Massage therapy for cerebral palsy children in Aixing Children Rehabilitation Center

Massage therapy is guided by the theory of traditional Chinese medicine. By stimulating meridian points of various parts of the human body, the veins are unblocked, qi and blood are harmonized, so as to achieve the effect of rejuvenating the mind and strengthening the bones. Various methods can be used to move limbs and joints to achieve the purpose of soothing muscle joints, improving motor function, and increasing intelligence. The basic method of massage 01 is to press accurately on the selected part or meridian points with the thumb finger surface. Press with one finger [Figure 4-4-1(1)], press the thumb with both hands [Figure 4-4-1(2)], and press with two fingers [Figure 4-4-1(3)]. 02 Use your fingers or palm to make a circular and rhythmic stroke, there are five fingers, palm root and full palm [Figure 4-4-2(1)(2)(3)]. The thumb finger surface touches the skin to do front, back, left and right linear push [Figure 4-4-3 (1), (2)]. 04 Hold the thumb and index finger firmly. The thumb, index finger, and middle finger lift simultaneously [Figure 4-4-4(1)]. The thumb and other four fingers lift simultaneously [Figure 4-4-4(2)]. 05Knead the thumb and finger surface, palm root or big fish close to the skin and slowly rotate and knead [Figure 4-4-5 (1), (2), (3)]. 06㨰 The back of the hand and the wrist are attached to a certain part to roll back and forth continuously [Figure 4-4-6]. 07 Pinch the thumb and four fingers with relative strength, and squeeze one piece in the direction of the tendon to push forward [Figure 4-4-7]. 08 Rub your hands and hold a certain part of the palm to quickly rub back and forth while moving up and down at the same time [Figure 4-4-8].

What is the adjustment of the large intestine meridian? Pediatric massage does not ask for help-adjust the large intestine

The position of the large intestine meridian in children: the position of the large intestine meridian is located on the radial edge of the index finger, from the tip of the index finger to the tiger’s mouth, in a straight line. Specific operation method: the massager holds the left hand of the child with the left hand, puts the palm side, you can use the right index finger, middle finger two fingers to hold the child’s thumb, and then use the radial side of the thumb to push straight from the fingertip to the tiger’s mouth to make up. In order to make up the large intestine; on the contrary, it is called clearing the large intestine. If it is pushed back and forth, it is called clearing the large intestine. & nbsp. The main indications: the large intestine can be used to stop diarrhea, astringent intestinal solid prolapse, attending deficiency cold diarrhea, dysentery, prolapse and so on. Clearing the large intestine can clear the heat, dampness, stasis, and hepatic gallbladder. It is mainly used to treat the intestinal tract with dampness, heat, abdominal pain, red and white dysentery, and constipation. For more medical science knowledge, please focus on leaving a message! Continuously updated daily!