How to exercise for diabetes in autumn to lower blood sugar well

In addition to medication and diet intervention, exercise intervention is also very important for people with diabetes. &nbsp.&nbsp.1. Understand your condition and monitor your blood sugar. Before exercising, you should clearly understand your condition, including blood sugar, blood pressure, chronic complications of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, etc. It is best to communicate with the attending doctor before making an exercise plan. It is best to measure blood sugar before exercise. Too high or too low is not suitable for exercise. Blood sugar monitoring should be done before and after exercise. &nbsp.&nbsp.2, dress preparation, exercise time should not be too long. Exercise time for diabetes should not be too long, and exercise time in autumn should not be too long, generally 30-45 minutes each time, so as to avoid excessive sweating, excessive rise in body temperature and heat stroke. Prepare sports shoes, socks and sportswear. In summer, the feet sweat a lot. The shoes should have good air permeability and a suitable size to keep the feet dry and reduce the chance of foot skin abrasion trauma and infection. Foreign bodies in shoes should be cleaned up before exercise. Clothing should be loose cotton, breathable and wicking. &nbsp.&nbsp.3, do not exercise on an empty stomach, prepare food. Diabetes should not exercise when hungry. Sugar friends can eat breakfast earlier, and then do activities. A better exercise is to walk briskly. After dinner (usually choose to start 1 hour after a meal), develop a good habit of exercise. If the blood sugar is low, sugar friends should eat more before exercise. So prepare water, food and emergency card before exercise. &nbsp.&nbsp.4. Do not drink a lot of water after exercise, do not drink cold drinks. Drinking a lot of water after exercise will increase the burden on the blood circulatory system, especially the heart burden. Excessive salt loss can also easily cause cramps. It is recommended to drink small amounts of water repeatedly. Drinking cold drinks after exercise should pay attention to calories. Not only will it offset the energy consumed by exercise, it may also cause overweight and obesity. &nbsp.&nbsp.5. Avoid strong light exercise and change clothes after exercise. In the scorching sun, ultraviolet rays are particularly strong. Long-term exposure can burn the skin and damage the eyes. Do not exercise at high temperatures to avoid heatstroke. You can choose indoor exercise or change the exercise time. &nbsp.&nbsp. If you are sweating, avoid the cold caused by the large temperature difference between indoor and outdoor. After exercise, it is best to bathe and wash your feet with soft soap and warm water. Pay special attention to the gap between the toes and dry them gently with a soft towel. Do not rub too hard to prevent minor skin damage. After exercise, check your feet carefully for redness, swelling, bruising, blisters, blood blisters, infection, etc. If infection occurs, you should deal with it in time or go to a hospital specialist.

45 common sense of physiology, more valuable than gold! Must see

[&Nbsp.Diet&nbsp.] 1. It is important to drink a glass of water in the morning. &nbsp.2. Green tea is beneficial to prevent hepatitis and liver cancer. &nbsp.3. Panghai tea is not suitable for long-term drinking. &nbsp………………………………….. 4. Colds should not drink bitter Ding tea. &nbsp.5. It is best to drink yogurt two hours after dinner. &nbsp.6. It is not advisable to drink yogurt on an empty stomach. &nbsp.7. Drink boiled water after drinking milk. &nbsp.8, eating fish can keep blood vessels young. &nbsp.9. Fishbone stuck in the throat is not suitable for vinegar therapy. &nbsp.10. People with high cholesterol eat less squid. &nbsp.11. Too much meat is harmful to the body. &nbsp.12. It is not advisable to eat open sugar-fried pan millet. 13. Tea eggs should not be eaten too much. &nbsp.14. Don’t eat eggs when you have a fever. 15. Eat more black foods to nourish the kidney. &nbsp.16. The non-rotten part of rotten fruit is also poisonous. &nbsp.17. It is advisable to eat more hot porridge in winter. &nbsp.18. It is not advisable to drink honey on an empty stomach. &nbsp.19. It is not appropriate to use boiling water to decoct Chinese medicine. &nbsp.20. Sugar should not be added to taking traditional Chinese medicine. &nbsp.[&nbsp.Life&nbsp.] 1. Washing feet in cold water is harmful to health. &nbsp.2, enough sleep is good for health. &nbsp.3. Poor mood can cause stomach problems. &nbsp.4. A nap helps prevent coronary heart disease. &nbsp.5. Only three hours a day in sunshine is considered a healthy residence. &nbsp.6. Leaving the bedroom windows will help you sleep. &nbsp.7. It is not advisable to open windows for ventilation in the early morning. &nbsp.8. Hot water bottles are healthier than electric blankets. &nbsp.9. Plastic bags should not be used to store fruits and vegetables. &nbsp.10. Chopsticks are best changed every six months. &nbsp.11. Do not look up when the nose is bleeding. &nbsp.12. Brushing your teeth correctly is more important than choosing toothpaste. &nbsp.13. It is not advisable to fold the quilt immediately after getting up. &nbsp.14. The quilt cannot be patted. 15. Warming up before fitness is very important. &nbsp.16. A moderate amount of walking can make the brain younger. &nbsp.17. Walking is most beneficial to the health of middle-aged and elderly people. 18. Do not wash your hair in the winter morning. &nbsp.19. Bathing times in winter should not be too much. 20. It is not advisable to stay in a warm room for a long time in winter. 21. It is not suitable to stay in the winter fog for a long time. 22. Do not wash your face with hot water after sun exposure. &nbsp.23. Often combing hair is good for health. &nbsp.24. Sun exposure in the morning is good for winter health. &nbsp………………………………….. 25, Alice Erlang’s legs will affect health. &nbsp.Collect it first, and then send it to the people who care about it. The more people who see it, the more health!

Healthy in summer, “eat” out of health

Fans, air conditioners, refrigerators, fruits, cold drinks, and ice cream. The hot summer has come and the season of “greedy for cold and gluttonous eating” has come again. Although it is a pleasant one, there are many problems with “eating”. “On Pian” says: “Yang Yang in spring and summer, Yin in autumn and winter”, cutting Yang Qi can easily damage the spleen and stomach, and cases of nausea and vomiting, abdominal pain and diarrhea caused by improper eating habits frequently occur. Before liberation, kidney failure “inexplicably” worsened… Adding a lot of troubles to a peaceful life. How to eat safe and healthy in summer? Let me know about the four unfavorable diets in summer, one should not be greedy for cold, eating cold: eating cold in the hot summer, it is very refreshing, but the ancients often said “don’t use the stomach to warm the cold”, too late, because eating too much cold It is easy to cause the onset of gastroenteritis; and some fresh foods, if the quality is not guaranteed, will inevitably be mixed with some strange things, such as parasitic diseases that even doctors are afraid of. Second, it is not suitable to scratch and forget to wash your hands: After the test of the epidemic at the beginning of the year, people have long become callused on the importance of “hand hygiene”. But even if many people know that “the disease comes from the mouth”, they still forget the good habit of washing their hands before meals. They regret it if they are infected with certain viruses. Three should not mix and match, regardless of raw or cooked: Sometimes the food is good, but because the process is wrong, new problems are prone to arise. Generally, raw and cooked foods should be separated when cooking dishes. When eating, raw and cold foods and cooked foods, especially greasy foods, should be eaten separately, such as cold beer with barbecue, iced beverages and delicious steaks. They are all very easy to lose their intestines, and if they are not careful, they will go to the “Wu Gu Reincarnation Place” to retreat. Fourth, it is not appropriate to save, do not eat overnight: The food that has passed the expiration date is now eaten by very few people, but after a long period of time, there are still people who eat the fruit that is not good or bad. Summer food is prone to spoilage, especially meat food. Because the summer environment is very suitable for the breeding of bacteria and viruses. It is recommended to add water to the summer diet: the summer is hot, and the loss of water can easily cause people’s physical discomfort, so you need to add water properly. If it is after exercise, you need to add light salt water. But be careful not to drink too much. Eat seasonal fruits in moderation: Confucius advocated “not eating from time to time” in “The Analects of Confucius”, because seasonal food can best supplement the needs of the human body. However, with the development of science and technology, new cultivation methods have given people a variety of choices. Early adopters are fine, but excessive consumption is not recommended. The patient needs to eat reasonably: the diet should be according to one’s ability, especially the control of the patient. Diabetics can eat some low-glycemic fruits in moderation, such as apples, grapefruit, cherries, kiwi, loquat, etc. High-glycemic mangoes, watermelons, pineapples, grapes, etc. are not recommended. Patients with kidney disease should not eat cold and hard fruits, or foods such as ham, bacon, pickles, fermented bean curd, crabs, and shrimps. Obese patients are not recommended to drink carbonated drinks or excessive drinking, high-fat diet. Ensure adequate sleep: As the saying goes, “Medicinal supplements are not as good as food supplements, and food supplements are not as good as sleep supplements.” People consume a lot of energy in labor, work, and study, in addition to relying on diet to compensate, they also need sleep to compensate. “Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic·Lingshu” says, “When the yang is exhausted, you will lie down, and when the yin is exhausted, you will lie down.” It explains the meaning of “Yang Yang in spring and summer”.

If a woman scolds you like a son, don’t be a grandson for a man

& Nbsp Author: Liu Yingya & nbsp circle of friends there was a handsome bully t seen a woman asked me what man? He read the article I reposted in the circle of friends, “You are not a woman you are bullying, you may be half the sky in your house.” &nbsp. Said that there was a woman who scolded her husband like her son, in front of them a group of grandfathers. &nbsp. This kind of scene, I remember once heard a story. The relationship between unmarried couples, fiancee do this, in the face of a few buddies to give men the color, men on the spot soared, let women go, go no go, go me, go women, men disappeared. Later, the woman launched a few buddies before meeting again. Of course, the marriage ended later. Women are also restrained. &nbsp. In fact, women eat this set. Men, you have to be capable and confident. You can’t even take care of your own dignity and face, and even your own woman can’t be settled. The woman has no sense of security with you. &nbsp. Men should not be grandchildren. If you are a grandson, a woman will make you a son. &nbsp. Setting up relationship rules A woman starts with being a father’s daughter, and the father sets up relationship rules, teaching women how to do things for others and paving the way for women. A father who brings a game for himself, a father who builds a bridge and has a hand, let the woman who is a daughter admires and feels safe. Women instinctively rely on, admire, and adore men’s “fatherhood.” &nbsp. After entering the intimate relationship between men and women, if a man has the ability to set relationship rules and lead the relationship, the man will get admiration and dependence from the woman. Women can therefore feel a sense of security. &nbsp. The ordinary woman wants to revoke your business license to prevent you from making relationship rules because she can’t look down on you, or more precisely, you can’t look down on her. &nbsp.&nbsp. Improper grandson Improper grandson must have reasons for improper grandson. How can a man not be a grandson in an intimate relationship, or even a respected uncle? &nbsp. Well, DA, you are either highly respected, talented, or brave. &nbsp. Many women are actually quite kind. If your uncle has great virtue and virtue, your conduct can become a model for the family, and even a model for men in society, a kind woman will certainly respect you. You will never be regarded as a grandson. Because this virtue is noble, it will nourish the humanity of the woman, and also make the woman have a face. &nbsp. Of course, the most attractive thing about men is their ability. If you have the ability in a certain area, you can achieve certain achievements, or even more achievements, then you will definitely attract women. Because women have always wanted men to lead relationships and lead themselves, just as they did in life. You will become a man a woman looks up to. Beside you, a woman can feel a deep sense of satisfaction, because your talent is not only nourishing your image, but also deeply nourishing her soul, making her feel that she is also very good, can pick up like this A star. &nbsp. Let’s talk about bravery and combat. This is obviously no need to repeat. The more powerful and powerful men are, the more women like and worship. Because these are expressions of strong vitality. Close to the vigorous vitality, you can feel the hot life. &nbsp. If a man possesses these three qualities, then the woman must have put you in the position of the man, not the position of the son. A woman may even feel that she met you in her last life and saved the galaxy. There are no three, and two of them make women look at you. If there is one of them, the woman will not completely bury you. &nbsp. Because any one trait represents a man’s love and respect for life. Men do not want to be grandchildren. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Are there any gains after reading? Follow me and teach you to use psychology to analyze the phenomenon and confusion of marriage and love, to help you understand love and marriage. Liu Yingya: Master of Psychology, National Second-level Psychological Counsel, Marriage and Bisexual Emotional Family Researcher, Personal Body and Mind Growth Researcher, Lily Marriage and Love Network Emotion Tutor, Enterprise Staff Growth Consultant for more than ten years of psychology work, focusing on family marriage and love , Personal physical and spiritual growth. Public number: psychological consultant Liu Yingya WeChat: psyajfz Weibo: