A simple way to judge children with ADHD

   The number of children aged 6 to 7 who suffer from pediatric diseases every day is usually higher. Parents should pay due attention to the possibility of adopting a more specific and friendly attitude towards their children. Behavior has an important influence on development, because ADHD has a great influence on the growth and development of children, and even affects the whole life. Children should be sent to the hospital for examination in time. Then, what are the simple ways to judge children with ADHD?   First, Judging the ability of coordination in movement. Children with ADHD appear to be clumsy in movement, and some of the more subtle movements are not coordinated. For example, even small things such as buttoning and tying shoelaces cannot be completed well, and when walking, they also Can’t walk in a straight line.  Second, judge whether they are emotionally agitated.   Children with ADHD have poor self-control ability, are emotionally unstable, are often prone to impulsivity, and are easily irritated. In addition, they are more stubborn, impatient, and naive in personality. Such children lack a sense of honor, so they often have the habit of lying and playing truant.  Third, judge whether there is too much activity in behavior.    Children with ADHD are always moving hands and feet, unable to calm down, they always can’t sit still, even when sitting on a stool, they will constantly twist and behave fidgeting. Like to take the risk of climbing to high places, but also love to quarrel and fight with others.  Fourth, judging whether to concentrate on learning   Children with ADHD are more difficult to learn. They don’t like to listen. Although their intelligence is normal, they have poor memory, auditory discrimination and language skills, and their academic performance fluctuates greatly. In class and when writing homework, I can’t keep my attention, and there are many small movements, so I can’t concentrate on errands.   In view of this, we have learned several diagnostic methods. Simple, fast, and overactive children do not mean that they are suffering from ADHD. If you have any questions, please consult.

Psychology: meticulous love, no love, only anxiety

Author: Liuying Ya and when [former together, I’m fine with him for some time, I am learning every day at noon for an hour, I would go back, give him a good lunch, and then after the love back to class. I’ll go to lunch by myself after class. However, even though I treated him this way, he still cheated, and with four or five women. Since then, I have no sense of security in the subsequent romance. I hope to meet someone who is dedicated to me. In fact, the two people here have not established a relationship at all. No real intimacy is established. There is neither relationship nor love here. Not love, but anxiety, diligence, hard work. This is not love, but anxiety. The meticulousness in adult love is often out of anxiety. A person in an anxious state can’t love, can’t really see the other party’s appeal, and see the anxiety in his heart. Driven by anxiety and deprivation, do something desperately, trying to establish contact with each other. But in fact, no real connection can be established this way. In this state, the other party can’t get close to you and really walk into you. On the surface, you surround him, centered on the other person, and seem to be very close to him, and he is within reach, but in fact, your heart is far away from him. What separates you is anxiety and defense. The journey of finding oneself Before meeting oneself, love is just a journey of finding oneself. The person who gave selflessly was disappointed and treated him so well, but in exchange for his cheating, he was very scumbag, and it seemed right. However, you didn’t find it, and didn’t realize it. Maybe you didn’t know what he wanted at all. By the time he cheated, you don’t know yet. You neither know how to love him, nor what you want. In fact, meticulousness is your expression of certain demands in the relationship, but you don’t know what that demand is. But with such a hectic and even a little anxious love action to fill your relationship. Instead of filling your relationship with the two of you. Your behavior not only prevents yourself from expressing what you want, but also avoids walking into his heart and soul. What you think is good for whom, all kinds of sacrifices for love, are your up and down search in an anxious state. And this cannot allow you to establish a real connection, a real relationship with others, and it is difficult for others to truly walk into you. Before you have resolved your anxiety, insecurities, and lack, it is difficult to get a person who is dedicated to you, because you in this state simply cannot establish true contact with others. Can’t establish intimacy, and don’t realize what true love is. I am Liu Yingya, a psychological consultant. I use psychology to analyze love, marriage, family life and make intimate relationships a classroom for self-growth. Welcome to follow. Liu Yingya: Master of Psychology, National Level 2 Psychological Counselor. A researcher on the emotional family of both sexes in marriage and love, and a researcher on the growth of personal, physical and mental. More than ten years of psychology work, focusing on family relationships and personal growth. &nbsp.

Causes of insomnia

#夏健康打卡# Reasons for insomnia: 1 Counting but not making decisions, thinking and melancholy, resulting in insufficient blood and energy, unable to support the mind and insomnia. “Jingyue Quanshu” says: “Those who are innocent and insomnia must have insufficient blood. If the owner has blood, blood deficiency will not nourish the heart, and if the heart is weak, the god will not guard the house.” 2 The anger hurts the liver and causes the heart and liver to become angry. “Blood Syndrome · Sleeping Sleeping” says: “If the yang is floating outside and the soul does not enter the liver, you will be insomnia. The syndrome is not irritable, sleepless and sleepless.” 3 Deficiency of heart, gallbladder and qi, usually frightened and unable to be decisive Dealing with things, worrying, restless, fearful. “Shen’s Honored Students’ Book · Insomnia” says: “The heart is timid, easy to startle when touched, and sleepless if you feel annoying.”

What are the newer treatments for epilepsy?

 People must treat epilepsy in a timely and effective manner. The emergence of epilepsy has a great impact on people. More and more people do not understand epilepsy. In order to better treat epilepsy, people should choose a good method. What are the newer treatments for epilepsy? Generally, newer treatments have better results. Medical technology continues to advance, and the technology for treating epilepsy is constantly improving. People should pay attention to the newer methods of treating epilepsy? Experts at the Epilepsy Hospital say that adolescents are in the developmental and rebellious stage. If they suffer from epilepsy , The harm to them is great, and some patients will not pay special attention to this disease, let alone take good care of it, it is easy to cause damage to the body, patients with epilepsy must pay attention to it. Adolescents with epilepsy must have a regular life, have a good work and rest time, good living habits, ensure adequate sleep, not be too tired, not too nervous about studying, not cold and fever, not eating spicy food, not drinking Exciting drinks, you can’t watch TV or play on the computer for a long time, these are things that young patients should pay attention to in daily life. In addition, patients should be careful not to do dangerous activities such as cycling, climbing, swimming, etc.   If a patient finds signs of epileptic seizures, he must tell his family members immediately, so that the family members will take first aid measures in case of epileptic seizures to avoid accidental injury to the patient. Patients with epilepsy should stay in a quiet environment and cannot be disturbed by the outside world to cause epilepsy. Parents should communicate more with epilepsy patients, encourage them more, let them have confidence in the treatment of epilepsy, have confidence in life, face the disease with an optimistic and positive attitude, and overcome epilepsy.

Can men with cryptorchidism want to give birth to test tube babies?

   Infertility is divided into congenital and acquired. Most patients are infertile due to acquired diseases, but some people are infertile because of congenital abnormalities. Among the causes of male congenital infertility, cryptorchidism is a relatively common condition, so can men with cryptorchidism want to give birth to test tube baby?     The testicles descend from the waist back to the scrotum during normal development. Or incomplete decline is called cryptorchidism. Because the testis is affected by the “high temperature” in the receptors in the abdominal cavity for a long time, it is easy to cause male infertility. The test tube baby technology is currently a main method of assisting pregnancy, so can the man’s cryptorchidism be an IVF? Generally speaking, three conditions need to be met to do an IVF, one is to have sperm, the other is to have eggs, and the third is to meet Indication. Whether the man’s cryptorchidism can be an IVF depends on whether he can detect normal sperm.   If there are normal sperm, the second-generation IVF technology can be used to help the sperm to be fertilized, and then cultured in vitro to become embryos and then transplanted into the woman’s uterine cavity to increase the chance of pregnancy. However, if there is no sperm, it is impossible to do test tube, because cryptorchidism cannot be obtained by testicular puncture, so cryptorchidism patients without sperm can only give birth to offspring through sperm.   Regarding the question of whether cryptorchidism can be used for IVF, it is impossible to judge whether it can be performed without specific knowledge of the patient’s condition. Therefore, it is recommended that patients with cryptorchidism should go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible for further diagnosis.

Found nine symptoms to be careful, it may be Alzheimer’s!

An old house where a treasure. As the elderly get older, various diseases will follow, and Alzheimer’s disease is one of them. Alzheimer’s disease has a great impact on the elderly’s daily life, and children are also very worried about the elderly suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Not only is it easy for the elderly to have problems with their own health, but it is also more troublesome to take care of. In fact, if it is found earlier that the elderly suffer from dementia, it can better help the elderly to ease their condition. Today we look at the symptoms of dementia together. Memory disorder In the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease, the elderly often forget the date and important things, and can’t even remember what happened a few minutes ago. Patients often throw things up and down, often cannot find where to put things, and will repeatedly ask the same question or say the same thing repeatedly. This is one of the more obvious symptoms of Alzheimer’s early. Language barrier Patients have a marked decline in language skills and vocabulary usage when communicating with people. They are unable to express their meaning in the correct words. They often call the wrong thing names and explain too much the opinions they want to express. In conversations with others, the ability to understand the content of others’ words is reduced. Decreased judgment ability and distracted attention Patients are prone to hesitation or frequent errors when making judgments and decisions. The main manifestations in the early stage are decreased judgment ability, distracted attention, and inability to correctly understand the current situation. Disability of orientation Patients can’t remember the time and season they are in, and often forget where they are and why they should come to this place. Some people with dementia will get lost early in the disease in a familiar environment. Many elderly people who are lost are dementia patients, and they cannot find their way home even in a familiar environment. Writing difficulties Always written by people with Alzheimer’s disease often fail to express their meanings, such as writing letters to express unclear and clear meaning. Some studies believe that dyslexia has a certain relationship with distant memory impairment. Execution ability is weak, learning is difficult Patients can’t do things according to the plan, and they have no ability to do more complicated work. The ability to learn new things has declined, and new things cannot be learned efficiently. The willingness to learn new things has declined, and I like to spend more time doing what I have done. Impaired visual and spatial thinking ability Unable to read the effective information in real life, often unable to judge the distance, and may not be able to distinguish colors. Decreased social skills Patients with Alzheimer’s disease suffer from decreased brain function, decreased ability to think autonomously, and reduced ability to judge, are prone to social difficulties, and are unable to communicate and communicate with unfamiliar people. Emotional indifference The mood of Alzheimer’s patients will change significantly. Normal people’s brains function well, and they can make different performances based on different situations, different things, and different emotions. The patients with Alzheimer’s disease are more emotionally indifferent and expressionless, and are prone to emotional ups and downs. If you find that the elderly have the above symptoms, it is best to take the elderly to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible, and strive to treat and control the condition as soon as possible.