In the past two years, my hearing has become worse

-“In the past two years, hearing has been getting worse.” A middle-aged patient looked at his ears. I can feel that it is very difficult to communicate with his ordinary face-to-face speech volume (about 40-50 decibels). At the age of 50, it is a little far-fetched to explain with senile deafness. —— “You can’t hear it if you can’t hear it, and you can’t stop sleeping.” Tinnitus affects the patient’s life. After carefully asking about the situation in the past two years, the hearing loss has gradually increased and the development has been relatively rapid. Relatives have no similar phenomena, excluding noise, trauma, otitis media, etc., and the appearance of the outer middle ear is not abnormal. —— “In the past two years because of lung cancer is receiving radiotherapy and chemotherapy.” Asked about medication, got such an answer. Judgment is likely to be the cause of ototoxicity of chemotherapy drugs. However, further hearing and other examinations are still required. Some treatments need to weigh the pros and cons. Hearing loss caused by chemical drugs is often irreversible, but tumor control and hearing maintenance cannot be fully considered. Which one is more important, you can know how to make a comparison. The good news is that the lung disease has been controlled very smoothly, and hearing problems can be compensated by hearing aids.