Summer is here, how do people with aplastic anemia use air conditioning correctly? Shi Shurong Consulting

June is about to arrive, and it brings a hot summer, and the next three months will continue to be hot. This weather generally requires air conditioning to cool down. However, most patients with aplastic anemia have low immunity, and if they are not careful, they are easily infected. Therefore, patients with aplastic anemia must “slow” air conditioning scientifically. Director Shi Shurong WeChat xueyeke999 So, how do people with aplastic anemia use air conditioning correctly? Temperature problem: It is generally believed that 26 ℃ is the most suitable in summer, and the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor should not exceed 7 ℃. The most comfortable temperature for the human body in summer and autumn is about 26 ℃, and then 3 ℃ -4 ℃ lower, the human body will feel a little cold. Due to the different indoor and outdoor environments, long-term exposure to relatively extreme temperatures, dysregulation of the body’s ability to adjust, over time will lead to a decline in immune function and various symptoms of discomfort, known in medical terms as air-conditioning disease. Therefore, it is recommended that under normal circumstances, it is best to adjust the air conditioner to about 26 ℃, indoor and outdoor temperature difference should not exceed 7 ℃, otherwise it will increase the burden of the body temperature regulation center. Wind direction: When the air conditioner blows the air conditioner online, the cold air sinks downwards, so it is better to blow the wind upwards to avoid the cold wind blowing directly on the body. People who are close to the air conditioner are better to sit facing the air conditioner, because cold wind blows your back and waist from behind, which causes more damage to the human body than the frontal wind. Pay attention to opening windows to protect the respiratory tract. Opening the air conditioner for a long time will make the indoor air dry, and the air will not circulate, which is easy to cause nasal congestion, dry throat, and sneezing. Therefore, you should pay attention to frequent ventilation, it is recommended to open the window once every hour, about 15 minutes each time. The key is that patients with aplastic anemia and other blood diseases should keep the air conditioning time as short as possible, and the temperature should not be too low to prevent the occurrence of cold infections and other conditions, which can cause repeated aggravation of the condition. Weak body, do not turn on the air conditioner in the morning and evening, especially in patients with aplastic anemia, low self-immunity, prone to cold infections and other phenomena, it is best to use less air conditioning, every morning and evening when the temperature is low, you should go to the outdoor to do more sports fresh air. Avoid turning on the air conditioner all night when you sleep at night. When you sleep, the body temperature drops. If you turn on the air conditioner all night, it is easy to cause headaches and colds. Especially for patients with aplastic anemia, it is easy to aggravate the illness because of the frequent colds. Is set to close regularly. For patients with aplastic anemia, infection can be described as one of the main factors induced by the disease. This requires that the care of patients in daily life should be as comprehensive and meticulous as possible, and the air conditioning should be moderate to avoid colds, fever, pharyngitis and other conditions. For more aplastic disease knowledge or patient help, you can follow the WeChat public account: skg120