What hairstyles are suitable for hair loss friends?

For those who have trouble with hair loss, today I will tell you some hairstyles suitable for hair loss. The specific hair style details may have to be designed by a professional person based on the face shape. I only give general directions. The amount of hair is not enough. Because the hairline is moved back or the hair is thinned due to hair loss, the only focus of the hairstyle is to “cover”. 1. Hairline height & amp. M baldness 1. Liu Hai is like a female, bangs hairstyle is the first killer tool to deal with high hairline, clever use of bangs can cover your brain gate, and become higher and more strange Strange hairline, and also has the effect of age reduction. But bangs also have short bangs and long bangs. Short bangs can cover the curvature of the apex of your forehead, and effectively reduce the large forehead. The shaving on both sides is shorter, but don’t shave it into a bald head. Long bangs can transfer vision from the original large forehead to the facial features at once. However, it is not recommended to exceed the eyebrows too much, and if it is thick and thick, it will look like a curtain, and it will look dumb and silly, and it can be repaired into a slightly oblique and broken type. 2. Oblique points Oblique points can make your face very small when viewed from the front, and the hair hanging down on both sides can also well cover the problem of high hairline. (Similar to this) For boys with long, tapered faces, the sideways bangs can just play a role in repairing the face, so they do n’t look too long. And if the hair length is sufficient, you can also try to use curling iron to make some curls, so that it is more youthful and energetic. Some of the side of the forehead is large, but if the face is long and three-dimensional, it is quite suitable. It covers the bald corners on both sides and is visually modified with the temples left. of. 3. Inch position The position mentioned here is not the kind of position we traditionally said. This type of head is to shave the temples on both sides, leaving a lot of hair in the middle, and the poor vision leads to sufficient hair on the forehead. A suitable length of the head can just cover part of the forehead. Visually it will appear that the height of the hairline is not so obvious, and it can play a role in dispersing the hairline. Second, the sparse top of the head 1. & nbsp. The sparse top of the curled hair is often not easy to cover. Perm can increase the amount of hair visually and cover the sparse scalp. Although perm is more difficult to manage, the effect is also obvious. 2. & nbsp. The experience of covering foreign friends with long hair is worth learning. After long hair is left, only a rubber band is required to pierce the head of the ball to cover the top of the bald head. Why not do it. Perhaps dirty braids are also a good choice: Third, the method of covering the unsharp shaved head is more special and out of the blue. Even if the hair is shaved, after one hundred, there is no need to think about the hairline and the top of the head, and it is also very trouble-free. But after all, no one can control the image of bald head, and it is a test of face value and psychological endurance. Generally, young men care about their image and will not choose. Most of this method is a solution for middle-aged men with very serious hair loss.