Multiple Myeloma Patient Association: The main purpose of treatment is these three points!

Multiple myeloma is a malignant hematological disease that develops inert but not low severity. Individualized treatment is the first choice for this disease. The purpose of treatment revolves around three main points! The treatment of multiple myeloma achieves these 3 goals, so you don’t have to worry about living soon! 1. Reduce the burden of malignant cells on the human body and improve the disease resistance of patients with myeloma; 2. Aiming at the abnormal bone marrow microenvironment, relieve the inhibition of plasma cells on normal hematopoietic function; 3. Combine the treatment of individual patient tolerance and cut the bone as soon as possible Destroy the pathway and ease the pain. The key to treating bone disease, correcting anemia, reversing kidney function, improving coagulation mechanism, and fighting infection is achieved through treatment. Clinically, if the disease control of myeloma patients is not satisfactory, bone pain still exists when bisphosphonates are applied, anemia continues to aggravate, renal function cannot be reversed, infection is difficult to be effectively controlled, and abnormal blood clotting mechanisms cannot be improved. The joint program (comprehensive immunization) is carried out to achieve the purpose of promoting remission. In addition, the treatment of multiple myeloma advocates individualization, not the same thing, and needs to be formulated in conjunction with individual parameters of multiple patients. Learn more about “disease knowledge” or “myeloma patient group communication” and other WeChat search public number: jjgs120