Does photodynamic treatment of genital warts hurt?

  Photodynamic therapy is not painless, and the number of surgeries is increasing. The pain is increasing. After treatment, something will fall off, so the vulva will be very dry and easy to damage. It is recommended that patients who choose photodynamic therapy for genital warts must be equipped with some special powerful painkillers in the hospital. Photodynamic therapy is a commonly used treatment method in the clinic. Although it will produce a certain effect in the treatment of condyloma acuminatum and have a certain effect on the removal of superficial symptoms, it has no effect on the genital wart virus in the body, and it is also likely to cause skin allergies and redness. Even side effects such as ulceration, so patients may have a lot of recurrence after treatment.  After photodynamic therapy, periodic review is required. Generally speaking, the time schedule for re-examination can be as follows: re-examination every two weeks within the first month after treatment, monthly re-examination from February to March, and re-examination every two months after March, it is best to insist on re-examination to 1 year after treatment .   can be combined through the traditional Chinese medicine “internal administration + bubble washing”, the bubble washing process can act on the affected area and the surrounding skin. However, different ingredients of traditional Chinese medicine will directly affect the therapeutic effect. Take the national patent of 2011101665723 as the typical representative of the Chinese medicine group. Not only does the treatment process have no pain, but also the warts and viruses can be completely removed to achieve the purpose of curing without recurrence.