What is the reason for your premature aging than others?

What is the reason for your premature aging than others? (1) Social factors: “Su Wen · Shu Wu Guo Lun” pointed out: “Due to the fact that you are out of power, even if you don’t attack evil, you will be defeated if you are mentally injured.” Due to the rapid changes in social status, it will bring about the spiritual and physical aging. Modern medical research shows that many mental and physical diseases are directly related to fierce competition and excessively stressful social life. For example, the outpatient department of the American General Hospital conducted a random study on patients and found that 65% of patients were associated with social adversity and unemployment , Work is not smooth, family is not in harmony and other factors. Unreasonable social system, bad social customs, backward ideology, and various conflicts between people can make the metabolic function of the human body disorder, leading to premature aging. (2) The natural environment “Su Wen · Wu Changzheng Dalun” pointed out: “The higher one will have a longer life, and the lower one will have a lower life”. High refers to high mountain areas with fresh air and cold climate; lower refers to plain areas. Because “the tallest person is cold”, organisms grow slowly, grow long, and have a long lifespan. While “the next one is hot”, the organism grows faster, and the life span is correspondingly short. Modern research believes that the natural environment has a great impact on human health. When harmful environmental factors act on the human body for a long time, or exceed a certain limit, it will endanger health and promote premature aging. If air pollution causes increased peroxides in the air, aging develops simultaneously with the generation of lipid peroxides in the body. In addition, the polluted air may contain many carcinogenic substances, such as phenylhydrazine, aniline, α-naphthylamine, etc. Millions of tons of industrial wastewater were poured into rivers and lakes, resulting in a large number of fish deaths; severe water pollution caused chronic lead, arsenic, and cadmium poisoning. (3) A large number of genetic factors have proved that human aging is closely related to heredity. Due to different genetic characteristics, the rate of aging is different. Just as Wang Chong said in “Leng Heng · Qi Shou Pian”; “Strong life is weak, it is said to be weak and temperament … Fuqi is strong and its strength is long, and its strength is long, and its weakness is weak. “Weakness means short life, short life means sickness and short life”. “Innate responsibility lies with parents.” Strong innate endowments make the body strong, energetic, and not easy to grow old. On the contrary, if the innate endowment is weak, the body will be haggard, and the spirit will be weak, and the aging will advance or accelerate. (4) Seven emotions are too long. This refers to long-term mental stimulation or sudden severe trauma, which exceeds the range that can be adjusted by the body’s physiological activities. Occurs and promotes the advent of aging. The folks in our country have the proverb of “smile, smile, less than ten years”, “sorrow, sorrow, white hair”. This is the reason. As the “Lv’s Spring and Autumn” puts it: “Elders who live longer don’t have to be short and have a long time to go. They also have a lot to do. The number of people cares about killing. What is killing? … Overjoy, fear, worry, Anger and great decay, and the five of them will cause harm to the soul “. (5) Loss of work and restlessness, “Su Wen · Ancient Naive Theory” said: “Take delusion as the usual … so half a hundred will decline.” It is clearly pointed out here that the act of delusion is regarded as a normal law of life, and only live to the age of fifty It seems very old. The so-called rash behavior refers to the wrong way of life. It includes a wide range, such as overwork, overwork, and comfort.