Symptoms, causes and treatment of tubal obstruction

The fallopian tube is the place where the egg and sperm combine and transport the fertilized egg. Obviously, if the fallopian tube is blocked, it will cause female infertility. What do female friends know about tubal obstruction? What are the manifestations of tubal obstruction? Infertility after marriage is generally more common with secondary infertility, because the fallopian tube will form a blockage after being damaged by the disease, resulting in infertility. Discomfort in the abdomen, waist, etc. The abdomen will be uncomfortable, and there will be soreness, swelling, and falling in the lower back and sacrum. Menstrual abnormality Because the fallopian tube is adjacent to the ovary, when inflammation affects the ovary and damages the ovarian function, menstrual abnormality occurs. Other Plumped tubal can also be accompanied by leucorrhea, gastrointestinal dysfunction, physical weakness and other phenomena. What causes the fallopian tube impunity? Congenital factors cause the fallopian tube dysplasia, congenital thin and twisted fallopian tube is easy to cause ectopic pregnancy, and ectopic pregnancy is also easy to cause fallopian tube impunity. Repeated abortion is a high risk factor for infertility. Coupled with abortion, postpartum or other uterine cavity surgery, women’s body resistance declines, and bacteria can easily enter the uterine cavity through the vagina, causing inflammation, which can cause the fallopian tubes to become blocked or impassable. If you do not pay attention to hygiene during sex life, or use unhygienic hygiene products during menstruation, it is possible to bring germs into the vagina and pelvis, causing salpingitis, and eventually causing the fallopian tube to become impassable. How to treat tubal incompetence? Different degrees of tubal incompatibility are treated differently. Only by finding the right method can good results be obtained. 1 Fallopian tube fluid treatment For cases where the condition is not serious, you can take the fallopian tube fluid treatment, plus some local physical therapy, such as: short wave, low frequency magnetic resonance, microwave, etc., to promote local blood circulation while passing fluid , Subside inflammation, and then promote smooth fallopian tubes. 2 Surgical treatment For cases of hydrosalpinx, tubal umbrella end blockage, etc., joint hysteroscopy combined with tubal surgery is generally required for treatment. Of course, the specific treatment plan can only be determined after a detailed diagnosis and treatment by a professional doctor.