The 21-year-old guy masturbates and breaks his penis. For the sake of face, he dare not seek medical attention. The penis is bent into a banana

Men are really good-looking, and they are more stubborn when it comes to privacy matters, but how can such things be kept from us? “Ms. Cao scolded her son and asked the doctor, for fear that her son’s “happiness” would be gone in the second half of his life.&nbsp. The shy young man Xiaowen (pseudonym) who has been sitting in the consultation room all the time ), is Ms. Cao’s son, 21 years old this year, a college student. According to Ms. Cao, her son is always introverted and doesn’t talk a lot in front of outsiders. He usually only knows that he is boring to study and has excellent grades. The university he attends is also a double first-class institution. , The family’s expectations for him are high. But somehow in the previous paragraph, Ms. Cao always felt that her son was a little abnormal and hesitated. She didn’t know what went wrong. She dodges many questions. Until these days, Xiaowen has The reproductive organs really hurt a little bit, so I confided the truth to my family. It turned out that Xiaowen has always known that his parents have high expectations of him, so he has always been a good child in the eyes of his parents from childhood. But no matter how good he is, gradually When he grows up, he will have some secrets that belong to him. At the beginning of adolescence, he imitated the behavior in some books and learned to masturbate. Because he was worried that his parents would reprimand him for this behavior, he never dared to say it. But in the first few months, he He accidentally injured his penis during masturbation, thinking that as long as he was careful not to be infected, he would heal himself. Unexpectedly, a hard lump grew from his genitals and he bent his penis until the pain was unbearable, so he told his mother. &nbsp. After a series of examinations, it was confirmed that Xiaowen’s disease was caused by induration of the penis due to injury, which eventually led to the asymmetry of the development of the corpus cavernosum and albuginea of ​​the penis, so an induration gradually appeared. It is “peyronie’s disease”, which will eventually lead to penile deformation, pain, erectile dysfunction, and seriously affect men’s sexual life.&nbsp.Peyronie’s disease is generally more common in adults, develops slowly, has no tendency to malignant changes, and most of them are chronically injured It is related to inflammation, vitamin E deficiency, genetic factors, reproductive infections, and autoimmune reactions. The main clinical manifestations are the appearance of hard lumps, different shapes, possible sizes, hard, fixed, and spreading, which can shorten the penis and Deformation. When the male genital organs have an erection, they will find a certain degree of bending, the bending angle is either upwards, or left and right, and obvious discomfort and pain can be felt. For this disease, surgical removal of induration is required. And use reproductive plastic surgery technology to correct the curvature of the patient’s reproductive organs. There are many men who are in adolescence like Xiaowen, who have more or less masturbated. Masturbation is not a difficult thing to say, it is appropriate Masturbation contributes to physical and mental health, but too frequent and unclean masturbation behaviors will affect the health of the reproductive system. Moreover, improper masturbation methods can cause many problems. When abnormalities occur, do not keep silent. Go to the hospital immediately to avoid affecting sexual function and future infertility.

The causes of induration acne and how to use it?

There are a lot of people with acne on the face, not only all kinds of colors, but also distributed parts. Especially on the cheeks, forehead, sides of the nose, chin and temples. But mentioning induration acne, it is a kind of acne, often induration acne has a serious impact on the patient’s beauty, then what is the causative factor of induration acne? Induration acne is also a kind of acne, pus When the vesicular acne inflammation penetrates deeper, it can develop into thick-walled nodules. It is mainly of different sizes, dark red or purple red, and it will have pain when it is pressed for a long time. If it is not treated in time, it will also produce permanent scars. Causes of induration acne: The causes of induration acne are complicated and related to many factors, such as unreasonable diet structure, mental stress, visceral dysfunction, poor living or working environment, lack of certain trace elements, genetic factors, Constipation, etc. But the main cause is that puberty matures and the level of males in the body rises, and the epithelial cells that stimulate sebum and hair follicles to shed, accumulate into yellow-white substances to embolize in the hair follicles, that is, form powder. Symptoms of induration acne, acne is divided into many categories, in which induration acne is also one of them, this is not one of the common types of acne, so people do not pay attention to it, did not attract enough attention. Many patients do not understand the early symptoms of this disease without timely treatment, and miss the best treatment time, resulting in aggravation of the condition. Daily care for induration acne: 1. Clean, wash your face with warm water 2-3 times a day, use neutral or alkaline soap, or facial cleanser to remove excess oil on the skin surface and remove pores Plug polymer, use a neutral or alkaline soap or facial cleanser to remove excess oil on the skin surface, remove the plug polymer in the pores, so that the sebum is normally discharged. 2. Do not squeeze and pinch acne pimples, so as not to cause infection and inflammation, leaving scars 3. Eat less spicy and greasy food, eat more vegetables, fruits, and drink more water. Keep your stool smooth. 4. Treat patiently under the guidance of a doctor, do not use corticosteroid drugs indiscriminately, and maintain optimism. 5. Choose your own cosmetics, not suitable for oily and modified cosmetics. Treatment of induration acne: This type of acne is mainly caused by the obvious inflammation of the patient, and the inflammation caused by this acne is generally deep and has obvious infiltration, so there are certain nodules This type of acne generally takes a long time to form, and once it is formed, it is relatively stubborn. Therefore, in treatment, usually anti-inflammatory treatment is required. If the nodules are obvious, they need to be used properly. , A certain glucocorticoid for anti-inflammatory, such as topical application of dinide cream and the need for external antibiotics, such as fusidic acid cream or mupirocin cream Wait, oral antibiotics are also required, and generally doxycycline can be taken orally. Of course, to cure acne, drug treatment alone is not enough. You should also pay attention to your usual life and eating habits. Factors such as avoiding irritating food, ensuring sleep time, and a cheerful and happy good attitude are also important. Zhengzhou Zhiyun Acne Treatment Center Tip: If there are more acne on the face, you must go to the dermatology department of the regular hospital for treatment.

What happens if the BCG vaccination site is purulent?

At least 24 hours after the baby is born, as long as it is healthy, the hospital will vaccinate the baby on the upper left arm of the BCG vaccine. #BCG’s role is to reduce the number of tuberculosis bacteria in the body after vaccination, thereby reducing the incidence of primary tuberculosis, blood-borne disseminated tuberculosis and tuberculous meningitis in children, but it cannot completely prevent tuberculosis infection. Normal reaction after vaccination · A light red induration will appear within 2 to 3 weeks after inoculation; · A hard shell will form around the red induration around 4 to 6 weeks after inoculation, &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp .&nbsp. Intermediate softening, forming a pustule, with a diameter of no more than 1 cm; · About 6 weeks after inoculation, the pustule ruptures, forming a skin lesion with a diameter of approximately 5 mm; · The skin lesion generally heals within 3 months and leaves a permanent scar. Care after vaccination · When pustules form at the vaccination site, remember not to squeeze, do not grasp with hands, change underwear frequently, and keep local dryness; · After the pustule is ruptured, as long as the wound is kept clean, alcohol and iodine can not be used If you have already used alcohol and other disinfected ulcers, re-test the PPD skin test 3 to 4 months after inoculation; · You can take a bath at any time after inoculation, without using sterile gauze or waterproof stickers to isolate the inoculation site. Dry the inoculation site. If the abscess diameter exceeds 1 cm or the abscess does not heal for more than 3 months, you need to see a doctor.

Tintin suddenly came up with a lot of “acne”: I did nothing!

Mr. Zhang was very depressed recently. A few days ago, he discovered that Tintin grew a lot of “acne”. They seemed to have grown overnight. I didn’t feel anything at all before. Within a few days of discovering these “acne”, Tintin’s erection appeared painful. Because of these “acne”, his wife also had a big trouble with Mr. Zhang, and Mr. Zhang was also helpless: I did nothing! Tintin’s “acne” is what happened. In fact, the “acne” on Mr. Zhang Tintin is not really acne, but a penile induration. It is clinically called penile induration, which is the fiber of the white membrane of the cavernous body of the penis. The lesions may cause single or multiple plaques or indurations of varying sizes on the dorsal or lateral side of the penis. At present, penile sclerosis is not uncommon. Its incidence is 0.4-9%. Considering that some patients do not seek medical treatment because of privacy, or some middle-aged and elderly men do not have high sex life requirements and do not seek medical treatment, the actual incidence may be higher. The disease is more common in middle-aged men, and the incidence rate increases with age, but some patients have more than 10 years of age. Peyronie’s disease is an abnormal state of the penis, which can affect men’s health. When the symptoms are serious, it can cause erection pain, unable to complete normal sex life, and even cause infertility. Patients with penile sclerosis can feel single or multiple nodules of different sizes on the dorsal or root of the penis. In general, men do not have symptoms of discomfort when they are weak, and after an erection, there will be bloating and pain, but some patients do not have any discomfort. Usually some small indurations have no effect on erections, while large indusions will affect erections, which in turn affect the quality of sexual life. Some slight indurations in the early stage will not bring obvious discomfort to the patient, especially will not affect the sex life, so it is easy to be ignored. Later, with the development of the disease, pain will occur during erection, and it may even cause conflict between the couple and leave a psychological shadow for the patient. Some indurations will gradually shrink or even disappear over time, but some patients will develop erectile dysfunction or even infertility due to the gradually worsening of the disease. Where did the “acne” on Tintin come from? When Mr. Zhang’s wife learned that he had “acne” on Ding Ding, he thought that Mr. Zhang had someone else outside and came home with sickness, so he had a conflict with Mr. Zhang. But Mr. Zhang himself felt very wrong: I clearly did nothing, why did these “acne” come to me? The etiology of penile sclerosis is not yet clear, and may be related to a variety of factors. At present, most scholars believe that the chronic damage to the penis is related to inflammation. In the course of sexual life, the penis fails to enter the female genital tract or improper posture, long-term excessive sex life or masturbation leads to penile tunica albuginea microvascular injury or trauma, so repeated trauma-healing, and eventually form fibrous plaque or induration; some patients have Before penile trauma or surgery, resulting in penile induration after penile injury; combined with diabetes, hypertension, erectile dysfunction, ischemic heart disease, smoking, alcoholism, etc., the probability of suffering from penile sclerosis is also significantly higher than ordinary crowd. (Part of the picture source network, please contact and delete if there is any infringement) Reprinted statement: 1. The copyright belongs to the original author “Dongge Medical Talk”; 2. The content of this article may not be reproduced or pseudo-original published without the permission of the original author. Please indicate the source and original author at the beginning or end of the article, and offenders will be investigated.

Is the penis curving and can’t get up? Be careful

Penile sclerosis is also known as penile sclerosis. The lesions are mainly limited to the gap between the penis tunica alba and erectile tissue. It is characterized by localized fibrous plaques. When the penis is erect, it can form functional shortening and bending deformities. Patients are often accompanied by The cause of psychological and sexual dysfunction is not clear. Some scholars believe that it is inflammation around the blood vessels between the penile tunica albuginea and erectile tissue. Some studies have shown that the plaque of the penis is a scar, not inflammation is the result of the autoimmune process. If you need consultation, please click here. The main symptoms are: localized induration on the patient, usually located on the dorsal side of the penis, single or multiple, smaller induration size such as rice grain size, larger induration will spread the entire dorsal side of the penis , In the shape of a round cord or plaque, is relatively rigid and fixed. Inactive skin and subcutaneous tissues can be clinically divided into acute and chronic phases. The former is characterized by acute inflammatory reactions and pain. The pain mainly occurs when the penis is erect. , 30% to 40% of patients with obvious pain symptoms can last for several months in this period, during which the penis can form nodules, the penis continues to develop disease Bending. When the active inflammation of the penis white membrane stops, it enters the chronic phase. At this stage, the pain symptoms usually disappear, the plaque forms a hard knot, and the curved penis cannot be recovered. If there are the above symptoms and problems, click here to consult online. Second, penile sclerosis will cause patients to have penile curvature, shortening and deformation of the penis, and some patients will have a hard mass At the same time, it appears on the upper and lower sides of the penis, so it will shorten and deform the penis, but the lesion does not invade the urethra, and there is no obstacle to urination or ejaculation. When the plaque has calcification or ossification, plain X-ray film can show the lesion and can measure the size. In addition, penile sclerosis can also cause erectile pain and erectile dysfunction. In severe cases, the patient will have difficulty combining or failing Therefore, erectile dysfunction and penile curvature caused by Peyronie’s disease can only be cured by going to a specialist hospital and most Peyronie’s disease is an insidious onset. The patient is not satisfied with the erectile function of the penis first, and then finds that the penis has painful spots Block, and the penis bending progresses slowly, when it is deformed to cause difficulties in sexual intercourse, it is easy to cause psychological disorders to the patient, which seriously affects the physical and mental health. Click here to consult online. So, once penile sclerosis occurs, how to treat it? For patients with mild symptoms, drug treatment is generally recommended, and vitamin supplements are taken with appropriate doses. For patients with obvious symptoms, anti-fibrosis drugs can also be taken, and drugs that inhibit connective tissue hyperplasia can also be taken. , If the patient finds that his penis is bent and unable to get an erection, he should go to a specialist hospital for confirmation

Tintin has pimples, how will it affect men?

Ding Ding added a few “pimples” with large grains of rice. What happened? When did the “lumps” grow out? Why don’t I feel it? … Many men will be very surprised after discovering the “lumps” on Tintin, and they will also become anxious and panic! (Source: These pimples are clinically called penile indurations and are one of the common male penile diseases. Symptoms of penile sclerosis are quite different. Different patients may have different symptoms at different stages of the disease. The main manifestations are: different sizes of the penis, painless, palpable induration; pain when erection; penis bending or partial depression; Decreased quality of sexual life; erectile dysfunction, etc. (Source: At present, there is no unified conclusion about the cause of penile sclerosis. Most people think that it may be related to injury or inflammation. These indurations may occur overnight, and vary in size, painless, and itching, and to some extent, erection pain may occur. Then the question is coming! What effect does penile sclerosis have on men? (Source: Penile sclerosis can be divided into: acute phase and stable phase. The acute phase generally lasts 3-12 months, mainly manifested as: erection pain, induration gradually increased, and bending deformity gradually increased. Most patients have no special symptoms in the early stage, and then gradually develop erection pain. The stable period is generally within 6 months to 2 years after the onset of the disease: most patients have induration gradually stabilized, the induration no longer becomes larger, the penile curvature is gradually stabilized at an angle, and the pain after erection is significantly reduced. During the stable period, although the patient’s condition does not continue to develop, some patients may have a decline in the quality of sexual life because of the excessive penis bending angle. In severe cases, they may have erectile dysfunction or may not be able to get erection at all. If you continue to have sex while the penis is bent, it may cause damage to the tissue around the previous induration, a new induration, and increased bending. (Source: Peyronie’s disease itself does not cause great harm to the patient’s whole body, nor will it cause cancer, but when the penis is erect, there will be pain, bending deformity of the penis, decreased quality of sexual life, erectile dysfunction, etc. Increase the psychological burden of patients, and even affect the relationship between husband and wife. Although Peyronie’s disease is not a life-threatening disease, it will also bring great psychological pressure to the patient, coupled with the spouse’s incomprehension, may eventually lead to family breakdown! Therefore, if you suffer from Peyronie’s disease, you must seek medical treatment as soon as possible and wait for the doctor to give the most reasonable treatment plan to get rid of the shadow of Peyronie’s disease as soon as possible and prevent it from causing excessive impact on life. Today’s interaction: Do you have any questions about penile sclerosis? Welcome to leave a comment in the comment area. —————————— Concerned about male health, if you have any urinary tract diseases, please contact me at any time, I hope my suggestions can help you get rid of the haze of the disease and move towards a confident life! Reprinted statement: 1. The copyright belongs to the original author “Dong Ge Yi Hua”; 2. The content of this article may not be reproduced or pseudo-original without the permission of the original author. Reprint or quote the content of this article, please indicate the source and the beginning and end of the article The original author will be investigated.

Newborn | BCG skin test

This article applies to newborn babies. What is the BCG vaccine skin test? The BCG vaccine skin test is a tool for diagnosing tuberculosis. It generally refers to the tuberculin test, also known as the Mantu test and the PPD test. Through this test, we can judge the human tuberculosis infection and provide a basis for vaccination. When the tuberculin test is positive, it means that the body has been infected with tuberculosis bacteria, and there is no need to inoculate BCG. Only those who show negative are BCG vaccination targets. . In addition, the BCG skin test is also a test that needs to be done when the BCG vaccine is reviewed. After 3 months of vaccination, the baby should have a BCG skin test to check whether the BCG vaccine has immunity in the body. If the tuberculin is positive, it means that the BCG vaccine is inoculated. If successful, the BCG vaccination needs to be repeated. & nbsp. BCG vaccine skin test is necessary to do & nbsp. BCG vaccine skin test is necessary to do, especially in newborns who have been vaccinated with BCG vaccine, after 3 months of vaccination, the BCG vaccine skin test should be done because In order to detect whether the vaccination is successful, whether the body has immunity or not, this is a very important basis. If the test result shows that the vaccination failed, then it needs to be re-vaccinated, so that the baby can be protected from tuberculosis and other infestations. BCG vaccine skin test reaction & nbsp. BCG vaccine skin test response is an important basis for vaccination with BCG vaccine, so close observation is generally required to detect the reaction within 48-96 hours. BCG vaccine skin test response is generally localized induration, the main test The method is to observe the horizontal and vertical diameter of the induration. In addition to induration, the possible reactions are blisters, necrosis, or lymphadenitis. These are the reactions that may occur after the BCG skin test. The doctor will make a conclusion based on these reactions. & nbsp. BCG vaccine skin test results & nbsp. BCG vaccine skin test results are mainly to see whether there is induration and induration size, the site of injection of PPD is only needle-sized traces, and no induration, it is a negative reaction, indicating that BCG vaccine has no Effectiveness, at this time, further examination is needed to determine whether it is related to the baby’s insufficient immune function, or to the technical operation of the BCG vaccination process; if the site appears red and swollen, and there are indules with a diameter of about 5-10 mm, it is a positive reaction. This shows that the BCG vaccine has been successfully vaccinated and has developed resistance to tuberculosis bacteria in the body. There is also a case where the induration diameter exceeds 20 mm, or there is redness, blisters and necrosis on the induration, accompanied by lymphatic counties. This is a strong positive reaction and should go to the hospital for further examination. & nbsp. BCG positive skin test is what is happening & nbsp. BCG positive skin test is only indicative of tuberculosis infection, when it does not necessarily mean disease. If the newborn’s test is positive before the BCG vaccination, it means that the newly infected active tuberculosis should be treated. However, the BCG skin test is generally carried out after 3 months of BCG vaccination. If it shows positive, it means that the BCG vaccine has been successfully vaccinated and has developed resistance to tuberculosis in the body. & nbsp. & nbsp. * The content of this article comes from the Internet, only for sharing. If there is any infringement, please contact us to delete it ~