Why do doctors have a big income gap, some with an annual salary of several million and some with a monthly salary of several thousand? The truth is here

A little cousin in my family is taking the college entrance examination this year, and is about to face the critical moment of volunteering. Affected by many medical film and television dramas, the elders hope that their younger cousins ​​will study medicine. The general impression of doctors is that they are well treated, respected, etc. The key is to speak well. It is reported that doctors receive a salary of several million, but some have a monthly salary of only a few thousand. Are these all true? Let me talk about the suffering and fatigue of doctors, the mission and income of doctors. Online doctors receive as much as several million, but some only have a few thousand? Physician’s income is related to hospital level, department, position, title, working age, etc. The income composition includes basic salary and department bonus. For Xiaobai who has just entered the hospital and has not yet received a professional title (the professional title examination is based on academic qualifications to qualify for the exam), the basic salary ranges from more than 1,000 to more than 2,000, which varies mainly according to the city level. The bonuses are mainly distributed according to the department’s overall revenue. If there are more patients, the higher the income of the department, the more tired the doctors and nurses, which mainly reflects the distribution according to work. Therefore, for public hospitals, it may be possible for doctors with high professional titles in some top-tier hospitals in some first-tier cities to earn hundreds of thousands of regular income, but it is ridiculous to have an annual salary of several million. Generally speaking, the income of doctors is at a moderate level. At the same time, it should be noted that even in social turmoil, this profession is still not easy to lose out. How bitter is the doctor? First of all, you have to study medicine. The hardship of studying medicine can be summarized in 9 words: long school system, many endorsements, and difficult examinations. After going to work, they also have to face endless exams, such as the regular three basic exams in the hospital and the monster-like title exams for upgrades. Five years for undergraduates, three years for postgraduates, and three years for doctors. Nowadays, there are masters and doctors all over the street. Even a single undergraduate, master, and doctoral program will take 8 years. This is the shortest path to a doctor of medicine. This is like a test of your endurance. In this endurance race, you have enough time to think about your original intention of studying medicine. For doctors, night shifts are common, and 24-hour shifts are not uncommon. How can I do without good health? Therefore, in order to strengthen my physique and prepare myself for studying and practicing medicine, I remember that many colleagues at that time developed a good habit of running every day when they were undergraduates. Doctor’s mission In January 2020, the new crown pneumonia epidemic swept across, which cast a haze over the originally happy and peaceful Spring Festival. At such a critical juncture that needs to help the crisis, countless medical workers rushed to the front line. Fulfilled the original oath of “health is tied to life and life”. In the face of the unknown virus, they have also experienced tension and fear, but they persevered without hesitation, just because they have great love in their hearts, which moved the whole of China. Conclusion Compared with other industries, the income of doctors in public hospitals in my country still has a certain gap. If you are really going to enter a medical university, you must have the consciousness of “the great doctor is sincere and the doctor is kind”. Although studying medicine is a bit hard and tiring, you can take on the mission of saving the dead! Young people with ideals and a sense of mission, if they are interested in medicine, can fully invest in this field and live up to their time! (Some of the pictures in the article originate from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. I would like to express my gratitude to the author of the picture. If you find any infringement of your copyright, please contact me and I will delete it.)