Baby skin problems, how should parents take care of them

Every baby is the most cherished baby of parents. Once there is any discomfort, the most worried and saddest must be the parents. We all know that the baby’s skin is relatively delicate, and some skin problems often occur. Many parents do not know what measures should be taken for these problems. But don’t be too nervous. In the process of taking care of your baby, the most common skin problems are the following. Parents must know in advance to take care of him more comprehensively. Neonatal urticaria is a common allergic disease, which is usually caused by babies allergic to certain foods. If the baby suffers from urticaria, parents must find out the source of allergies and be careful not to touch it again after finding it. At the same time, pay attention to indoor ventilation, and change and wash the baby’s bed linen and clothes frequently, and minimize friction on the newborn’s skin. In addition, mothers should not worry that the baby will be cold and wrapped too thickly. Once sweating, it will make the condition worse. Diaper rash Diaper rash is a skin problem that many babies will encounter. The main manifestation is the redness and swelling of the baby’s buttocks in contact with the diaper. If not treated in time, it will cause ulcers or infections. For this type of skin problem, the key lies in prevention. Moms should apply diaper cream in time after washing the baby’s butt. In addition, mothers should choose those diapers with good air permeability, skin-friendly and non-leakage for the baby to wear, which can effectively prevent red butt, give the baby natural and non-irritating protection, and solve the mother’s worries. After the baby is born, she leaves the moist environment in the amniotic fluid and enters a relatively dry world. The baby’s skin may fall off. However, parents should not worry too much, this is just a common phenomenon. Bathing your baby will speed up the shedding of these dander, but you must be aware that every time you wash your baby, mother should apply a layer of moisturizing lotion to the baby, which can help the baby relieve the discomfort caused by dryness. Eczema Eczema is a skin trouble faced by many newborn babies, and it always recurs and is difficult to completely cure. When the mother dresses the baby, don’t dress the baby too thick. The baby’s clothes are best to choose cotton. After bathing your baby, apply safe and non-irritating body milk in time. During the teething period, the baby has a lot of saliva. If the saliva stimulates the skin near the mouth for a long time, it will cause its redness and swelling. Therefore, the mother should clean up the baby’s saliva in time and apply a moisturizer that is not dangerous if swallowed in time. The above are some common skin problems for babies, and I hope to solve some of your questions. In the daily nursing process, parents should focus on improving the baby’s immunity, so as to reduce the chance of getting sick and let the baby grow up healthily.

What to do if you don’t want to get anal fistula

Anal fistula is a relatively common anal injury. It often occurs in life. When it is not treated for a long time, it may also become cancerous. The harm caused to people is very great, so people should be treated with caution. If you want to avoid it in time and effectively, you need to prevent anal fistula in advance. If you don’t want to get anal fistula, you need to develop good defecation habits, and after defecation, you can also take a bath and keep the anus clean. It is very helpful for preventing infections and is a common type in life. Prevention method, so people need to pay attention to it.  Prevents constipation and diarrhea, which is also a common type of prevention method, and it is also a more practical one. It is also useful for the prevention of abscesses around the anal canal, mainly due to dry stools that can easily bruise the anal sinus, and bacteria can also invade, causing infection. Patients with diarrhea are usually accompanied by proctitis and anal sinusitis, which will lead to further development of inflammation.   In life, you can develop good dietary habits. This is because the appearance of anal fistula is related to damp heat. If you often eat greasy food, it will form damp heat in the body, so avoid excessive consumption. You can eat more light foods rich in vitamins, which is also very helpful to prevent anal fistula, so people should pay attention to it.  When discomfort occurs in the anus, it must be treated in time. It may also be due to ulcerative colitis and intestinal tuberculosis. When not treated in time, it may induce perianal abscess. In addition, the anal burning discomfort and anal fall also need timely diagnosis and treatment, which can also effectively prevent the appearance of intestinal diseases.