What are the early symptoms of uterine infertility

 Infertility is the most serious disease among women in today’s society. Its appearance is likely to cause patients to have inferiority, depression, mental illness, and serious depression, which causes serious damage to family harmony. So what are the early symptoms of uterine infertility?  1. Irregular menstruation    changes in menstrual volume: too much or too little; menstrual cycle changes: early or delayed menstruation. Prolonged menstrual period: common in luteal insufficiency and endometrial inflammation.  2, dysmenorrhea,    endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease, uterine fibroids, uterine dysplasia, abnormal uterine position and other diseases can cause menstrual abdominal pain.  3, abdominal pain    chronic lower abdomen, bilateral abdominal pain or lumbosacral pain is often when there is pelvic inflammatory disease, hysteromyositis, oophoritis, endometriosis and tumors in the uterus or ovaries.  The importance of the uterus gestating life is unmatched by other organs. For female friends, preventing uterine infertility can preserve the right to be a mother, and there will be no regrets in a lifetime.   Then, how to prevent uterine infertility? Let us briefly understand. 1. Do not indulge in sexual life. It is recommended that female friends do not indulge in sexual life, because indulgence will hurt the body. If the uterus bears the brunt of irregular sex life for a long time, bacteria will infect the endometrium through sex life. Although there is hope of cure, Recovery will be more troublesome. 2. Active contraception. Uterine infertility may also be caused by repeated abortions. It is recommended that female friends take contraceptive measures and do not allow their uterine cavity and cervix to be infected with adhesions, followed by secondary infertility. .  三. Other   Pregnant women must ensure adequate rest after giving birth, do not squat frequently, and do not do heavy work, because overwork will increase the pressure on the abdomen and the uterus may shift.

Senior High School Entrance Exam 丨 Tips for Psychological Adjustment After Exam

After the high school entrance examination, every candidate is experiencing psychological changes, especially during the period from the end of the high school entrance examination to being notified of admission, some relax and play, some are deeply self-blaming and confused, and may experience excessive indulgence and emotions. “Post-test syndrome” such as low and anxious grades. However, these emotions are usually ignored by parents, causing many candidates to find it difficult to balance their mentality between “indulgence” and “silence”, which leads to psychological problems. What psychological problems will appear after the exam? Indulge in psychology: After the high school entrance examination, for the candidates, the nervous state of mind can be completely relaxed. Many people choose to go online, sleep, sing, and have fun together. Let the work and rest time become irregular, even all night long. Such indulgence will not only cause physical and mental fatigue, but may also affect health. Depressive psychology: Some candidates perform abnormally in the high school entrance examination, because they did not get the ideal results, and they were depressed and depressed. Demonstrating loss of appetite, poor sleep, or simply shutting oneself up at home without contact with others or talking, self-blame and irritability may also occur. At this time, if parents ask too much, quarrels will occur instead. Anxiety: Anxiety is often caused by the examinee’s inability to divert attention from the middle school entrance examination. I was too entangled in the details of the examination process, and I cared too much about whether I got the points I should get, and why I didn’t avoid mistakes that shouldn’t appear. This kind of mentality will make candidates become extremely anxious while waiting for the results to be announced, causing trouble sleeping and eating. Perplexed mentality: From an over-tight pre-exam state to a moment of inactivity after the examination. Many candidates will experience such a gap. They are accustomed to the high-intensity learning at school, but suddenly they have no goals, leaving them at a loss and unable to find the way forward. If the confused mentality continues, it will have a negative impact on the study and life of entering high school. As a student, you should treat the senior high school entrance examination and the future with a peaceful heart. After all, the senior high school entrance examination is only a node in life, but life is a long front, and it needs to be done step by step. Therefore, students must adjust their mentality, whether good or bad in the exam will belong to the past, and more importantly, plan the future and implement it gradually. You can try the following methods: 1. Get close to nature: Think about how long have you not walked into nature and got close to animals and plants? The green mountains and green waters, and the fragrance of birds and flowers are good medicines to soothe the soul, which can soothe unhappiness in the heart and change the mood of depression. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.2.Talking to the heart: Pour out the depression or complaints in your heart to the people you closest and trust. This kind of heart-to-heart conversation can be used not only face-to-face, but also by letter. Sometimes, some of my own thoughts may be wrong, and a friend’s words may make people feel like a village in the dark. 3. Adjust the way of thinking: What makes us anxious is not the high school entrance examination scores, but our perception of the scores. The scores you worry about actually wrap up your thoughts, “If I don’t do well in the exam, I will be all over, and there will be no one. Love me, I am a useless person.” When you are anxious, you must find out your unreasonable thoughts in time and try to argue with them, and abandon the wrong disastrous cognition. The senior high school entrance examination is important but not so important. You have to have a position for it. There are more opportunities to change your destiny in life. Failure to do well does not mean “you are useless” or “will not be loved”, and the sky will not fall. , You will not “finish”. 4. Release emotions: If you feel that the atmosphere at home is very depressing and makes you feel anxious and dissatisfied, you can try to climb the mountain, climb to the top of the mountain and shout your dissatisfaction; you can also sing loudly and sing your stress and anxiety ; Through these methods of catharsis release, let the mood slowly calm down. 5. Self-suggestion: During the waiting period, you can often suggest that you “no matter what the result, I worked hard”, “I am great”, “the future is full of hope”, etc. 6. Compensation sublimation method: use other aspects of success (such as learning a certain specialty) to compensate for the pain caused by failure in the high school entrance examination; direct bad emotions to the positive aspect, resolve psychological contradictions by making outstanding achievements, and obtain psychological balance. 7. Analyze the situation rationally: After the exam, many students will face pressure from the outside world. These pressures mainly come from parents, teachers, classmates, relatives and friends, etc. When you fail to meet their expectations, you can analyze it rationally. Whether you work hard

Today’s Great Summer Festival

&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.Today is hot! Dashu is the last solar term in summer and the twelfth solar term in the year. It is July 22 of the solar calendar this year, when the sun is at 120° of the yellow longitude, which is the Dashu solar term. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. The old saying goes: “Great summer heat, the weather is hotter than Xiaoshu, hence the name Dashu.” Compared with Xiaoshu, the heat of Dashu is more steamy, and people’s mood is also easy to depressed. Uncomfortable. Although the summer season is extremely hot, it is already the end of summer. At this time, the whole world is full of thick green trees and happy insects, and there are cool thunderstorms in the afternoon. During the hot summer season, people have no energy and have poor appetite. They must not eat cold or take the wind, otherwise they will easily suffer from gastrointestinal diseases. During the summer, the diet needs to be warm and soft, and the sleep needs to be adequate. It is advisable to enter the mountains to escape the summer heat, stay behind closed doors, and study and refresh your mind. &nbsp.&nbsp.

Can a man really be seven times a night? The answer is …

Talking about this problem, we will talk about what is “seven times a night”. In fact, many old drivers know the meaning of this word. Regardless of men and women, at some stage they always chat with friends about the topic of “up to a few times a night”. Many people always hold a kind of “wow, this is of course excellent” for such achievements seven times a night. Regardless of whether they have personal experience, for the number of nights, men and women are subconsciously defaulting to a reference standard for good sexual performance. Such people are also known as “seven times a night”. Are there really men who can be seven times a night? Exist! For example, some men and women have n’t seen each other for half a year. As the saying goes, it ’s a long time to win a new wedding, plus young and strong, the physical and psychological needs of both parties. possible. This depends on multiple factors such as the age of the man and woman, physical fitness, the environment, the needs and cooperation of the other half. This is like having some good physical strength. Climbing a dozen floors will not gasp, while climbing 5 floors with poor physical strength may be breathless. But this situation is rare. After the man is over, there is a period of refractory period, about 20 minutes to about an hour, and some may even last up to a day, commonly known as the “sage mode”. This is a protection program that is temporarily turned off by the body, and it is not suitable for the physiological needs and the body to continue to slap in this time frame. Continuous forced restart of the body, let Tintin work overload, so excessive indulgence will damage sexual function, and even cause impotence, premature ejaculation and so on. Talking here, many people will have questions, how many times a night is appropriate? Is there any authoritative guidance data? An American sexologist has published a formula for the frequency of sex times. You can refer to: multiply the tens of age by nine, multiply by The tens digit of the result is the period, and the single digit is the number of sex. 2×9 = 18 ==〉 20 years old, 8 times a week 3×9 = 27 ==> 30 years old, 7 times every 2 weeks 4×9 = 36 ==> 40 years old, 6 times every 3 weeks 5×9 = 45 ==> 50 years old , 5 times every 4 weeks, and so on .. But everyone does n’t have to be completely superstitious about this formula. Factors such as different age, physique, personality, and the other half ’s cooperation can also affect this frequency. If you feel backache, tinnitus, fatigue, and soft feet, the next time it is too frequent, your body reminds you not to overindulge. After all, excessive indulgence has no harm for men! It is necessary to prolong the time between sex. When male sex life is too frequent and causes many injuries to the waist and back many times a night, due to repeated and persistent hyperemia of sexual organs, prostatitis and seminal vesiculitis will be induced in the long term. Not only will it cause discomfort in the perineum, backache, and even severe blood sperm. Men who are prone to cause sexual dysfunction many times a night are bound to gradually extend the time of ejaculation, because the ejaculation time of the second sex life is generally longer than the first time. It is easy to bury the hidden dangers that induce male sexual impotence, delayed ejaculation time, no sexual pleasure and other sexual dysfunction! It is easy to cause “overwork” of the sexual organs. Due to the continuous and repeated occurrence of sexual impulses, it will aggravate the human sexual control nerve center and sexual organ Burden, regular exertion will inevitably cause the decline of sexual function, and eventually cause the “premature aging” of sex organs. Poor physical fitness is very energy-intensive, and there are data indicating that a single time is equivalent to a long run of 1500 meters, so many people think that it is conducive to weight loss and even exercise. In fact, weight loss is just a short-term exercise of the muscles, and the exercise time is generally not more than 2 hours. But excessive indulgence may cause your body to lose weight quickly, as well as mental state, memory, and analytical ability, all of which will decline. Seriously will also affect your normal work and life. Xiao Pa Yi Qing, Da Pa hurt the body under the premise of being able to withstand a few times a night, there is no problem. However, quality is more important than quantity. Every time the satisfaction is what both parties need to pay attention to!

Unmarried and asexual in my life, but got prostate cancer! Stay away from prostate cancer and indulge? Abstinence?

This is a sick number a few years ago. An elderly male, 66 years old, unmarried, mentally retarded from an early age, barely able to maintain a simple daily life. In the first half of the onset, the amount of meals decreased, and the body was obviously thin. He was sent to the hospital for examination by his elder brother who was over 70 years old. During the hospitalization, we checked all the blood items and showed that the PSA (prostate cancer specific antigen) was more than 1000 units. The blood routine showed severe anemia and severe hypoproteinemia , Urinary color Doppler ultrasound tips: solid prostate occupying the bladder, abnormal blood flow signals can be seen. Because the patient was in a serious condition when he was admitted to the hospital, MRI and prostate biopsy could not be done any further, but according to all clinical data, we were diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer and had some symptomatic treatment. Later, due to long-term lack of water, the infection left Died. Recently, when I heard a doctor talk about health care and talk about “overwork hurts the body”, for example, Westerners have a high incidence of prostate cancer, because Western men have more open sexual concepts, early sexual life, and many sexual partners. Sexual frequency is high. The implication is that proper abstinence can prevent prostate cancer. Should we really encourage men to change the number of sex and prevent prostate cancer? The answer is no. I do n’t know how many people will be misled by this kind of rhetoric. I think of this patient many years ago. I will talk a little bit about prostate cancer and sex life! The prostate is a male-specific gonadal organ. The prostate is shaped like chestnuts, with the bottom facing up, attached to the bladder, the tip facing down, the pubic bone attached to the front, the rectum behind, and the urethra passing through the middle of the prostate, guarding the upper urethra, so the prostate is sick and urination is the first influences. As we all know, the prostate secretes prostatic fluid and promotes semen vitality. A healthy prostate helps ensure normal sex life and normal fertility. The prostate is sick, ranging from prostatitis to prostate cancer, poor urination, intermittent, sexual life is weak, the old age of life is coming early! Everyone is responsible for caring for prostate men and partners, so what is the better sex life? Is it better? People often think that there are many prostate diseases in men who have lust, which is not true. The longer they are held, the higher the incidence of prostate disease. From the physiological point of view, abstinence is more harmful to health than indulgence. Prostate cancer is one of the common cancers in men. As a male gonadal organ has become cancerous, many people will take it for granted to link the incidence of prostate cancer with sex life. Many scholars have thought so in the past and have done a lot. the study. The results of the study so far have not been reliable, which means that there is no relationship between sexual life and the incidence of prostate cancer. Once upon a time, experts and scholars concluded that men with more androgens have a strong sexual desire, people with frequent sex life and many sexual partners are at greater risk of contracting STDs, and “taking them for granted” will increase the incidence of prostate cancer. In essence, unlike HPV that causes cervical cancer, hepatitis B virus may cause liver cancer, Helicobacter pylori may cause stomach cancer, male sexually transmitted diseases (pathogen infection) or male prostatitis and prostate cancer are not directly related, even prostate cancer The risk factor is not counted. The etiology of prostate cancer is as complex and diverse as most cancers, covering innate genetic factors and acquired environmental factors. Modern research believes that it has a certain correlation with age, family history, diet, exercise, smoking, obesity and so on. In short, there is no semi-hair relationship with sex. From the perspective of health care, do not indulge, let alone abstinence. Moderate, healthy sex life is to better care for your prostate!