If the outbreak of India occurs, will refugees cross the border or sneak into China?

During the blowout of the global epidemic, India, the world’s second most populous country, has not been diagnosed with many cases. Is India’s epidemic control really good? Taking into account India’s national conditions and testing capabilities, the actual situation is actually not optimistic! Many countries predict that the development of new coronary pneumonia in the world will be wave-like. The first wave will appear in China, then in Europe and the United States, and then in India and other developing countries. Although the above are only predictions, and we really do n’t want the outbreak of India, look at India ’s population size, medical environment, economic development, and urban health. If the outbreak of India is large, it will be a disaster for human society. Neighbouring countries, will refugees cross the border and come to China? If an outbreak occurs, will Indian refugees come to China? I don’t think it’s very possible for Indian refugees to cross the border and come to China. First, the problem of distance. Although China is a neighbor to India, it is separated by the Himalayas that are difficult to cross. Tibet is also a sparsely populated and sparsely populated area. To reach a densely populated residential area in China, you have to walk thousands of kilometers. Such a difficult journey is believed to be great Most Indians will not make this choice. Second, cultural differences. India has long been a colony of European countries such as the United Kingdom. National culture and national beliefs have been influenced by Western countries. Many Indians have been influenced by Western culture from an early age. When they grew up, they traveled to the United Kingdom or the United States to become members of the upper class. In addition to their Indian language, the most mainstream language is English, so even if they choose to emigrate or smuggle, they will choose English-speaking countries instead of China. Third, the psychological gap. Because of the long-term acceptance of Western thought, most Indians feel that China and India have similar economic levels. Compared with Europe and the United States, the gap between China and India is very large. China ’s wages are far behind those of Saudi Arabia and Australia. It is very cost-effective to come to China so far. If you cannot immigrate, you might as well stay in China. Fourth, government intervention. At the beginning of the epidemic, the Indian government banned foreigners from entering the country to reduce the risk of foreign infections. The country also banned the flow and controlled the epidemic as much as possible. The Chinese government also set up checkpoints at the border to keep the border and ensure the safety of the people on the border. In short, if there is a large outbreak in India, it is unlikely that refugees will cross the border and come to China. Moreover, both China and India will do their utmost to prevent this from happening. It is hoped that under the leadership of the Indian government, the Indian people will be able to unite and overcome difficulties. Moreover, we are well aware that the economic level, education and cultural level of some parts of India are backward, and the sanitary conditions in some areas of the slums are also very worrying. Many places even believe that the virus can be removed through religious actions. As long as the Indian government is in a sincere and cooperative attitude, we also It can help India fight the epidemic and jointly defeat the new coronavirus. (Some of the pictures in the article are from the source network. The copyright belongs to the original author. Thank you for the picture author. If you find any violation of your copyright, please contact me and I will delete it.)