Can male urethral orifice condyloma acuminata be treated?

   Urethral orifice condyloma acuminata is a common site for condyloma acuminata. Its occurrence is usually accompanied by increased secretions, local redness, swelling, pain, erosion, ulcer, necrosis, exudate or obvious purulent fluid. Like other condyloma acuminata, urethral orifice condyloma acuminata usually recur during treatment, which leads to urethral orifice condyloma acuminata that cannot be cured for a long time. Like other diseases, the poor treatment effect is usually due to specific reasons. There are many factors that cause the recurrence of condyloma acuminata at the urethral orifice. In addition to the difficulty of treatment due to the characteristics of the condyloma acuminatum itself, it is not treated in time and the treatment method is inappropriate. Factors such as decreased resistance can cause repeated attacks of condyloma acuminata at the urethral orifice, which cannot be cured for a long time. Therefore, if the urethral orifice condyloma acuminata is to be treated well, the factors affecting the urethral orifice must be eliminated. Although there are many treatments now, but because the site of the disease is relatively special, not all treatments are suitable. Lasers, electrocautery, freezing, photodynamics, etc. are not suitable and cannot be cured, because even if the wart is removed The virus is still there, so recurrence is inevitable.  At present, Chinese medicine can be realized because the decoction made by the Chinese medicine formula No. 2011101665723 is “oral + local soaking”. Soaking is very important for the complete elimination of HPV virus. According to the course of treatment, the treatment cycle of ordinary illness is about 20 days, which can be cured without recurrence.

How long does it take to completely cure condyloma acuminatum

   Due to the recurrence of condyloma acuminata, it cannot be cured for a long time. People are very concerned about how long the condyloma acuminata can be cured. In fact, the time to treat condyloma acuminatum is not a fixed number. Generally, the cure time is about three months. If patients with condyloma acuminata are detected early and treated early, the treatment time will be much shorter. A full recovery in one month is also common. . The first choice for treatment of patients with condyloma acuminatum is mostly conventional treatment methods such as laser, cryotherapy, photodynamic therapy and some ointments; but most of the patients who have relapsed many times are patients who have had the above treatment experience, because these treatment methods can only remove the skin There are warts on the surface, but condyloma acuminatum is caused by a virus. Simply removing the warts will treat the symptoms but not the root cause, and it will be repeated later.   The clinical treatment of condyloma acuminatum is long and expensive. Condyloma acuminatum is very contagious and recurs easily. How to treat condyloma acuminatum has always been a difficult problem to overcome. So many people have received the treatment, but they have repeated attacks and can’t be cured for a long time.

Which is better for the newer treatment of epilepsy?

In order to treat epilepsy well, patients should not only understand the cause, but also the symptoms and treatment methods of the disease. People have always been more concerned about the newer treatments for epilepsy. Epilepsy is no stranger to many people. Even in the “Huang Di Nei Jing” 2,300 years ago, there are records of the old man’s madness. However, due to the limitation of medical conditions, people have not been sufficiently aware of epilepsy, showing two different manifestations, one is a myth, adding superstition, thinking that it is a call from heaven, etc. This is Great mistake.   No matter what is good or bad, there are people who will evaluate it. The reason why the Epilepsy Hospital is rated as the best hospital for epilepsy treatment in the city is because someone has praised it. Is epilepsy really an incurable disease? That’s why people who have used things better understand it better, and only in this way can they express their more intuitive feelings. The same is true for hospitals, no matter what star-level hospitals are, they have relatively commensurate service attitudes or medical standards.   Experts at the Epilepsy Hospital, an authoritative hospital for the treatment of epilepsy, said, is epilepsy really an incurable disease? When epilepsy patients with these three causes are not sick, they are actually no different from normal people. Even when it is sick, it will not pose any life threat to other people.

Is nephrotic syndrome incurable? The doctor suddenly opened his mouth

Yesterday, during the rounds, he discussed the treatment plan with a doctor with a patient with nephrotic syndrome. Suddenly, the patient’s eyes were red and he cried. Asking the patient what happened, the 30-year-old lady said nothing, but she felt that she was suffering from an incurable disease, and thought that her family conditions were normal, and she would become a drag on her husband and children for the rest of her life, and she couldn’t hold back her tears. In fact, her treatment effect is not bad, the drug response is good, but I heard people say that nephrotic syndrome will never be cured, and her mentality is somewhat collapsed. Then we told her that the risk of kidney failure was not big, and explained the good recovery, she slowly calmed down. From the point of view of pathological statistics, most nephrotic syndromes are relatively easy-to-treat nephropathy such as membranous nephropathy and nephropathy, while more difficult-to-treat nephropathy such as membranoproliferative nephropathy and refractory focal segmental glomerulosclerosis The comprehensive accounted for only a small part. From the point of view of treatment methods, only hormones were available decades ago, and many patients had unsatisfactory therapeutic effects. In recent decades, various types of immunosuppressive agents have emerged, and more and more Chinese herbal medicines and traditional Chinese medicine methods have also been found to treat kidney disease. Methods such as monoclonal antibodies and plasma exchange are powerful and powerful treatments for refractory kidney disease. Weapons and new drugs are also being developed, and treatment methods are constantly improving. From an epidemiological point of view, nephrotic syndrome accounts for 1/3 of chronic kidney disease, but only 1-2% of patients with chronic kidney disease have developed uremia. Nephrotic syndrome is certainly not a simple disease that can be cured with a few days of medicine, but it is by no means an incurable disease that has a very high risk of uremia and is a waste of money. It has to undergo a treatment process, usually a period of several months of focused treatment, and a period of one or two years of consolidation of the efficacy, I believe that after the rain and wind, see the rainbow. If you have any related problems such as kidney disease, you can directly [private letter] Professor Yang Yanfang

Classical Moments-Dr. Haishu’s Rereading of Internal Classic-Disease Biography -0701

【Original】 The disease first begins in the spleen, the stomach in one day, the kidney in two days, and the bladder in three days. It will die in ten days. Dong Rending, Xia Yan food.  The disease first began in the stomach, the kidney in five days, the bladder in three days, and the heart in five days, and died in two days. In the middle of winter night, summer is dead.  The disease first started in the kidney, the bladder in three days, the heart in three days, and the small intestine in three days, and died in three days. Dong Dachen, Xia Yanyang.  The disease first starts in the bladder, the kidney in five days, the small intestine in one day, and the heart in one day. Dong Jiming, Xia Xia.   Various diseases are passed on in this way. If so, they all have a period of death. [Translation] Evil qi first invades the spleen and develops disease. It can be transmitted to the stomach in one day, to the kidney in two days, and to the back and bladder in three days. If it cannot be cured after another ten days, it will die. It occurs in winter and dies when people just fall asleep (Hai Shi); it occurs in summer and dies at dinner.  The evil qi first invades the stomach and develops. It can be transmitted to the kidney after five days, to the back and bladder after three days, and then to the heart after five days. If it cannot be cured after two days, it will die. If it happened in winter, it died in the middle of the night; if it happened in summer, it died in the afternoon.  The evil gas first invades the kidney and develops. It will spread to the spine and bladder after three days, then to the heart after three days, and then to the small intestine after three days. If it cannot be cured after three days, it will die. It occurs in winter and dies at dawn; it occurs in summer and dies at dusk.   The evil gas first invades the bladder and develops. It will spread to the kidney after five days, then to the small intestine after one day, and then to the heart after one day. If it cannot be cured after another two days, it will die. Occurred in winter, died when the chicken crowing in the morning; occurred in summer, died in the afternoon.   Diseases caused by the invasion of external organs into various organs are transmitted according to the above-mentioned five-element rule, and they all have a specific time of death and cannot be treated with acupuncture. If the interval is one organ, or the interval between the second, third, and fourth organs can be treated with acupuncture. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~i Haishu Press: Some things are different. If the acupuncture cannot treat the disease, it is indeed more difficult. With the help of ICU, life can be continued, but there is no quality of life. Good morning [rose] [rose] [rose]

What do you know about the “three lies” of vitiligo?​​

  Why always wear long sleeves? Why not come to the party? Why are you getting more and more depressed?   The impact of vitiligo seems to have become an abyss. We try and change in various ways, hoping to bridge this gap and restore skin to normal skin tone.  Have a heart full of hope to confirm, but the result is often disappointed…  Can vitiligo be cured? ?   seems to have not seen the effect? Is it because the technology is not in place?   Today I will show you the “true face” of bleaching.    Lies   ▶Apply the surface to reach the epidermis deep, medicine to cure?   Is this medicine so effective? There are indeed some external medicines that can be wiped, but it is not recommended to use medicine blindly, follow the doctor’s advice and reasonable medication, and a healthy diet and rest is the only effective and cost-effective solution for removing white.   Vitiligo is a common localized or generalized skin depigmentation disease caused by the reduction or loss of functional melanocytes in the skin and hair follicles.  Blindly taking medicines and simply using blood circulation medicines cause surface relief and desalination and substantial diffusion and aggravation in the body, which is likely to cause great obstacles to correct treatment and recovery in the future.  ▶Wellness therapy, maintain exercise, vitiligo can be cured without treatment? This statement is really tempting and easy to operate. However, vitiligo generally does not have a self-healing situation, and there have been no clinical cases that have proven to be self-healing over the years.   Certain skin diseases do not need treatment, but it also depends on the severity of the disease. Such as bacterial skin diseases: pustulosis, folliculitis, furuncle and other bacterial infections, because of mild disease and limited focus, it can heal itself.   However, after the occurrence of vitiligo, it may gradually expand. Without treatment, it will spread more and more. I hope that there will be little hope of healing without treatment. Therefore, if you have vitiligo, you should treat it as soon as possible and recover as soon as possible.  The Truth   ⒈Can vitiligo achieve clinical cure?   Yes √ But be aware that all advertisements of “inclusive treatment”, “radical treatment”, and “non-recurrence” are deceptive. Yes all! all! all!  ⒉I don’t think it’s useful anymore. It is true to go to the hospital for medical treatment. √  Once the symptoms of leukoplakia or vitiligo are found, please choose a regular whitening facility and seek medical treatment immediately. Don’t delay.

What are the common misunderstandings of vitiligo disease?

Many people see vitiligo and know that this is a skin disease. It will be somewhat psychologically contradictory. They feel that white spots have a great influence on their appearance and image. It is difficult to treat and relatively slow to recover. Therefore, cranky thoughts produce huge psychological pressure. . So, what are the common misunderstandings of vitiligo disease?    1. Vitiligo is the main symptom of vitiligo Vitiligo is white spots, but white spots are not necessarily vitiligo, because white spots may also occur in other skin diseases, such as variegated plaque, pityriasis white, anemia Skin diseases such as moles can also have white spot symptoms, but the symptoms and treatment methods are very different from vitiligo, so white spots are not necessarily vitiligo.   2. Vitiligo is a terminal illness. White spots appear in many diseases.   Many patients with vitiligo have not improved after a period of treatment. They think that this skin disease is terminally ill and cannot be cured, and they will be discouraged. In fact, vitiligo can be cured, but recovery takes a long time, and the premise is to choose a scientific method to insist on treatment.   3. Vitiligo is not cured and it is okay.    Because vitiligo has no pain and itching, and does not cause direct harm to the body, the patient believes that there is no need for treatment. In fact, this perception is wrong. Vitiligo will lead to disorder of skin cell metabolism and induce other diseases such as psoriasis, alopecia areata, cataract, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to diagnose and treat leukoplakia early.   4. Vitiligo can heal itself    There are a few clinical diseases that can be cured without treatment, so some patients think that their vitiligo can also be cured without cure. This fluke mentality will only make the disease more and more serious. Therefore, patients should cure vitiligo in a timely manner and carry out scientific and effective diagnosis and treatment in order to better avoid the occurrence of adverse effects.  Vitiligo patients must always believe in themselves and trust their doctors. Although vitiligo is a skin disease that is only difficult to cure, if it can be found early, positive treatment, correct attitude, and standardized care, vitiligo can still recover quickly.

Aplastic anemia is not a terminal illness, why can’t it be cured?

Now that medical technology continues to advance, it’s not impossible to treat any obstacles, but why do so many patients fail to cure and become more and more serious? For the treatment of aplastic anemia, common therapies include removal of the cause, supportive treatment, immunotherapy, allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation treatment, and integrated Chinese and Western medicine treatment. There are so many treatments, why is it that the disease is not cured repeatedly? I think we should find the reason. Many patients lack patience, and the treatment of aplastic anemia is a continuous process. The treatment is also very difficult, so that the patients can not see hope, and spent all the years in the torture of receiving treatment, so many patients gave up halfway. In our Chinese medicine, there has always been a mysterious veil. We are always familiar with it but we do not understand it. This gives the interested person an opportunity to take advantage of it. In the name of the secret recipe of the traditional Chinese medicine, some patients were rushed to the hospital and believed in the so-called remedies, which caused a long-term cure, and even more serious aggravation of the disease. There are also some patients who take too many hormone drugs during the treatment of aplastic anemia due to personal physical problems. The longer the treatment time, the longer the medicine is taken, the more serious the consequences will be, and eventually the treatment effect will be poor and prone to repeated attacks. In addition, some patients with aplastic anemia have been treated with medicine, and the blood picture has improved rapidly. After the condition improves, the patient thinks that he is “ill” and is eager to leave the hospital or stop treatment. In fact, although aplastic anemia is a benign disease, its harmfulness cannot be underestimated, and its treatment and improvement of the condition are a relatively long process. Therefore, during treatment, patients must ensure that the condition has improved, not Temporary relief. In the face of current medical technology, the difficulty of aplastic anemia can be overcome. As long as the active treatment persists, the doctor’s work is actively cooperated to prevent the condition from worsening, it can be cured.