Is it really necessary to reduce the nose?

In fact, many people’s noses are not good-looking, and they are not lost in height. It was defeated on the nose. The nose is wide and thick, which will give people a feeling of a big nose, and it is easy to make a rude and dull impression. In addition, the nostril width is very large, and once the nostril is wide, even if your nose bridge is not low, the appearance of the whole person will be greatly reduced. Generally speaking, the width of the nose of the standard beauty nose should not exceed the inner corner of the eye, which is generally equivalent to 70% of the nose length. So the question is: what if the nose is very wide or too thick? The answer is-the nose is shrinking. Mild nose wings, wide nose wings + flat nose tips, wide nose wings + wide base of the nose, and hypertrophy of the nose due to abnormal nasal cartilage morphology are all suitable for nose reduction surgery. There are two kinds of surgical methods for nose reduction: internal and external. The internal cut method is suitable for people with a wide base of the nose, this type of nose is generally flat, so in addition to improving the nose, a comprehensive improvement of the nose is needed. The external cutting method is suitable for people with large nose wings, and if only the nose wings are wide, only the external cutting can be performed without additional rhinoplasty, which can make the nose more compact and delicate. On this issue, in fact, don’t worry about it at all. Nose reduction surgery only removes the extra hoofed tissue of the nose, and does not affect the respiratory tract inside the nasal cavity, so it will not affect breathing.