The child is wearing OK glasses and always worry about bubbles in the glasses.

When bubbles enter under the orthokeratology lens (Figure 1), the lens will “press the cornea through the bubbles”, and it is easy to cause “bubble indentation” on the cornea after removing the lens. “Bubble indentation”, the term is “corneal recess”, this is not corneal epithelial shedding, spotting, not corneal injury, but in this case, the effect of shaping will be affected, and the visual quality after removing the lens will also change difference. &nbsp.Figure 1 A large number of bubbles under the orthokeratology lens&nbsp.The more common reason is in the initial stage of wearing the orthokeratology lens. Because the new glasses are worn, the foreign body sensation is relatively strong. After wearing the glasses, the child is easy to squeeze the eyes, blink, etc. The bubbles are easy to enter Under the lens. In addition, improper way of wearing glasses, over-fitting of the lenses, and high vector height can also cause “bubble indentation”. &nbsp. Figure 2 Corneal “bubble indentation”-corneal recess&nbsp. How to avoid bubbles in the lens? Common operating problems and solutions are as follows: children cannot fix their eyes when wearing glasses, the eyeball rotates excessively, and bubbles are easy to enter when wearing glasses. Handling: Communicate with your child well and keep your eyes still while wearing glasses. &nbsp. Release the eyelid too quickly after wearing the glasses. Treatment: After the lens is put on the cornea, don’t let go of the upper and lower eyelids immediately, but slowly let go of the eyelids, otherwise the child will easily close the eyes immediately, or even squeeze the eyes forcefully immediately, and bubbles will easily enter. &nbsp. If possible, put your head down and wear glasses. Put eye moisturizing liquid/preservative-free artificial tears into the concave surface of the lens, and wear the glasses with your head lowered, so that the liquid in the concave surface of the lens will not flow out easily and reduce the generation of bubbles. &nbsp.Summary When wearing orthokeratology lenses for the first time, factors such as unskilled wearing glasses, foreign body sensation, etc. will easily bring bubbles under the lenses. This situation will generally increase with the wearing time, and the child’s adaptability and wearing glasses proficiency will gradually disappear . Parents pay attention to operation techniques and strengthen the cooperation of children to reduce or avoid bubbles under the mirror. If there are still a lot of bubbles after wearing the glasses for a week, it means that the lens is not well fitted (the vector height is too high) and the lens parameters need to be adjusted.

As the weather gets hotter, allergies, acne, and erythema appear on the face when wearing the mask …

The epidemic has not yet completely subsided. Masks are still the standard protection for people going out. Wearing masks for almost three months, you seem to have gotten used to it, but your skin may not feel so … As the weather gradually gets hotter, Ultraviolet rays strengthened, and the skin problems when wearing masks became more and more prominent. Redness, itching, acne, uneven skin tone, one after another came to the door, wearing masks to go out, it was a madman! When I tweeted Weibo, I saw many medical staff take off the face of the mask, because wearing the mask and goggles for a long time, they were squeezed out a lot of indentation, and some large skin redness and swelling may even occur The wound appeared broken. Although ordinary people wear masks that are not as high-strength as medical staff, masks have now become a life-saving straw that all social animals cannot leave. & nbsp. However, wearing a mask for a long time, especially the N95 mask, is easy to cause physical indentation on the skin, and it will gradually become the face of the mask as everyone said. Some ingredients in allergic contact dermatitis masks caused by allergic constitutions have certain irritation and sensitization, especially for people with allergic constitutions, it is likely to cause irritation or allergic contact dermatitis. Enclosed humid, heat-impermeable environment can easily induce perioral dermatitis. The skin is in a closed, hot, and humid environment for a long time. The skin’s permeability and susceptibility to irritants increase, which easily causes swelling of the stratum corneum. Secondly, the warm and humid environment formed by the area covered by the mask is conducive to the growth and reproduction of bacteria. Increased local bacterial content causes skin irritation and local pressure and friction on the skin of the edges of the mask, which directly damages the skin. Generally, the skin dermatitis at the edge of the mask is the most severe. In addition, squeezing the mask may also cause the sebaceous duct to occlusion, increasing the possibility of acne. Skin ulcers and ecchymosis caused by wearing pressure are more common among medical staff. Mostly because of wearing masks for a long time, especially harder, narrower masks, wearing masks is more fixed, and the skin on thin skin areas such as the bridge of the nose, cheekbones and ears is prone to indentation and ulceration, or even Petechiae, etc. Protection recommendations ① Apply moisturizing milk containing hyaluronic acid, ceramide and other skin barrier ingredients before wearing a mask. ②While wearing a mask, it is recommended to choose a mild cleaning product to avoid further exacerbating dry skin. ③After removing the mask, immediately wash your face with a mild cleansing product and apply a highly effective moisturizing lotion. Of course, it is recommended not to wear or shorten the mask wearing time in a safe environment. When it comes to Shu Min experts, it can be called-skin-sensitive fire extinguishers. Shu Min experts treat sensitive skin, use sound, light and electricity to treat sensitive skin. Three-in-one therapy promotes the discharge of inflammatory factors and comprehensively repairs the skin barrier. Anti-inflammatory and sensitive muscle skin are all inflammatory reactions, including telangiectasia and inflammatory factors. To achieve anti-inflammatory and redness reduction, it is necessary to control the inflammatory factors and let the expanded capillaries gradually contract. & nbsp. Shu Min’s expert RF treatment head has such an effect, it can even generate some eddy current electric field in the dermis, so that the inflammation of the dermis can be relieved. & nbsp. The red and yellow light irradiation of Shu Min experts can also play the role of Shu Min, anti-inflammatory, sedative and sterilizing. The introduction of radio frequency has good import properties. During treatment, we will apply savannah fluid on the face and introduce it together with Demes silk keratin repair foundation milk. Use Shu Min experts to introduce it. The effect of transdermal absorption can be shown Dozens of times of improvement. Moisturizing Shumin experts can make the stratum corneum to absorb water and replenish the sebum film ingredients. Repair When we wear a mask and experience an allergic skin reaction, or after the skin finishes medical and aesthetic projects, erythema and edema will appear. It usually takes 3 days or more to repair. If Shumin treatment is performed during this period, the repair can be accelerated and the recovery period greatly shortened. & nbsp. In the current epidemic situation, we can use masks reasonably to reduce facial skin problems ~ but we must not remove masks at will! The epidemic is not over yet, everyone still needs to work ~ & nbsp.