Inguinal hernia, have you seen these symptoms?

What is a hernia? That is to say, a certain organ or tissue in the human body has left its original normal position, its normal anatomical position, and enters another part through a weak point, defect or pore formed congenital or acquired. Then, as the inguinal hernia with the highest incidence among hernias, it is divided into many types, let’s take a look. &nbsp.First, it is a reversible hernia. It is characterized by a reversible lump in the groin area. The lump is small at first. It only occurs when the patient moves or the child is crying. The lump can be absorbed and disappeared when lying down or pressed by hand. Generally, there is no special discomfort. Occasionally accompanied by the pain of the script. As the disease progresses, the lumps will gradually increase, affecting the body’s usual actions. &nbsp. The second type is a sliding indirect hernia, which is a large hernia that cannot be fully regenerated, with symptoms such as dyspepsia and constipation. It is more common on the right side. The cecum that slips out of the abdominal cavity often adheres to the front wall of the hernia sac. &nbsp.The third type is the incarcerated type. Conditions such as labor or defecation will cause the body’s intra-abdominal pressure to increase sharply, and the hernia mass will suddenly increase, the mass will be hard, and there will be obvious tenderness. In this case, once the hernia is incarcerated, it needs to be treated in time. &nbsp.The fourth type is the narrow type. The symptoms of this kind of hernia are generally more serious. The patient will continue to have severe pain, vomiting, bloody stools, asymmetrical abdominal distension, gradually rising body temperature and pulse rate, and even shock. In the case of a hernia, if it is not treated in time, the hernia mass can gradually increase, the symptoms will aggravate, and even incarceration or strangulation will threaten the life of the patient, so surgery should be performed as soon as possible. &nbsp.

What is the swelling of the male glans?

   What’s the swelling of the male glans? The weather in Chengdu has been getting hotter and hotter recently. As long as you leave the courtyard, it feels like you are on hot coals. And our private parts are the most prone to bacteria breeding in summer. Recently, more and more patients come to the clinic with swollen glans. So I decided for the citizens, what is the swelling of the glans under the popular science? Let me find out with me.   Common clinical causes of male glans swelling:    1. Inflammation irritation: Inflammation irritation is a common clinical cause of glans swelling. The unclean objects between the foreskin and the glans stimulate local mucosal inflammation. 2. Balanitis: itching and swelling of the glans are considered as foreskin balanitis. Because the foreskin phimosis will cover the glans, usually the glans and coronal grooves are in a dark and humid environment, which is easy to breed bacteria and cause balanitis. .  3. Foreskin incarceration: Foreskin incarceration is a common disease in men with overlong foreskin. If the foreskin incarceration persists for a long time, it can easily lead to foreskin edema, redness, swelling and even necrosis of the glans.   4. The foreskin is too long: the foreskin is too long to cause redness and swelling of the glans, when the foreskin accumulates dirt and stimulates the glans and causes redness and swelling.  5. Poor hygiene: Men who do not pay attention to hygiene in hot weather and do not change their personal clothes frequently can also cause local infections and cause redness and swelling of the glans.  Experts remind: the most common clinical symptoms of glans swelling are foreskin incarceration and balanitis, but the hot summer weather does not rule out bacterial and inflammatory swelling. When our private parts have symptoms of redness and swelling of the glans, men should go to the hospital for examination in time. At the same time, you should also pay attention to the cleaning of your private parts. It is best for men to eat light in summer. Reminder: Regardless of the redness and swelling of the glans caused by the situation, it is not optimistic for men, let alone ignore it, especially if it has seriously affected physical health, sexual function, work and life, come to the hospital in time Receive professional inspection. &nbsp.&nbsp.【My Clinic】Learn more&gt.&gt.Web link

Which Changsha Hemorrhoid Hospital is better? What are the hazards of mixed hemorrhoids?

   Which Changsha Hemorrhoid Hospital is better? What are the hazards of mixed hemorrhoids? There are many harms of mixed hemorrhoids. If mixed hemorrhoids are not treated in time, the price paid for anorectal health is pain. Mixed hemorrhoids are a more complicated type of hemorrhoids. Mixed hemorrhoids are very harmful, not only affecting our lives and work, but also endangering the health of patients. Next, Professor Xie Lizi from Changsha Dongda Anorectal Hospital will talk to you about the harm of mixed hemorrhoids that will not cure for a long time.  What are the hazards of mixed hemorrhoids?  One of the hazards of mixed hemorrhoids Hemorrhoid incarceration  One of the main symptoms of mixed hemorrhoids is prolapse of hemorrhoids. The hemorrhoids protruding outside the anus are clamped by the sphincter, and the venous return is blocked, while the arterial blood is still infused to increase the volume of the hemorrhoids until the arterial blood vessels are compressed and thrombosis occurs. The hemorrhoids become hard and painful and difficult to return to the anus. Inside. Also known as “incarcerated hemorrhoids.” Prolonged incarceration of hemorrhoids. The second hazard of mixed hemorrhoids. After the hemorrhoids are incarcerated, there are usually different degrees of infection. The patient has symptoms such as tenesmus and obvious anal swelling. At this time, the infection is mostly localized in the anus. If it is forcefully reset, it is easy to spread the infection and cause Under the mucosa, portal bacteremia and sepsis will form, and liver abscess can also form.  The third harm of mixed hemorrhoids. Necrosis  Hemorrhoids are incarcerated outside the anus. Due to a series of pathological changes, local metabolites accumulate, which further aggravates the local edema of the anus and aggravates the incarceration of hemorrhoids. This is a vicious circle. Therefore, if internal hemorrhoids are incarcerated for a long time, necrosis is bound to occur. It has been reported abroad that the thrombus in the hemorrhoids spread upward, and the necrotic area extends to the rectal wall, resulting in severe sepsis in the pelvic cavity. The fourth harm of mixed hemorrhoids. Iron deficiency anemia caused by mixed hemorrhoids hemorrhage usually develops slowly. There may be no symptoms or mild symptoms in the early stage. When the anemia is severe or progresses quickly, pale complexion, fatigue, and appetite may appear Fatigue, palpitations, rapid heart rate, shortness of breath, swelling after physical activity, etc.  The fifth hazard of mixed hemorrhoids causes gynecological diseases   Mixed hemorrhoids are also an important fuse for vaginitis and cervical erosion, because the anus is less than 3 cm from the female vagina and the secretions flowing from the anus contain a lot of bacteria and E. coli. Infinite reproduction and breeding erodes directly to the vagina, forming a common gynecological disease in women. Reminder: Changsha Dongda Anorectal Hospital has launched special services such as “male and female triage” and “night outpatient service” in response to the needs of patients. Citizens with diseases or inquiries in need can be provided all day long 24 hours a day through the official website of Changsha Dongda online consultation and dial the hotline: 0731-82839120, or follow the WeChat public account: guahao0731-82839120.

Which Changsha Hemorrhoid Hospital is better? What are the main hazards of hemorrhoids?

&nbsp.&nbsp. Hemorrhoids is a common disease of the anorectal, this disease brings great harm to patients. Some hemorrhoids will show jet bleeding, and the patient has not felt it yet, and some patients have repeated bleeding for half a year, eventually resulting in pale complexion, general weakness, and severe anemia. If the hemorrhoids prolapse and cannot be reset in time, incarceration may occur. There are other hazards, the following is a specific introduction to the hazards of this disease. Let’s take a look 1. Cause anal dysfunction: due to anal infection, anal induration, anal sinusitis, anal fissure, anal fistula, anal abscess sore, etc. recurring attacks, on the one hand, it leads to anal contracture and difficulty in defecation; on the other hand, it violates the sphincter. , Easily lead to anal incontinence.  2. Gynecological diseases: Due to the proximity of the anus and vagina, hemorrhoids bleeding or inflammation will often cause bacteria to multiply and enter the vagina, causing gynecological inflammation.  3. Inducing sepsis: Long-term blood in the stool leads to anal abscess and anal infection. Once an anal fissure is formed, bacteria, toxins, and pus will easily invade the blood and cause sepsis.  4. Internal hemorrhoids prolapse and form incarceration: prolonged hemorrhoids incarceration will cause necrosis and infection, which will further aggravate local edema of the anus and aggravate the incarceration of hemorrhoids.  5. Rectal tumors can be induced: If hemorrhoids are not treated in time, the condition will continue to become more malignant, causing changes in cell genes in the diseased area, leading to rectal tumors.   It can be seen from the above introduction that the hazards of hemorrhoids are very serious. Patients who find this disease should be treated in time, and everyone should actively prevent this disease in peacetime to avoid it harming everyone’s health.

Tintin is red and purple, is this poisoned?

In a previous online question and answer, a young man sent me a photo asking if he was poisoned? At first glance, it turned out that the front of his external genitals was red, especially the dark purple in the coronal sulcus. The reason for all this was that the opening of the foreskin was too small, which prevented the incarceration from turning down (male health problems, click here for online consultation ) I replied to the patient that this situation cannot be guided remotely. I can only go to a specialty hospital and let the doctor use a probe to peel off the glans and foreskin to relieve the incarceration, and you already have phimosis, which must be treated by circumcision. Otherwise, it can not be reset in time, and it is easy to cause necrosis. In addition to the long foreskin leading to incarceration, there is also a situation that will make the male genitals turn red and purple. That is foreskin balanitis. In general, the cause of foreskin balanitis may also be The foreskin is too long, or there are other pathogenic bacteria that cause bacteria to invade the external genitals, causing redness, swelling and pain in the glans and coronary sulcus. The coronary sulcus has a rich blood supply and is often rubbed. At this time, what should be done is to go to a specialist hospital to confirm the diagnosis and then treat the symptom. Generally speaking, oral medicine can be used for anti-inflammatory treatment. At the same time, it should be combined with topical lotion to play a certain anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial role and accelerate healing (male health problems, click here for online consultation). For the above, foreskin Patients with excessively long foreskin smear infection genitals, must do circumcision, and often wash in daily life, keep the penis clean and dry, to avoid repeated infections-when the penis is in a harsh environment surrounded by foreskin for a long time, not only It can lead to the onset of peripheral diseases, and it is also easy to induce precancerous lesions, such as penile papilloma, leukoplakia, etc., which can be easily converted into penile cancer. In life, in addition to taking medication as directed by a doctor, you must also avoid eating during recovery Spicy and irritating food, otherwise the wounds in the operative area cannot be healed, increase inflammation, and do not carry on the life of the couple, otherwise it is easy to bring the bacteria to the woman, causing women to have urinary diseases such as vaginitis and cervical columnar epithelium (male health problems) , Click here for online consultation)