Classical Moments-Dr. Haishu’s Rereading of Internal Classic-Disease Biography -0701

【Original】 The disease first begins in the spleen, the stomach in one day, the kidney in two days, and the bladder in three days. It will die in ten days. Dong Rending, Xia Yan food.  The disease first began in the stomach, the kidney in five days, the bladder in three days, and the heart in five days, and died in two days. In the middle of winter night, summer is dead.  The disease first started in the kidney, the bladder in three days, the heart in three days, and the small intestine in three days, and died in three days. Dong Dachen, Xia Yanyang.  The disease first starts in the bladder, the kidney in five days, the small intestine in one day, and the heart in one day. Dong Jiming, Xia Xia.   Various diseases are passed on in this way. If so, they all have a period of death. [Translation] Evil qi first invades the spleen and develops disease. It can be transmitted to the stomach in one day, to the kidney in two days, and to the back and bladder in three days. If it cannot be cured after another ten days, it will die. It occurs in winter and dies when people just fall asleep (Hai Shi); it occurs in summer and dies at dinner.  The evil qi first invades the stomach and develops. It can be transmitted to the kidney after five days, to the back and bladder after three days, and then to the heart after five days. If it cannot be cured after two days, it will die. If it happened in winter, it died in the middle of the night; if it happened in summer, it died in the afternoon.  The evil gas first invades the kidney and develops. It will spread to the spine and bladder after three days, then to the heart after three days, and then to the small intestine after three days. If it cannot be cured after three days, it will die. It occurs in winter and dies at dawn; it occurs in summer and dies at dusk.   The evil gas first invades the bladder and develops. It will spread to the kidney after five days, then to the small intestine after one day, and then to the heart after one day. If it cannot be cured after another two days, it will die. Occurred in winter, died when the chicken crowing in the morning; occurred in summer, died in the afternoon.   Diseases caused by the invasion of external organs into various organs are transmitted according to the above-mentioned five-element rule, and they all have a specific time of death and cannot be treated with acupuncture. If the interval is one organ, or the interval between the second, third, and fourth organs can be treated with acupuncture. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~i Haishu Press: Some things are different. If the acupuncture cannot treat the disease, it is indeed more difficult. With the help of ICU, life can be continued, but there is no quality of life. Good morning [rose] [rose] [rose]

How did the new virus in Beijing come from Europe? How to prevent and control in the future?

Since the outbreak of this epidemic in Beijing, the work of virus source has been carried out very quickly. Although the strange new crown virus is always suddenly attacked, the researchers have successfully analyzed the initial source of the virus through gene sequencing, all from the new source market. On the evening of June 18, the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention officially released the new coronavirus epidemic situation and viral gene sequence data in Beijing’s new development site in June 2020 through the “New Coronavirus National Science and Technology Resource Service System”. From the gene sequence of the new coronavirus in this new place, experts found that the virus is not the same as the new coronavirus that was originally popular in China. Its gene sequence is the same strain as the virus popular in Europe, but from the point of view of variability Older than the viruses that are endemic in Europe, what does this mean? Any tips for our subsequent epidemic prevention? The new coronavirus is likely to be introduced from Europe, but it may not be the introduction of the new virus in Europe to determine the source of the new virus. It is not a word of mouth, but it needs to be concluded through gene amplification tests and gene database comparison. At present, China has established a new coronavirus database, which is led by the National Genomics Science Data Center and integrates the World Health Organization (WHO), the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), and the global influenza sequence. Coronavirus genome sequence data publicly released by organizations such as databases (GISAID). According to the distance between different viruses, a systematic evolutionary tree can be drawn. It is said that the virus is from Europe, because the sequencing results of the new coronavirus in the new place are more recent in the phylogenetic tree than some European viruses. Experts pointed out that the new site of the new coronavirus may also be imported from non-Europe. When an infected person from China went to the United States, the virus of the Chinese ethnic group was brought to the United States. Then an Italian infected person will go to the United States, and the virus of the Italian ethnic group will also be taken to the United States. In the early days of the United States, there was no quarantine inspection work, so virus carriers all over the world ran to the United States, which caused the US virus family to be extremely complicated. Wu Zunyou’s account can be understood as that we judge the virus is a virus from the European family from the kinship of the virus, but the viruses of the European family are not necessarily all from Europe. How is the virus imported from abroad? There are still doubts as to how it was introduced, and how did it cause widespread pollution and outbreaks in the new development market? There is still no clear answer so far, but we can speculate that this must be inseparable from two ways: people and things. In terms of things, there is a precedent of the South China Seafood Market in Wuhan, so the possibility of the new crest virus being introduced into the Beijing Xinfa Market through wild animals is almost zero, then the remaining possibility is only contaminated seafood or meat Food was introduced through the cold chain route, and it was still frozen food a few months ago. Everyone knows that our country was at the peak of the new crown epidemic a few months ago, and the consumption of residents dropped sharply, so it also greatly reduced the import of overseas goods. China is also the largest consumer market in many countries in the world. In this case, European seafood Sales of Wagyu foods have plummeted, and a large backlog of inventory may be stored for several months before being resold to China. At that time, these foods were already contaminated with new coronavirus, and the virus was temporarily dormant during the freezing process without mutation. This is why the virus this time is older than the virus that is currently circulating in Europe. Another reason is that people may also be brought in by people returning from Europe, but since we have been taking strict isolation screening measures for people returning from abroad, this possibility is actually not very big. At the beginning of the new outbreak in Beijing, many people were also worried about the second outbreak of domestic outbreaks. Through sequencing the virus’s genes, it was found that the virus was introduced from Europe, which also shows that the local epidemic in my country is still stable and no secondary outbreaks have occurred. At the same time, through this discovery, it also provides clues for our further tracing work, and provides a basis for controlling the Beijing epidemic as soon as possible. Need to further strengthen the prevention and control of foreign cold chain commodities. From the previous news reports, we can see that the focus of our previous foreign defense import prevention and control is mainly on people, but the epidemic in the new place also gave us inspiration. Cold chain transportation Products need to focus on prevention and control, whether it is domestic or foreign imports. At the same time, although the salmon is innocent, in any case, the way of eating raw is the current situation in the new crown epidemic.