Xie Bielu of Beijing Hematology Hospital: How long is the survival period of indolent lymphoma?

Xiebielu Studio WeChat add369456 article source: transferred from WeChat public account [Xiebielu Studio] Indolent lymphoma is what we often call non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, so the key includes b-cell and t-cell subtypes, this type of lymphoma, He is very slow, so for patients, it needs a long-term survival period, and it is not easy to cause a great impact on the patient. Then in daily life, if the patient takes the initiative to carry out treatment, go anytime, anywhere Observe the development trend of your own illness and adjust your own habits. Then the development trend of this type of disease that is not easy to recur will be sufficiently controlled. 1. Lymphoma is a very common disease in our daily life, so if lymphoma appears, we must actively treat it. Indolent lymphoma is one of the non-Hodgkin’s lymphomas. The most critical disease group is Among the elderly, for the elderly, the pros and cons of physical functions are very critical. 2. In the case of the elderly with indolent lymphoma, the current medical history is very long, and it is very easy to reappear. Therefore, the treatment will be relatively difficult, so once the elderly develop indolent lymphoma, they need to go to the doctor immediately. In the case of treating lymphoma, we mainly carry out nursing care based on Chinese herbal medicines. 3. Indolent lymphoma mainly uses biological immunity to treat the whole body. It is one of the most important methods of indolent lymphoma treatment. It can be closely combined with radiotherapy to reduce certain recurrences. , Alleviate all the normal reflections of radiotherapy and enhance the patient’s own immunity. The emergence of    indolent lymphoma immediately affects the patient’s physical function, so we must enhance our own immunity in our daily life, so as to prevent the redevelopment of indolent lymphoma, which can have a certain therapeutic effect.