What should I do if the skin of a patient with vitiligo is too dehydrated?

   Vitiligo is a common chronic skin disease. Its onset is related to many aspects of life, especially the habits of patients. If the patient with vitiligo does not pay attention to protecting the skin, leaving the skin in a long-term dry and dry state, not only will the spots and acne, but also the production of fine lines, which will also have a great impact on the condition of vitiligo. Therefore, patients with vitiligo usually need to pay attention to the moisturizing of the skin. So, what should I do if the skin of patients with vitiligo is too dehydrated?    One, pay attention to the appropriate amount of hydration The climate has a greater impact on the skin, especially in the autumn and winter in the north, due to the relatively dry climate, coupled with the wind, the skin of people who are often out Symptoms of lack of water appear. Vitiligo patients must pay attention to hydration when these conditions occur, and they must also properly protect their skin according to the season. If patients with vitiligo can persist in replenishing the skin regularly, it will not only help regulate the body’s metabolic activity, but also help the recovery of skin leukoplakia.  Second, adjust indoor humidity  Vitiligo patients should always try to keep the indoor humidity as much as possible. If the room is not ventilated for a long time, the room will appear relatively dry, so it is very necessary to open windows frequently for ventilation. In addition, patients with vitiligo can also raise some green plants indoors, or use air humidifiers to maintain indoor humidity. 3. Pay attention to moisturizing when going out. Vitiligo patients should pay attention to moisturizing measures when going out, especially when the weather is hot in summer. In addition to moisturizing, patients should also take care of sun protection to avoid skin irritation. . If exposed to the sun for a long time, it is still easy to cause the white spots to spread and spread. Reminder: Vitiligo is a skin disease that is easy to recur. Patients must face it positively after the illness and take care of the skin. If there is any abnormality in the skin, you must go to the Vitiligo Hospital in time. Prevent the worsening of the condition.

Lips are easy to peel in autumn. Can patients with vitiligo use lip balm?

   The autumn climate is relatively dry and peeling is prone to occur. Many people carry lip balm with them, which is convenient and can be applied anytime and anywhere. But for patients with vitiligo on the lips, can you use lipstick when the lips appear chapped?    lip balm should not be used more. Nowadays, there are many kinds of lip balm, but after using it more often, it will become dependent and make the lips themselves resistant The decrease in power will affect the hygiene of the lips after absorbing the dust and impurities in the air, leading to cheilitis, and patients with white spots on the lips will aggravate the condition.   Choose a lip balm with particular attention.    Try to choose a lip balm with simple and natural ingredients, and avoid buying cheap and low-quality lip balm. Pay attention to the expiration date and do not use the lip balm after the expiration date. Try not to use colored lip balm. This kind of lip balm generally contains chemicals that can affect the condition of patients with vitiligo.  Dry lips is the lack of water in the body.   Dry lips are the lack of water inside the body. Therefore, patients with vitiligo can drink plenty of water to replenish moisture, and also need to pay attention to maintaining indoor humidity. A humidifier can be used indoors to increase the humidity of the indoor environment.  Patients with vitiligo in autumn should do a good job of skin care to avoid aggravating the development of the disease. If the leukoplakia spreads, go to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment.

What kind of house can I live in to live a long and healthy life?

What kind of house can I live in to live a long and healthy life? Everyone wants to live a long and healthy life. Let me talk about it now, what kind of house can I “live” in order to live a long and healthy life? Throughout the ages, people in our country have attached great importance to choosing a residential environment. Otherwise, why are there so many Feng Shui gentlemen? Most of life is spent in residence, but not everyone knows how to choose a reasonable, comfortable, and healthy residence for people, time and place. 1. Choose the address first: the topography with mountains and rivers is the best choice. In winter, the mountain can block the whistling of the cold north wind; the trees on the mountain in summer can adjust the hot climate, and the trees are shaded, and the negative oxygen ions increase sharply, especially for the elderly. Although there are no natural mountains and rivers to rely on in the noisy city, as far as possible, choose houses with high-rise buildings behind and better green surroundings. 2. Housing orientation: For most parts of our country, the best orientation for building a house is north facing south. There are two advantages of this: 1. It is conducive to room temperature adjustment. In winter, especially in the north, the northwest wind often blows strongly, such as the door of the house facing north, and the cold wind enters the room directly, making people susceptible to colds and illnesses. The southeast wind in summer is very refreshing, such as the door facing north, the cool breeze cannot enter the room directly, the indoor air is not circulated, and the air is stuffy, which is also harmful to human health. 2. Conducive to indoor lighting. Our country is located in the northern hemisphere, and the sun is mostly south. In summer, the temperature is high, the sunlight is almost directly on the ground, and the strong sunlight cannot shine indoors, which avoids the high temperature. On the contrary, the sun is low in winter, and the sunlight comes in obliquely from the outside, such as the door and window facing south, the sunlight enters the room directly, and the sunshine time is longer, which is more beneficial to human health. 3. It is also necessary to adapt measures to local conditions: my country has a vast territory. In terms of residential buildings, in addition to choosing a good house site and ideal orientation, the geographical climate, living habits and material conditions of each region must also be considered. For example, there is less rain in the north of China, so the slope of the roof design is small, and the slope of the roof design is larger when there is more rain in the south. Another example is the thickness of the wall. The local long winter heating needs; there are cave dwellings in northern Shaanxi, yurts on the grassland, and bamboo buildings in the southwest. These traditional buildings all shine with the brilliance of science and wisdom, and we need to explore the essence of them.

Why does rheumatoid arthritis “take aim” at otaku and otaku?

With the rise of the Internet age, otaku and otaku have become a common practice. According to current clinical statistics, the number of otaku and otaku suffering from rheumatoid arthritis is gradually increasing. Otaku and otaku are susceptible to rheumatoid arthritis. This is because such people always stay at home. Due to lack of exercise, excessive fatigue, etc., the body’s immunity is weakened. If they are in an air-conditioned room for a long time, they are more susceptible to cold erosion. Suffered from rheumatoid arthritis. Long-term staying at home is likely to suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, home men and women should pay attention to it. Why does rheumatoid “take aim” at homeboys and homegirls? 1 Lack of exercise. Homeboys and homegirls have been indoors for a long time, lack of physical exercise, weak body resistance, prone to joint swelling and pain, and bacterial infections are an important cause of rheumatoid arthritis . 2 Overworked otaku otaku mostly play games and surf the Internet for a long time at home, long-term use of the computer will cause physical fatigue, too tired, human immunity will also decline, it is easy to cause some diseases, causing rheumatoid arthritis. 3 Bad emotions being in the room for a long time cannot communicate with the outside world, and often overexcited or over-depressed, etc. Bad emotions will also increase the incidence of rheumatoid arthritis. 4 Poor indoor environment The indoor environment is usually not sufficiently ventilated, too humid, or air-conditioning is used for a long time, and the indoor temperature is low, which can easily cause the joints to be cold and damp, and cause rheumatoid arthritis. [Clinical Guidance of Zhengzhou Gout and Rheumatism Hospital] Bad living habits have made homecomers and homecomers a “severe disaster area” for rheumatoid arthritis. People who like to stay at home for a long time must take preventive measures. Because the incidence of rheumatoid arthritis in women is relatively high, nerds should be more careful and adjust their living habits reasonably to avoid the attack of rheumatoid arthritis.

Shi Shurong: What are the risk groups of allergic purpura? Look at your risk index!

Shi Shurong’s studio WeChat xyk261. The initial symptoms of many patients with allergic purpura start from the skin and appear stagnation. They will not care at first, but they will spread to the whole body after a long time. This is related to human immunity. Children and adolescents are more frequent. Because their immune function is not perfect, they are prone to allergic purpura. Allergic purpura is generally divided into four categories, including simple, abdominal, articular, renal, and mixed. Simplex is the most common type, mainly skin purpura, generally the limbs, especially the lower limbs and buttocks. In addition to skin purpura, patients with abdominal type also have gastrointestinal symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, and hematemesis. Joint type mainly shows joint swelling, pain, and dysfunction. The kidney type is generally more serious, and there will be hematuria, proteinuria, and tubular urine. There are also some factors that induce asthma regardless of seasons and regions, and they exist for a long time in our daily lives. They not only have various stimuli, disease infections from the external environment, but also individual activities, dietary medication and other factors. 1. Indoor dust mites, their secretions and dead bodies can exist on cats, dogs, birds, silk, cockroaches and down products. 2. Outdoor pollen. In addition, indoor and outdoor fungi are also common causes. 3. Indoor air pollution. Such as cigarette smoke, kerosene stove smoke, wood burning grass, cooking fumes, household sprays and irritating odor cosmetics, including perfume, hair spray, talcum powder, interior decoration materials, paint smell, insecticide aerosol, Mosquito coils, to Su water. 4. Viral upper respiratory tract infection. For example, upper respiratory tract infections caused by respiratory syncytial virus, rhinovirus, influenza virus, etc. can induce and aggravate asthma. 7. Food and food additives. Common foods that are prone to asthma include fish, shrimp, crab, eggs, milk, cashew nuts, sesame, peach, etc.; food additives include preservatives, color enhancers, bleach, etc. Therefore, in life, the diet needs to be nutritious and balanced, exercise the body, enhance resistance, and effectively prevent viral infections. Because of allergic purpura due to drug allergies, these drugs will not be taken in the future. Maintain home hygiene, pay attention to personal hygiene, do not sit on the floor when going out, wash hands before eating to prevent parasitic infections.

What to do if the air in the office is too bad

Offices such as desks, chairs, bookcases, file cabinets, etc. are mostly based on artificial board, such as particle board, density board, plywood, plywood, etc., and these materials may contain formaldehyde, toluene, xylene and other volatile organic compounds Wait. This will affect the air quality in the office.   In addition, in most office environments, people are concentrated, and there are people smoking in the office, and because of the use of air conditioning, the environment is mostly closed. This causes problems such as poor air quality, relatively insufficient oxygen, and excessive carbon dioxide in the room. At present, most office buildings use central air conditioners. Many central air conditioners also need to be ventilated by ventilation ducts. The ducts are dark and humid, and they are particularly prone to breed bacteria, such as legionella; after a long time, there will be a lot of dust, which will also cause indoor Increased inhalation of particulate matter.  Countermeasures:    1. Open more windows. The best thing to do after work every day is to open the windows to allow natural ventilation and improve the air quality in the office.   2. If the work permits, it is best to go to the air circulation or outdoor activities at intervals, especially those working in the basement should pay attention to this.  3. Wet cleaning is recommended when cleaning, that is, when mopping the floor and wiping the table, window sill, etc., use wet mop or rag.   4. It is recommended to use a centralized air conditioning and ventilation system. For central air conditioning, heating cleaning and maintenance must be carried out in accordance with national regulations. 5. Office buildings with underground parking garages should preferably maintain positive air pressure, while in underground garages, it is best to use axial fans to exhaust vehicle exhaust as much as possible.   6. Properly put some green plants indoors.

How toxic is indoor pollution? Chemicals released from decoration materials can cause childhood leukemia

One of my buddies is a hematologist. They often treat patients with various leukemias in the department, many of them are children. Several of the sick children he contacted were staying within six months after the new house was renovated, and it didn’t take long to detect leukemia. He will always tell us again and again during the party that the home decoration must choose relatively environmentally friendly materials. Don’t rush into the newly installed house, especially when the child is still young. Various decoration materials are very harmful to indoor pollution, especially now that interior decoration is becoming more and more complicated, and various materials are used. The chemical substances polluted by interior decoration are mainly formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, radon, carbon monoxide, etc. Formaldehyde has long been clearly classified as a carcinogen by the World Health Organization. Formaldehyde and benzene series have the most important effects on the blood system, especially benzene series, toluene, xylene, etc., the inhibition of blood cells is very obvious . In addition to chemicals, some marbles, granite stones and ceramic tiles used for decoration will release radioactive materials, especially some expensive natural stones. The United States has classified indoor air pollution as one of the five major environmental factors that endanger human health. The World Health Organization also lists indoor air pollution, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia and obesity as the top ten threats to human health. According to the epidemiological statistics released by my country, there are about 40,000 new leukemia patients every year, 50% of them are children, and the majority are children between 2 and 7 years old. Home decoration leads to indoor environmental pollution, which is considered to be the main reason for the increase in urban leukemia children. A survey by Beijing Children’s Hospital revealed that 90% of the leukemia children admitted to the hospital had been renovated within six months. Experts speculate that harmful substances in interior decoration materials may be an important cause of pediatric leukemia. Compared with adults, children’s hematopoietic system is not well developed, bone marrow metabolism is active, and they spend much more time at home than adults, so they are more vulnerable to these pollutants. As a hematological malignant tumor disease, leukemia, like other solid cancers, has extremely complicated causes. The pathogenesis is not fully studied. The causes related to leukemia include genetic genes, viral infections, harmful chemicals, ionizing radiation, etc. . There is a certain correlation between indoor decoration pollution and the occurrence of leukemia. Among them, benzene pollutants have a direct causal relationship with childhood leukemia, but there is still no strong evidence for the statement that “formaldehyde directly induces childhood leukemia”. The harm of indoor decoration pollution to the body is obvious, and now more and more people are aware of this. But whether it is green plants, activated carbon or air purifiers, it can only play a minor auxiliary role in removing indoor pollution. Be aware that the release period of formaldehyde in furniture is very long, between 3-15 years. Therefore, the interior decoration should not be too complicated as much as possible. Choose relatively environmentally friendly decorative materials. The most important thing is to open the window for a long time to ventilate. Do not stay at least half a year after the decoration.

What should patients with leukoplakia face for a long time? Tips: 5 measures to avoid radiation is critical

With the development of society, we have gradually entered the era of information technology. Internet access has become one of the important lifestyles of people. Maybe you will watch movies, play games or watch news online. But computer radiation is so big, how should patients with vitiligo prevent radiation? Create a good indoor environment. The computer room should maintain a good working environment, such as maintaining a comfortable temperature and clean air. The indoor light should also be suitable. It should not be too bright or too dark. Avoid direct light on the screen and interfere with light. . Maintain ventilation indoors Ventilate the room where the computer is placed, which can effectively reduce the damage of computer radiation. Due to the presence of carcinogens in computer radiation, indoor ventilation can reduce the retention of indoor harmful substances. Take precautions when using the computer. Before using the computer, use isolated skin care products to effectively avoid the damage of computer radiation, and after using the computer, wash the face with water in time, because the face will absorb many electromagnetic radiation particles and increase the skin’s damage. Note that if the nutritional supplement works for a long time in front of the computer screen, it will cause the rhodopsin on the patient’s retina to be consumed, and rhodopsin is mainly synthesized by vitamin A. Therefore, people who operate the computer for a long time should eat more carrots, Tofu, milk, eggs, animal liver, lean meat and other foods to supplement vitamin A and protein in the body. You can usually drink more tea, because the active substances such as tea polyphenols in the tea are helpful to absorb and resist radioactive substances. Planting radiation-absorbing plants It is recommended that patients plant more intentional plants on the computer table, which is still beneficial to the patient’s condition. Plants such as cactus, fairy ball, fairy finger, and measuring ruler not only have the effect of adsorbing computer radiation, but also very good. The ornamental value of the eye can help patients with vitiligo relieve eye fatigue. Try not to use radiation-protecting skin care products as much as possible, which contains more chemical ingredients to avoid aggravating the condition of vitiligo. Warm reminder: Although the harm of radiation is great, as long as you take reasonable care and pay attention to the related prevention of stupidity, you can still reduce the damage caused by radiation to vitiligo patients, but this is still not enough. The combination of measures can make us reply faster.