Fear of the new crown virus, pregnant women dare not go to the hospital to induce labor, and eventually suffer from stillbirth syndrome

The outbreak of the new crown epidemic disrupted people’s daily lives and caused many problems for many pregnant women. Seeing a piece of news in Guangzhou, Ms. Yang was 22 years old this year. She went to the hospital during the 23rd week of gestation at the end of last year. B-ultrasound indicated that the fetus was normal. After the sudden outbreak of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, Ms. Yang did not undergo any obstetric examination for more than a month. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. On February 8, Miss Yang went to the hospital and found that the fetus was stillborn in the uterus, only 25 weeks old. According to this calculation, the time of fetal death has been one month. But until March 16, more than a month later, Ms. Yang did not come to the hospital’s obstetrics department for treatment. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. The doctor asked me that Miss Yang’s family did not allow her to go out due to the epidemic and missed the normal birth inspection. After the discovery of the fetal death, he was still worried about the epidemic, and he did not come to the hospital to induce labor. Finally, Miss Yang was diagnosed with stillbirth syndrome. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. This disease puzzled Miss Yang, how could there be such a weird disease? Stillbirth syndrome refers to a stillbirth that stays in the uterus for more than one month. After the fetus dies, it will cause coagulation dysfunction. The most dangerous thing is that in the process of induction of stillbirth, uncontrollable hemorrhage during and after childbirth may occur. Poor, will quickly enter the critical stage of extensive bleeding throughout the body. On March 19th, Miss Yang suddenly started to have a fetal dysfunction. Due to stillbirth syndrome, accompanied by disseminated intravascular coagulation and severe postpartum hemorrhage, the situation is very critical, and there is a critical situation that may require the removal of the uterus to save lives. & nbsp. Ms. Yang was immediately sent to the operating room for emergency rescue. After the hospital ’s multidisciplinary cooperation and active treatment, during the epidemic with a tight blood source, she worked hard to prepare blood products such as cold precipitation and fresh frozen plasma, and did a good job in rescuing hemorrhagic disease. Prepare for shock. “Thrilling” induction of labor was over, and Miss Yang finally saved her womb and escaped. Speaking of stillbirth syndrome, there is a record in the ancient medical book “Fu Qing’s Master Medical Case”, “Women have abdomen like pregnancy, and do not control all year round, even those who are not born for two or three years, this ghost will also have a yellow face. Skinny, skin cut, and abdomen as big as a battle. “Of course, ghost fetus is an image saying, not to say that the fetus of the ghost, but that the patient’s weak blood and blood need to be treated with the” danggui decoction “prescription. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. From the perspective of modern medicine, the symptoms described by this kind of “ghost fetus” are similar to those in fetal death. Our hospital has also received similar cases, also in fetal death. First, pregnant women did not feel that, and later did not accept the reality of fetal death. They went to several hospitals to confirm the diagnosis. One or two times, the stillbirth has remained in the womb for more than a month. On the day of diagnosis, we hurriedly admitted the pregnant woman to the hospital. After further examination, it was found that the pregnant woman’s platelet decreased, prothrombin time prolonged, and fibrinogen decreased. All indicators indicate that pregnant women have abnormal blood coagulation and hyperfibrinolysis. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. In response to the patient’s symptoms, we carried out symptomatic treatment, including the application of low molecular weight heparin & nbsp., to ensure that the fibrinogen and platelet levels can be restored to effective hemostatic levels after 24-48 hours , Otherwise it cannot be induced. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. After treatment, the patient’s coagulation function will be rechecked 24 hours later. Basically normal, it is possible to perform induction surgery. During the operation, in order to prevent major bleeding, platelets and fresh frozen plasma are prepared at the same time. And fibrinogen to prevent postpartum hemorrhage and prepare for the rescue of hemorrhagic shock. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. The induction of labor was smooth. First, oral mifepristone was given, and then misoprostol was given to the posterior vault of the vagina. The patient had regular contractions, and finally a natural baby girl was discharged, soaked, gray Brown, peeling, collapsed head, wide eye distance, no other deformities found. After the induction of labor, the third-generation anti-infective treatment of A mixed cephalosporin was given, and there was no heavy bleeding. By the 5th day, the patient was discharged and all signs returned to normal. At this stage, for pregnant mothers, the number of hospital visits is reduced

Cheng Yahui said: Unexpected pregnancy, this can minimize the risk of abortion

“The epidemic is not over yet. Abortion has become the most popular operation in gynecology and obstetrics in most hospitals. What can be done to minimize the damage to the body caused by abortion? Today, Dean Cheng will share with you the precautions before and after the abortion operation , Minimize the risk of abortion surgery. Check how long the pregnancy period is. The best time for abortion is 35 to 50 days of pregnancy. At this time, the size of the gestational sac is moderate, the operation is the least difficult, and the uterine injury is also the smallest. The body recovers quickly. More than 3 months (about 90 Days) usually requires induction of labor to terminate pregnancy. Induced labor is relatively larger in terms of surgical difficulty and injury than abortion surgery. The damage to the body is greater. The good hospitals that go to regular legal hospitals are not only medical equipment, but also technology. It ’s better to be responsible for your own body, and do n’t choose illegal clinics out of scruples. The probability of injury will be greatly increased. Age is crucial. Age is critical. After a certain age, the doctor will not recommend some Women go to abortion again. Especially the woman who is pregnant for the first time, if she plans to have a child in the future. In this case, the abortion Carefully consider before giving birth. Whether or not you are emotionally prepared will cause a lot of trauma in the flow of people. Even if you feel that you are ready, it will be a painful decision. So no matter how to adjust your mindset Through this difficult period as soon as possible. Do n’t swallow drugs to go to the hospital for a detailed examination to see if this pregnancy is normal or whether there is an ectopic pregnancy. Do n’t swallow the drugs yourself to terminate this pregnancy, which may leave a series of sequelae , I will regret it. Experts interpret the warm reminder: Although the flow of people is a simple minor operation, it is a catastrophe for the innocent fetus. If you are not prepared for parenthood, you need to do contraception, This is also responsible for your physical and mental health!