pick up, try to reduce the contact with the surface of the courier cabinet, and don’t wear gloves At the time of storage or delivery, the hands should be cleaned or disinfected in time. 4. After the express package is received, you can spray disinfectant on the outer package of the package. After surface disinfection, it is best to remove the outer package on the spot and bring the inner package home. 5. Courier packaging bags, packaging boxes and other related items should not be stored at home, should be cleaned up in time, and processed according to normal garbage classification. 6. After sending and receiving express mail, wash your hands with liquid hand soap or soap in running water in time. When there is no visible pollution on your hands, you can also apply quick-drying hand disinfectant or 75% medical alcohol to disinfect your hands. Always develop a sense of disinfection of hands after touching items in time. This

67% of blood donors in Italian towns tested for viral antibodies! Medical experts read the truth behind the article

A week ago, a news in Italy thundered the Internet like a thunder. When a blood sampling station in a small town in northern Italy screened 60 unpaid blood donors for new coronavirus antibody screening, 40 of them were positive. The proportion is as high as 67%. This news is really shocking, what does it mean? May have reached “group immunization”? Seeing this news, it is easy for everyone to think of the “group immunization” first proposed by Britain. Has it been achieved in Italy? This possibility is not ruled out, but I think it is only on a small scale. First of all, from the data volume, only 60 cases were screened, and 40 cases were found positive for the new coronavirus. The sample size was too small to represent the situation in Italy. In addition, it is reported that the 60 unpaid blood donors are all from a small town in the Lombardy region of Italy. This town was one of the first towns to be classified as the first batch of quarantine zones. Among. The most important thing is that these 40 patients are asymptomatic and do not know that they are infected, which means that there are many such asymptomatic infections in the town, or the symptoms have been lighter and have recovered. The town may have “group immunization”. There may be more infections in Italy than the current data. On the other hand, we cannot be too optimistic. Because these 40 cases of asymptomatic infections were discovered by accidental screening, whether they are infectious has not been determined, but according to China’s diagnosis and treatment plan, asymptomatic infections may become the source of infection. First of all, it can be seen that there are still many such patients in Italy that have not been discovered. It can be said that they have been missed. The actual number of infections is greater than the published number. In addition, if these asymptomatic infections are really contagious, the entire epidemic prevention and control will be more difficult. Some patients can heal themselves after being infected with the new coronavirus. Although these 40 asymptomatic infections all said that there were no symptoms, it is not excluded that some patients were neglected after the infection was mild. If that is the case, will some patients with new coronavirus be able to heal themselves? This is possible. First of all, these infected people should have a lower viral load at the time, and their autoimmunity is stronger, so there is no disease or even mild symptoms. Over time, the body gradually produces antibodies to clear the virus out of the body, thereby Achieve self-healing. Although the outbreak occurred in China at first, the subsequent outbreaks in Italy and the United States made people more aware of the new coronavirus. This virus is more powerful than most people think. Although there have been reports of asymptomatic infections in China, it is still shocking to find such a high percentage of asymptomatic infections in Italy. Therefore, although we have temporarily eased the epidemic, we cannot relax our vigilance, especially for asymptomatic patients. (Some of the pictures in the article are from the source network. The copyright belongs to the original author. Thank you for the picture author. If you find any violation of your copyright, please contact me and I will delete it.)

Wuhan has been unsealed, and what about new asymptomatic infections? Doctor: Don’t be afraid to do this

As everyone’s attention to asymptomatic infected people gradually increases, the National Health and Health Commission has added new reports of asymptomatic infected people in addition to the daily new reported cases. From the current report data There are very few newly diagnosed cases in Wuhan, but there are usually asymptomatic infections in daily reports. According to the latest news from the official website of the Wuhan Health and Health Commission: 401 cases are still being treated in the hospital in Wuhan , Of which: 70 cases of severe and 67 cases of critical illness, all received isolation treatment in designated medical institutions. The number of existing suspected cases is 0, the number of new additions on that day is 0, 0 people are excluded on that day, and the number of concentrated quarantines is 0. A total of 279,668 close contacts were tracked, and 1,650 people are still undergoing medical observation. In Hubei Province, there were 24 new cases of asymptomatic infections, 0 cases were diagnosed, 20 cases were released from quarantine, and 674 cases of asymptomatic infections are still under medical observation. Some friends asked: Is n’t Wuhan a comprehensive investigation? How can there be asymptomatic infections all the time? I believe this is a misunderstanding of comprehensive investigation. The comprehensive investigation of new coronary pneumonia in Wuhan area is the registration of all personnel and the declaration of health status, the active inspection of suspected situations and the investigation of close contact with personnel, etc., but it is not Many friends imagine that the investigation of the new coronavirus has been conducted for everyone in Wuhan. Although this is the safest method, it is not necessary from the current epidemic prevention and control situation and the huge human and material pressures caused. of. Most of the newly added asymptomatic infections are found in the process of further investigation of close contacts, or epidemiological investigation within a certain range, and the scope of the inspection is continuously expanding. Asymptomatic infected persons are also infectious. Therefore, the issue of newly-increased asymptomatic infected persons is also worthy of special attention in the current situation where Wuhan is unsealed and the work is being resumed. The Wuhan area is the hardest hit by the outbreak and the city with the highest outbreak density in China. Therefore, under the current situation where the outbreak has been basically controlled, a certain number of asymptomatic infections and sporadic cases of missed diagnosis are very likely. Large, enhanced screening of asymptomatic infected persons is also one of the tasks that should be strengthened in the current environment of resumption of labor in Wuhan. The significance of this work is to strengthen the identification and screening of asymptomatic infected persons. , To further reduce the possibility of asymptomatic infections spreading the virus, on the other hand, for the accumulation of epidemiological data, we further understand the specific situation of the virus infecting the human body, whether there are “healthy carriers” , But the situation of carrying viruses may infect others), the question of how high the proportion of this situation is, all need to be investigated and confirmed through the investigation and statistical data of asymptomatic infected persons. Up to now, 89 out of 173 streets in Wuhan have been named epidemic free, accounting for about 51.4% of the total. Under such a situation, the epidemic prevention and control in Wuhan cannot be relaxed, while Wuhan This is exactly what is being done. Whether it is related media or government announcements, it is pointed out that zero addition does not mean zero risk, unblocking does not mean undefending, opening a city gate does not mean opening a home, or stressing that the people are not necessary. Try not to gather, and pay attention to personal protection and personal hygiene. For the prevention and control of the epidemic, the standards of identity, temperature, information, and masks have not been reduced. For asymptomatic patients, according to Relevant requirements of the State Council should be reported directly to the network within 2 hours of asymptomatic infections, and take active medical testing, isolation measures, I believe that through the process of resuming production, actively prevent and control all epidemic measures, while Strengthen medical examinations and investigations, strengthen the investigation and notification of asymptomatic infected persons, the epidemic situation in Wuhan will be able to continue to be controlled, and Ultimately cleared. As a final digression, for this epidemic prevention and control, we have to say that our country has fought a beautiful battle. Although there are certain losses and sacrifices, the speed of epidemic control is unprecedented and many so-called The “developed countries” cannot do that. At the stage when the current domestic situation is improving and the international epidemic is erupting, we must do a good job of resuming work and resuming production to actively seize the opportunity to develop the economy, but we also have a thousand Do n’t relax,

60 blood donors detected 40 new coronaviruses, how to reduce the risk of transmission of asymptomatic infections

This news about 67% of blood donors discovering a new coronavirus deserves our special attention-according to the European Union News Agency: a blood sampling station in a small town in northern Italy recently broke out. The blood sampling station screened 60 blood donors for virus screening Among them, 40 blood donors were found to be positive for the new coronavirus, all of whom were asymptomatic. Everyone knows that the epidemic in Italy is serious, but the severity of the epidemic in Italy, but from these details, the severity of the Italian epidemic has exceeded the situation represented by the epidemic data that we see every day, and beyond Our imagination. Although this sample is not large, it has a certain representativeness. When I saw such a news, my first thought was: Is the epidemic in Europe’s hardest hit area already starting to move towards “group immunization”? In this news, it is even more noteworthy that, of the 40 patients with positive nucleic acid tests for new coronavirus, although they are all asymptomatic infected persons, further examination by oropharyngeal swabs shows that 15 of them are still Infectious. If you think about it carefully, in such a situation, it is not surprising that the local epidemic cannot be effectively controlled. There are asymptomatic infected people, as well as infectious asymptomatic infected people. Such a complex Under the circumstances, the cross-infection of New Coronavirus between family members and close contacts can be said to be unpredictable. Let’s analyze the possibility of such a situation. The good possibility is that this incident occurred in the Lombardy region, which is the most serious epidemic in Italy. In this region, the number of infections is large. This town is indeed The number of infections is large, and there are many asymptomatic infections that have not been detected and identified in a timely manner, so it has led to a large number of positive blood tests for blood donors. And if we reason in the other direction, the situation may be more serious than we thought. In the Lombardy region, the entire Italy, and other hard-hit areas such as Spain, France, the United Kingdom, the United States, and other countries, how many such situations have developed to the end? To what degree? Are the outbreaks in these areas uncontrollable, is it because too many asymptomatic people are still engaged in social activities or even work, causing the spread of the virus? Although I do not particularly want to make alarmist talks, such a possibility is also worthy of our vigilance. Pushing yourself and others, such a small news, should also be vigilant in our domestic epidemic prevention and control. Although we have not found large-scale asymptomatic infections and the widespread spread of viruses in asymptomatic infections recently, we have taken strict measures to prevent overseas Under the current world epidemic situation, the input control force is still worthy of our more cautiousness. We should not be too cautious. It is recommended that foreign immigrants conduct comprehensive nucleic acid testing under the premise of controlling flow, and actively identify asymptomatic infected persons. , Especially those who have asymptomatic infection with viral transmission, should actively identify and do a good job of isolation. As for the inspection and investigation in the territory, the same cannot be relaxed. Wuhan has just lifted the closure of the city today, and under the premise of full resumption of production and resumption of production, for the asymptomatic infected people in Wuhan, especially in areas with high local epidemics in Wuhan, personal advice Still can’t relax, it is of course important to resume work and resume production, but do not cause the spread of the epidemic again because some asymptomatic infected people are not identified. If such a situation occurs, then strengthen the control of the epidemic, the price we pay too big! Regarding the global pandemic of the new coronavirus, no matter whether it is a continuous outbreak abroad or domestic later epidemic prevention and control, it is impossible to end in a short time. Therefore, the prevention and control of the epidemic may gradually become a normal state In order to reduce the possibility of recurrence of the epidemic, the development of drugs and vaccines should not be stalled. With anti-viral special effects drugs, there are When a practical and effective vaccine can be vaccinated on a large scale, it may be when we can relax a little.