What should I do if I can’t open my mouth after tooth extraction?

After the tooth is removed, the mouth cannot be opened. Consider two possibilities: the first is that the temporomandibular joint is damaged; the second is that the local tissue damage is more serious, with edema and hematoma, spreading to the masticatory muscles. The masticatory muscle spasms caused by the inability to open the mouth. For the first type of temporomandibular joint injury, the mouth cannot be opened, and local physical therapy can be performed, such as applying heat to the temporomandibular joint, or baking electricity. For the second case, the mouth cannot be opened due to the influence of the masticatory muscles. You can consider applying cold compresses within 24 hours after surgery, and applying heat to local muscles after 48 hours, which can effectively promote edema and Healing of hematoma, relieve symptoms.