Can a light diet lower cholesterol? The doctor refutes the rumors and reveals the misunderstanding of lowering blood lipids for you

Speaking of cholesterol, I remembered that I used to watch TV. There are often scenes in TV dramas in Hong Kong and Taiwan. When an old rich man wants to eat a piece of fat while eating, he will be stopped by his family immediately. The reason is that the doctor said the old rich man has high cholesterol. Don’t eat fatty foods, eat lightly. In reality, when talking about high cholesterol, everyone’s first reaction is high blood lipids, just a light diet! Is it really that simple? The reality is cruel, and it is still different from TV series. We found that although some people eat very lightly, their cholesterol is still “popular”. Let’s talk about this issue today. Cholesterol that is “Love and Hate” Although many people are very sensitive to elevated cholesterol and fear that high cholesterol may cause cardiovascular disease, there is no denying that cholesterol is still very important to us. It can promote the formation of bile acids in the body and participate in digestion and absorption. It is also an important component of cell membranes and maintains cell integrity. Moreover, the precursors of various hormones secreted in the human endocrine system such as sex hormones and adrenal cortex hormones are also cholesterol. Maintaining a certain level of cholesterol in the body is beneficial to the human body, it is like a “double-edged sword”, too high or too low levels will have adverse effects on the human body. Why is the cholesterol “popping” when the food is so light? In fact, the cholesterol in human blood mainly comes from the exogenous and endogenous pathways. The exogenous is mainly the absorption of cholesterol in food, accounting for about 25% of the total cholesterol; the endogenous mainly comes from the body’s synthesis, about It accounts for 75% of total cholesterol. Although food-derived cholesterol accounts for a small proportion of the total cholesterol content in the body, there are obvious individual differences in the ability to regulate cholesterol in each person, so dietary adjustment is needed to prevent hypercholesterolemia. Then why do some people eat very lightly, but their cholesterol still “explodes”? I think it is related to the following aspects. 1. Genetic factors are the same as other cardiovascular diseases. High cholesterol is also affected by genetic factors. There is a disease called familial hypercholesterolemia. The main clinical features are extremely high low-density lipoprotein cholesterol and early-onset coronary heart disease. , And the disease progresses rapidly. Without timely treatment and intervention, the natural life span is only 20-30 years old. 2. The influence of bad lifestyle habits Although cholesterol intake has been controlled in diet, if other bad lifestyle habits, such as smoking, alcohol abuse, and inactivity, are not corrected, it will also cause lipid metabolism disorders in the body, leading to elevated cholesterol levels . 3. Decreased liver function In addition to increased production of high cholesterol in the body, it also includes decreased cholesterol clearance. Cholesterol in the blood is mainly metabolized by liver esterification, such as severe hepatitis, liver cirrhosis and other diseases that lead to liver function decline, and cholesterol esterification metabolism is impaired, which can also cause cholesterol to rise. 4. When biliary diseases such as biliary stones cause biliary obstruction, it will lead to obstruction of bile drainage, obstructive jaundice, and increase in cholesterol. In summary, the reason for high cholesterol is not just diet, the specific situation needs specific analysis! It is important to emphasize the importance of diagnosis and treatment by specialists. Since elevated cholesterol will lead to the occurrence of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease, the risk of this disease will become higher and higher over time, so the “burst of cholesterol” must be paid attention to, and you should see a cardiovascular specialist as soon as possible. Identify the cause of the disease and promptly intervene in treatment. References: Chronic Disease Prevention and Control Branch of Chinese Preventive Medicine Association, Nutrition and Chronic Disease Control Branch of Chinese Nutrition Society, Cardiovascular Diseases Branch of Chinese Medical Association, China Cardiovascular Health Alliance. Scientific Statement on Understanding Cholesterol Correctly[J], “Chinese Medicine Frontier Magazine, 2016, 8(9): 17-18 (Part of the pictures in the text are from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. I would like to thank the author of the picture. If you find any violation of your copyright, please contact me. I will delete.)

Is there any natural enemy for high uric acid? Understand one article

Speaking of uric acid, I believe everyone is familiar with it, and it is something that patients with hyperuricemia and gout hate. Recently, many netizens are asking similar questions. High uric acid can induce gout and kidney damage. Nowadays, the incidence of hyperuricemia and gout is increasing. Is there any natural enemy of uric acid to deal with? Let’s talk to you about the story of uric acid today. The physiological role of uric acid Before talking about the natural enemy of uric acid, let’s first understand the physiological role of uric acid. In fact, uric acid is not all harmful to the human body. It is also an indispensable substance in the human body. The physiological functions of uric acid are mainly as follows: 1. Antioxidant function Uric acid can remove about 2/3 of free radicals in plasma. The human brain has a high metabolic rate and a high lipid level, so it is more likely to be damaged by oxidative stress. Therefore, the antioxidant function of uric acid is particularly important for the protection of the brain and central nervous system. 2. Enhancing immunity The other function of uric acid acts as a messenger. When the body is infected by microorganisms, uric acid releases an endogenous danger signal through damaged cells, thereby promoting the body’s immune response to resist these Alien invaders. 3. Maintaining blood pressure. Some animals in the low-salt diet can produce high salt sensitivity through high uric acid levels, which can induce glomerular vascular disease and increase pressure. At the same time, a certain level of uric acid in the body can also maintain blood vessel elasticity, so there is maintenance The role of blood pressure. Therefore, too high or too low uric acid is not good for health, and the level should not be less than 200mmol/L. Uric acid, the natural enemy of uric acid, is the final product of biological purine metabolism. In fact, uric acid is not only produced by humans, but also by birds, some primates, snakes, lizards, fish and insects, but different biological species have metabolic pathways for uric acid It’s not all the same. Two enzymes need to be introduced here: urate oxidase and urease. Because from the biological effect, they can be said to be natural enemies of uric acid. Uric acid oxidase can oxidize uric acid into water-soluble allantoin, which is finally decomposed into ammonia and carbon dioxide through the action of urease and discharged from the body. In the long process of human evolution, in order to maintain a certain level of uric acid in the body to obtain a greater survival advantage, the metabolic pathway of purines in humans has gradually become simplified, so the urate oxidase and urease in the body are gradually missing. This enzyme only exists in other low-level animals. Instead, humans retain the xanthine dehydrogenase that promotes the metabolism of xanthine to uric acid. Therefore, for modern people, uric acid has no natural enemies. Self-disciplined people can become natural enemies of high uric acid! Many people are very aware of the dangers of high uric acid. As the saying goes, “There is nothing difficult in the world, but people who are interested”. The author believes that the prevention of hyperuricemia nowadays mainly depends on self-discipline and maintaining good diet and living habits are the basis for preventing hyperuricemia. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid high-purine diets, increase the intake of fruits and vegetables, and develop a lifestyle habit of sticking to exercise. Although uric acid has no natural enemies for humans, uric acid is not terrible either. We can control the uric acid level within the normal range so that uric acid can better serve our health. References: Yang Yan, Ma Ling. The physiological significance of uric acid in biological evolution[J]. Modern Preventive Medicine, 2015, 42(18):3420-3439 (Part of the pictures in the article are from the network, the copyright belongs to the original author, here Thanks to the author of the picture. If you find any infringement of your copyright, please contact me and I will delete it.)

[Confusion] Why does the skin turn black after treatment for aplastic anemia?

Severe aplastic anemia generally requires long-term hospitalization, and during the treatment process, some patients will have “black face” phenomenon, which makes family members very puzzled, is this situation related to this disease? [Confusion] Why does the skin turn black after treatment for aplastic anemia? This situation has a certain relationship with long-term blood transfusion and the use of immune-suppressing (affecting metabolism) aplastic anemia treatment drugs. Generally, the situation will be further relieved and improved after the drug is reduced and stopped, and the blood transfusion is eliminated. Remarks——Beware of iron overload if you have a “black face” after obstacles! Blood transfusion is an effective measure to improve anemia, control bleeding, and infection. It can maintain a certain level of hemoglobin and maintain physiological functions. However, this will increase the iron load in the patient’s body. In the ward, you can see patients with dark faces. This is caused by excessive iron load in the body. Special attention is needed! For example, in patients with aplastic anemia, iron deposits in organs such as myocardium, liver, brain, pancreas, etc., when the total iron in the patient’s body reaches more than 20g, obvious signs of poisoning may appear, and severe cases may lead to death. Patients are warned that serum ferritin should be dynamically monitored to control the amount of blood transfusion. Patients with high iron load can be transfused with 25-50 units of red blood cells, or if the serum ferritin level exceeds 1000-2000ug/L, timely iron treatment is required. To learn more about “disease knowledge” or “communications with patients with aplastic anemia” and other WeChat search public number: xuf120

Why is the same creatinine we pay attention to blood creatinine but not urine creatinine?

Why is the same creatinine we pay attention to blood creatinine but not urine creatinine? &nbsp.First of all, what is blood creatinine? &nbsp. Serum creatinine is generally considered to be endogenous blood creatinine, which is a product of human muscle metabolism. &nbsp.In muscles, creatine undergoes a series of reactions to slowly form creatinine, which is then released into the blood and excreted in urine. &nbsp. Therefore, blood creatinine is closely related to the total amount of muscle in the body and is not easily affected by diet. Creatinine is a small molecular substance that can be filtered through the glomerulus. Almost all of the creatinine produced in the body is excreted in urine every day, and is generally not affected by urine output. The upper limit of normal for plasma creatinine is about 100 micromoles/liter. Clinically, detecting blood creatinine is one of the main methods commonly used to understand renal function. &nbsp. The blood creatinine increased during the examination, which means that the blood creatinine content is high, indicating that the kidney excretion is reduced and the kidney function is decreased. &nbsp.What is urinary creatinine?&nbsp.Urine creatinine test can measure the creatinine content excreted through kidney filtration. The measurement of urine creatinine concentration alone is rarely helpful for evaluating renal function, but it is measured together with blood creatinine and can be used as an essential indicator of endogenous creatinine clearance. Its increase can be seen in acromegaly, gigantism, diabetes, infection, hypothyroidism, eating meat, exercise, intake of drugs (such as vitamin C, levodopa, methyldopa, etc.). Decreased urine creatinine is seen in acute or chronic renal insufficiency, severe congestive heart failure, hyperthyroidism, anemia, muscular dystrophy, leukemia, vegetarians, and taking androgens, thiazides, etc. &nbsp. Serum creatinine and urine creatinine, they are all waste products produced by the body’s metabolism, but they exist in different parts. Serum creatinine is present in the body, while urine creatinine is excreted from the body. They are not necessarily correlated in value, and blood creatinine is relatively stable. If there is an increase in blood creatinine, it indicates abnormal renal function, and urine creatinine is often affected by the body’s metabolic status and diet. They are not necessarily connected. &nbsp. If the concentration of urine creatinine is measured alone, it is not very meaningful for evaluating renal function indicators. It is necessary to evaluate the creatinine clearance rate in the computer and evaluate the glomerular filtration function together with blood creatinine. It is more meaningful to measure blood creatinine and urea nitrogen at the same time. If the two increase at the same time, it indicates that the kidney is seriously damaged. &nbsp.

Bad liver, face prophet! The doctor reminds: When these 3 symptoms appear on the face, check liver function as soon as possible

Everyone knows the importance of the liver. Almost all impurities and toxins in the body need to be broken down and metabolized by the liver. It is the body’s most important detoxification organ. In addition, it is also involved in a number of “biochemical reactions” in the body. But at the same time, the liver is special. Due to its powerful compensatory ability and non-existent pain-sensing nerves, it is difficult to detect after damage, so it is often called the “most silent organ”. But liver disease, the body is not without a trace. In fact, our face also corresponds to the “liver area”. If it is a liver disease, you can “get a glimpse” of the changes in the face. If the liver is not good, the face prophet, the expert reminds: If these 3 kinds of abnormalities appear on the face, check the liver function as soon as possible. The sallow condition is mostly due to liver damage. After liver disease, its inhibitory effect on bilirubin will decrease, resulting in an increase in the blood bilirubin content, and the body’s skin will appear yellowish under the action of these yellow compounds. 2. Dark circles under the eyes will always appear when the sleep time and quality of sleep are guaranteed. This may also be a liver disease. This is because the liver has the ability to detoxify and detoxify. If the liver is damaged, toxins and garbage in the body cannot be decomposed and discharged in time, and accumulated in the body, which easily induces dark circles. 3. Bad breath generally may leave a odor in the mouth after eating food with a big taste, and then bad breath occurs. This is a common thing in daily life, and it will be greatly relieved after brushing your teeth. However, bad breath caused by liver damage does not help with repeated brushing. Liver disease, its metabolic capacity will be affected, resulting in abnormally high ammonia and nitrogen content, and then part of it will be excreted with the mouth and nose, and bad breath will appear. Bad breath caused by liver damage is usually the smell of rotten fruit or bad eggs. So how do we prevent liver disease in our lives? 1. Drink plenty of tea, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. Drink plenty of water to help remove impurities and toxins from the body, reduce the burden on the liver, and speed up metabolism. Eating more fresh fruits and vegetables is conducive to the intake of multiple vitamins, antioxidants, and liver cell repair. 2. Do more aerobic exercises. If you want to protect your liver health, you can choose some exercises that suit you as much as possible. For example, yoga, swimming, jogging, cycling, etc. are all good choices. This is because this type of exercise will not be too intense, while maintaining the vitality of the body and promoting liver metabolism. Tips: A healthy and optimistic attitude is especially important. According to relevant medical research, there are actually a large number of sympathetic nerves distributed in the liver. If you often feel depressed and anxious, this will directly lead to liver cell ischemia, which will affect the regeneration rate of liver cells. Therefore, it is recommended to maintain a peaceful, optimistic and cheerful mentality, which is not only good for the liver, but also very helpful for delaying aging. References: Zhang Tanze, Feng Zhouxiang, Li Yan, et al. 109 cases of liver disease treated with integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine. Shanghai Practical Journal of Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine, 1998; 8(9): 537 (Part of the pictures in the text come from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. I would like to thank the author of the picture. If you find any violation of your copyright, please contact me. I will delete.)

Trend: Combining Chinese and Western Medicine to Treat Leukemia

Chemotherapy is the most commonly used treatment for leukemia. The modern treatment of acute leukemia is divided into two stages: the first stage is induced remission treatment, the purpose is to rapidly and massively reduce the leukemia cell load in the body, restore normal hematopoiesis, and achieve remission.   However, patients who have just achieved remission after induction therapy still have residual leukemia cells as high as 10.8-10. If no further treatment is given, most patients will inevitably relapse.   Therefore, there is a second stage of post-remission treatment (including consolidation and intensive treatment, maintenance treatment and CNSL prevention and treatment, etc.), which aims to eliminate residual leukemia in the body and prevent the occurrence of drug-resistant cell populations to prevent recurrence and prolong survival.  Combination medication, high-dose and early intensification are the basic treatments currently adopted in chemotherapy. The benefits are: ① Combined treatment of multiple chemotherapeutics with different cell cycles and different mechanisms of action is conducive to synergistically and concentrated killing of malignant cells;   ② Large-dose intermittent chemotherapy can quickly and massively reduce the number of leukemia cells in the body, and make patients The normal hematopoietic function has ample time to recover, thereby reducing the toxic and side effects of the treatment;   ③If the tumor cells are in contact with low-concentration chemotherapy drugs in the environment for a long time, they will gradually induce drug resistance, making it difficult to kill the tumor cells and stay in the body. Survival and become the root cause of subsequent recurrence.   Integrated Chinese and Western medicine has become the first choice for the treatment of leukemia. The advantages of combined Chinese and Western medicine in the treatment of leukemia are:    1. Reduce the toxicity of chemotherapy drugs.   2. Promote the recovery of hematopoietic function.   3. Promote the recovery of immune function.  4. Improve the quality of life of patients.

How do men endure and enhance the driving force!

Androgens, commonly known as “male hormones”, play a very important role in a man’s life. It plays an important role in the differentiation of embryonic genitals, the development of adolescent male sexual organs, the occurrence and maturation of sperm, the appearance of male secondary sexual characteristics and the maintenance of sexual function, protein synthesis, and metabolism in the body. It is said to be a man’s ” “The driving force” is not an exaggeration. Androgens in men mainly come from the testes, and a small part is secreted by the adrenal glands. Androgens can exert their physiological effects only when they reach a certain level, so to keep the androgens continuously produced is the driving force for maintaining male life. With age, men’s motivation will gradually decrease. After reaching a certain level, a series of apparent reactions will appear, which is medically called-late-onset hypogonadism. Middle-aged and elderly men. As age increases, testicular endocrine Dysfunction, androgen levels in the body may decrease continuously, slowly and steadily, leading to loss of libido, erectile dysfunction, muscle atrophy and decreased muscle strength, abdominal fat accumulation, easy fatigue, decreased labor endurance, osteoporosis, and body Clinical manifestations of increased fat, decreased cognitive function and memory, and poor self-perception. So how do we maintain high levels of androgens in daily life and better exert their biological effects? How do men improve the motive power? Proper exercise and exercise can promote androgen secretion, and at the same time can promote the aromatization of androgens in fat and brain. Estrogen, and then play the role of androgen through the estrogen receptor. It is generally recommended to jog or swim 3 to 4 times a week for 40 to 60 minutes each time. Reasonable, balanced and regular diet Regular diet can promote androgen production. For example, you can eat more foods high in zinc: oysters, oysters, sea cucumbers, cuttlefish; foods rich in animal androgens are also beneficial, such as lamb, lamb kidney, venison, beef, rabbit meat, pigeon, quail, etc.; or Eat more plant androgenic foods, such as leeks and nuts. Mental adjustment Chinese medicine has the saying that emotions cause illness. A good mental state is very important for physical and mental health. Long-term depression, negative, and depressed mood is not good for androgen secretion. Foreign studies have confirmed that low levels of androgens are more likely to aggravate depression symptoms, and exogenous androgen supplementation can significantly alleviate the symptoms of depression patients. Facing life and work positively and optimistically, maintaining harmonious interpersonal relationships is very important for the maintenance of androgens. Especially for middle-aged people who have passion, persist in striving for goals, and have a risk-taking and enterprising spirit will be more conducive to maintaining high levels of androgen biological efficacy. Adequate sleep Sleep is an important guarantee for promoting healthy metabolism. Adequate sleep can promote hormone levels and endocrine coordination in the body, so that body functions can operate normally. Focus on appearance Foreign studies have found that the overall abdominal circumference index of men who pay attention to their appearance is lower, the incidence of male menopausal syndrome and impotence is significantly lower, and the correlation between androgen levels and aging is weakened. This may be related to these men’s attention to lifestyle and mentality.

Questions about Ruilan Weiyuan Water Light: How many treatments are needed? Is it safe to inject for a long time

Answers to several questions about Ruilan Weiyuan Water Light How many times does Ruilan Weiyuan need treatment? The treatment cycle of Ruilan Weixuan is 3 times, with an interval of 1 month each time, and the effect can be as long as 15 months. 2. Compared with traditional water light, why does Ruilan Weixuan last longer? The main component of traditional water light is uncross-linked hyaluronic acid, while Ruilan Weixuan uses cross-linked micro-particle sodium hyaluronate, which degrades in the body 7-14 times longer than that of non-cross-linked. It lasts longer. 3. Is Ruilan Weixuan safe to inject for a long time? Up to now, Ruilan series products have covered more than 100 countries around the world. Ruilan Weixun has also been listed in Europe and the United States as early as 2004. As of now, it has more than 16 years of clinical application experience. It is a safe and sustainable Injection products. 4. Ruilan Weixun, what should I pay attention to after injection? Do not squeeze the face, avoid smoking and alcohol, and ensure postoperative cleanliness.

Small symptoms hide big hidden dangers in gynecology

Many women in their 30s and 40s suddenly developed age spots on their faces. Many people think that they are caused by too much sun and irregular sleep and diet, and they don’t care much. The doctor suggested that the sudden appearance of spots on the face is not only caused by skin aging, but also may indicate pelvic inflammatory disease, mastitis, breast lobular hyperplasia, cervicitis and other gynecological diseases.  Long spots are often a sign of changes in the body’s condition. Spots are caused by stagnation of qi, blood and body fluid in the upper body. The reason why blood is blocked is mostly the weakness of liver, spleen and kidney. The liver and spleen are blocked, causing stains on the face, and cysts and inflammation in the body. This kind of “lesion spots” is often accompanied by symptoms of yellowing, graying, and dull complexion.   If the spots are caused by gynecological diseases, vaginal discharge is usually abnormal. Gynecological diseases have a long process from incubation to onset. Suddenly growing spots indicate that there is an abnormality in the body, and enough attention should be paid to go to the hospital for examination in time. At the same time pay attention to sun protection and good living habits.

Over-reliance on blood transfusion, does MDS patient lose hematopoietic ability?

Assistant Hu Guisheng WeChat: dd326751 Blood transfusion is commonplace in modern medicine, and it is an indispensable and irreplaceable effective method for modern medicine to treat patients. But nowadays, people place too much emphasis on blood transfusions and ignore the risks behind blood transfusions: some people have developed the notion that blood transfusions are necessary for larger operations, and blood transfusions are required for surgery, for insurance; even more people treat blood as a transfusion. As a “tonic”, doctors are strongly required to have blood transfusions to supplement nutrition.   If over-reliance on blood transfusion, does MDS patient lose hematopoietic ability?   After blood transfusion, the red blood cells in the body of MDS patients are destroyed and a large amount of iron is released. However, due to abnormal bone marrow hematopoietic function, iron cannot be reused, resulting in increased iron content in the body, and subsequent increases in serum ferritin levels and lower transferrin levels. The abnormal iron metabolism caused by blood transfusion in MDS patients can cause damage to the liver and pancreas. The liver is the main site of iron storage and metabolism, and the earliest organ involved in iron. It was found that liver iron overload can stimulate liver fibrosis and promote the progress of liver cirrhosis.   Whether the raw materials used for blood transfusion are fresh, whether the quality can be guaranteed during transportation, these are also some factors that need to be considered. The more the transfusion, the less it is. It can be known that the blood transfusion treatment of MDS is unreliable and patients cannot rely on it. Long-term use of blood transfusion treatment will do more harm than good.   In addition, MDS undergoing blood transfusion treatment should not forget to “dispel iron”   The main source of iron in the human body is diet. When the iron in food is reduced from trivalent to divalent iron, it is absorbed in the intestinal mucosal epithelium. Part of the absorbed iron is stored in the form of ferritin; the other part enters the blood circulation through the intestinal epithelial basement membrane, and is oxidized to trivalent iron combined with transferrin for use in various tissues and organs. However, for patients who rely on blood transfusion therapy, this dynamic balance will be broken. Because the body lacks an effective iron-exhausting mechanism, repeated red blood cell infusions will cause the body’s iron content to increase dramatically, resulting in a so-called increase in iron load, resulting in iron overload. For example, the iron overload of the pituitary gland can cause growth and development disorders, the iron overload of the heart can cause heart failure, the iron overload of the liver can lead to liver fibrosis and increase the incidence of liver cancer, and the iron overload of the gonads can cause infertility. Iron overload can lead to diabetes, etc., thereby posing a serious threat to the patient’s quality of life and life safety.   Although the cause of myelodysplastic syndrome is unclear in some cases, many cases are due to the clonal proliferation of cells caused by biological, chemical or physical factors. Therefore, preventive measures should be taken. Medical staff should be aware of the dangers of drug abuse, and be cautious in the use of chemotherapeutics; radiotherapy should also be strictly controlled for indications; exposure to chemicals and other harmful substances (such as benzene, polycarbonate) in related industrial and agricultural production When using vinyl chloride), labor protection should be done to prevent harmful substances from polluting the surrounding environment to reduce the incidence of MDS.

Basic Nutrition 12 Energy

“Energy” has many forms in nature, such as solar energy, electrical energy, chemical energy, etc., which can be converted into each other and obey the law of conservation of energy. For the convenience of calculation, a unified unit of “energy” has been formulated, namely joule (J) or calorie (calorie), 1 calorie refers to the energy required for the temperature of 1000 grams of pure water to rise from 15 degrees to 16 degrees, and 1 joule refers to 1 Newton’s force is the energy required to move a 1KG object by 1 meter. 1 kcal = 4.184 kJ. Every life activity of the human body needs energy to maintain. Where does the energy of the human body come from? The radiant energy of the sun. Under solar radiation, plants synthesize carbon dioxide and water into carbohydrates through photosynthesis, and can also use solar radiation to synthesize lipids and proteins. Animals eat plants to obtain energy, which is indirectly using solar energy. Humans also obtain energy by eating various animal and plant foods. In addition to the three major energy-generating substances that can be metabolized and released in the human body: carbohydrates, proteins, and lipids, they also ingest vitamins, which play an important role in metabolic reactions in the body. Minerals etc. Among the various foods that people eat in the stomach, carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, etc. are decomposed and digested step by step according to their own laws, and then absorbed, synthesized, and utilized, during which they have experienced complex and interconnected metabolic reactions. Each gram of protein, fat, and carbohydrates generates energy by oxidation in the body of 4kcal, 9kcal, and 4kcal, respectively. The end products of metabolism, H2O and CO2, are excreted from the body. The energy acquired by humans is consumed by body growth, physical activity, maintenance of body temperature, and the thermal effects of food. In a healthy human body, this energy intake and consumption are in a balanced state. Once the balance is broken, various discomforts caused by obesity, weight loss, and the increase or lack of various nutrients may occur. At the same time, a variety of harmful metabolites that should not exist in the body will also be produced, which will bring diseases to the human body.

Women with long spots, beware of gynecological diseases

 Some 30-year-old or 40-year-old women suddenly have many age spots on their faces. Many people think that it is caused by too much sun exposure and irregular sleep and diet. Doctors suggest that the sudden growth of spots on the face is not only due to skin aging, but may also indicate gynecological diseases such as pelvic inflammatory disease, mastitis, breast lobular hyperplasia, and cervicitis.  Long spots are often signs of changes in the body. The spot is caused by the qi, blood and body fluids not circulating, and the accumulation of stasis on the upper body. The reason why blood is blocked is mostly due to the weakness of liver, spleen and kidney. The liver and spleen are blocked, and the spots appear on the face, and the cysts and inflammation form in the body. Such “lesion spots” are often accompanied by symptoms of yellowing, graying, and darkening of the complexion.   Prescription: If the plaque is caused by gynecological diseases, leucorrhea usually occurs. Gynecological diseases have a long process from incubation to onset. Sudden long spots indicate an abnormality in the body, which should be given sufficient attention and promptly go to the hospital for examination. At the same time pay attention to sunscreen and good habits.

It is best to fill the yang during the Dragon Boat Festival, and it is essential for rheumatoid patients

The Dragon Boat Festival is the mid-day festival because the sun travels to the midday on the noonday and reaches its highest point, especially at noon. In addition, the Dragon Boat Festival has folk customs such as eating dumplings and bathing with wormwood, which are closely related to the climate. After the Dragon Boat Festival, the temperature generally rises significantly, the rainfall is more abundant, and the weather is hot and humid, and the human body is not running smoothly. For most patients with rheumatism who are afraid of cold and humid weather, the symptoms will be relatively alleviated in summer, and some people even think that summer rheumatism can be “untreated”, which is a very wrong view. The weakening of the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis in summer does not mean that the condition is improving. On the contrary, if the treatment is relaxed, it may cause even worse consequences. Why is it easy for rheumatoid patients to be attacked by dampness after the Dragon Boat Festival? Summer is the main thing in summer, and the sun is burning like fire. Everyone accepting cold and drinking cold becomes an essential cooling work. As everyone knows, this is the easiest way to be attacked by dampness and evil. Because the hot air forces people to sweat, most people naturally like to cool off in a cool place and an air-conditioned room. If the sweat stops suddenly and the clothes are sweating, the moisture will stop at the meridians, muscles, muscles, etc. It makes people feel heavy all over, the limbs are sore and lazy, and some will have chest distress and dizziness. If the patient fails to pay attention to daily protection, it is likely to induce recurrent rheumatoid arthritis, or cause the condition to worsen. After the Dragon Boat Festival, how do rheumatoid patients keep evil and eliminate dampness 01 indoors to keep it dry and prevent moisture from generating in the human body? In addition to their own metabolic problems, a large part is related to the environment. External humidity induces internal humidity, often in a humid, cold environment, which easily causes moisture to invade the body. Therefore, in rainy and rainy weather, you should close the windows and doors to keep the moisture out. Once the weather improves and the humidity decreases, the windows should be opened in time for ventilation to allow air to circulate and take away the indoor moisture. 02 Diet conditioning, removing internal dampness, spleen deficiency and dampness is one of the basic causes of rheumatoid. Spleen should be strengthened and dampened, and warming the spleen and stomach is a major way to relieve rheumatoid. Because the liver qi is strong and the spleen is weak, and the spleen and stomach are the main limbs, the spleen is not strong, and the limbs are sore and weak. For people with low internal humidity, in the diet, spleen and dampness, eat more crucian carp, carrots, apples, Huaishan, etc., can slowly ease. 03 Light diet Appropriate amount of gastrointestinal system is related to nutrition and water metabolism, the best way is to eat a moderate and balanced diet. Greasy foods such as wine, milk, fat and thick flavor are not easy to digest, and it is easy to cause stomach bloating and inflammation. Sweet fried foods can cause the body to produce peroxides, which can increase inflammation. Cold food, ice, or cold fruits and vegetables will make the digestion and absorption of gastrointestinal stagnation, not suitable for frequent consumption. 04 Moderate exercise and sweating is a good way to dehumidify, especially white-collar workers who stay in air-conditioned rooms for a long time. It is very beneficial to health by sweating to remove excess moisture in the body. It’s very beneficial for the body to stick to an appropriate amount of exercise every day. Exercise can relieve stress, activate the operation of body organs, and accelerate the elimination of moisture from the body. At this time, the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis mainly uses the increase of summer temperature, the rise of yang in the human body, the loosening of the body’s psychology, the circulation of meridian qi and blood, which is conducive to the penetration and absorption of drugs. Taking advantage of this opportunity for treatment can make the disease recover, and often get twice the result with half the effort. It is recommended that the majority of rheumatoid arthritis patients grasp the timing of winter disease and summer treatment, and use this time to go to a regular specialist hospital for medical consultation as soon as possible, control the disease as soon as possible, recover from the disease, and avoid harm.

Why is the high incidence of cancer in the middle and old age

&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Although human life originates from the intersection of yin and yang, the innate sun determines the lifespan of a person. The original text of “Su Wen · Angry Tong Tian Lun Pian” said: Yang Qi, if the sky and the sun lose their place, they will lose their lives and fail to express themselves. Therefore, the day of luck should be daylight. It’s because of this that Yang is on the rise, as well as outsiders. Translation: “The human yang is as important as the sun in the sky. If the yang loses its normal position and cannot play its important role, people will lose their life or die, and their vital functions will be weak and weak. So the celestial body is normal Operation is manifested by the sun’s radiance, and the person’s yang should also be above and outside, and play a role in protecting the body from external evils.” &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. In the middle and old age, the body’s yang begins to change from prosperity to decay. Many elderly people will feel fatigue, shortness of breath, cold limbs especially in winter, sometimes even cold can not sleep, cover How many quilts will not help. If you don’t take pity on your body, the decline of yang will be faster. Cold and runny nose often occur, fatigue, drowsiness, drowsiness, anorexia but no fever. This phenomenon is felt by many elderly patients, but it is not clear or understand that this phenomenon is caused by physical decline. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.High blood pressure, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, rheumatism, rheumatoid and even cancer increase the incidence of cancer in this age group, which makes the body unable to resist diseases, and diseases gradually accumulate in the body. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Some people are normal in Western medicine examinations, feel tired easily, and their body functions are not as good as before, thinking that they are not sick. As a result, some serious diseases or chronic diseases were detected after a few years. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Of course, sickness is not absolute, it does not mean that serious illness will only be at this stage, but the proportion of middle-aged and elderly people is relatively high, nor anyone will be sick, pay attention to protect yourself and work hard. With the combination of escape and harm from evil, you will not get sick or get less sick, even if the disease is milder. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. The yang in the elderly has decayed. As the age grows, various diseases enter the body and it is difficult to get rid of it, resulting in less and less yang in the body. People will be restless, lethargic, and feel cold. Frequent urination is more frequent at night. The cold makes the blood and blood run improperly, and the blood circulation is blocked over time, which is more likely to induce cardiovascular diseases. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. This is the reason why middle-aged and old people are prone to cancer. Early prevention and real-time TCM conditioning are the best choices to prevent or reduce disease.

What will happen to the chemotherapy of blood disease “is not divided between the enemy and the enemy”?

Malignant cells are characterized by rapid growth, non-stop division in the human body, and rapid increase. So when medicine develops and designs anticancer drugs, these traditional anticancer drugs are designed to specifically attack fast-growing cells. The treatment attitude adhering to it is to “rapidly and effectively” kill malignantly proliferating cells in the body. However, some cells in our body also grow rapidly under normal circumstances, and the metabolism is very fast, while traditional chemotherapy is not targeted. Strong, leading to the enemy and the enemy, good and bad attack, this not only has a killing effect on malignant cells, but also affects the normal cells of the human body (below), especially cells with strong growth ability and reproduction ability. In addition to “killing” malignant cells in blood disease chemotherapy, these good cells will also be implicated: bone marrow cells, follicle cells, oral mucosa cells, digestive tract epithelial cells, female reproductive tract cells, etc… In addition to hair loss, chemotherapy will also Causes “hair loss” in other parts, especially hair loss. Some of the other side effects of chemotherapy are mild or severe, but as long as the symptomatic treatment and care are timely, it is necessary to intervene in Chinese medicine to carry out the treatment of synergistic and detoxified treatments, and make good dietary intake and adjuvant medicines, which can be alleviated very well. , To ensure the smooth treatment and promote recovery! If you have any questions about this article or the disease, please feel free to follow us on WeChat and search more: xyb56035035

Can copper supplement cure vitiligo? What should I eat more for vitiligo?

& nbsp. Vitiligo is a dermatological stubborn disease, there is currently no quick-acting treatment, and Chinese medicine treatment is still the safest and most effective. Due to the stubborn condition, the treatment effect is slow. After the illness, it will accompany people for many years, even for a lifetime. So, the usual eating habits and lifestyles are more important. Patients often ask what to eat for vitiligo, but not what to eat? Some patients have learned that ketone deficiency is related to vitiligo, should the consultation be supplemented with “copper”? & nbsp. Copper is one of the essential trace elements of the human body. At present, the essential trace elements found in the human body are iron, copper, manganese, zinc, cobalt, molybdenum, chromium, nickel, vanadium, fluorine, selenium, iodine, silicon, tin, etc. Among them, copper and zinc are closely related to vitiligo. The relationship between copper and vitiligo & nbsp. & nbsp.Melanin metabolism must be two substances, tyrosine and tyrosinase. & nbsp. Tyrosinase must use copper as a prosthetic group to exert its biological activity. When copper is deficient, the activity of tyrosinase is reduced, which reduces the synthesis of melanin and is prone to vitiligo. The relationship between zinc and vitiligo & nbsp. & nbsp. Zinc is the active part of tyrosinase-related protein 2 (TBP-2), but studies have found that high concentrations of zinc have an inhibitory effect on tyrosinase. Zinc is also the most abundant transition metal element in melanocytes, which can inhibit the hydroxylation of tyrosine in melanin production, thereby reducing melanin production. Pay attention when choosing zinc medication. & nbsp. Clinical supplementation with trace elements such as zinc preparations mostly does not show the effect. It indicates that the deficiency of trace elements in patients with vitiligo is not the main cause of the disease, and may be secondary or associated. & nbsp. & nbsp. Lack of copper and zinc will also reduce the activity of superoxide dismutase and affect its scavenging of free radicals. Because copper and zinc are two components of copper and zinc superoxide dismutase (Cu-Zn-SOD). & nbsp. It should be noted that excessive copper salt can reverse the activity of tyrosinase inhibited by high concentrations of zinc. So, some people suggested that vitiligo needs copper supplementation, but not zinc supplementation. & nbsp. & nbsp.The effect of selenium on vitiligo & nbsp. & nbsp.Oxygen free radicals are cytotoxic, which can cause excessive oxidation of unsaturated fatty acids in biofilms (cell membranes, nuclear membranes, etc.), destroying the structure and function of biofilms and causing cell and tissue damage . Selenium has the functions of scavenging free radicals and protecting cell membranes, and can also be supplemented appropriately. & nbsp. & nbsp.Microelements unfavorable to melanin & nbsp. Iron, nickel and cobalt can compete for the copper binding site of tyrosinase, thus affecting the activity of the enzyme and not conducive to melanin anabolism. & nbsp. Magnesium, manganese, nickel can increase the generation rate of hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide limits the synthesis of melanin; it will also directly damage the melanocytes and keratinocytes of the skin epidermis, affecting the production of melanin. Metabolism and transfer. In contrast, copper can reduce hydrogen peroxide to hydroxyl radicals. & nbsp. & nbsp. Would you like to repair copper? How to repair copper to be safe? & nbsp. & nbsp. Copper is also one of the essential trace elements of the human body. & nbsp. Although the content of trace elements in the human body is extremely small, it has a powerful biological scientific effect. The essential trace elements such as copper, zinc, iron, manganese, cobalt, molybdenum, selenium, etc. in the human body mainly participate in the catalytic function of the enzyme system, participate in various metabolisms, and maintain the normal physiological functions of the human body. & nbsp. Trace elements refer to elements with less than one ten thousandth of body weight. The essential trace elements are indispensable elements of the organism. They cannot be produced and synthesized in the body and must be provided by food. & nbsp. Among personal reasons, due to partial eclipse, unreasonable diet structure, gastrointestinal tract dysfunction, absorption disorders, etc., the lack of trace elements in the body and corresponding symptoms occur. & nbsp. From the nutritional analysis, the elements that are more likely to be lacked in the population are calcium and iron, which may also be deficient in iodine, zinc, and selenium under special geographical conditions or other special conditions. From the above analysis, it can be concluded that copper has the greatest impact on vitiligo. So, should copper be added? & nbsp. Almost all copper in serum is combined with plasma protein and has the characteristics of oxidase, so it is called serum copper oxidase. Determination of this enzyme can directly reflect the situation of ketones in the body. Vitiligo vulgaris patients

Different types of obesity

Langzhongtianxia & nbsp. Yimei Taohuayuan Academy “three pounds of fat every festive season” is about to arrive on May 1 ~ ~ allow yourself to indulge a little more? Then start your self-cultivation plan! The fat-loss weight loss method “No weight loss in spring, sadness throughout the year”, want to show people with a confident figure in the summer, what are you waiting for now? How to lose weight is more effective, from the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, everything must start from the physique, distinguish whether you are really fat or puffy, and adjust the diet and exercise with the physical characteristics, the effect is more complementary. Characteristics of phlegm-wet obesity: no appetite, excessive phlegm, chest tightness, easy fatigue, edema, soft muscles, swollen limbs, and loose stools. Cause: The spleen and stomach are damaged, the mid-qi is not enough to promote the liquid, and the water and wetness stay in the body to form sputum, which leads to obesity. Weight loss rules: Remove dampness, strengthen spleen and stomach, eat more spleen and damper ingredients such as white lentils, poria, Huaishan, eat less meals, and avoid cold food and cold drinks. Suitable for sports: Intensive sports, such as: running, swimming, skipping rope, ball sports, equipment fitness, etc., or hot yoga, sweating helps to remove moisture from the body. Features of wet-heat type obesity: strong appetite, easy fatigue, less yellow urine, sticky smell in the stool, easy oil on the face, easy acne, heavy body odor, yellowish under the woman. Reason: Eat greasy fried and thick food, or drink alcohol, coffee and milk tea often, it will stagnate in the body with heat and heat, in addition to edema caused by moisture, but also gain weight due to dietary irregularities. Weight loss rules: It is advisable to clear away heat and dampness, eat more heat-clearing and water-reducing ingredients such as mung beans, lotus leaves, and barley, but also avoid overeating, drink less alcohol, eat less fat and sweet food. Suitable for sports: high-intensity aerobic exercise, such as: running, skipping rope, ball sports, sweating helps to remove moisture from the body. Characteristics of stagnation type obesity: frequent sighs, depressed mood, difficulty falling asleep, irregular stools, women are prone to menstrual pain or breast tenderness. Reason: Qi and blood are not running smoothly, like to use food to relieve stress. Weight loss rules: Shugan qi and qi depression, eat lotus root, white radish, orange peel, rose tea and other shugan qi food, eat less spicy, strong tea, coffee and other irritating food. Suitable for sports: Intensive sports, such as swimming, skipping rope, ball sports, fitness equipment, etc. In addition, Muay Thai is also a good way to vent, and can be used to relieve liver qi. The

What is the reason why modern women’s ovaries are prone to aging

What is the reason why modern women’s ovaries are more tolerant to aging? With the changes in life and work methods, many women have turned to civilian work to say goodbye to their previous manual labor. The psychological pressure brought by it is more, the health is facing greater challenges, and premature ovarian failure usually comes to you quietly for these reasons. 1, cold and wet life is not regular. Autumn wind, or shorts and shorts exposed navel. Summer cold and cold drinks all day. Blow air conditioning. 2. Sedentary Long-term sedentary, tights, uterine and ovarian hypoxia. Remember that the uterus and ovaries need to breathe. 3. Mental stress is large The psychological pressure caused by the accelerated pace of life will also cause women to show symptoms of recessive menopause earlier. 4. Excessive weight loss When the fat ratio is too low, it will affect the level of estrogen in the body, because the main raw material for the synthesis of estrogen is fat, and the body’s fat is insufficient, resulting in insufficient estrogen. The ovary is the little sun in the female body. It is well known that the ovary is an organ that secretes estrogen, just like the life of the earth ’s creatures cannot be separated from sunlight, and women cannot be separated from estrogen. If there is no sun, there will be no sunshine, and earth creatures will wither, wither, and end life. If there is no ovaries, there will be no estrogen, and women will accelerate the speed of aging-so, in a sense, The ovaries are the little sun in a woman’s body and are the source of maintaining the vitality and youthful state of the woman’s body. Whether ovarian function is normal or not, often determines the woman’s physiological age-whether “50 years old has a 30-year-old face”, or “30 years old becomes as old as 50 years old”. In fact, there are many women in the situation, some of them are in their 37s, 38s or 40s. The official leave has not come for a year or two, and some have found that the ovaries have even shrunk completely through B-ultrasound examination, and the physical age of the whole person is also better than the actual The age seems to be more than 10 years old, and some of them have not even arrived yet and have children. They have been sentenced by doctors to “serious premature ovarian failure, no possibility of pregnancy”-this is indeed a very unfortunate and sad thing, which makes us feel deeply regret.

People with new crown infection have antibodies after they recover, will they be infected again? This article analyzes the truth for you

The epidemic situation of the new coronavirus is still spreading around the world, and there is no sign of being controlled. While many friends are concerned about the situation of the epidemic, there are also some related questions. Some friends asked such a question: New Coronavirus infection, cured After the antibody is produced in the body, is there any possibility of re-infection? Today we will talk about the topic of viruses and antibodies. According to the data of other viruses and coronavirus strains, we know that the human body usually produces antibodies 7 to 10 days after the virus is infected. This antibody is a specific antibody. The value is effective against the infected virus. The antibody can clear the infection in the body. Virus, and can protect the body from re-infection. Depending on the type of virus, the time these antibodies produced in the body are resistant to reinfection varies. Generally speaking, the antibodies produced by the human body against the virus can protect the human body from months to years. Because the new coronavirus is a new virus, our knowledge about it is still very limited, and current research is still unable to know exactly how long antibodies will remain in our immune system after infection with this particular virus . In response to the problem of new coronavirus antibodies, Chinese scientists have conducted preliminary research on rhesus monkeys. Studies have shown that after recovery of the infected virus, monkeys that produce antibodies in the body can indeed prevent monkeys from being infected with new coronavirus again. This shows that if we After being infected with the new coronavirus, and the body produces antibodies, the antibodies in the body do have a certain protective effect on the human body after the body is healed, but how long this protective effect lasts, it needs more research data to prove. Research data on other similar coronaviruses is worth our reference. After the SARS virus outbreak in China, a study showed that the antibodies produced by SARS patients can protect the human body for up to 3 years; Syndrome virus (MERS virus) research shows that antibodies can continue to be found in the body for about 1 year after infection. In addition, how long the immunity level can be maintained is also closely related to the individual’s different physical conditions. Between different individuals, the length of time to maintain immunity may also be somewhat different. Therefore, if you want to know how long the person who has produced antibodies to the new coronavirus can keep it from being infected again, you need to carry out a long-term follow-up survey of the cured new crown infection, and accumulate more data to reach a scientific conclusion. And in the course of this follow-up investigation, we can also know whether all people infected with the new coronavirus have produced antibodies, whether the difference in the concentration of antibodies produced in the body will affect the body ’s ability to defend against the virus, etc. problem. Some friends are worried that in the late stage of epidemic control in our country, some patients who recovered will relapse after discharge from hospital. Is it because they did not produce antibodies in their bodies? Although it is not unreasonable to say about this worry, it is actually not very likely. Generally speaking, if you are infected with a virus, the body will produce more or less corresponding antibodies. The cases of Fuyang that occurred some time ago are more The big possibility is that the virus has not been completely ruled out, and there is a certain intermittent detoxification, which leads to false negatives in nucleic acid tests, and it does not have much to do with whether antibodies are produced in the body, but I hope we can combine these situations. To conduct further investigations and studies on these patients in Fuyang to confirm the antibody positive status and virus clearance in their bodies, and further improve the accuracy of confirming recovery. Another situation that deserves our attention is whether the new coronavirus will produce further mutations. Will this mutation make people who have already produced antibodies that are originally resistant to the new coronavirus infected with the new coronavirus after mutation? It’s like our flu virus. In the flu season every year, even if you get a flu vaccine, you can still get flu. It is because of the variability of the virus that the antibodies produced by the vaccinated vaccine are not effective for the new flu virus. Therefore, for the new coronavirus, there is still a lot of information that we need to study and confirm. How long can the antibody last for people to be protected from infection? Will there be further mutations in the process of transmission? The failure of the mutated new coronavirus is worthy of our vigilance and further research, regardless of the situation of the epidemic, regardless of the epidemic situation