Why is the incidence of hemorrhoids low in Indians? Doctor: It’s mainly related to their movement habit

Speaking of hemorrhoids, although it is not a serious illness, it can also make people feel restless when they occur. Especially in my country, there is a saying of “ten people with nine hemorrhoids”, which shows the high incidence of hemorrhoids in my country. But what is strange is that according to the World Health Organization survey, the incidence of hemorrhoids is very low among Indians living in the geographical vicinity of my country. Is this true? Causes of hemorrhoids Hemorrhoids is a chronic disease with a long forming cycle, and there are many reasons for the onset of hemorrhoids. In summary, they are mainly related to several factors such as physiology, intestinal diseases and life and occupation habits. Since we humans walk upright, and the rectum and its branch vessels do not have venous valves, venous tissue fluid can easily accumulate in the tail of the anorectum under the action of gravity, which will cause varicose, hyperplasia and other diseases of the anal mucosal venous plexus. Hemorrhoids, which is a physiological factor in the formation of hemorrhoids. In addition, modern people’s life pressure increases, mental stress, many people will have constipation or repeated intestinal infections, which will increase the pressure of the intestinal cavity. Over time, it is easy to cause abnormal congestion of the rectal tail veins and form hemorrhoids. The most important thing is people’s bad living habits, irregular diet and bowel movements, like reading mobile phones and newspapers when defecate, and long defecation time, etc., will promote the occurrence of hemorrhoids. Other occupations that require long periods of sitting or standing, such as teachers, white-collar workers, long-distance bus drivers, etc., are also the cause of hemorrhoids due to frequent standing or sitting and lack of exercise. &nbsp.Indians rarely get hemorrhoids. The most important thing is that Indians also walk on two legs. Physically speaking, they are no different from us, so their low incidence of hemorrhoids has nothing to do with physiological factors. I think this is related to another movement habit of Indians, which is related to the low incidence of hemorrhoids. It is a toilet habit that is more unbearable in our opinion. It is the habit of using the left hand to clean without toilet paper after the bowel movement. Stool on the anus, then rinse with water. Although this action will make the left hand very dirty, it will make the anus cleaner. Due to the many wrinkles on the anus, it is actually difficult to clean the stool adhered to the anus thoroughly with toilet paper after defecation. This can easily cause bacteria to multiply and induce anal inflammation. After a long time, hemorrhoids will be formed. But Indians’ strange toileting habit has reduced their incidence of hemorrhoids. Summary It can be seen from the above that the reason why Indians have a lower incidence of hemorrhoids than ours is mainly related to this movement and the lifestyle habit of washing after toilet. If we want to reduce the occurrence of hemorrhoids, we can actually start by changing our living habits, such as not reading mobile phones or newspapers when going to the toilet, to prevent long bowel movements; eating more cellulose-rich foods such as vegetables and fruits to avoid long Sit or stand for a long time, increase exercise, drink plenty of water to prevent constipation; pay attention to relieve work and life pressure, relieve emotions, and avoid long-term mental tension. Reference: Li Sheng. Overview of the onset and treatment of hemorrhoids[J]. Chinese Medical Guide, 2014, 12(1): 43-44 (Part of the pictures in the text are sourced from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. I would like to express my gratitude to the picture author. , If you find any violation of your copyright, please contact me and I will delete it.)