Is “ten people and nine hemorrhoids” true?

Is “ten people and nine hemorrhoids” true? When it comes to hemorrhoids, many people will immediately think of the word we just said-ten people and nine hemorrhoids. Is that “ten people and nine hemorrhoids” true? In fact, “ten people and nine hemorrhoids” is an old saying. The hemorrhoids mentioned by the ancients are not exactly the same as the hemorrhoids we say today. The hemorrhoids mentioned by the ancients include many of the anorectal diseases we now say, such as rectal polyps, anal nipple hypertrophy, anal fissure, rectal cancer Wait, the ancients fell into the category of hemorrhoids. Because it includes many other diseases beyond hemorrhoids, it seems that the incidence is particularly high. In fact, ten people and nine hemorrhoids are an adjective, and it is very common to describe hemorrhoids. So, how high is the incidence of hemorrhoids? According to an epidemiological survey of anorectal diseases conducted in mainland China in 2015, the total incidence of hemorrhoids was 49.14%. This shows that the incidence of hemorrhoids is indeed very high. Although the statement of ten people and nine hemorrhoids is somewhat exaggerated, the incidence of hemorrhoids is indeed alarmingly high. So a little carelessness, hemorrhoids may come to you. Speaking of this problem is to give you a warm reminder: hemorrhoids are not far away, pay attention to prevent pain. & nbsp.

In-depth social survey, there are five reasons for the increase in cancer incidence, and it must be avoided on maintenance roads

In terms of the number of cancer patients in China, more than 10,000 people are diagnosed with cancer every day, and 7.5 people are diagnosed with cancer every minute, and the data is continuing to rise. The incidence of malignant tumors maintains an annual increase of about 3.9%, and the mortality rate maintains an annual increase of 2.5%. In particular, lung cancer, liver cancer, upper digestive tract system, tumors, colorectal cancer, and female breast cancer are still major malignant tumors in China. The incidence of lung cancer is male in the first place, while breast cancer is the first in women. From the perspective of age, the incidence of malignant tumors increases with age. Among young people under 40 years old, the incidence of malignant tumors is at a low level, and it has rapidly increased since the age of 40 years. In today’s society, people’s living standards continue to improve, why are cancer tumors more and more? This is mainly related to the following factors. 1. Life expectancy is prolonged. In the final analysis, cancer is a kind of senile disease. In ancient times, due to war, famine and low medical level, the average longest expected survival age was between 40-50 years old, and it has not yet reached the age of high incidence of tumors. Died. In modern society, various chronic diseases can be well controlled, many infectious diseases are almost extinct, and the average life span of people is continuously prolonged. Now the average life span of Chinese people is 78 years old, so it has created conditions for tumors. For example, prostate cancer, the peak age of onset is 70-80 years old. 2. Environmental factors With the development of industrialization, a large number of chemical products have come out, and a large amount of industrial dust and toxic gas emissions have caused atmospheric pollution, water pollution, and soil pollution, causing serious harm to humans. These chemical or physical conditions in the environment Of carcinogens enter the body through the body surface, respiratory tract, and digestive tract, causing cancer. Many of what we eat, drink, wear, and use contain substances of unknown carcinogenicity. Genetically modified foods have entered the market. Pesticides and fertilizers are widely used in food cultivation. Modern society is inseparable from chemical industry, but it is also deeply affected by chemical industry. 3. Unhealthy living habits have improved, and unhealthy living habits have also increased. Many people can’t leave their hands. Cigarettes are the cause of many types of tumors, including lung cancer, oral cancer, and esophageal cancer. Many people’s work and rest habits are very irregular, and most people often stay up late, which causes great harm to the body. Eating meat in a big mouth, drinking alcohol in a big bowl, and having no meat, but alcohol and high-fat diet will increase the incidence of bowel cancer, pancreatic cancer and breast cancer. Mandai Milk Tea Shop, Mandajie Barbecue Shop, Mandaida’s belly-bellied young people, eat Haisai, do not like to exercise, stay up late to brush their phones is almost a portrayal of the lives of many young people. These bad habits have led to a high incidence of cancer. Last month, a logistical colleague from our hospital died of stomach cancer at the age of 35. This colleague was congenitally obese and drank almost every day, and finally collapsed himself. 4. Life rhythm is too fast, too much pressure Modern people’s life rhythm and life pressure are much greater than before, staying up late to work has become a necessity of life, mentally highly anxious and anxious. A fast-paced life prevents everyone from breathing. Many people are in a state of depression. Surrounded by negative emotions every day, physical and mental exhaustion will inevitably reduce the body’s immune function. The mutated cells in the body cannot be cleared by immune cells in time, which will inevitably increase the risk of cancer. 5. Cancer diagnosis rate has increased. People have lived long before they lived 70 years old. Even if there is any pain, they are unwilling to go to the hospital for examination. Finally, they die out of the world. Now living conditions are better, health awareness is improved, the national medical insurance policy is improved, and generally there are sufficient economic conditions to go to the hospital for health examinations. Even at the age of more than 80 years old, symptoms will go to the hospital for CT and gastrointestinal examination, so the diagnosis rate of tumors is significantly higher than before.