0-1 years old | How to breastfeed correctly and tips

“Breastfeeding is a pain that breathes”, “The body cells are so painful that they want to repel breastfeeding”, “The more painful the baby is, the stronger the suction”, so uncomfortable that many novice mothers even want to give up breast milk. & nbsp. Most breastfeeding mothers have experienced “painlessness”-feeding is painful. In fact, this kind of pain can be avoided, and novice mothers don’t need to endure it at all! & Nbsp. 1. Why does breastfeeding hurt? & Nbsp. The most fundamental cause of breastfeeding pain-incorrect breastfeeding posture! At that time, only the nipple was included, and the areola was not included in the mouth. The baby’s mouth was not open, and the lower lip turned inward. The jaw did not touch the mother’s breast. These are incorrect breastfeeding postures. & nbsp. With the correct breast-holding posture, the mother will be more comfortable, and the baby will be more labor-saving and eat better and faster. & nbsp. Second, the correct posture of breastfeeding & nbsp. The mother uses a C-shaped maneuver to support the breast, using her fingers or nipples to fiddle with the cheek or lower lip of the newborn baby, which can help the baby to establish a foraging response. When the baby’s mouth is open enough, put the nipple and most of the areola in the baby’s mouth. & nbsp. The baby’s lower jaw is attached to the breast, the lower lip is turned outward, and there are more areolaes above the mouth. The tongue surrounds the areola in a spoon shape, and the cheeks bulge to form a circle. & nbsp. Note: & nbsp. When the baby sucks, if the cheeks are indented, it means that the posture is not correct. & nbsp. The baby contains milk correctly and can see the swallowing action or hear the swallowing sound. If there is a suck, the connection is incorrect. & nbsp. The baby sucks slowly and deeply during the milking process, which also indicates that the posture is correct and the sucking is effective. & nbsp. Some mothers have large areolas, so the baby may not be able to contain a large area of ​​the areola, which is not necessarily Indicates that the connection is incorrect. & nbsp. 3. Incorrect posture of breast-feeding will cause these problems. & nbsp. If the baby takes the breast in the wrong posture, and within a few days, the following problems will occur. & nbsp. 1. Nipple pain. Incorrect nipple posture is the biggest cause of nipple pain. The baby sucks hard and sucks the nipple in and out, causing the skin on the nipple to constantly rub against the baby’s mouth, and the nipple can easily break or even bleed. & nbsp. 2. Invalid sucking. Incorrect posture, the baby is struggling to breastfeed and sucks harder, on the one hand, it will cause the breast to swell gradually. On the other hand, it will increase the breastfeeding time, the mother is more tired, the baby often cannot suck up milk, and the nutrition is not satisfied Affect growth and development. & nbsp. 3. Resist breastfeeding. Your baby will struggle to feed for a long time and may feel frustrated and refuse to breastfeed. & nbsp. 4. The amount of lactation is reduced. The milk flow is small, and the baby will cry if he is not satisfied. Many mothers will give the baby some supplements, the breasts continue to empty, the amount of milk will be less and less, and eventually lead to breastfeeding failure. & nbsp. Breastfeeding will not cause nipple, areola, or prolonged breast pain. If you start to breastfeed for a long time, you need to check whether the posture is incorrect and change it in time. & nbsp. In addition, if the infant’s inclination posture is incorrect and sufficient milk cannot be obtained, in this case, increasing the number of sucks will not improve the situation. The only effective way is to adjust the ingestion posture. & nbsp. * The content of this article comes from the Internet, only for sharing. If there is any infringement, please contact us to delete it ~